Mamma, Calm Down! (RAGLAK) Episode 4 (Part 1)

Mamma, Calm Down!

Episode 4:

Aarav enters Ayaan’s room, he sees Ayaan sitting down and thinking.

“Oh, so you’re here chilling?” Aarav asks rudely.

Ayaan looks there and hurriedly stands up.

“Because if you I got slapped! What the hell? Don’t take the mis advantage of us being twins!” Aarav says.

“It wasn’t my fault, I don’t know what Daadu was saying…” Ayaan nervously says.

“You don’t know what he said? He caught you smoking for god sake! And the blame went on me! I already told you once but I’m telling you again, quit smoking!” Aarav says and glares at Ayaan.

Aarav walks up to Ayaan and gets him in a head lock, Ayaan tries to get himself out of the headlock but in vain, Ayaan then bites Aarav’s tummy and Aarav lets go.

“Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!” Ayaan shouts while touching his top teeths.

“Ouch!” Aarav says as he feels a slight pain

“That’s the advantage of having abs!” Aarav adds and touches his stomach.

Ayaan caresses his teeth, AP, Sujata, Aaradhya and Aahana rush there. Laksh also enters. Then Ragini enters.

“What happened?” AP asks.

“Nothing.” Aarav says while scratching his head.

“Why is Ayaan screaming?” Aaradhya asks.

“I’m sure Bhaiyya must’ve hit him.” Aahana says.

“I can’t feel anything” Ayaan struggles to say.

“But what happened chore?” Sujata asks.

“Um… I was…” Ayaan couldn’t even think at that moment, he felt like his top half of the teeth are falling and breaking.

“He slipped and fell.” Aarav says and looks normal.

“Then why did you make so much noise?” Aaradhya asks.

“I thought a snake bit you.” Aahana says.

“Yes, a snake bit me.” Aarav says and looks at Ayaan.

“Ek minuet, which is which? How do you guys recognise which is Aarav and which is Ayaan?” Sujata asks.

“Choti Daadi, the one in jeans is always Aarav Bhaiyya and the one in joggers/tracksuit is Ayaan Bhai.” Aahana says.

“Oh… So did Bhaisa see the jeans and recognised it was Aarav who was smoking?” Sujata asks.

“Yes.” Aarav says.

Ragini thinks, “Today Ayaan was also wearing jeans, could it be Ayaan? But it can’t be, Ayaan would never do this.” Ragini wipes her tears and walks out.

Laksh sees Ragini walking away. All then go to their rooms.

Laksh enters his room only to see Ragini packing her bags, he doesn’t question her.

Laksh thinks “Why is she packing her bags? Is she leaving?”

Laksh then sits down on the bed, Ragini continues packing and ignores him.

“Should I ask her?” Laksh thinks.

Ragini finishes packing, she picks her bags up and heads out.

“Ragini!” Laksh says.

Ragini stops, she then slowly turns around.

“Where are you going?” Laksh asks.

“I’m going to the Baadi.” Ragini says while trying hard not to cry.

“But there’s no one there, would you live alone?” Laksh asks.

“What do I have left here?” Ragini faintly asks.

“Ragini, listen, I’m…” Before Laksh could say anything, Ragini storms out.

Song plays:……

Kho gaya, gum ho gaya
Waqt se churaya tha jo,
Ragini walks down with tears in her eyes.

Apna banaya tha
Ho tera, woh mera
Laksh looks on angrily.
Saath nibhaya tha jo,
Apna banaya tha

Chadariya, jeeni re jeeni
Chadariya, jeeni re jeeni
Aankhein, bheeni ye, bheeni ye, bheeni
Ragini walks out of MM.

Yaadein, jheeni re, jheeni re, jheeni
Chadariya jeeni re jeeni
Laksh witches the lights off and lies down.
Chadariya jeeni re jeeni
Hai aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni

Song finished **

Morning in MM:
Aaradhya, Ayaan and Aarav get up, the screen is split into three, Aaradhya and Aarav brush their teeth while Ayaan ties his shoes.
Screen comes back to normal

Aaradhya comes out with a pink knee length frock that has stocked on yellow belt and pink leggings with yellow jumper.

Ayaan comes out wearing black joggers and white t shirt, he wears his black bomber jacket on top and is wearing his black and white Nike air max. He styles his head.

Aarav wears a red shirt with and black chinos. He is wearing black adidas fluxes. He starts spraying himself.

“Today there’s a party around Shivam’s house, a lot of girls are going to be there. Can’t wait.” Aarav says excitingly.

Aarav heads out, he hears AP speaking as he goes past her room.

“Do you really want to know your Mamma Papa’s story?” AP asks.

Aarav stops and opens his ears to hear.

“Okay, your Papa was just like Aarav and Ayaan, a mixture of both of them, he was a flirt, he used to party and not listen to Ji, just like Aarav and he used to smoke, go out with his friends and drink liquor secretly. He also used to love me the most and always butter me up like Ayaan. He was stubborn like Ayaan and Aarav, when he was younger, he always wanted what he wanted, never used to listen to anyone. What he said was final.” AP says and looks at Ayaan.

“I don’t drink.” Ayaan says and looks down.

Aarav peaks in and sees Aaradhya, Aahana and Ayaan sitting on the floor while AP sits on the bed and starts telling.

“Aarav, you can come in.” AP says

Aarav thinks “How does Daadi know?”

Aarav then comes in and all see him.

“I’m running late I…” Aarav says but gets interrupted.

“Come, sit next to me, Aj I will tell you the story of your Mamma and Papa.” AP says.

AP then starts describing and talking.

Ragini was shown praying in a temple, Laksh is shown riding his motorbike, Ragini finishes and heads out, Laksh is coming that direction. Laksh’s bike goes past leaving Ragini getting covered by mud.

“Hey!” Ragini ungratefully shouts.

Laksh hears and stops his bike, Ragini gets irritated as the mud had splashed on her clothes, hair and face. Laksh turns to see her but her back is faced towards him.

“Oh god, theses middle class girls just find reasons to cling on.” Laksh says with disgust and leaves.

“Oh god, today was my first day in college, now how am I going to go?” A worried Ragini utters.

Ragini turns around just to see Laksh gone, she angrily looks on. Just then she gets a call.

“Hello?” Ragini says as she picks up the phone.

“Haa Laado, where are you?” Swara says.

“Swara, I’m going college now.” Ragini irritatingly utters.

“What happened?” Swara asks.

“Don’t even ask, this rich brat has drenched me in mud.” Ragini sighs.

Swara laughs,

“You find it funny?” Ragini angrily say.

“No.. I just called t tell you that there’s an Aarti around our house in the evening, come with Maa, Baba and Daadi.” Swara says.

“Okay, we will try.” Ragini says.

Swara then disconnects the call.

Ragini’s POV:
I swear if I find him somewhere, then I would not spare him, now what should I wear? Swara also invited me in the evening, she got married and settled down, I’m going to get late for college. Oh god, I wish his bike breaks or he falls down!

I walked to a clothes shop, I knew that if I went back home to change then DaadiMaa will not let me come back. It took a lot of convincing for me and Maa to convince DaadiMaa. I couldn’t find any traditional clothes and I would’ve got late.
Ragini gets changed and feels uncomfortable, she is wearing a long royal blue ankle length dress with a belt in the middle, she also dries her hair with the hair dryer and wears a blue jumper on top.

She comes out from the changing rooms and looks down, she pays and leaves.

“I never wore these types of clothes before, what should I do? If DaadiMaa sees me then she’s going to kill me. What should I do? God, please help me.” Ragini thinks and worries.

After a while she reaches college, she knows she’s 10 minuets late and worries more, just then her eyes fall on a red bike, she remembers seeing the number plate and looks at that bikes number plate, it matched and she is shocked.

“So that guy is here?” Ragini thinkingly utters.

She looks around and sees the ground quiet.

“Oh no, I’m late, what should I do?” Ragini worries.

Just then she feels someone hold her hand, she looks there and sees a man dragging her somewhere and is shocked.

“What are you doing? Wh..who are you?” Ragini says while looking the guy in front of her.

That man stops, he is wearing a red leather bomber jacket with true religion jeans and black huaraches. He looks behind a little and his side of the face is shown, he is wearing black sunglasses.

“Shhh.” The guy says and fully turns around.

It happens to be Laksh, he looks at her while she looks down.

“You new here?” Laksh asks.

Ragini nervously and fastly nods yes.

“First year…?” Laksh asks looking interested.

Ragini nods yes again.

“Great! We’re in the same class then.” Laksh says.

Laksh sees the principle and gets shocked, he pulls Ragini to the side and both hide behind the lockers. Ragini looks at him, the principle comes forward.

“Ma’am, I think there’s somebody in the science corridor.” A peon rushes.

The principle turns and rushes there, Laksh lets out a breath of relief. Laksh then moves back.

“Do you have any spray or anything?” Laksh asks.

Ragini looks at him weirdly and nods no.

“Fish, I’m going to smell.” Laksh sadly utters.
“Wait, do I smell?” Laksh says and looks at Ragini.

“U…” Ragini was about to say something but Laksh interrupts.

“You don’t need to speak, just sniff me.” Laksh determinedly utters

“What?” Ragini says and gives him a weird look.

Laksh pulls Ragini closer, Ragini then smells him and coughs.

“That’s rude.” Laksh says and moves her back.
“They’re going to know I smoked. Then one phone call to Papa and then he’s going to start his lectures and tell me he’s going to kick me out and blah blah!” Laksh says and looks away.

Ragini looks at him and gets shocked. Just then Lakshs friends come.

“Lucky, let’s go, we sent the principle away.” Omi, Laksh’s best friend says.

“Not until one last thing is done.” Laksh smirks.

He moves Ragini out of the way and smashes the fire alarm with his elbow, Ragini who witnessed this gets shocked and worried. The fire alarm starts going off, Laksh and his friends run, Laksh stops and turns around.

“Aren’t you going to run?” Laksh says to Ragini.

Ragini doesn’t say anything, Laksh then sighs and shakes his head in a disagreement while rushing to Ragini and holding her hand, both run.

“Whatever you did was wrong.” Ragini utters worryingly and while running.

“That was the way to escape from lateness.” Laksh says and continues running while other people come out and also run.

“You could’ve said you were new…” Ragini says.

Laksh then stops and Ragini stops, Ragini breathes heavily and catches her breath.

“Why didn’t you tell me that before?” Laksh says.

“You didn’t give me a chance to speak.” Ragini says and looks down.

“Well anyways, doing it the bad way is funner.” Laksh says and starts running.

Ragini had to continue running as he didn’t let go of her hand. They reach the play ground.

Ragini catches her breath.

“I…I never r…ran that m..much in my wh..whole life.” Ragini says while catching her breath.

Laksh then let’s go of her hand and leaves, then Ragini’s eyes fall on that bike again, she’s thinking who’s could it be.

Then the principle comes out and announces that it was a prank played by somebody.
Ragini looks at Laksh.

All leave for their class.

Science class:
Ragini is sitting down, Laksh then walks in with his friends, all the girls get happy seeing Laksh, he smiles and winks at all of them.

“Mr Laksh Maheshwari, could you go and take your seat!” A male teacher strictly utters.

Laksh then sighs and looks for a seat, Ragini looks away, Laksh then sits next to Ragini which shocks everyone.

“Hope you don’t mind me sitting here.” Laksh says and moves her bag.

Laksh then remembers what OMI had said,

“Dude, that girl saw us, she can snake you out anytime, be nice and friendly to her,”

The college was over, Laksh sees Ragini and goes up to her.

“Hi, you didn’t introduce yourself.” Laksh says.

Ragini ignores him and walks forward Laksh gets shocked.

“She just did not blank Lucky.” Laksh says to himself.

He walks after her again.

“Hi, my name is Laksh, Laksh Maheshwari and people call me Lucky, you can call me Lucky.” Laksh says.

Ragini’s eyes fall again on the red motorbike.

“Who’s bike is that?!” Pointing at Lakshs bike.

Laksh smiles, “that bike?” Laksh says.

Ragini nods yes,

“Th..” Laksh gets interrupted.

“I will not spare that person.” Ragini says.

Laksh stops and thinks “Thats my bike and what did I do?”

“Why? I mean what did the person do?” Laksh asks.

“Today, in the morning, that bike rider ruined my clothes, he drenched me with mud, he didn’t even say sorry!” Ragini says and frowns.

Laksh then remembers the incident and scratches his hair.

“I don’t know who’s bike that is.” Laksh tries to laughs it off.

Ragini then leaves.

“So that middle class girl was her? Oops, now I’m gone, she would tell the principle!” Laksh says to himself.

Ragini then enters her house, she sees Sumi and Sumi sees her.

“‘Maa, where’s DaadiMaa?” Ragini asks nervously.

“She’s gone to the temple, why?” Sumi asks.

Ragini worryingly smiles and rushes in. After a while she gets changed into a orange anarkali suit with her hair open. Just then Daadi enters.

“Laado, have you came back? How was your first day in college?” Daadi says while stepping down the stairs.

Ragini then remembers the incidents of her getting splashed with Mud, then Laksh smashing the fire alarm and him running with her.

Ragini then fake smiles and says “It was okay DaadiMaa.”

“Okay, get ready because we have to go to Swara’s in-laws house, Annapurna Ji invited us.” Daadi says and explains to Sumi.

Ragini nods okay and puts her sandals on.

Then after a while Gadodia family enter MM, while entering, Ragini sees the same red motorbike outside MM.

“Who’s bike could it be?” Ragini thinks.

Just then she bumps into Laksh, both look at each other.

Ragini then realises what Laksh and the teacher said, Laksh Maheshwari, she then realised this is Maheshwari Mansion and Laksh is Swara’s Devar and the bike is Laksh’s.

“So that bike is yours?” Ragini asks while looking at Laksh.

Laksh opens his mouth to say something but couldn’t think of a word.

“Don’t lie… That bike has to be yours…” Ragini says.

Laksh then looks down nods yes and Ragini gives him a stern look.

Precap: Past to continue.

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Diana Khan – Aaradhya Maheshwari

Reem Shaikh – Aahana Maheshwari

Aryan Khan – Ayaan Maheshwari

Aryan Khan – Aarav Maheshwari

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