Mamma, Calm Down! (RAGLAK) Episode 6

Mamma, Calm Down!

Episode 6:


The groom adorns her Maang with the vermillion and mangalsutar. Daadi and everyone smile, Omi reaches there and is stunned.

“Oh no, we’re late, I need to call lucky and tell him to cancel the plan.” Omi says sadly.

Tears escape Ragini’s eyes, Ragini then hurriedly wipes them and stands up, the groom also stands up. All bless them and they head out.

Jis angna mein naazon pali
us angna se ek din chali
betiyan tow hoti hain parayi parayi…
bidaai bidaai…reet yeh kaisi hai

Ragini looks around and cries remembering her moments.

kaisa bhi ho rang chahey, kaisa bhi ho roop
betiyan hain baabul ki akhiyan
chalkaingi yeh pyar se, royengi bichar ke
ayengi jo biadaai ki ghariyan

She steps outside the door and turns around, Daadi happily farewells her, Sumi has tears in her eyes. Ragini then leaves and Shekhar looks on upset.

bidaai bidaai…reet yeh kaisi hai

Tune plays…

Ragini sits in the car with her groom, the car drives off and Sumi cries, Daadi goes inside and Shekhar consoles Sumi.

Ragini doesn’t even talk to her groom, the groom sees Ragini’s hand on the seat and slowly approaches to touch it, he only lays his index finger and Ragini jerks it and looks away angrily.

Then the groom starts laughing and Ragini looks at him confusingly.
The groom then takes his Sehra off and Ragini is shocked.

“L…Laksh?” Ragini says in shock.

“Your reaction was worth watching.” Laksh says while laughing.

“You find this funny? I mean what is this?” Ragini asks in a serious tone.

“Chill…” Laksh says.

“Be serious Laksh.” Ragini says.

“Okay, I married you, then we will live together, I will divorce you and then both of us are free, see, it’s all planned out.” Laksh says while resting back.

“Do you think marriage is a joke? Why did you come?” Ragini seriously says.

“Aren’t you happy that I’m here? Plus, I had it all planned, I couldn’t let you get punished for my mistake.” Laksh says.

“But…” Ragini says but gets interrupted.

“Forget But, you’re free after marrying me, you can do whatever you want… At least you will be happy, anyways after a year we will separate.” Laksh says.

“I can’t believe you.” Ragini says.

Laksh then starts telling.

Laksh runs home and finds DP there,

“Dad, you know you’re the best dad yeah?” Laksh says.

DP puts his newspaper down and looks at him.

“When did I become a Dad? And that too best? For you?” DP says confusingly.

“Dad, you became a Dad 28 years ago.” Laksh says.

“Yes, for Aadarsh but you?” DP says and looks at Laksh.

“Dad… Come on, you still remember the old times? For me you’re always my Dad, from 23 years you have been the best Dad.” Laksh says with a fake smile and scratches his head.

“Hmm, from Mr Maheshwari to Dad? Somethings not right, what do you want?” DP says.

“Dad, why do you always think I need something.” Laksh says.

“Because you never come to usually, last time you robbed me by saying you’re an amazing father. You definitely need something” DP says while nodding

DP is sure Laksh needs something as Laksh isn’t too caring towards him.

He tells DP and DP doesn’t care, Laksh then begs for DPs help.

“I swear I would do whatever you want if you let me marry Ragini.” Laksh says while folding his hand.

DP thinks and then nods yes.

“Go and marry her then!” DP says strictly.

Laksh then smiles and runs out, he meets the groom and makes him unconscious, later her wears his clothes and the Sehra and runs out.

*End of Flashback*

Ragini then glares at him and they reach MM.

“We’re home…” Laksh says and gets out of the car.

Ragini also gets out and is nervous. Both enter and DP seemed like he was waiting for them eagerly.

Sujata looks at entrance and is shocked, AP also looks there and looks on, the whole family were clueless while DP had known.

“Laksh?” AP asks with mixed emotions.

“Go to your room!” DP says.

Laksh nods and takes Ragini to his room. AP and Sujata look at DP. DP tells them how he wanted Ragini to be their daughter in law. A little smile appears on Swara’s face along with tension.

Just then Daadi enters with the police.

“Laksh!” Daadi shouts.

All look there, Sumi and Shekhar come too.

“Maa” Sumi says.

“You shut up!” Daadi shouts.

Laksh comes out dressed in a white t-shirt with black bomber jacket and triple black adidas fluxes.

“Oho, look at this chora, he’s already changed.” Daadi angrily says.

“Changed what?” Laksh asks confusingly.

“Vah, he’s acting like I don’t know anything, I found out!” Daadi says and glares at Laksh.

“Found out what?” Laksh says.

“Oh, that I married Ragini?” Laksh adds.

“Lo, he’s even admitting it.” Daadi says to the inspector.

Ragini comes down in a yellow and orange salwar suit with her stole pinned to her shoulder and loose hair.

“There’s my granddaughter inspector Saab.” Daadi says while pointing at Ragini.

Laksh turns around and sees Ragini walking down the stairs, sparkles are heard in the background, the wind was blowing and he is mesmerised.

“Arrest him inspector Saab.” Daadi says.

All are shocked while Laksh is still lost in his own world.

“But why?” AP asks Daadi.

“Because he married Lado without our permission and forcibly married her without her permission.” Daadi tells.

Laksh finally looks at the inspector, Ragini stands near him.

“Chachi, tell me one thing, who wanted Ragini to be their Bahu?” Laksh says.

“Bhaisa…why?” Sujata says.

“Who wanted me to marry Ragini?” Laksh asks again

“Bhaisa.” Sujata repeats

“And who gave me permission?” Laksh asks while looking at the inspector.

“Bhaisa.” Sujata repeats again.

DP is shocked.

“When it’s all Bhaisa, Bhaisa and Bhaisa, then why will bechara Laksh get punished?” Laksh says and winks at DP.

Sujata thinks.

“Daadi…” Swara says but stops after Daadi gives her the death glares.

“But it was you who done it, you could’ve said no!” Daadi shouts.

“How could I? He threatened to kick me out of the house.” Laksh says and fakes being upset.

DP is stunned to see Laksh change his colours.

Laksh them sees DP giving him the death glares.

“But inspector, tell me one thing, what’s the problem in marrying? We didn’t break any laws, she’s 22 and I’m 23, so we can get married.” Laksh explains.

“Yes, but you have forced her.” Daadi shouts.

“How did I? We married each other willingly, hai na Ragini?” Laksh says.

Ragini thinks about Lakshs words in the car and nods yes.

Daadi is stunned and widens her eyes.

“See inspector, we married each other willingly.” Laksh says and smiles.

“They must have scared Lado.” Daadi says.

No DaadiMaa, they haven’t, in fact we got married right in front of you and the whole society, inspector Saab, you can ask them, they will be the witnesses for us getting married in front of them.” Ragini says.

Daadi looks at her and is shocked to see Ragini speak with that attitude.

“Lado! What are you saying?!” Daadi angrily says.

“I’m telling the truth DaadiMaa!” Ragini says and looks Daadi in the eye.

Daadi gets angry and was about to slap Ragini but Ragini hides behind Laksh and Laksh holds Daadi’s hand. All are shocked.

“I’m sorry Daadi but you have no rights to slap my wife. Inspector, did you see that? She was about to slap my wife.” Laksh says and let’s go of Daadi’s hand.

“I’m sorry inspector Saab but legally Ragini is Lakshs wife now and Mausi Ji has no rights on her anymore and she has no rights to abuse her.” DP says with his head held high.

“Yeah, you tell em Dad.” Laksh says and looks at DP.

Laksh then says “Look who’s talking.” To himself and Ragini hears.

“You wasted our time for no reasons, we forgive you because you’re old but if it happens again then we have to arrest you.” The inspector says and leaves with his team.

“Now Daadi Ji, the doors there and you can leave.” Laksh says and points at the door.

“And yes Daadiji. She can do whatever she wants.” Laksh adds.

Daadi angrily storms out, Sumi folds her hands and leaves with Shekhar.

Ragini then goes up.

Laksh comes in his room and sees Ragini sleeping, he then sees that she fixed his bed side for him and arranged the pillows. Laksh takes his shirt off and opens the cupboard, something drops and the sound wakes Ragini up, Laksh bends and picks it up then places it back. Ragini turns around and sees him shirtless, she hurriedly turns back and closes her eyes, her heart was beating fast. Laksh puts the grey t-shirt on and turns around and sees Ragini, a smile appeared on his face.

Laksh’s POV:
When I saw Ragini coming down, something happened in my heart, I don’t know what. I walked towards the other side of the bed and lied down, I sensed Ragini was awake. I guess she saw me shirtless, no wonder she tightened her eyes.

Ragini’s POV:
I can’t believe I saw Laksh shirtless, it’s a weird feeling, I can’t get over it. Why? I tried my best not to open my eyes. I slowly heard him utter my name softly.

“Ragini…” Laksh softly says.

I didn’t want to open my eyes so I switched the sides and fell asleep.
It was a bright sunny morning, Ragini woke up and realises she’s not in her room, she looks around and sees Laksh sleeping. Ragini then looks at the time.

“It’s nearly time for college, Laksh is going to get late.” Ragini says and stands up.

Ragini hears a knock on the door, she goes towards the door and opens it. Ragini sees Swara and AP.

“Beta, get dressed, both of you need to go.” AP says.

“Where?” Ragini confusingly says.

“College.” Swara says.

“Me? But…” Ragini says.

“They’re telling the truth, you have to go college.” Laksh says while stretching.

After a lot of convincing, Ragini agreed. Both RagLak went to college but Ragini was only wearing Mangalsutar and no Vermillion, but her Mangalsutar wasn’t visible.

Few days pass and no one knows a thing about RagLak marriage except from Laksh’s best friend, Omi. RagLak don’t talk to each other much, since they are in the last year of college, their exams are approaching, Ragini tells Laksh to study but he doesn’t and somehow gets 28 or 29/30 and Ragini gets 29/30 on their tests.

Swara also finds out that she is two months pregnant, all are happy, especially Ragini.

1 month later:
Ragini is preparing for her exam, she was walking for college when she sees a group of people smoking and taking drugs, she ignore them and walks ahead but someone comes in front of her, Ragini gets scared.

“Come on, take one.” A guy says.

Ragini nods no and walks past him but he grabs her hands, she gets scared. Ragini then jerks his hand and walks faster, she then reaches college and enters the gate. All are getting ready for their first exam while Laksh is lying back and relaxing, Ragini sees this and shakes her head in a disagreement.

Then they sit the exam, Laksh smiles and whizzes through the paper while Ragini concentrates.

6 months have passes, Ragini and Laksh finish their exams and Laksh started to develop feelings for Ragini, Ragini didn’t as she only focused on her studies, but now she is happy that the exams are finished.

Ragini and Laksh rush to the hospital to see Swara, Swara had given birth to a baby boy, Ragini held him after Sanskaar and smiled. Laksh also smiled at the baby.

“He’s gone exactly like his Chachu…” Laksh says.

All laugh, Sujata then holds the baby and kisses him.

“My Pauta.” Sujata happily exclaims.

DP looks at Laksh,

“Look, he didn’t even ask how did the exam go or anything.” Laksh whispers.

“Ragini beta, how did your exam go?” DP asks.

Laksh makes a face and Ragini smiles.

“It was fine Papaji, how did your meeting go?” Ragini asks.

“Our meeting went well.” DP says and ignores Laksh.

After few days Swara comes home with her baby, all welcome her in while Laksh comes in and try’s to fan him self, Ragini realises he had smoked. While the rest were going down with Swara, Ragini walks in front of Laksh.

“What are you doing?” Ragini asks quietly.

“What do you mean what am I doing? I’m standing.” Laksh says.

“Go away.” Ragini says

“Why?” Laksh asked.

“Because you just smoked and its harmful for the baby.” Ragini tells.

“What? Can you smell it?” Laksh says while sniffing himself.

“Go now and come back when you don’t smell.” Ragini says.

“You’re so rude, I don’t smell okay.” Laksh says.

Ragini gives him a stern look, she then moves him back while telling him to go, he tries to say something but keeps moving back.

“La…” Ragini was about to say but Laksh pecks her cheek and runs away while laughing.

Ragini is stunned, she touches her right cheek.

Ragini’s POV:
He just pecked my cheek, why did I get weird feelings? Why am I feeling mixed emotions? I turned around and walked down while remembering what he had done.
Then I forgot about it and started playing with Swara’s baby boy, Arjun. They had already thought of a name but I don’t know if Swara would like it or not.

Laksh’s POV:
I can’t believe I pecked her but she’s cute, I’m with Omi at the moment, I can’t wait to go for a party at 7pm.

It was 6pm, still Laksh hadn’t returned, Swara went upstairs with Sanskaar, Sujata wanted to spend time with the baby today so they let her. Ragini was waiting for Laksh. She decided to call him. Ragini dials her number but her phone switches off.

“Offo, the phones battery had to die now!” Ragini sighs and walks up.

Ragini waited and waited but Laksh still didn’t come, she looks at the time and it’s 9:56pm, Ragini gets worried.

“Arey, it’s been 6 hours since Laksh is missing.” Ragini worriedly says.

Her phone that was on charge on the table buzzed. She walked towards it and got a message, she read it.

‘On Friday, the college is going for a camp, please make arrangements and sign in on Friday.’

Ragini then sees another message and presses on it, it says ‘Laksh is drunk, come collect him… Omi x’

Ragini gets shocked.

“Oh god, Laksh is drunk, but where would he be?” Ragini thinks worriedly.

Ragini then messages Omi back, he texts her the address and Ragini heads out forgetting that she is wearing a Pajama with a yellow Kurti and forgets the stole.

Ragini is outside MM gate, she wonders how she would get there because she doesn’t know how to drive. Just then a hand grabs her and pulls her to a side, Ragini is shocked and was about to scream when someone places their hand on her mouth. The someone takes the lighter out and flicks it, the person is Laksh, he brings the lighter closer to Ragini and him, both share an eye-lock.

Song plays…

Aahatein kaisi yeh aahatein
Sunta hoon aaj kal aye dil bata

Both are looking at each other.

Dastakein dete hain dastakein
Kyun ajnabi se pal aye dil bata

The song ends as Laksh softly says “Will you come with me?”

Laksh then takes his hand of her mouth, Ragini looks down.

“Come where?” Ragini asks.

Laksh holds her hand and takes her somewhere.

Finally, they reach a place, it’s filled with people, it’s like a party house, Ragini’s eyes widen while Laksh smiles.

“Where are we?” Ragini shouts as the music is too loud.

“This is what you call a party, now come.” Laksh excitingly says and pulls Ragini in, Ragini is nervous and uncomfortable while Laksh is taking her through people.

Raat Bhar starts playing…

Aa raat bhar.. aa raat bhar..
Jaayein na ghar.. jaayein na ghar..
Hai saath tu.. Kya hai fikar

Laksh starts mouthing and dancing on the dance floor, he then makes Ragini join him.

Jaayein na ghar.. aa raat bhar
Jaayein jahaan jahaan jahaan dil kare
Jaane kahaan kahaan kahaan phir mile

Ragini is uncomfortable while Laksh is dancing with her and twirling her.

Iss raat mein beete umar, saari umar
Aa raat bhar, jaayein na ghar

Namkeeniyan hain, nazdikiyaan hain
Rang hi rang hai nazaaron mein

Laksh is still dancing and doing some hip hop moves and Ragini moves to the side.

Hansne lagi hoon, phansne lagi hoon
Armaan dil mein hazaaron hain

Laksh then starts drinking vodka. Omi stands near Ragini.

Toh paar de sabhi hadein

“He’s not going to reform, sale ne aaj 4 bottles of Vodka pee hai and now this is his 6th one.” Omi says to Ragini.

Ragini hears him and continues looking at Laksh.

Gale lage kabhi nahi hone de sehar
Iss raat mein beete umar, saari umar

Aa raat bhar.. (aa raat bhar)
Aa raat bhar.. (aa raat bhar)

Laksh drinks and dances on the floor while Omi shakes his head in a disagreement and Ragini looks on.

Jaayein na ghar.. (jaayein na ghar)
Aa raat bhar
Aa raat bhar.. Aa raat bhar..

The song ends and Laksh is drunk but not fully. He is still jumping even tho the music stopped.

“Sala, he drank 8 bottles and is still not drunk, I stop at 2 and get high but he has to cross 10 to get high.” Omi says and walks up to Laksh.

“10 bottles of Vodka to get high?” Ragini shockingly asks herself.

Omi stops Laksh and gets him out of the dance floor.

“This is the 9th Party we have came to, now Bas kar and go home.” Omi says and folds his hands.

“But I’m not done yet, I still need to go around places.” Laksh says with a innocent smile.

“I’m gone, Ragini, good luck.” Omi says and leaves.

Ragini and Laksh also leave the party.

“Now…” – Laksh

“Now home.” Ragini tells.

“It’s only 10:54pm. We still need to explore.” Laksh says and looks at Ragini.

“I don’t want to explore.” Ragini says.
“And look at what I’m wearing…” Ragini adds a bit of complaint

Laksh then starts walking and Ragini starts walking behind him.

Both then go to the ice cream parlour and take pictures, then they go to the beach and rest their for a while, Ragini seemed to enjoy it. Laksh then took pictures of Ragini enjoying. Then after the beach they go to a Dhaba and eat there. The pictures are also been taken.

After eating, Laksh goes to a side to smoke, Ragini sees him and gets disappointed. She then walks up to him.

“Laksh..” Ragini says with disappointment.

Laksh then stops.

“I want to try” Ragini says and snatches it off him.

“Your choice.” Laksh says.

Laksh looks on and Ragini takes a puff, she coughs and drops it. She looks at Laksh and Laksh gives a faint smile. Ragini stops coughing.

“It was alright.” Ragini says.

“Really?” Laksh says and laughs while Ragini looks at him.

“How can you all smoke this?” Ragini asks.

“Don’t you feel the negative vibes?” Ragini asks.

Laksh nods no.

“But it’s dangerous for your body and it’s not good for health.” Ragini explains.

“Ragini…” Laksh says but Ragini continues explaining.

Ragini is still explaining the harmful effects, Laksh is trying to speak but Ragini doesn’t let him.

Laksh then thinks of a way to shut Ragini up, he holds her by the waist and pulls her closer, Ragini stops talking and her hands rest on Laksh’s chest. Both share an eye-lock.

“Shh, calm down Ragini.” Laksh says.

Song plays…

Kuch toh hai jo neend aaye kam
Kuch toh hai jo aankhe hai nam
Kuch toh hai jo tu keh de toh
Haste haste marr jaaye hum

The song finishes as Ragini breaks the eye lock and steps back.

“I think we should go home.” Ragini says.

Laksh then looks at the time and a smile appears on his face.

“Perfect, it’s 1:45am, let’s go.” Laksh says.

Both start walking, finally they reach MM and enter.

Ragini freshens up and lies down on her side, Laksh gets changed and lies on his half. Both look at each other. Both fall asleep.

Morning in MM:
Ragini opens her eyes and sees Laksh sleeping, Ragini gets up and heads to the bathroom. Laksh then slowly opens his eyes and picks his phone up that was on the table next to his bed, he sees the time and it’s 7:58pm.

“Oh god, it’s so early, breakfast is at 8:30, I might as well sleep for a bit.” Laksh says and puts his phone on his chest and closes his eyes.

“Ahhh!” Ragini shrieks.

Laksh opens his eyes in shock and sits up.

“What happened?” Laksh says to himself and stands up.

He heads towards the bathroom and starts knocking.

“Ragini…are you okay?” Laksh asks.

Ragini opens the door and runs behind Laksh with the towel in her hand, she is wearing Laksh’s red Adidas t-shirt which stops at her thigh and nearly knees. Her hair is wet and open.

“What happened?” Laksh asks.

“Bathroom…spider.” Ragini says in a fight ended tone.

“Kya tum bhi Ragini, you’re scared of the small spider?” Laksh says and walks in.

Laksh then sees the spider on the wall and is shocked, he sees the spider drop on the floor and rushes out.

“What happened?” Ragini asks while Laksh reaches new her.

“Ragini, the spider is very big and dark and fat. You should’ve told me before.” Laksh says and makes a face.

“Where did it go? And you didn’t give me the chance to speak.” Ragini says.

“It dropped on the floor and must b coming out” Laksh says and looks around.
“In fact there it is.” Laksh adds and seems like he’s about to scream.

Ragini sees it and runs on top of the bed. Laksh also moves back and on the bed.

“Ragini… You go, it won’t bite.” Laksh worriedly says.

“M…mein kyu? Why can’t you?” Ragini also says.

“Where did it go?” Laksh shockingly says.

Laksh then sees Ragini’s worried face and smirks.

“Ragini! It’s there!” Laksh says and points behind Ragini.

Ragini shrieks and moves forward but loses her balance, she holds on to Laksh but he also loses his balance and both fall on the bed, making Laksh fall on top of Ragini and resulting the bed to break. Ragini hugs Laksh tight out of the fear. Laksh feels something.

“Whats happening to me?” Laksh thinks to himself.

Song plays…

Mujhse zyada mere jaisa
Koi hai toh hai tu

Ragini could feel Laksh breathing near her neck and ear.

Phir na jaane dil mera kyun
Tujhko na de sakun..

Song ends as Ragini lets go of Laksh, Laksh tries to get up but as the bed broke, it’s difficult for him.

“You try getting out.” Laksh says.

Ragini then tries but sees the spider on the bed and gets shocked.

“What happened?” Laksh says while looking at Ragini.

“S…spider.” Ragini says.

Laksh looks there and is also shocked. Laksh tries getting up and finally gets up but is on the floor, he stands up and runs out, Ragini manages to get out and rushes to the bathroom too. Ragini locks the door and sighs, she sees her clothes and picks them up and gets changed into a pink anarkali dress. She wears her mangalsutar and pins the stole on her shoulder and walks out, she sees the servants moving the bed. Ragini then walks out.

While walking down, Ragini sees the house getting decorated, Sujata walks past.

“Chachi Ji, what’s happening?” Ragini asks.

“It’s my grandson’s name ceremony.” Sujata happily says and leaves.

The name ceremony begins, Ragini stands near Laksh.

Swara decides to name the baby Arjun, Sujata gets glad, all are happy so now the baby boy is officially called Arjun.

*****1 month later*****
Ragini and Laksh come back from the camping, Laksh is upset with Ragini as she chose the other guy over him. The guy was teasing Ragini and Laksh couldn’t take it so he beat the guy up but Ragini supported the guy instead of Laksh. Everyone found out that RagLak are married

Laksh enters MM and goes straight to his room, Ragini tries talking to him but he didn’t listen. He avoids her. Swara and Sanskaar had gone Mumbai for few days because Swara’s Dida fell ill. They left Arjun with Sujata and AP.

After dinner, RagLak go to their room.

“Laksh, I’m sorry.” Ragini says but Laksh ignores her and lies down.

“Listen Laksh, it was your fault.” Ragini says and Laksh angrily sits up.

“My fault?!” Laksh angrily says and stands up, he turns towards her.

“It’s my fault?! That guy was harassing you!” Laksh angrily shouts.

Ragini gets scared seeing Lakshs angry side, she moves back while he moves close.

“S…so? shouldn’t have h..hit him.” Ragini nervously utters.

Laksh pins her to the wall and squeezes her arm.

“I wasn’t wrong, it was that guy and you chose him!” Laksh aggressively says.

Ragini closes her eyes.

“ hurts!” Ragini shrieks.

“Didn’t it hurt me when you took his side?!” Laksh says.

“B…but why d..does it affect” Ragini says while in pain.

Laksh then gets thinking.

“Why does it actually affect me?” Laksh thinks to himself.

Laksh then let’s her go and turns around, he was about to go when Ragini holds his arm.

“Laksh, you have to tell me, why are you so angry? You were never this angry so why now?” Ragini asks while hoping he would answer.

Laksh doesn’t say anything.

“Please Laksh, I want to know why you got so angry?” Ragini asks again.

“Laksh…” Ragini says but stops as Laksh turns around.

Kuch toh hai jo dil ghabraaye
Kuch toh hai jo saans na aaye

Both share an eye-lock, Laksh walks towards her.

Kuch toh hai jo hum honthon se
Kehte kehte keh naa paaye

“I…I l…love y…you Ragini.” Laksh says and cups her face.

Ragini is shocked.

Jo humaare darmiyaan hai
Isko hum kya kahein

Laksh pecks both of her cheeks, Ragini closes her eyes.

Ishq kya hai ik lehar hai
Aao iss mein bahein

Laksh then pecks her forehead, tears escape Ragini’s eyes.

Kuch toh hai jo hum hain khoye

Laksh then kisses Ragini on the lips.

Kuch toh hai jo tum na soye

Ragini responds back to the kiss. Laksh then breaks the kiss and hugs Ragini, she hugs him back.

Kuch toh hai jo hum dono yun

Laksh takes Ragini to the bed.

Haste haste itna roye

Song finishes as RagLak consummate their marriage.

Ragini opens her eyes and sees Laksh besides her with his arm wrapped around her waist. A smile appears on Ragini’s face.

Ragini’s POV:
I can’t believe it, me and Laksh… This is what we hadn’t thought of, who would know that I fell for him and he fell for me? Today, we have took our relationship to the next level, i hope we don’t break apart but why is Laksh feeling uneasy? It’s like he’s craving for something.

Laksh feels uneasy and changes his head to other side. Ragini then hears him breathing heavily. Ragini realises that he wanted to smoke but Ragini wants him to give up his habit.

“I promise Laksh, I will make your bad habits go away.” Ragini thinks

Ragini falls asleep.

Laksh wakes up and finds Ragini missing, Laksh gets changed and comes down for breakfast, Ragini serves him.

“I want Laksh to join our business.” DP says.

Laksh is shocked to hear his decision while the rest smile.

“But Dad…” Laksh says.

“No but or vuts, soon you would become a Dad then what would you feed your child?” DP says.

“Dad, stop worrying about my children, leave their living on me.” Laksh says and starts eating.

DP shakes his head then all start eating.

******2 weeks later******
SwaSan return home, they see everyone playing with Arjun, a smile appears on Swara’s face.

“Ragini!” Laksh shouts.

Ragini then hands Arjun to AP and heads up, she sees Swara and Sanskaar.

“Swara…? How’s Naanima?” Ragini asks with a smile on her face.

“Dida is alright now, what about you, how have all of you been?” Swara says.

“I’ll be right back.” Ragini says and heads up.

Swara and Sanskaar head down.

Ragini goes upstairs and sees Laksh searching the wardrobe.

“Ragini, where’s my fluxes?” Laksh asks.

“They might be there.” Ragini says and walks in.

Ragini feels uneasy and dizzy, she manages to compose herself and walks to the wardrobe. Ragini then touches her head.

“Ragini, are you okay?” Laksh asks.

Ragini then nods but faints in Lakshs arms.

Laksh makes Ragini rest on the bed and calls the Doc, all are worried, the Doc checks Ragini and comes out.

“Theres nothing to worry about but you have to be careful, Mrs Maheshwari is pregnant.” The Doc says.

All get happy, Laksh is shocked but happy at the same time. Sanskaar hugs Laksh.

“Congrats Lucky, you’re becoming a father!” Sanskaar says.

A smile appears on Lakshs face.

Swara, AP and Sujata go in to see Ragini.

End of Flashback.

Aaradhya, Ayaan, Aahana and Aarav listen to this carefully, but Aarav acts as if he doesn’t care by playing on his phone.

“What happened next Daadi?” Aaradhya asks.

“Are you done? Now can I go?” Aarav asks.

“You can go if you want but now, the most bitter truth is coming out.” AP says.

Aaradhya, Aahana and Ayaan listen and concentrate. Aarav has his ears ready but is on his phone.

Tears fall out of APs eyes and sees Laksh at the door, Laksh looks away while hiding his tears.

“Then thought the month, Laksh and everyone started taking care of Ragini, Laksh gave up his habits of drinking and smoking, he went office, spent time with Ragini. Then Ragini gave birth to a girl, Laksh was the happiest person, everyone were happy, we named her, well Laksh named her Ananya. All were happy, but one day our happiness got jinxed, this was when Arjun and Ananya were 2-3 years old.” AP says and goes into details.

2 years later:
Sanskaar picked Ananya and Arjun up from the Badi, on his way back, someone imp formed him that he had bomb in his car. Sanskaar was shocked, he tried stopping but the brakes failed, Sanskaar then looks at Arjun and Ananya playing in the back and sees a Lorry coming, Sanskaar tries to turn the car but….BASH!

They had died as the car exploded and crashed.

Laksh was talking with Ragini and Ragini was 8 months pregnant, Swara was 4 months.

“Maa, where is Bhai?” Laksh asks.

“He must be coming, don’t worry.” Sujata says and sits near Swara.

Just then the police enter, they tell everyone and all are stunned, Swara breaks down
and Ragini is in shock. AP and Sujata cry while Swara and Ragini are in shock. Laksh breaks down emotionally.

Due to the shock, Ragini starts feeling pain, they rush her to the hospital and she gives birth to twins, Ayaan and Aarav. All are happy but Sad as well as they had lost Sanskaar, Ananya and Arjun.

“What game is God playing with us? He took the lives of our children and now gave two more.” AP says and cries.

Sujata mourns and finally Swara starts crying along with Ragini.

After few days Ragini comes home with Aarav and Ayaan, they also name them Aarav and Ayaan. Ragini is still remembering her two year old Ananya. Swara also remembers her Arjun, her first child, Sanskaar and her first symbol.

All start taking care of Swara.

****5 months later****
Swara was walking down and is 9 months pregnant, Swara slips and falls down the stairs, all get shocked and rush her to the hospital, Aarav and Ayaan stay home with Sujata.

Swara was rushed to the ICU, the Dr had told that they could only save one, the child or the patient. Swara had forced the Drs to save her child. So they saved her child and Swara gave birth to a daughter.

Ragini goes inside to meet Swara, Swara sees her and smiles through pain, Ragini looks at her tearfully.

“R…Ragini.” Swara says.

Ragini goes near Swara and holds her hand.

“Ragini, I…I have l..less left… P…promise me t..that y…you would t..take care o..of mi..mine a..and s…Sanskaar’s l…last symbol… D…don’t let her l…leave t…the f…family.” Swara says.

Ragini nods no.

“Nothing will happen to you Swara.” Ragini cries.

“Prom…promise me R…Ragini, t..that you w..would g…give my d…daughter the l…love o..of a m…mother… P…promise me t…that would t…treat her like y…your own d…daughter and never… Never l…let her f…feel t…that… Sh…she’s an… Orphan…” Swara says and breaths heavily.

Ragini cries.

“Promise m..m Ragini…” Swara says.

“I promise Swara… I promise that I would treat your daughter like my own daughter and give her the love of a mother.” Ragini says.

A faint smile appears on Swara’s face.

“Now I…I can d..die p…peacefully and… Name…name her Aa…Aaradhya.” Swara says.

Ragini nods okay and Swara smiles, she stops breathing.

Ragini moves Swara but Swara doesn’t blink, the machines start making sounds.

“Swara!!!!” Ragini cries and screams.

The nurse comes and hands Ragini Aaradhya, Laksh comes there and Ragini rests her head on Lakshs chest.

“I lost my daughter, my nephew, my brother-in-law and now my sister! Laksh… I don’t have the strength to lose anyone else, I don’t have the strength to see my children dying again. I don’t want my children to go through what I went through.” Ragini cries.

End of Flashback.

Aaradhya and Aahana have tears in their eyes, Aarav is shocked, Ayaan gets upset.

“This is what happened, Ragini didn’t have the strength to lose you all, that’s why she’s been like that.” AP cries.

“You all never valued her emotions!” AP adds.

“Meaning that Mamma is not my real Mamma?” Aaradhya asks.

AP nods yes.

“You’re Swara and Sanskaar’s daughter but Ragini treated you like her own daughter. 2 years later Aahana was born, Ragini thought that her Ananya had returned to her.” AP says.

Aahana and Aaradhya look down. Ayaan then scratches his face but is actually wiping his tears. Then Aarav starts laughing like mad. All look at him including Laksh.

Precap: ‘Sorry, Sorry, Sorry’

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Aryan Khan – Ayaan Maheshwari

Aryan Khan – Aarav Maheshwari


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