Mamma, Calm Down! (RAGLAK) Episode 12

Recap: Ragini gets pushed off of the balcony…

AP was walking towards the kitchen when she heard the scream of Ragini.

‘What? Why is Ragini screaming in the middle of the night?’
AP thinks.

AP runs outside to see Ragini lying on the floor.

She grabs her woollen shawl that she had worn before leaving and drapes it around Ragini after seeing that she was topless.

AP looks up and sees Laksh turned around and looking in his room. When he nodded his head she noticed he was on the phone.

‘Good Laksh has called the police’ AP thinks.

“Laksh, beta hurry up and tell the ambulance to come.” AP shouts.
“Ragini is unconscious what happened!!”

AP is on the verge of years as she glances at Ragini lying helplessly on the pavement.

Laksh turns around startled and drops his phone.

“Ragini!!” Laksh cries.

He had tears rolling down his eyes as he picked up his phone and called the ambulance.

‘I hope the boodhi believed me,
Kartick Maheshwari never cries’ ‘Laksh’ smirks as he told the ambulance to come to MM.

The man is revealed to be Kartick Maheshwari, Laksh Maheshwari’s younger twin and DP’s embarrassing son.

‘Laksh hurry, she bleeding!!” AP cried.

‘Wow my lovely mom never showed me this much love, my brother got everything’ Kartick thought bitterly.

“Mom I’m coming!” Kartick screams as he ran.

AP looked on confused.
‘Laksh never calls me mom, Kartick used to’ after thinking this AP lets out another strangled cry. Kartick was her son but he got disowned by DP for ruining his reputation.

20 years ago Kartick was left homeless by DP.

The sound of the ambulance broke the trance AP was in.

“What’s with all the noise!” DP is seen coming out of MM. Behind him was the rest of the family who woke up because of the shouts.

They all gasp as they see Ragini lying in a pool of blood on the ground.

“Excuse me ma’am” the paramedic says as he and his partner carried Ragini onto the gurney. They loaded the gurney onto the back of the ambulance.

Only 1 member of the family is allowed to ride in the ambulance.

Kartick steps up and AP lets him thinking that he is Laksh.

Kartick steps into the back of the ambulance with Ragini as they rode to the hospital.

At Hospital:

The doctor examined Ragini before walking out of the room.

“The patient has narrowly survived, she has a fracture in her skull and her arm and legs are broken. The police will be here in a few minutes to ask questions. The patient is in a medically induced coma and will be for a few days to reduce the pain. We will have to operate on her legs immediately to insure that she will be able to walk in the future.”
The doctor said.

“How long until we see her doctor” Kartick asked feigning sadness.

The doctor thought for a minute until replying. ” Well it might be a few days, we still have to check her brain to see if she suffered great damage and considering her age her bones are delicate.”

Kartick looked away and forced himself to cry.

“Ok thank you”

A few minutes later…

The police walked through the doors and approached Kartick.

“Mr Mageshwari?” The inspector questioned.

“Yes, and call me Laksh” Kartick replied.

“We need you to tell us what happened to your wife, Mrs Maheshwari”

Laksh was thinking for a few minutes before saying:

“Well I was in the bathroom having a shower when I heard Ragini shouting for me, I walked into the bedroom and saw Ragini facing me on the balcony she was laughing and had beautiful smile on her face. I walked towards her until I realised I left the shower on, I told her I’d be right back and while I was cleaning the water that had spilt in the bathroom floor I heard Ragini scream. I ran into the room and saw Ragini falling over the balcony I tried my best to grab her but she fell.” Kartick said sobbing.

“Thank you mr Maheshwari we will be back when your wife us awake.” And with that the inspectors walked away.

Precap: Ragini wakes up


  1. _Angel_


    |Registered Member

    OMG wat a twist and plz bring laksh back we r missing him and I hope ragini gets well soon
    Can’t wait till the next part

    Till then
    Take card both of u
    Keep smiling both of u
    And stay blessed both of u


  2. nikky gupta

    omg so interesting but short plzz update regularly don’t take this much time next part soon

  3. Halima


    |Registered Member

    Hayy… Pata tha Mujhe ke yahi hone Vala hai but I Cba to comment… I must say its good and Karthik? Mera suggestion better tha and it was better off to sound like Naksh and Laksh… But bahi, Meri kaun sunta? This is the longest comment I ever wrote and Tum dono Ki reading weak hai toh Zyada samajh Nahi aye ga😛

    But I must say, Karthik Kya mast jhoot bolta hai… But Laksh ka bhi part dikhana… And it was good, keep it up.

    Take care and keep smiling 💫

    Hah! Meine kisi ka record beat Kiya! 😛😛😂 lambhi comment behej kar 😭😛😂

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