Mamma and papa plz!! Episode 3


Mamma and papa plz episode 3

Ragini takes her suitcase out the room and goes downy the corridors crying and sees the family downstairs

Raksh and reyansh r having a pillow fight whilst ahaana is resting her head on ap chest dp and sujata r arguing Aradhya is trying to stop the pillow fight between reyansh and raksh whilst sanksaar and swara r talking and aarav is disturbing them with his stupid talks

Ragini smiles through her tears seeing the family

Laksh is in his room and he is angry and in anger he messed the room up

“Watever step I’m gonna take nw this will hav a deep affect on my family the family who love me so much will be devastated i dnt knw but after laksh betrayal my self respect won’t allow me to stay here, but wat about the kids I can’t leave them here with laksh who doesn’t even pay any attention to them wat shall I do” ragini thinks to herself

Laksh sits down after getting breaking things and getting tired

“Wait I think I was a bit to harsh on her and divorce how could I think of divorcing her I mean she was the only girl I ever truly loved but how can she accuse me of cheating her, I dnt think she can think of that herself I’m sure smone has instigated her against me smone doesn’t want me to be happy with ragini but who could it be” laksh thinks

Just then the door to the room opens and the person is ragini
Laksh is still angry with ragini and shows his anger to her

“Oh so u came back, wat was that u r gonna leave me an all that crap well the truth is ragini that u can’t leave me u dnt wanna leave me after all where r u gonna go other than me u hav no one well with the exception of ur dadi and dada ji and ur papa but wait will they let u leave ur Sasural and live with them no I dnt think so” laksh says harshly

Ragini luks away and leaves her suitcase and goes downstairs again
Ragini sneaks out leaving a letter on lakshs table
She doesn’t take any of her belongings with her

Ahaana comes running in raglaks room with raksh running behind her

“Mamma, mamma tell bhai” ahaana says

“U little piece of unwanted thing how dare u spoil my sleep” raksh shouts

After hearing the noise laksh wakes up

“Guys wat r u doin” laksh says and gets ups

“Papa where’s mamma” ahaana says
Laksh luks around

“She’s probably is the bathroom”

“Papa she’s not I already checked wen I came earlier ” ahaana says

“Watever I’m going back to bed and u come anywere near me then watch wat I do to u I mean smtimes I wish u were never born or that u never lived with us” raksh says being frustrated

Ahaana starts tearing

“Raksh mind ur tongue dnt forgt she’s ur sister” laksh says

“Papa wen u guys find mamma then tell me” raksh says Rudely and leaves

Ahaana starts tearing again
Laksh pulls ahaana to his chest and hugs her and consoles her

“Dnt cry princess we’ll find ur mamma she’s probably gone out just then laksh spots a letter on the side table
He picks the letter up and reads it

Dear laksh
I’m leaving u ur house and our kids for there betterment so here I am handing u our kids as my belonging plz dnt say anything bad about their mother to them just say that there mother was a self respected woman that is y she left them with their father and plz laksh make sure the kids dnt find out about ur affair with trisha cuz they won’t be able to bear this and they will start hating their father and I dnt want them to hate any of their parents and plz take care of them laksh

Your children’s mother

Laksh luks up being shocked and ahaana rubs her tears

“Papa has mamma written smthing in that wen will she be back by” ahaana asks

“Dnt worry princess we will luk for ur mamma she will be here smwhere” laksh says still being shocked

Ahaana nods and leave the room

Laksh gets ready and goes downstairs where ap is also consoling ahaana and everyone is worried

“Laksh wat is wromg with ahaana she’s not even telling us and she’s got a fever aswell” ap says being worried

” ha chore luk if her fever increases we r gonna hav to call a doctor” sujata says being tensed

Laksh also gets tensed and luks at ahaana who’s sleeping on ap’s chest

“Hmm I think ragini has gone to baadi I’ll just go and pick her up” laksh says

“Laksh y will ragini go baadi I mean she only goes wen I go we go together and we take the kids aswell well she definetly takes ahaana and raksh with her” swara says being straightforward

“Yh I knw but since dada ji is not well so I was thinking she might hav gone there” laksh says

“Yh that’s true anyways laksh I’ll also come with u” swara says

“No actually u stay back u migh be needed at home and ahaana has a fever anyways and ragini is also not here so if u stay back it would be a big help” laksh says
Swara gets dissapointed

Laksh leaves

Ragini is sitting next to a river and tears roll down her eyes remembering her family

“I hav taken this step by putting a stone on my heart but how will I be able to live without them all how will be able to live without laksh, I dnt knw wats written in my destiny and wat destiny holds for me” ragini thinks to herself

Ahaana to be in a critical condition
Will she survive or will she…….

Reyansh-elder son of raglak older to raksh by 3 minitues and luks 19 but is actually 15 soon to be 16 played by aryan khan
Raksh- younger son of raglak younger to reyansh by 3 minitues and luks 18 but is 15 soon to be 16 played by abhishek malik(guys it’s out harshad from ky2)
Ahaana- 8 years old youngest and onto daughter of raglak cute and naught played by ruhanika dhawan
Aradhya- age 14 swasan’s daughter doesn’t really socialise with family much but loves laksh a lot played by navika kotia
Aarav- son on swasan naughty and complains a lot played by Shivansh kotia

Thank u sooooooo much guys I mean I got so much support so far I hope after reading this ur not dissapointed
But plz comment and tell me how it is

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