Mamma, Calm Down! (RAGLAK) Episode 11

The episode begins with Ragini staring out into the sunset.

Ragini is thinking
‘I’m glad everybody has come back and everything is sorted’

She feels slow breathing on her neck and she turns around to see Laksh behind her.

They look each other in the eyes and Laksh rubs the back of his neck ‘I’m sorry Ragini. I should’ve defended you when everyone said you were a bad mother’ he looks down.

Ragini lifts up his chin and gives him a reassuring look ‘I forgive you, don’t worry. I will always love you’

Laksh leans in and and touches Ragini’s cheek. They both slowly lean in and start kissing each other.

Ragini’s hand slides up Laksh’s shirt and Laksh’s hand slips behind Ragini’s neck and he untied her sari top.

He starts kissing her harder and before she knew it, she felt a hard push on her chest and she was falling.

Her sari top came off and she was braless falling from the highest floor of the mansion.

Laksh looks down and smirks as she hits the ground with a hard thud.

Flashback: 24 hours ago

‘I’m not doing this right now!’ Laksh says to Ragini ‘this isn’t the time for stupid little arguments!’

He slams the door shut and gets into his car. He drives fast and angrily down the road, as people honk their car horns at him.

He keeps on speeding until he sees a lorry coming down right in front of him. The lorry keeps going and he tried to make a turn, but it wasn’t fast enough.

His car slams into the lorry with a loud bang and screeching. Laksh looks down at his leg, which had a large broken glass sticking out of it.

The driver gets out of his lorry and was wearing all black and a balaclava. Laksh slowly drifts into darkness as the man comes closer.

The man grabs Laksh and takes him to the back of his Lorry, gets in and starts driving.

The man dialled an unknown number and said ‘the job is done. I’ll be there in half an hour’


-flashback over-

Precap: Ragini in the hospital


  1. lisa

    ok laksh push rags is digestable but y making rags falling topless is bit a creepy
    love rags so much

  2. Angel

    Omg such a shock lol the biggest shock I must say but this fake laksh hope the real laksh comes back
    Plz upload the next part ASAP

    Till then
    Take care both of u
    Keep smiling both of
    And stay blessed both of u

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.