Mamma, Calm Down! (RAGLAK) Episode 9

Mamma, Calm Down!

Episode 9:

The episode starts with DP and AP entering the Badi, the women look at them and start talking, DP thinks what must’ve happened. One of the woman in yellow saree goes up to him.

“You’re Ragini’s father-in-law?” The yellow saree lady asks.

DP nods his head positively.

“Why? What happened?” DP asks.

The ladies come there and tell DP, DP and AP are stunned.

Laksh and the children are eating, Ragini is in the kitchen, they hear a knock again.

“They came again?” Aaradhya says and shakes her head negatively.

Ragini walks there and opens the door, she sees angry DP and shocked AP. DP looks around the house and sees the mess.

“What am I hearing?!” DP angrily says.

Laksh and the kids look there.

“Disgusting! I already knew you were shameless Laksh but you brought your children to that path!” DP adds.

“You were roaming around naked in the house and your son, let me guess, Aarav, was naked too!?!” DP continues.

“Listen Papa, I’m” Laksh utters but gets interrupted.

“Bas! I don’t want to get ashamed more, you’re coming home!” DP says.

“You were already shameless, now your son? In my time, I used to be well mannered, well behave and decent in my time, you two have crossed the limit!” DP continues.

“Yeah sure dream on!” Aarav says.

Ragini looks at Aarav. DP then walks forward and doesn’t see the tomato, he slips on that and falls on his back and hits his head on the door step.

“Aahhhh!!!!!!!” DP shouts.

All get shocked, Laksh and the children giggle, the badi woman come there and look on. Aarav tries to control but laughs loudly, followed by Laksh, Aahana, Ayaan and Aaradhya. Ragini, AP and Badi women look on.

DP’s cheeks are gone red like a tomato because of the embarrassment.

What just happened? How can I fall? Laksh and Aarav would find another reason to taunt me! No, I can’t let this happen, I feel like crying.

“Disgusting! The father is on the floor and they’re laughing over there, I’m sure the kids threw him.” One of the lady utters.

I started thinking after I heard that lady, it’s better to stay quiet because if I say I fell myself then they would laugh.
DP tries to get up but couldn’t, Ragini helps him up.

“Wow, they came here to watch again! Later they’re going to complain, tell me one thing, now who gave you the invitation?” Aarav says.

The women look on, DP also gets angry the way Aarav spoke.

“Bin bulaye mehmaan!” Aarav adds.

(Note – I’m not too good, I hope I got that right.)

Ragini was about to fall while helping DP but AP catches her on time and DP falls back down again, in the water.

“Ragini beta, are you okay?” AP asks Ragini.

“I’m here fallen while she cares about Ragini.” DP thinks

Laksh then stands up and walks towards DP.

“Ragini didn’t teach them any manners, look at the way they talk” one of the woman says.

Ragini looks on.

“Aur Nahi Toh Kya! Ragini, I must say, were you doing your job right? Pata Nahi, where they came from!” The lady in the yellow saree says.

Ragini gets upset.

“You didn’t teach them anything, how did you do their upbringing? In fact how do you handle your husband too?” The woman in Orange saree tells.

Aarav gets angry, DP manages to stand up, Aarav angrily throws the glass at the door, the glass breaks in slow motion. The woman move a little back, all look on.

“Mind your own business!” Aarav angrily says.

The lady’s then start talking, DP then feels some weird pain on his back.

“Ah!!” DP screams.

DP then shakes his body by moving around and touches his back.

“Aahh!” DP continues shouting.

All look at him and get confused, DP continues Shouting and shaking.

“What happened Papa Ji?” Ragini asks.

“Help! Help!” DP shouts.

“What happened Ji?” AP says

“There’s something on my back!” DP shouts.

“What?” Laksh says.

“Take your shirt off, we will see.” Laksh adds.

“N no!” DP shouts.

“Fine then, be like this!” Laksh says.

DP had no other option, so he took his shirt off and keeps it infront of him to cover that, a mouse falls out, Ragini and AP scream while DP gets scared. Laksh then smirks.

“OMG!” Laksh says acting shocked.

Laksh gets the broom stick and starts beating DP with it.

“Papa! It’s a mouse!” Laksh shouts.

DP is shocked and screams, all look on, Laksh stops and DP falls on to the floor and faints due to the shock.

After a while DP slowly gains conscious.

“Will Papa be okay?” Laksh asks

“Yes, he had just fainted due to the shock and will soon wake up.” Dr says and leaves.

“Thank you for calling the Dr on the right time Ayaan.” AP says.

Laksh and Aarav get disappointed.
DP then opens his eyes and remembers the mouse and screams while sitting up.

“Mouse! Mouse!” DP screams in fear.

All look on.

“Ji, relax, nothing happened.” AP assures.

DP looks at her and nods, Ragini, Laksh and the children head out.

“You three made the mess so clean it and Aahana and Aaradhya are joining you!” Ragini says and leaves.

Laksh and the kids gulp and look on.

“I’m not becoming a servant.” Aarav says.

“Well you have to do it, for your Mamma.” Laksh says.

Aarav sighs and walks, Laksh, Ayaan, Aaradhya and Aahana follow.

All get ready, a song plays…

Ayaan wears an apron along with Laksh, Aahana and Aaradhya.

dil ma basi himmat naye itna

Aarav wears a bandit in his head.

mushkil nahin ha phir tau manzil ko

The split screen shows them 5 ready to work.

pana agay barhe har pal yunhi

Laksh is holding the broom, Ayaan is holding a big brush, Aarav is holding his phone, Aaradhya is holding the bucket, Aahana is holding a bucket with a duster.

aao mil kar gaye hum sare ab yehh tarana

All come out and look on.

“How are we going to clean this up?” Aahana complains.

“Can’t we vacuum the whole water?” Laksh complains.

“Not a bad idea.” Ayaan says.

“Here Bhaiyya, hold your duster!” Aahana says to Aarav.

Aarav puts his phone on the highest shelf, seeing Aarav, Laksh, Ayaan and Aaradhya put their phones up too.

Aarav then sits down on the sofa and gets up hurriedly.

“Oh god, the sofas are wet too.” Aarav says.

He then sees a sheet and takes it, he puts it on the sofa and sits.

“You all do the work and I’ll just see and help.” Aarav says and lies down.

“Will this mess be cleaned by you looking at it?!” Laksh says.

“Ya, wherever I look, the mess would be clean because I’ll examine the whole hall and tell you guys where to clean, so technically I would be.” Aarav says and lies down.

“Oh Mr over smart! Get up and you’re cleaning.” Laksh says.

Aahana then hands him the duster. Aara holds it and dusted the floor while lying down, Ayaan, Laksh, Aaradhya and Aahana shake their head in a disagreement and start cleaning.

“Dad, where should we throw this water?” Aaradhya asks.

“Outside, where else?” Laksh says while cleaning.

Aaradhya then nods.

“Wow, by doing this work, we are going to get fit. Someone is being lazy, we will burn loads of calories.” Aahana tells hoping Aarav could hear.

Aarav hears and thinks about it.
Ayaan then gets tired.

Aaradhya opens the door and throws the bucket of water, it splashes on one of the lady and Aaradhya bites her tongue.
The lady glares at her, all look on.

Aaradhya then goes in quickly. Khushi walks past and sees them working, a smile appears on her face. Aarav notices her and then looks at Ayaan.

“Ayaan, your girlfriend is here to meet you.” Aarav says.

Khushi hides.

“Stupid Idiot Aarav.” Khushi curses under her breath.

Ayaan looks at Aarav, Laksh, Aaradhya and Aahana are confused.

“What?” Laksh says.

“Nothing.” Ayaan says.

Laksh then suspiciously looks at both of them while Aarav stands up and starts walking around.

Aarav then reaches DPs room and enters, he sees DP getting ready.

“Won’t you help?” Aarav asks.

“What do you mean?” DP turns and says.

“I mean that Papa, Ayaan, Aahana and Aaradhya are cleaning.” Aarav says.

“So? What should I do?” DP says.

“You should help too, you’re a Maheshwari, you tell too much things with pride, now what happened? Durga Prasad Maheshwari got scared over doing all of this?” Aarav tells.

DP angrily eyes him.

“Come out and help or else I would tell everyone.” Aarav says.

“Tell what?” DP asks.

“That you were walking with too much pride and fell by yourself.” Aarav says.

DP is shocked.

“Don’t be scared, you would lose that belly fat you have.” Aarav says and leaves.

DP looks on.

After a while DP comes out and sees Laksh, Aarav, Ayaan, Aahana and Aaradhya cleaning, a small smirk appears on DPs lips.

Aarav notices him and acts. He swings the bucket and DP looks on.

“You don’t do it like that!” DP says.

“You do.” Aarav says.

“You don’t!” – DP

“You do!” – Aarav

“You don’t!” DP angrily shouts.

“Then how do you?!” Ayaan says.

DP walks there.

“You pick it up by bending.” DP says.

“No, I’m doing it right.” Aarav says.

“No you don’t! Let me show you.” DP says.

DP snatches the bucket and demonstrates, Aarav smirks and acts as if he’s learning. Aarav then makes DP do some other work by asking him how to do it, Laksh and Ayaan are surprised seeing DP work. Aaradhya and Aahana look on.

AP and Ragini comes inside the Badi.

“Maa, are you sure it will work?” Ragini asks.

“It already worked, just bits of plans left.” AP says.

Ragini then nods and walks.

“Bachche are so mannerless!” The woman Aaradhya throws water on shouts.

Ragini stops and listens to her.

“What does Ragini teach them?!” The other lady says.

“Ignore them beta.” AP says to Ragini.

“Arey, before having these types of kids, why didn’t the mother die?! Chi! I hope God doesn’t give these types of kids to anyone and especially a mum like Ragini!” The yellow saree lady says.

“Enough!” Ragini says and looks at them.

Ragini them walks to them.

“Say whatever you want about me but don’t bring my children in between!” Ragini warns.

“Oh, we are scared aren’t we?
You did such a good upbringing, didn’t you?! What do you teach your children?!” The lady in yellow asks.

“Who are you to decide who should become a mother or not! Who should have children or not?!” Khushi says and walks there.

Ragini and AP look at her.

“You stay out of it!” The woman says.

“How can I if you do this drama in front of everyone?! Who gave you the rights to point out huh?” Khushi tells.

“By looking at her and her attitude, it reminds me of one of Raginis Batmeez son!” The woman in yellow says

The rest woman nod yes.

“So?! What’s it to you? Don’t forget one thing, if you point one finger at other people then the rest four come back at you!” Khushi tells and crosses her arms angrily.

The women shake their head negatively with attitude.

“Beta, don’t worry, you should just ignore these type of people.” AP tells.

“Haa, you should just ignore them.” Ragini says.

Just then, another girl enters in a red Anarkali suit.

“Khushi, Masi is calling you.” The girl says.

Her eyes are shown and it’s similar to the girl who collided into Aarav at night. Khushi looks at her.

“Kaha yeh and Kaha vo!” The lady in yellow angrily says.

“Shashikala?” Khushi says.

The screen freezes on the girls eyes.

Precap: Aarav to defend Ragini and do something mischievous.

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Diana Khan – Aaradhya Maheshwari

Reem Shaikh – Aahana Maheshwari

Aryan Khan – Ayaan Maheshwari

Aryan Khan – Aarav Maheshwari

Khushi Kapoor – Khushi Singhania

Khushi Kapoor – Kavya Singhania.

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