Mamma and papa plz!! Episode 2


Mamma and papa plz episode 2

(I hav changed the names so it’s reyansh, raksh and ahaana stays the same cuz I really love that name)


Trisha is ontop of laksh and she keeps staring at him whilst laksh keeps luking away

Ragini is still shocked whilst swara smirks

Reyansh goes forward and helps laksh up and he also helps trisha

“Dad u ok” reyansh asks

“Yeah I’m fine…and trisha r u ok” lakhs asks whilst fixing his coat

“Yeah sir I’m fine..and sorry I accidentally slipped” trisha says

Dp looks at laksh

DPs pov
Chi laksh just needs a chance to show off and I can’t believe he did this infront of his children and wife and another lady was chi I hate to say this but was fallen on top of him and he was laying back as if he was either enjoying the scene or after doing some hard work he was tired, I was right he’s useless along with his sons dnt knw how they all turned like this I was Hard working well I still am
DPs pov ends

Ragini is putting boxes on the tables wen swara comes to ragini

“Ragini who called trisha to the party” swara asks

“Umm I dnt knw” ragini replies back whilst carrying on with wat she was doing

“Ragini…I think lakh himself invited her…I mean look he’s still with offence ragini but laksh hardly talks to u and luk over there he’s laughing with trisha who just a sectary or is she smthing more” swara says persuading ragini and points to laksh who is talking and laughing with trisha

Ragini thinks and gets sad seeing laksh laughing with ragini

The waiter is seen serving drinks
Just then smone mixes smthing in a drink and points to laksh
The waiter gives that drink to laksh and he takes the drink

“Wow sir time goes really fast I mean these kids where tiny wen I firsts saw them ur kids and sanskaar sirs kids and nw luk all r growing up” trisha says and smiles

“Hmm I agree..but trisha how many times do I hav to say this” laksh says angrily

“Wat happened sir” trisha asks

“That dnt call me sir just say laksh ok inside the office u can but outside it’s just laksh” laksh says and smiles

“Ok sir.. Sorry I mean laksh” trisha says and laughs and laksh also joins her

Ragini sees them and hears the last conversation where laksh asking trisha to call him laksh not sir

“I think I’m thinking a bit too much I knw my laksh still loves me and our kids he won’t do this to us” ragini thinks to herself

Laksh drinks the drink
And feels weird
He gets close to trisha behind the staircase and puts his hand on her face and moves her hair back

Ragini who was walking by stops and sees laksh and gets shocked

“Ur luking beautiful today” laksh says

“Laksh” trisha says
But laksh puts his finger on trishas lips which make her shocked

Swara comes and stands next to ragini

“Ragini wats going on..and laksh how can he do this…OMG dnt knw for how long he’s cheating u for” swara says and smirks

Ragini leaves with tears in her eyes
Whilst swara also leaves

“I love” laksh says and falls on trisha

Trisha takes laksh to his room and puts him into his bed and goes down

” ragini where is laksh” ap asks

“He’s probably hiding his face due to embarrassment becuz we all saw wat happened” dp says

“Oh plz that was an accident and we all knw who hides their face in embarrassment” reyansh says

“Who does I dnt knw who does” raksh says

“U do who else does, if ones face is so unlucky then obvio u will hav to hide ur face” reyansh says

Ahaana Aradhya and aarav giggle
And dp also smirks

“Dadi, mom see he’s insulting me nw” raksh complains

“Reyansh he’s ur brother stop it” ap says

Whilst ragini is standing numb

“Well I think the party is over let’s all go to bed” dp says

“Ke party khatam ho gayi.. Itni jaldi” sujata complains

“Chal kamre mein Bahut toos liye tune aaj” rp says

Sujata gaps

“Ji I’m not gonna talk to u nw” sujata says

“I’m gonna be happy” rp says

Sujata makes faces an leaves
And rp follows her

Swasans room

Swara is sitting infront of the mirror taking her jewellery off whilst Sanskaar is admiring her

“Sanskaar” swara says

“Hmmm” sanskaar answer whilst admiring swara

“Aaravs Sumer camp starts soon but I dnt knw wen I mean I didn’t get enough time to ask his teacher and tommorow I’m going out so can u find out plz” swara says and comes and sits on the bed

“Yeah I will” sanskaar replies
Swara goes to the bathroom whilst sanskaar lies down and turns the lights off

Raglaks room
Ragini comes inside and sees laksh who is sleeping and tears start rolling down her eyes she sits Bessie the bed and cries and puts her head on her knees
Laksh wakes up and touches his head
He luks around and sees ragini comming out of the bathroom

“Ragini” laksh says

Ragini doesn’t say anything but just goes out she comes after a while and puts the coffee on the table
And goes downstairs
Laksh gets up and gets ready

Laksh drinks the coffee and goes downstairs

“Arre ragini beta hav u been crying all night” ap says

Laksh also comes downstairs

“Nothing ma” ragini replies and serves bf

Raksh is sitting next to ap and eating breakfast whilst sujata is sitting on the other side of him

“Chore eat this” sujata says and puts some parathas on rakshs plate

“Wat no way I’ll go fat and then girls won’t give me any attention” raksh says

“Bhai we all knw tht u cannot resist food” aarav says and giggles
Everyone laughs and raksh fumes dp also smirks and then gives a victorious smile

“Oi hav u seen urself oh I forgot u do but only smtime cuz ur mirror starts crying wen u luk at it no wonder y it’s always wet” raksh says
Aradhya giggles and

Aarav fumes

“Chachu tell bhai I dnt say anything wrong and he’s insulting me” aarav says sadly
Swara consoles him

“Raksh wat is this say sorry to aarav” laksh says

“But dad he started it” raksh replies back

“Idc whoever did it doesn’t matter ur older which means u should be more mature” laksh says

“They r ur kids they won’t understand the meaning of Mature” dp says

“Papa plz let me handle it and yh they r my kids so plz” laksh says and luks at raksh

“Raksh” laksh says

“Laksh leave It’s ok” sanskaar says

“No bhai” laksh replies back

“Raksh apologise right nw” ragini says calmly

“Sorry aarav” raksh says

Laksh luks on
Just then ahaana comes down

“Arre chori u woke up late today” sujata says

“Choti dadi there’s no skwl today” ahaana says

“Umm papa and mamma I wanted to ask smthing” ahaana says

“Sure wat do u wanna ask” laksh says

“Papa at home I get bored there’s nothing to do I mean I want a baby to play with” ahaana says

All luk at her some with embarrassment some with shock ness and some with laughter

” WAT” dp and raksh say in union

Laksh gets shocked and ragini has tears in her eyes and she is also shocked

“I understand me saying no that is becuz I dnt wanna another sibling, I’m already dealing with 2 I can’t digest another one but y did dadu say no” raksh says

“Well just like u I already deal with 3 laksh’s I can’t bear another one” dp says

“Just like how we bear u” reyansh says and comes down laksh and raksh giggle along with Aradhya

“Luk Annapurna they r waiting for me to die so they can celebrate” dp says angrily

Ap luks down

“Ahaana u dnt need a baby luk u hav Aradhya to play with and u can play with both of ur dadi’s” ragini says

“Exactly moms right wats the need for another sibling if I had a choice then I would never want a sibling and be the only one” raksh says

“Well excuse me I’m
really sorry to say but u r cuz mom an dad adopted u” reyansh says

“How” raksh asks

“Let me do the honours well they had me and they were comming back from the hospital wen they found u on the way back on the streets near a jungle they felt sorry for u so they brought u back home simple” reyansh says

“I seriously dnt understand how I spent nine months with u that to in moms stomach” raksh says

“Watever I’m going” laksh says and leaves

“Laksh at least eat breakfast” ap says but laksh already goes

“Ragini go and give laksh some lunch later he hasn’t eaten breakfast aswell and he might skip lunch becuz of his work” ap adds

Ragini nods

…………….later lunch time…………

Ragini packs the food

“Mamma can I come with u to papas office” ahaana says

“But baby I’ll be back soon and papa might be Busy so he won’t be able to meet u I’ll quickly go an give him food and then come back ok” ragini says

“Ok” ahaana says being dissapointed and sad

Ragini leaves

Lakshs office
Laksh is working on a project and is discussing it with trisha he stands up and gets another file
Suddenly trisha gets up too and she helps laksh find the file both r luking at the file whilst walking and trisha doesn’t notice the chair in the way and she trips over it and falls but pulls laksh with her and thy both fall on the sofa in the meantime ragini also enters and is shocked to see them in that position

Ragini has tears in her eyes and she goes to sanskaars cabin and gives him the food and leaves
Both trishlak get up and apologise to each other

“Uh umm I think we should carry on with the project” laksh says trying to avoid eye contact with trisha

Ragini reaches mm and she goes straight to her room and cries her heart out
She then later hears sanskaar and thinks that he probably came alone but just then the door to her room opens
The person is laksh

“Ragini….wat happened y r u crying” laksh says

Ragini avoids laksh and tries to go
But laksh grabs her arm

“Ragini y r u ignoring me since morning I’ve noticed that u r ignoring me” laksh says whilst squeezing ragini’s arm

“Oh so ur hurt that I ignored u for one day but u’ve ignored me for so many yrs that too for smone else” ragini says whilst tears r rolling down her cheek

“Wat r u saying ragini” laksh asks

“Trisha malik…is she ur sectary or smthing else” ragini ask being numb

“Wat nonsense ragini how can u think like that she’s just my sectary” laksh replies angrily

“No she’s not and I’ve come to knw that ur having an affair with her u cheated me laksh u cheated on me” ragini says but her last line with full anger and pain

“Ragini how can u say like that y would I cheat on u ur gone mad” laksh says

Ragini wipes her tears and smirks

“Really I hav gone mad…mad that I loved u” ragini says

“Do u really think that I can cheat u” laksh says

“I dnt knw and I just dnt care anymore” ragini says

“Wat u can’t accuse me of having an affair….and after spending soo many years with me if u think I’m a disgusting man then I feel sorry for ur mentality” laksh says

“Stop it laksh just becuz u hav been caught stop trying to change the topic….I just can’t believe u can do such a thing If u dnt want to think about me then u could hav thought about the kids wat will u answer them” ragini says

” wen I’m telling u that I haven’t done anything then y dnt u believe me” laksh says

“Belive u…. How….hang on wait ahaana wanted a baby to play with right…then I’m sure u hav already fulfilled that wish of hers with the help of ur secretary who u enjoy spending time with nw” ragini says

Pattas a slap across ragini’s face
Ragini holds her face shockingly

Laksh fingerprints marks were on ragini’s cheek and they could be seen clearly

There was smone watching this from the door and smirking

“Y laksh u felt bad to hear such thing….then imagine me how I feel but u dnt hav the heart to feel anymore” ragini says and moves to the cupboard
And gets her suitcase out and starts packing and cries

Laksh grabs her arms and squeezes them tightly

“Who do u think u r huh dnt force me to divorce u and take the custody of the kids” laksh says angrily

“And then after the divorce u’ll marry ur secretary” ragini says with tears in her eyes

“Shut the hell up dnt force me otherwise I will forget that ur the mother of my kids” laksh says

“I can’t believe it laksh that u can actually cheat on me u smtimes used to stay in office overnights aswell and the family members and ahaana used to ask me about u I used to say that u hav work that’s y ur comming late but I didn’t knw wat work was going on” ragini says and cries

Laksh squeezes ragini’s arm harder and ragini winches In pain

” enough that’s enough of ur nonsense” laksh says and his eyes r red

Ragini gets off lakshs grip and goes downstairs with her suitcase

Ragini leaves the house will laksh stop or bring her back

Reyansh-elder son of raglak older to raksh by 3 minitues and luks 19 but is actually 15 soon to be 16 played by aryan khan
Raksh- younger son of raglak younger to reyansh by 3 minitues and luks 18 but is 15 soon to be 16 played by abhishek malik(guys it’s out harshad from ky2)
Ahaana- 8 years old youngest and onto daughter of raglak cute and naught played by ruhanika dhawan
Aradhya- age 14 swasan’s daughter doesn’t really socialise with family much but loves laksh a lot played by navika kotia
Aarav- son on swasan naughty and complains a lot played by Shivansh kotia

Thank u sooooooo much guys I mean I got so much support so far I hope after reading this ur not dissapointed
But plz comment and tell me how it is

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    1. _Angel_

      Thanx fairy for ur love and support and swara is really too much hopefully I’ll try to update asap

  2. Superb

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      Thanx lovely

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  4. Innovative

    Awesome episode and try to update soon but please clear my confusion.
    You said that reyansh and raksh are non identical twins then how cum two different faces?? ??????

    1. non identical twins don’t have same faces they have diff faces but identical twins have same face

    2. _Angel_

      Thanx innotiative and reyansh and raksh r non-identical meaning they r not identical so that’s y they hav different faces

      1. Innovative

        Thank u j and angel for clearing my confusion. I was mistaken. I thought that not identical means those who cannot be identified. But now I’m clear and once again thank you

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      Thanx sindhura and that situation will be revealed later so keep reading and most importantly plz keep supporting

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      Thanx akshata and this will all be revealed soon till then keep reading ☺️

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      Aww sorry teja for keeping u waiting and the flashbacks I will give them soon dnt worry I hav this all planned and thank u for ur comment ?

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