Mamma and papa plz!! Episode 1


Mamma and papa plz!! Episode 1

In a room a couple r shown sleeping with a girl in the middle
The clock strikes 12 and the lady wakes up
She slowly walks to the door and opens the door and finds her family their with a cake
The lady smiles

“Ragini” one of the ladies says

The lady is revealed to be ragini

” ma wens it’s ur princesses birthday and u all dnt come can that ever happen” ragini says happily

The other lady is also revealed to be ap

The family comes in and see a small girl sleeping next to a man

” na ragini couldn’t u wake laksh up” sujata says

By the noises the man wakes up and is revealed to be laksh

“Chachi” laksh says whilst yawning

“Dekh rahi ho Annapurna ur laal has just woken up and we haven’t even slept yet” dp says

“Papa plz dnt compare ur sleep to mine and dnt even dare to jinx my sleep and can’t u see ahaana is sleeping if she wakes up then u will ruin everything” laksh says

“Shush both of u” sanskaar says

“Ma where r Ayaan and ahan” ragini asks eagerly

Just then a boy enters

“Wen it’s my favourite sisters birthday then how can I miss it out” the boy says

“Ayan” ragini says

The boy is revealed to be Ayaan

“Shush mom u guys will wake up ahaana aww she luks so cute whilst sleeping” Ayaan says

“Nw where’s that idiot gud for nothing ahan” Ayaan says

“Ahan he’s ur brother” ap says

“Huh gud for nothing he’s giving his own description just like his father” dp says

“Well we all can see who’s useless and sits at home all day” Ayaan says

Dp fumes and laksh giggles

Just then another boy comes in rubbing his eyes sans yawning

“Daadi” the boy says

“Aa chore luk we were talking about u” sujata says

Swara just keeps luking at laksh

“Ahan quickly come we were waiting for u nw let’s cut the cake” ap says

The other boy is revealed to be Ahan

Ap puts the cake on the table and raglak cut the cake whilst everyone whispers the songs happy birthday

Aradhya leans on swara’s shoulder and sleeps whilst aarav falls on the bed and he sleeps there

Sanskaar carries aarav whilst Aradhya walks to her room and the rest of the family leave

Ragini smiles at laksh and she kisses on ahaanas forehead
Laksh also kisses on ahaanas forehead

Raglak room
Ahaana wakes up early and shakes ragini and laksh

“Mamma wake up….offo papa wake up today is my birthday” ahaana says and shakes raglak

Ahaana jumps out of bed and rushes downstairs and sees everyone and goes to ap and smiles at her
Ap also smiles back

“Ahaana u woke up beta quickly get ready me choti dadi and ur mamma r going to the temple and u r also comming with us” ap says

Ahaana gets dissapointed

Ahaana runs up and sees ragini is ready and is putting clothes in the cupboard whilst laksh is on the phone

“Mamma” ahaana says

Ragini turns and shuts the cupboard and sits on the bed and makes ahaana sit on her lap

“Mamma I hope u haven’t forgotten wats today” ahaana says being disappointed

“No of course I can’t today is my baby’s birthday” ragini says and kisses ahaanas cheek

“Happy birthday ahaana” ragini adds

“Thank u mamma and I love u” ahaana says and hugs ragini

“I love u 2” ragini says and strokes ahaanas hair
They both break the hug and laksh finishes talking on the phone

“Papa” ahaana says excitedly

“Good morning princess” laksh says and smiles

“Good morning papa…umm papa r u forgetting anything today” ahaana says eagerly

“Oh yh how can I forget” laksh says
Whilst ahaana gets happy

“I hav an important meeting with dasgupta today” adds

Ahaana gets dissapointed

“Ok princess take care papa needs to go nw” laksh says

Laksh kisses ahaanas forehead

“Bye ragini” laksh says and leaves

“Mamma papa forgot about my birthday” ahaana says sadly

“no baby he didn’t I’m sure it just slipped out of his mind….anyways come let’s get ready dadi is probably waiting” ragini says

Dp is sitting on the sofa taking a sip of tea

“How cums it’s quite today in this house” dp says

Just then they all hear noises from upstairs

“Bhai stop it I’ll tell dadi and masi” Aradhya shouts

“Aarav u little piece of rubbish give me back my charger” Ayaan shouts

“Bhaiyaa stop being rude and let me use the charger” aarav screams

Dp shakes his head whilst ap luks down

Swara goes upstairs


All the kids stop wat they r doing and luk at swara

“Right all of u get down right nw” swara adds

Ayaan starts laughing

“Masi that wont work I mean u trying to scare us like that” Ayaan laughs

Swara smirks but manages to hold on

“U knw wat Ayaan u remind me of laksh completely even he used to rebel a lot and he probably does only if he gets some space from work” swara says and laughs

All the kids go downstairs

Ahan is swinging the charger around his hand wen Aradhya bumps into him and the charger falls out ahans hand and flies and hits DPs head

“Ahhhhhh” dp shouts

“Bade papa” sanskaar says and rushes to dp

“Oh shit” ahan says

Ragini and ahaana also come downstairs

“Luk Annapurna first it was ur son and nw it’s ur grandson both of them hav crossed the limit of shamelessness” dp says angrily

Ap puts her head down

“Listen say watever u wanna say about me but dnt drag my dad and dadi into it” Ayaan says

“Ayaan” ragini interupts him

“Sorry mom but how can he insult his own son u never see dad doing that” Ayaan says

“Anyways I’m going out I will be back by evening” Ayaan says

Ayaan leaves

Dp shakes his head and runs it whilst giving ap the evils

Ragini ap ahaana and sujata also leave

Ap Sujata ragini and ahaana return back whilst entering thy see ahan

“Na jiji today we had so much fun the bajan was boring but the prasad was the best part” sujata says and smiles widely

“Sujata chi sharam karo u shouldn’t say that” ap says

“Choti dadi ur just like me” ahan says and laughs

Ragini and ap both eye ahan

And ahaana giggles

Ragini opens the door to mm and sees it all dark

“Mamma y is it so dark” ahaana says

“Yh mamma is there some ghost…” ahan says and scares ahaana

“Ahan stop it… I dnt knw let me check” ragini says

Ahaana holds onto ragini’s hand just then the light turns on and everyone shouts

“Happy birthday ahaana”

Ahaana get happy aswell as shocked

The whole family is present with some other guest and the house is beautifully decorated

Laksh walks upto ahaana

“Happy birthday princess…did u think that papa would forget ur birthday never” laksh says

Lakshs carries ahaana and everyone wishes her

“Wat the hell is going on here” ahan says as he enters

“Ahan….come inside were just about to cut the cake” laksh says

“Wat…is there a party going on here…and how cums I wasn’t invited” ahan complains

“Ahan dnt be stupid u dnt need an invitation” laksh says

“Well a beggar like him definitely needs an invitation” DPs says

“Dad he’s insulting me nw” ahan moans

“Papa plz let me handle it” laksh says

“Wat handle u couldn’t handle ur sons if u did then u wouldn’t hav seen such a day” dp says

“Oi jealous rat stop getting jealous of my sister” Ayaan says whilst comming in

Ayaan comes in and hugs ahaana

“Happy birthday” Ayaan says

“Thank u bhaiyaa” ahaana says and breaks the hug

Both raglak come forward to cut the cake with ahaana
And the whole family feed ahaana and each other

Laksh,Ayaan and ahan hav a cake fight

Ragini smiles seeing them
Ragini’s pov
I’m so happy finally after so much time laksh is finally spending quality time with his kids…I dnt even knw wen they last laughed like that together but I hope our happiness doesn’t get jinxed
Ragini’s pov ends

“Sir” a female voice is heard

“Trisha” laksh says

“Hi” trisha says

(Trisha laksh sectary)

Ragini fumes seeing trisha whilst swara smirks

Sanskaar also welcomes trisha

” trisha wat a nice surprise” sanskaar says

Trisha is walking forward towards laksh wen swara puts her foot infront and trisha slips and falls on laksh
Everyone gets shocked
And so do ragini an the kids

Ragini and laksh to hav an argument over trisha

Thank u sooooooo much hugs I mean on the Intro I got so much support I hope after reading this ur not dissapointed
But plz comment and tell me how it is

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