Mamma, Calm Down! (RAGLAK) Episode 2

Mamma, Calm Down!

Episode 2:

Aaradhya wipes her tears and covers her self with a blanket, she closes her eyes.

Ragini walks to a room, she sees Aaradhya and Aahana sleeping, she shuts the door and heads to another room. She enters and sees its a mess.

“Offo, Ayaan bhi na, he will never reform, he makes so much mess!” Ragini huffs and looks around.

“Where is he? It’s 12:58am and nearly 1 in the morning!” Ragini says worriedly.

Then a boy is shown wearing triple black Adidas flux, black joggers and a black hoodie covering his face, he is taking a fag with his friends. His phone starts buzzing, he sees ‘Mamma’ flashing on his screen and throws the fag.

“Quickly open science stuff on the Internet!” The boy says.

His friends get their phones out and search.

The boy takes his hoodie off his head and his face is shown, he picks the phone up.

“Hello, Mamma?” The boy says.

“Ayaan, where are you?” Ragini asks.

The boy is revealed to be Ayaan, Raginis son and looks around 18-19 years old but is actually Ragini’s 15 year son.

“Mamma, I’m still around Rishi’s, I guess we were too busy studying science, we didn’t see the time.” Ayaan says while signalling his friends.

His friends start reading some passage off the internet loud.

“The Stomata opens up to allow the waste gases to leave the leaf and for needed gases to diffuse into the leaf” one of his friend reads.

“Rishi, yar, I need to go home now. Look at the time” Ayaan says.

“But stay over night dude” Rishi says.

“No, I need to go home, I’ll catch you guys later.” Ayaan says.
“Mamma, I’m coming” Ayaan adds.

“Ayaan, are you sure you will be able to make it alone?” Ragini asks.

“Mamma, your Ayaan is grown up now, he can come. I’ll meet you there.” Ayaan says and disconnects the phone.

He lets out a sigh of relief and looks on.

After a while, Ayaan reaches MM, he enters and sees Ragini standing on the top of the stairs waiting worryingly.

“Oh god, Mamma is standing there” Ayaan says to himself.

He smells himself and walks up, Ragini sees him.

“Mamma, are you okay?” Ayaan says.

“Where were you?” Ragini asks.

“Sorry, I know I got late, um, Mamma, I’m tired, I’ll talk to you in the morning.” Ayaan says and heads up.

As he walks past, Ragini gets the smell of a person who smoked. She looks on confusingly.

“Ayaan!” Ragini says and looks at him.

He stops and turns to her.

“What is that smell?” Ragini asks strictly.

“What smell?” Ayaan says acting confused.

“The smell of smoke…?!” Ragini says while looking at him.

Ayaan looks down and thinks.

“Mamma, you see, I was walking and… Uh, yeah, there were people smoking and I must have got the smell through that” Ayaan says.

Ragini thinks and nods, Ayaan turns around and walks up, he also sighs.

Morning in MM:
Two ladies enter, one is wearing yellow Saree draped around her head as well, the other one is wearing dark orange saare.

“JiJi, doesn’t the house seem quiet?” The yellow saare lady says.

“Yes Sujata, I guess everyone are sleeping” the lady with the yellow saare says.

The ladies are revealed to be Sujata and AP. Just then RP and DP enter.

“It’s so hot outside!” DP moans.

“Don’t tell me Bhaisa.” RP says.

Both RP and DP walk down the stairs. AP and Sujata follow. Just then they hear Aaradhya, Ayaan and Aahana shouting.

“Bhai! You can’t do this!” Aahana shouts.

“AYAAN!!” Aaradhya shouts.

“Just shut up!” Ayaan shouts.

DP shakes his head in a disagreement while RP sigh. Sujata and AP look at each other.

“Chup kar! This is mine, I’m not giving it!” Ayaan shouts.

“Ayaan! Aahana and Aaradhya!” Ragini shouts.

“Mamma please! This time it’s Bhai’s fault!” Aahana shouts.

Ayaan then walks down the stairs, he gets surprised seeing Sujata, DP, RP and AP.

“Enough! All three of you stop!” Ragini shouts.

Aaradhya sees Ayaan, she then throws her sandal but Ayaan dodges it as he bends down to pick the charger up that fell out of his hand. The sandal flies and hits DPs head.

“Aahh” DP shouts.

All get shocked, including Aaradhya. Aahana and Ragini come out. Ayaan stands up and giggles a little. Aaradhya bites her tongue and looks at Ragini who was shocked and angry. DP touches his head.

“Aaradhya, what did you do?” Ayaan says.

“I.. It… Accident, I didn’t mean to hit Daadu” Aaradhya says worriedly.

“Aaradhya!” Ragini shouts in anger.

“S..sorry Daadu” Aaradhya says.

“It’s okay beta, it happens” AP says.

“No Maa, she should realise she made a mistake.” Ragini says.

“Now Didi is gone” Aahana says to herself.

“What did you do Aaradhya?” Ragini says while angrily eyeing Aaradhya.

Aaradhya looks down and says “Mamma, sorry, it was a mistake, Ayaan was…”

“Hey, don’t blame me okay, Mamma, I didn’t do anything.” Ayaan says, trying to get himself out of trouble.

“Mamma, he’s lying, he stole the charger.” Aahana says and looks at Ayaan.

“Ayaan, you’re older, you could’ve acted mature” Ragini says.

“Mamma, I didn’t do anything, was I the one who threw the sandal at Daadu’s head?” Ayaan says and looks at Aaradhya.

Aaradhya eyes him angrily.

“Enough! All three of you apologise” Ragini says strictly.

“Leave it Ragini beta, it’s okay.” DP says angrily.

“No Papaji, they made a mistake and they should apologise.” Ragini says while looking at DP.

“Look Annapurna! If you had controlled Laksh like this then he would’ve listened!” DP says to AP.

AP looks at him.

“Sorry Daadu” all three say together.

DP nods his head and looks away.

“Now go get ready and come down” Ragini says and turns to the family.

Ayaan runs up and Aaradhya leaves, Aahana walks up.

“How was your holiday?” Ragini asked.

DP sits down and sighs.

“It was amazing, I didn’t feel like coming back.” RP utters.

“Ragini, let’s make the breakfast.” AP says.

Ragini nods and leaves to the kitchen with AP and Sujata.
RP and DP talk.

After a while Aaradhya, Aahana and Ayaan come downstairs. Ayaan is wearing jeans with black sweatshirts and black Nike air forces 1. Aaradhya is wearing yellow leggings with a yellow Kurti that stops up to her knee cap. She is wearing sandals. She has no stole and has her hair braided in a fishtail plat. Aahana is wearing a pink ankle length dress with a jumper and has her hair braided into three ways plat down her right side. She is wearing shoes.

The three walk and sit on the dining table. DP looks at all three.

“Your mother gave you discipline, don’t misuse the advantage” DP says.

“What do you mean?” Ayaan asks.

Aaradhya and Aahana look down.

“Didn’t you go school today?” RP asks.

“Today is Chuti” all three say.

“Oh” RP says and nods.

Aaradhya keeps her phone on the table. They start the breakfast.

******finished breakfast******

Aaradhya stands up and goes, Aahana is thinking about something. Ayaan thinks how to convince Ragini.

“Where is Laksh?” DP asks.

“He’s gone office.” Ragini says and cleans the table.

DP nods and stands up, RP also stands up.

“He’s just running away from his responsibilities! One son has already gone out of hands and the others are left for him to spoil!” DP angrily says.

“Daadu…” Aahana says but Ragini looks at her and she stops.

“Daadu!” Ayaan thinks, he smiles and looks on.

“Daadu, today is my friends birthday, am I allowed to go?” Ayaan asks.

Ragini looks at him, DP thinks.

“Which friend?” Ragini asks.

Aahana then huffs, “It’s my friends birthday too, if I’m not allowed to go then why should you be?!” Aahana says.

Ayaan glares at her and thinks “She ruined it!”

“Ask your Mum” DP says.

“How can I forget, Daadu will always find a way to say no. Oh god! Now what should I do?” Ayaan says to him self.
“Papa would say ask your Mum, Daadi?” Ayaan thinks.

AP comes out with Sujata.

“Which friend?” Ragini asks.

“R..Rahul” Ayaan says.

“Well it’s not good going to other people’s houses, it’s better if you stay home.” Ragini says.

“Let him go beta…” AP says but gets interrupted.

“Annapurna! You spoilt Laksh, now don’t spoil your grandchildren!” DP says.

AP feels hurt and Ayaan notices.

“Daadu, don’t say anything to my Daadi, Papa isn’t spoilt and even I he was then it must’ve been you.” Ayaan says.

“Ayaan!” Ragini angrily says.

“Oh so he can say anything about my papa? Papas are meant to boost yourself esteem not degrade and insult you in front of everyone! In fact all parents” Ayaan says but was mainly aiming it for Ragini and DP.

Suddenly Aaradhyas phone starts buzzing, Ragini looks around and sees it on the table, she holds it and picks it up but before she could say anything she hears something and is shocked.

“What?!” Ragini says shockingly.

Ragini then disconnects the call.

“Aaradhya! Aaradhya!” Ragini shouts.

Aaradhya comes rushing down the stairs, all get confused.

“What happened Mamma?” Aaradhya asks confusingly.

“Your friend Shweta phone and…” Ragini says.

Aaradhya gets shocked, she thinks “Oh no, did Shweta tell Mamma about last night?”

“And? What happened Ragini?” Sujata asks.

“She said that her mother passed away and she needs you” Ragini says.

Aaradhya looks up, Ayaan gets an idea.

“What? Her mother passed away? Then Aaradhya should be there to console her” Ayaan says and acts sad.

“Mamma, I’ll do one thing, I’ll take her to her friends house?” Ayaan says and looks at Ragini hoping she would agree.

Ragini thinks and then nods yes. Ayaan smiles.

“Aaradhya, let’s go.” Ayaan says and both of them turn to leave.

“Wait!” DP says.

“I’ll drop both of you.” DP adds on.

Ayaan makes a face, “Oh god, does he have to sabotage my happiness?!” Ayaan says to himself.

Aaradhya nods okay, DP walks forward, the trio head up but get shocked seeing someone at the stairs.

Precap: The person who is on the stairs is revealed, DP catches Ayaan smoking.

Hey everybody, this is a FF by us, Hasina and Halina. We hope you would love it. Do tell us how it is by commenting.

This is our First FF ever and Harsh comments will do, at least we would find out where we went wrong.

Sorry for the late update, well we have a busy schedule so we might delay posting the next episode on the 4th July.

Thank you X

Love you guys X

Take care too X

Diana Khan – Aaradhya Maheshwari.

Reem Shaikh – Aahana Maheshwari.

Aryan Khan – Ayaan Maheshwari

We were planning to give a promo but then we thought it would get too confusing. Well we hope it doesn’t.

Credit to: Hasina + Halina


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    hey guyz it was awesome, n sopmething i loved it a lot!!!!!!! luv u both hasina and halina….and luv ur ff a lot.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck guyzzzzz

  2. Angel

    Love ur ff to the core and dp is soo funny try adding more raglak scenes lol just a suggestion anyways loved it

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