Mamma, Calm Down! (RAGLAK) Episode 10

Mamma, Calm Down!

Episode 10:


DP finishes cleaning, he looks up and sees Aarav listening to music with his earphones attached to his phone and in his ears.

“Oh, so he made me do all the work? Wah, what a trap! He set it and I fell in it?!” DP thinks and glares at Aarav.

Aarav notices DP and takes his one earphone out.

“I was listening, wow, you done it, next time I will keep in mind.” Aarav says.

Laksh and Ayaan sit on the sofa, Aaradhya and Aahana go inside the room. Aarav then goes out while DP shakes his head in a disagreement.

Aarav is standing at the door and he sees the ladies with AP, Ragini and Khushi.

“Shashikala?” Khushi says.

The girl comes forward and her face is revealed. Her eyes reveal her to be the same girl that Aarav angrily pinned. She is wearing an green anarkali suit.

“Haa…” The girl says.

“Anyways, we don’t want murders living in the Badi. Her son already wants to kill us, if the son is like this then his Maa Papa, disgusting!” The woman in orange Saree says.

Ragini looks on.

“You don’t have any rights to say this to my son, he didn’t try to kill you!” Ragini says in a strict tone.

“Oho, look, she’s acting like she doesn’t remember, he threw that glass! What if it hit us?!” The woman in yellow Saree says.

“How do you endure them Ragini?” The woman in orange Saree says.

“After all, their her blood!” The orange Saree adds

Ragini looks on, AP is angry and so is Aarav.

“Arey, she doesn’t know how to handle her children, I heard one smokes and the other one rebels and their daughter, don’t even ask, she goes out at night and God knows what she does with boys.” The woman in yellow says.

Ragini gets angry.

“I think that you al won’t reform, do you want me to call Aarav? Huh?” Khushi says.

Th ladies look on.

“Aunty, it’s not good to point out other people’s…” The girl says.

“You keep quiet! Now will you teach us?!” The lady in orange says.

The girl then looks down.

“Why should she?! She’s telling the truth!” Khushi says.

“There’s no point in talking to this Badtameez girl!” Woman in yellow Saree says.

Just then the woman feel water splash on them and close their eyes, Ragini and AP look on. The woman open their eyes slowly and see Aarav standing with a bucket.

“Zip it!” Aarav angrily says.

“Aarav” AP says.

“Daadi, not anymore!” Aarav says.

All look on.

“Khushi, what is” the girl says to Khushi.

“Taani, don’t worry, people like them deserve this.” Khushi says.

The girl is revealed to be Taani, Khushi’s 2nd cousin.

“What are you all saying?!” Aarav adds angrily.

The women look on.

“Don’t forget one thing! Say anything about her then watch me! And one more thing, you all crossed your limits, now punishment time!” Aarav says.

Aarav the looks up and signals the boys, they tilt a bucket full of cockroaches, crickets and spiders on the three woman.

Taani screams and moves back, the three woman also scream, Ragini and AP look on.

There are spiders, crickets and cockroaches on them.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The three woman scream.

Aarav then smirks, all laugh but some look on, Khushi also laughs.

The three women’s then run to their houses.

Ragini looks at Aarav. Aarav then goes inside, followed by Ragini and AP, Taani takes Khushi.

The screen splits In to three, the three woman open the door and enter, then a bucket full of liquidity cow dung falls on them, their whole face and body are covered in that.
They scream again and run forward but slip due to the oil and fall face flat into a plate full of worms, the worms get stuck to their faces, the woman scream on the top of their lungs and manage to get up, they see each other’s state and cry.

“WHAT IS THIS??!!!!!!!!” The woman screams.

All come out and see her, they laugh. DP, AP, Aarav, Ayaan, Aaradhya, Laksh, Aahana and Ragini come out.

Khushi and Taani look on.

Ayaan, Laksh, Aaradhya and Aahana giggle.

“What is this?” DP shouts.

“Look what your” the lady says but gets interrupted.

“Bas! I can’t believe you all, normal people have a bath using soap and water and you three use Gaubar?! Chi! Disgusting!” DP says and shakes his head negatively.

Just then crickets and cockroach fall out. DP is stunned.

“You even use insects?! Chi! You all disappointed me!” DP says feeling disgusted.

“It was your grandson!” The lady shouts.

“Enough! Stop blaming my grandson for everything! You all do mistake and blame my grandson?! Don’t you dare! Now we will not stay here! I don’t want to endure more blames! We’re leaving and that is final!” DP shouts.

“Who applies worms on their faces?!” Aahana asks

“Your grandson done mistakes and now” lady shouts

“Enough of insulting my family and Bahu! You all disgraced the Marwari society, you proved that you’re not normal!” DP shouts.

“Leave them, they’re not worth our times, it’s not our fault they’re cracked!” Aarav says.

“Chi! Gandi auraat ka Ganda nateeja!” The woman says.

She then feels a slap across her face, all are shocked. The woman who slapped the woman was AP (the cow dung dried)

“Enough! We are not here to bear any insults! Today you have shown how low woman like you can fall! AP adds.

AP then slaps her again which shocks everyone but not DP.

Aarav smiles and then does the victory dance In front of the woman and everyone but DP and AP don’t see. Ragini tells him to stop but he doesn’t. The woman fume.

“The second slap was for questioning my Bahu, my daughter with your narrow mind!” AP angrily says.

Aarav makes a gun out of his hands, he then points it at the First Lady and makes the sound Pow while tilting it, then the other and final the one who got slapped. (So technically shooting but not with real gun)

“You were right here, your grandson did do it.” The lady says while glaring at Aarav.

“My grandson didn’t do anything!” AP says.

“Ragini, you were there!” The other lady says.

All are waiting for Ragini’s answer, Ragini thinks.

“My Son didn’t do anything.” Ragini says.

The woman are shocked.

“Why are you lying?!” The woman says.

“Khushi was here!” The lady says.

They see Khushi and Taani watching from upset.

“Khushi, you tell.” The lady who AP slaps says.

“Aarav didn’t do anything!” Khushi says while glaring that them

“There was no expectation from Khushi but Taani, you tell, Taani never lies, under any circumstances, I know she came yesterday but she has been here for a month before!.” The lady says.

“Oh no, Taani will tell the truth because she never lies.” Khushi thinks.

“Taani, did Aarav throw the bucket full of cow dung and insects on them?” Khushi asks.

Taani then remembers the scene and nods no as Aarav didn’t but his friends did.

The woman are shocked.

“Taani??” The woman says shocked.

“She’s not lying, Aarav didn’t throw the buckets of cricket on you, he didn’t cover you in cow dung, personally!” Khushi say.

The ladies huff. Taani then looks at Aarav.

“He looks familiar” Taani thinks.

Aarav whispers to Ayaan.

“Your girlfriend saved me.” Aarav

Ayaan glares at him.

“You heard right? Now leave!” AP says.

The woman huff and storm in their houses.

“Now we won’t stay here any longer. All of us are going home!” DP says.

Laksh looks at Ragini, Ragini then heads in. Laksh, Aahana, Aaradhya and Ayaan get disappointed. The rest of the people go in. Ragini then comes out with her luggage, Laksh smiles.

DP and AP head out.

“I’ll be back in 2 minuets, Ayaan come with me.” Aarav says.

“Where?” Ayaan asks.

Aarav then grabs Ayaans hand and takes him upstairs. Ragini, Aaradhya, Laksh and Aahana head out.

Aarav thinks which house must be Khushi’s.

“Why we here?” Ayaan says.

“To meet your girlfriend.” Aarav says while looking.

“She’s not my girlfriend okay!” Ayaan says.

“Hmm, you understood who I was talking about? But don’t worry, soon she would be your wife.” Aarav says.

Ayaan then gives the death glares to Aarav.

Aarav then knocks on one of the doors. A woman opens up.

“Is Khushi there?” Aarav says.

“Yes, why?” The lady says.

“Because I want to thank her before leaving.” Aarav says.

The lady gets confused and calls Khushi, Aarav then sees Taani but her back is faced towards him, Taani is shown cleaning up. While cleaning up, she drops a glass which cracks. The lady looks behind.

“Offo Taani, what do you do?!” The lady shouts.

Taani turns around and sees Aarav and Ayaan.

“S…sorry Maami.” Taani says and look down.

“Her eyes look familiar.”‘ Aarav says.

Aarav then remembers the night incident.

“Is she the same girl?” Aarav thinks

Taani then bends down and picks the Glass up.

Precap: RagLak romance.

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Diana Khan – Aaradhya Maheshwari

Reem Shaikh – Aahana Maheshwari

Aryan Khan – Ayaan Maheshwari

Aryan Khan – Aarav Maheshwari

Khushi Kapoor – Khushi Singhania

Khushi Kapoor – Kavya Singhania.

Taani – Aditi Bhatia

Sorry guys, we ran out of ideas, so we added new entries X


  1. Ragini

    Laksh really love ragini or not coz ladies were insulting ragini and he didn’t take stand for her he was standing quietly I didn’t like character of Laksh

  2. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    everyone from maheshwari family supported ragini and stood by her except laksh. even outsider like khushi and tani too supported her then why not laksh? apart from that update is really awesome.

  3. Angel

    It was awesome loved Aaravs mischief can’t wait till the next epi

    Till then
    Take care both of
    Keep smimh both of u
    And stay blessed both of u

    – love angel

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