Mamma, Calm Down! (RAGLAK) Episode 3


Mamma, Calm Down!

Episode 3:

They get shocked to see the person on the stairs, the person on the stairs is shown, he is identical to Ayaan but is wearing true religion skinny jeans with black and white Nike huaraches and Nike air zip up bomber jacket. All are shocked to see him.

“Are they my jeans?!” The identical guy to Ayaan says.

“No, they’re mine.” Ayaan says.

“Don’t tell me that’s my sweatshirt!” The identical guy to Ayaan shouts.

“Oh god, now Aarav and Ayaan will fight over clothes!” Aaradhya sighs.

“It isn’t yours! I brought a similar one and it’s mine!” Ayaan says and glares at Aarav.

The identical guy is revealed to be Aarav, Ragini and Lakshs son and Ayaans identical brother.

“Shut the f**k up, it’s mine! Mate, I’m not that dumb, I have bigger size shirts than you” Aarav says.

“Aarav! Language!” Ragini shouts.

“Mate, you’re fatter that’s why!” Ayaan says.

“No, I’m stronger!” Aarav says.

Both Aarav and Ayaan glare at each other while DP shakes his head in a disagreement and sighs.

“I’m strong too!” Ayaan exclaims.

“Mate, you don’t even have muscles!” Aarav shouts.

“Like father like son!” DP strictly sighs.

Both Aarav and Ayaan hear.

“I have muscles actually, you have fat!” Ayaan replies.

Ayaan then flexes and they see muscles, Aarav laughs.

“You call that muscles? They’re nothing compared to mine!” Aarav says.

“Yo dono chore will never reform!” RP sighs.

“Take my clothes off, I don’t want you to get em dirty!” Aarav says and looks at his jeans and sweatshirt on Ayaan.

“Why you wearing my jacket?” Ayaan asks.

“Cause you’re wearing my jeans, allow the sweatshirt but my jeans, I brought them for 17,836 rupees!” Aarav explains.

DPs mouth drops listening to the amount of money for the jeans. RP and everyone are also shocked except for Ragini and Aahana.

“Well you’re wearing my jacket, it’s worth 4,459 rupees!” Ayaan tells.

DP looks at Ayaan shockingly.

“I went out for 2 days and what do I see when I get back? Hope my room isn’t touched, I swear if I find anything missing then I will not spare anyone!” Aarav says and points his index finger at everyone.

“You spent so much money on these useless things?!” DP angrily says.

“Do you pay for it?” Aarav asks.

DP looks at him.

“Did you pay for it? No na, then keep your mouth shut!” Aarav shouts.

“Aarav! Have you forgot your manners?!” Ragini angrily says.

“Oh please, you don’t start again okay! I’m not in the mood to argue! And I want my clothes back.” Aarav says angrily and glares at everyone.

“Bhai, stop it!” Aahana shouts.

“Shweta?” Aaradhya asks.

“Oh yeah, let’s go.” Ayaan says.

“I’m not letting you go unless I get my clothes back!” Aarav says.

“We will wait outside!” DP says.

Aaradhya and DP head out.

“You want them? Then take them!” Ayaan says and was about to take his shirt of when Aarav says.

“Leave it! You’re paying for my new ones if anything happens to these ones!” Aarav says and walks up.

“Ill go, Daadu is waiting outside with Aaradhya.” Ayaan says and heads out.

Ragini shakes her head in disagreement, AP and Sujata leave, Aahana also heads up.

DP POV: “When Aarav spoke to me like that, I remembered when Laksh spoke to me like that, Laksh was already spoiled and now his Son, Aarav, he is out of our hands!”

DP is in the car with Aaradhya.

Ayaan reaches outside and sees DP and Aaradhya gone, he smiles.

“Wow, Daadu did a good thing by leaving, now I will be out.” Ayaan says and heads out.

Ragini was walking past Aarav’s room, she decides to talk to him, she enters and sees him working out.

“I need to talk to you.” Ragini says.

“I’m busy!” Aarav replies.

“Aarava!” Ragini angrily says.

Aarav stops and stands up and faces her.

“What? What do want to say?! If you’re here with your stupid lectures and to talk about your so called worries then I’m not interested.” Aarav harshly says.

“Aarav, I’m your mother…” Ragini says.

“Mother?” Aarav says and lets out a 2 second laugh.
“What have you ever done other than imprison us and not trust us?” Aarav says.

Ragini feels hurt.

“I’m a mother Aarav, I worry!” Ragini tries to explain.

“You don’t worry, you’re overprotective! You’re a hater! If you didn’t get to do these things then you wouldn’t let us! But I’m not Ayaan, Aaradhya or Aahana, who would listen to everything you say and do things secretly, I’m open and I had enough, I do what I WANT!!” Aarav says and angrily leaves from there.

“Aarav! Come back!” Ragini says but he leaves.

Ragini then thinks “What does he mean that he doesn’t do things secretly like Ayaan, Aaradhya and Aahana?”

Ragini then thinks about it and worries.

Ragini’s POV:
When Aarav told me that I was a hater, I didn’t wish to accept the fact, was he telling the truth? Am I being overprotective? I’m a mother and I worry about them and their future, I feel they hide things from me which continues to worry me, they don’t get me and never will! I angrily huffed and left from Aarav’s room.

Aarav’s POV:
I came out and sat on the bench that’s near the park, all I want, we want is freedom but she doesn’t trust us and Papa doesn’t care. I’ll rather be an orphan than having a parents that don’t give a shit about you! She always insults me and he doesn’t say anything, Daadu crosses all his limits which angers me. Mr Durgaprasad Maheshwari aka hitler and Mrs Laksh Maheshwari aka hater are the same, they only care about themselves, we don’t matter to them do we? It’s only right and okay if they do it. If we party then it’s restricted, if they party then it’s okay. I hate living a life like this where there’s always restrictions and hypocrites that tell you off but do it themselves! This world is full of fake people and snakes who change their colours!

DP drops Aaradhya off and is on his way back home, he stops by and sees Ayaan outside the park near the bushes smoking, DP is shocked.

“Driver, stop the car!” DP says.

The driver stops the car and DP steps out, he walks near Ayaan and taps his shoulder, Ayaan turns around and is shocked to see DP, he drops his fag on the floor.

“Aarav?! I didn’t know you would stoop this low!” DP shouts.

“Aarav and me? Never! Does Daadu think I’m Aarav? That’s the advantage of being twins.” Ayaan says to himself.

“Uh, yeah so? What’s it to you?” Ayaan says acting like Aarav.

DP shakes his head angrily.

“Even Laksh didn’t stoop this low! Today you have ashamed me! Laksh couldn’t even handle his sons and he’s ready to handle the business?!” DP angrily says.

Ayaan thinks how Aarav would react to this situation, Ayaan scratches his head.

“Do you think I care?! Now go away and mind your own business! Do I ever stop you from doing what you want? No na, then shut up!” Ayaan says while acting like Aarav and hopes he doesn’t get caught.

DP gets angry and leaves. Ayaan lets out a sigh of relief. But then he realises something and runs.

Ayaan’s POV:
Thank god Daadu didn’t find out I wasn’t Aarav or else he would’ve snaked me out and told the family, nothing stays in his tummy. I need to reach home before he does because Aarav is wearing different clothes to me and if he finds out I wasn’t Aarav then I will surely be dead. I need to reach home fast, that’s why I took the shortcut but I don’t get how Aarav does that, I mean if I showed that attitude to everyone then Bam! One slap across the face by Mamma and Daadu. Woah! Fam, I ain’t gunna take that slap! But for now I’m running, I hate running and I’m shit at it even tho I’m fit.

How can Aarav smoke? No one has done that in our whole family, Aarav already tarnished our family reputation like his father and now he will insult me in front of the whole society! But Ayaan? Could it be Ayaan? But no, Ayaan can never do that, Ayaan is rude but he can never do this. He is smart and a topper, he could never go against his mother, it has to be that idiot Aarav! I can’t believe the way he talks to him. Mannerless Jungly animal!


DP reaches home, he enters and sees one of Aarav and Ayaan sitting down on the couch, he wonders who it is.

“Aarav!” DP shouts.

The one on the couch doesn’t respond and is reading the Magazine.

“Ayaan?” DP asks.

The one couch on the couch looks and DP gets glad but doesn’t show it.

“Yes Daadu?” Ayaan says and stands up, he puts the magazine down and walks to him.

DP sees Ayaan wearing black Nike joggers with a plain black shirt. DP remembers seeing Ayaan wearing jeans as he looked down when Ayaan threw the fag and at that time he saw the jeans.

“Where’s Aarav?!” DP strictly asks.

“I don’t know, why? Is everything alright?” Ayaan asks acting like he doesn’t know anything.

Laksh comes inside, DP angrily looks at Laksh.

“You must be very happy now.” DP says to Laksh.

Laksh gets confused. RP, Ragini, AP and Sujata come out.

“What do you mean?” Laksh asks confusingly.

“Your son…” DP says and sees Aarav coming inside.

“Oh, so Mahraja Sahib came?” DP says while looking at Aarav.

Aarav stops and turns to him. Aahana walks down after hearing DP. All get confused.

“Ji, what happened?” AP asks.

“Guess what Annapurna, your grandson smokes!” DP shouts angrily.

All get shocked.

“What are you saying Bhaisa?” RP asks

“It’s the truth, I saw him with my own eyes!” DP says and looks down angrily.

“Wh…which one?” Ragini asks worryingly.

“Who else could it be other that the Nawaab Saab!” DP says and looks up at Aarav.

All look at Aarav and are shocked, Ayaan looks down and shakes his head.

“Your gone nuts, first of all, my names Aarav, not Nawaab Saab and second of all, I don’t smoke!” Aarav says and walks down with Aahana.

“Aarav! Talk with respect!” Ragini says.

“You’re going to teach me how to show respect?” Aarav asks Ragini.

“If you don’t respect your own children then… Sorry Mrs Laksh Maheshwari, I can’t learn from you!” Aarav adds on.

“Aarav!” Laksh says strictly.

“Now you don’t start also.” Aarav says.

“How can you be so sure it was Aarav?” AP asks.

“Because I know it wasn’t Ayaan, he would never do that and I spoke to Aarav, he told me what’s it to me and that I should mind my own business.” DP says.

Laksh looks at Aarav.

“I swear it weren’t me smoking.” Aarav says.

“Papa, I trust my son, he wouldn’t do that.” Laksh says.

“Well I am not lying! It was him, he’s so fast. He changed his clothes before coming here!” DP says angrily and looks at Aarav’s clothes.

Ayaan looks up, Aarav and Laksh look at Ayaan.

“And anyways you were already spoilt and now you want your sons to be?” DP says.

“No Papa, my sons are caged, they’re going through what I went through!” Laksh says and looks at Ragini.

DP angrily looks at Laksh.

“What mistake you made during my upbringing, I don’t wasn’t my sons or daughters to go through that.” Laksh says.

“Bas! Don’t force me to expose you in front of your sons and daughters!” DP shouts.

“You were rubbish, without me, you wouldn’t have been here! I sorted you out and made you capable of this or else you would be outside in the bin!” DP adds.

“Stop running away from the responsibilities Laksh!” DP adds and angrily eyes Aarav.

“Enough! Say anything against my Dad yeah, watch what I would do!” Aarav shouts.

“You already threw your orders on my Dad but no, not on me and yeah, it was me who was smoking, so? What you gunna do?” Aarav adds.

Then a tight slap was felt by Aarav across his face, it was none other than Ragini who had slapped Aarav.

“Enough! I can’t believe you’re my son!” Ragini shouts.

“Ragini..” Laksh says.

“Not this time Laksh! You will not speak in between, already he’s gone spoilt and do you know why? It’s because you gave least interest in your children, you’re just their Dad for namesake but what have you ever done for them?!” Ragini says.

Laksh and everyone are shocked, DP agrees with Ragini.

“Mamma…” Ayaan says but gets interrupted.

“No Ayaan! Next minuet he will spoil you!” Ragini shouts with tears in her eyes.

“You said na, give them freedom, give them freedom but what happened? The word freedom had ruined one son and will ruin the other son and your daughters?!” Ragini says to Laksh.

Aahana, Laksh, Aarav and Ayaan are hurt listening to Raginis words. Sujata, DP, RP and AP are shocked, Aaradhya is shown standing on the stairs and is also shocked and hurt.

“Look Annapurna, you split your son and look at his SON!” DP says.

Laksh is pained after listening to Raginis words, they keep on echoing in his ears. Aarav was about to say something when Laksh stops him.

“You know what Ragini, today I regret marrying you and you know why? You remind me of those olden days parents, well more like jailers that restrict their children too much and force them to obey them! But they forget their children also have their own lives! You were forced and restricted by your Daadi, then why are you doing the same to our children? I agree I never used to say anything and that’s because you wouldn’t let me, I was worried that all of you would blame me for the wrong things but today, I had enough! You’re not the same Ragini that I knew, you’re an overprotective freak like Papa! You restrict too much and it’s not worrying, it’s jealously! You’re jealous that you didn’t do all this when you were younger, your jealousy you didn’t go out and all and now you wouldn’t let our children do it! What is wrong with you Ragini? Don’t make your children hate you and blame other people. And for your information, I don’t care about money! It’s you who wouldn’t let me near my children because you think I will take them out and they wouldn’t listen to you!” Laksh says angrily and all in one go.

Ragini looks at him with teary eyes, AP and Sujata feel bad, Aaradhya and Aahana get teary eyed and Aarav looks at her, Ayaan doesn’t feel any emotion and is thinking about Lakshs words.

“Don’t make the mistake that Papa made during upbringing me! Enough Ragini, you questioned my upbringing but if you really look at the truth then it’s not me, it’s you!” Laksh says and heads upstairs. Aarav follows on, Ayaan leaves and Aaradhya runs up, Aahana also leaves.

Ragini is left standing alone and thinking with tears rolling down her eyes.
AP, DP, RP and Sujata also leave leaving Ragini fully on her own.

Laksh’s POV:
I can’t believe Ragini questioned my upbringing, what is wrong with her? I felt harsh when I said that to her but it was the reality and truth that it’s not me it’s her. She thinks she knows the best for her children and I don’t. Ragini changed, she’s not the same Ragini I fell in love with, she’s not the same Ragini who cared about others more than her self. Her harsh words are still echoing in my ears. I think the best way is to divorce her and get the custody of my children, then they will be happy and so would I. She doesn’t want to admit she’s wrong.

Ragini’s POV:
How can Laksh say that to me? I changed? It was him who changed, he’s the one who only cared about work after marrying me, he never gave enough time to me and I changed? I don’t know why his words hurt too much, is he telling the truth? Is it actually me who is causing hatred between my children? But what can I do? I promised Swara that I would take care of her daughter and treat her as my own. Just somewhere deep down in my heart, I feel Laksh’s words true but, but I don’t want to admit it. I can’t be! I don’t know what to do!

Ayaan’s POV:
Shit!! Because of me so much Drama had to happen, now Aarav won’t spare me because he got slapped. Oh god, help me. Even tho Mamma’s mean, she still is my Mamma and if Papa kicks her out then who will do my work? Well I have Daadi and Choti Daadi, so yeah and if Mammas gone then freedoms but I don’t know why I will miss her IF she leaves but whatever Papa said was also true. Is Mamma and jealous and was Daadu jealous? Well I need to hide from Aarav before he attacks me. But…

Aaradhya’s POV:
Papa was harsh to Mamma but whatever he said was true, I don’t know why I feel that Mamma is jealous but I don’t want to admit, but why did this argument happen in the first place? It brought out the truth which hurt both Mamma and Papa. I don’t want our family to break but I can see it falling. But…

Aarav’s POV:
Ayaan!!! That f*cking as*h*le, how dare he blame me? I was smoking? I can’t even think of damaging my body because I will lose the strength and become weak, girls will run away from me, that useless and unwanted guy is gunna die out of my hands, but about Mrs Laksh Maheshwari and Papa, I will support Papa always because he gets us, because of that scumbag, Ayaan, all this drama happened but at least Papa spoke out what was in his heart, now let me find that useless scumbag and sort him out! But…

Aahana’s POV:
I don’t like Mamma and Papa fighting but whatever Papa said was worth thinking, I love both Mamma and Papa but I love Papa more because… He doesn’t restrict us. I thought Papa doesn’t like spending time with us but today, I found out the real truth. Does Mamma really do that? I mean who does that? Because of Aarav Bhaiyya and Ayaan Bhai this fight was caused, I know it wasn’t Bhaiyya because he’s too self conscious and a flirt, it has to be Bhai who was seen smoking but can Bhai actually smoke? God knows what their problem is, after causing too much drama, they haven’t apologise. But I think Papa was a little too harsh to Mamma today. But…

All 4: What is the truth of Papa? And how did Mamma/Mrs Laksh Maheshwari and Papa meet and get married?

Aarav’s POV:
Nah allow it, I don’t even want to know.

The episode ends on all their faces. (Ragini, Aaradhya, Aahana, Aarav, Ayaan and Laksh)

Precap: AP to narrate RagLak’s story to Aaradhya, Aahana, Ayaan and Aarav. A bitter truth to come out.

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Credit to: Halina

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    I don’t have word! I understand both side Ragini and the Children! It’s ironical because your story is like mine real life story! My mom is very strict and Dad the opposite. My mom uses to restrict me from going out with my friend, doing party, going party etc… But yes never in my life I can disrespect them! I don’t like how the children think about their own mother! Afterall Ragini is their mother and they should respect and understand her worries! Laksh is very mean, he cannot support her wife and scold her child! I mean, Aarav and Ayaan talk rudely with DP and no one said a word!

    1. Yes Lovely Aaliya, this happens to me too, my brothers and cousin brothers behave like this, I mean how can they? My moms like Ragini and my dad just… Can’t say but I added some changes and I want my brothers to know how a Mother feels but they don’t get it! Hope you’re enjoying it Xx

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