Mamma, Calm Down! (RagLak) Episode 1

Mamma, Calm Down!

Episode 1:

The episode starts with a 15 year old girl running with her back pack on her back and is wearing blue shorts with a white t-shirt.

“Oh god, I have to reach home before Mum wakes up.” Sighs the girl.

She continues running and stops, she bends down and touches her knees and catches her breath. She hears the horn of the car and gets shocked, her face is revealed, she is looking tensed. She looks behind and sees a black car.

“Oh no” the girl says worriedly.

She opens the gate quietly and rushes in, the car enters. The girl hides behind the bin. A man steps out of the car, he heads towards the door, the girl quietly hides as the man walks past, the man enters the house and the girl stands up, she lets out a sigh of relief.

She secretly goes behind the house and sees the kitchen window open. She climbs in safely and while getting off the table, her foot hits a glass and it falls on to the floor and breaks. The girl gets shocked.

“Oh shit!” The girl says and gets down hurriedly, she opens the kitchen cabinet door and hides her backpack and jacket inside there and shuts the cabinet door and acts sleepy.

The lights turn on and the girl rubs her eyes.

“What happened?” A new voice is heard.

The girl turns around and acts tired.

“Uh, sorry Mamma, I was thirsty and I accidentally dropped the glass” the girl said.

“You should’ve been careful!” The woman says. She is revealed to be Ragini.

“Sorry…” The girl says and looks down.

“It’s okay, go to sleep, I would get it cleaned.” Ragini says.

“Mamma, I’ll clean it up, don’t worry.” The girl says.

“Aaradhya, go to sleep, I’ll clean it up and don’t worry.” Ragini says.

The girl is revealed to be Aaradhya, Ragini’s daughter.

“But Mamma…” Aaradhya says but gets interrupted.

“What happened?” A new voice is heard.

Ragini turns around and sees Laksh. Aaradhya also looks there and sees Laksh.

“Nothing Laksh, Aaradhya accidentally dropped the glass” Ragini says.

“Oh, Aaradhya beta, you go to sleep. Don’t worry.” Laksh says.

“But Dad, I’ll clean it up, anyways I made a mess so I… I will.” Aaradhya says.

“Aaradhya, I said Na go to your room!” Ragini says.

“Ragini, don’t worry, let her clean it up, you come with me.” Laksh says and takes Ragini.

Ragini turns around and sees Aaradhya while leaving, Aaradhya is looking nervous.

Aaradhya then cleans up the mess and gets her backpack and jacket and heads to her room, she enters and shuts the door and lets out a sigh of relief.

“Thank God Mamma didn’t find out and Dad didn’t see me” Aaradhya says and sits down and looks at the time, it’s 12:45am in the morning.

She takes her stuff out if the backpack and puts it in the wardrobe, she sees her younger sister sleeping. Then tears fall out of Aaradhya’s eyes.

Ragini is sitting down and is thinking, Laksh comes in and sits down.

“What happened?” Laksh asks.

“Nothing” Ragini says.

Laksh switches the lights off and lies down, Ragini sees him.

“It’s 12:47 in the morning” Ragini says.

“And?” Laksh utters.

“What do you mean ‘and’?” Ragini asks and turns her face.

“You’re worried too much, go to sleep.” Laksh says.

“Why was Aaradhya awake at this time?” Ragini says and thinks.

“What do you mean ‘why was Aaradhya awake’?” Laksh says and sits up.
“Ragini… Anyone can be awake and she was thirsty!” Laksh says being fed up.

“But Laksh… I felt like she lied to me, I think she’s hiding something from me, Laksh… I don’t know” Ragini says being worried.

“Listen Ragini, I trust my daughter! Stop being overprotective and restricting her from small stuff!” Laksh sighs.

“I’m not being overprotective! I’m worrying, I’m a mother and I worry about my children, especially when it’s my daughters. You don’t understand me Laksh!” Ragini says and stands up.

“What do you mean I don’t understand you? I’m also their father, in fact you don’t trust them or her! You told me that if I give Aaradhya too much freedom, then she would go spoilt and not listen o is but… You’re unbelievable Ragini!”
Laksh says while raising his tone a bit.

“What do you mean I’m unbelievable?! It’s true, they will go spoilt and Aaradhya and Aahana are in their teenage years, this is the time where all the children become stubborn, spoilt and rebels! Today I felt she lied to me but…” Ragini says worryingly.

“What do you mean but?! For gods sake Ragini, Aaradhya isn’t like that and neither is Aahana, you’re being unfair on them, learn to trust them!” Laksh says.

“I do!” Ragini sighs.

“Oh really? Then hey don’t you let Aaradhya go to movies with her friends? Why don’t you let Aahana go to her friends birthday party? Why don’t you give them a little freedom and stop restricting them too much because they will revel if you do that!” Laksh says angrily and lies down.

Ragini crosses her arms, “Oh please Laksh! Like you care about them! Arey, you don’t even have enough time for them, all you care about is work and money, have you ever spent a family time with me or them?!” Ragini says angrily.

Laksh ignores her and closes his eyes, Ragini stands there angrily.

AarAah’s (Aaradhya and Aahana) room:

Aaradhya is lying on her bed and has tears in her eyes.

“Why Mamma? If you were like other Mamma’s then I wouldn’t have been scared of you or do things secretly from you” Aaradhya says and looks on.

Episode ends on Ragini’s angry face and Aaradhyas teary face.

Precap: Ragini to pick up Aaradhyas phone and is shocked.

Hey everybody, this is a FF by us, Hasina and Halina. We hope you would love it. Do tell us how it is by commenting.

This is our First FF ever and Harsh comments will do, at least we would find out where we went wrong.

Thank you X

Love you guys X

Take care too X

Diana Khan – Aaradhya Maheshwari. (15)

Reem Sheikh – Aahana Maheshwari. (14)

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