Mamla Gadbad hai (Everything is messy) (IB) Episode 1

So here am back again with an episode of my silly script well before driving in this fun let me clear one thing that this script is from the humor zone so it is better if it comes once in a week otherwise it will become boring for you as well as for me that is why I am saying one episode per week with ongoing track of IB so now let’s go…

A baby is going to enter Oberoi Mansion and O brothers are worried as well if we see what if this worry turns out in different prospect !!!! well let’s see starting from Nagini track ????

Video goes viral and is received by everyone in the mansion so the screen shifts towards Pinki who is busy in making video of Tej and Swetlana here she witness them hugging each other and while gathering that strong proof a message popped by which that video got interrupted
Pinki: Oh My Mata this idiot phone also needs to beep right now only!!! (ye kambakhat phone ko bhi abhi bajna tha!!!!)

She opens the video and her eyes popped out in shock

Pinki: OOOOOHH……. MYYYYY…………MaaaTaaaaa…… (imagine stretching that word lol) this boy never even spends a penny on us and here he is having a girl friend that also the one who is wearing these curtain holdings in her ear and belt over her dress….. wait to hell with jeth ji first I will ask this boy that who is this girl looking using costly stuff from her face he doesn’t have money to let his mother buy new suit and he is spending time with her (ye ladka hum par to kaudi kharch nahi karta aur yaha iski girlfriend hai jo shakal se hi kharcheeli dikh rahi hai jisne ye pardey bandne wale apne kaan me latka rakhe hai aur to aur dress par belt pehen rakhi hai bhad me gaye jeth ji pehle mai apni aulaad se nipat loon iski aisi taisi maa ke liye suit khareedne ke paisey nahi hai aur ladki ghuma raha hai ???????”

And furious Pinki rushed towards Oberoi mansion here screen shifts towards Rudra who rushed into Om’s room who was in full lazy brat mode that time and said
Rudy: Om did you saw that video…
Om yawning: which video?
Rudy: that video which everyone received just few minutes ago…
Om: do I have to wake up for watching that?
Rudy: Yes and you have to pick your phone too…
Om yawned again: well if it is so then am in no mood to wake up if you can show me that in your phone then that’s okay otherwise leave it I will see it later
Rudy being irked: Maa ne pakka neend ki goliyan khaa ke paida kiya hai isey sabko thodi thodi neend lagti hai yaha is case me to neend me se thoda thoda banda nikla hai (Maa must have eaten sleeping pills while giving birth to him everyone suffers from little sleepy mode but here the case is alter sleep is suffering from little little mode of person)
Om: did you said anything?
Rudy: Nothing… just acidity of thoughts which came out nothing else….’
OM: oh
Rudy: leave that here you see…

He shows him the video and looking that his eyes also popped in shock and he woke up in hurry taking Rudy’s phone and rushed out… here Rudy thought “Miracle!!! the one who never wakes for water also got up in hurry this kind of speed!!! more than 4G ??????”

Rudy followed him there Om went to Shivay who was talking to Nagini that time
Ragini: I guess we must teach Sidharth a good lesson right!!
Om banged : Oh madam keep you lesson and chapters aside let me talk to my brother Shivay bhaiya (sarcastic tone) kindly come out we wanna talk to you please
Rudy: same to same
Pinki also reached there saying “Yes please come out”

Dadi, Shakti, Jhanvi and Tej were already there all of them came out and then

Shivay: what!! why you dragged me here
Om: what is that in this video
Shivay: which video
Shakti: now don’t say you didn’t watched that video
Shivay: which video??
Tej: the same which we received right now as MMS
Shivay started laughing : I didn’t received it
Jhanvi: But how?
Shivay: actually I don’t have data in my phone that’s why, Om and Rudra changed WiFi password so I was using hot spot from Dadi but this time her phone is also off so…
Shakti: But why don’t you recharged your phone…..???
Shivay: wo actually data prices are too high this time so I thought why to waste money over that??
Every one patted their head ????? with expression “satyanash” then O said
Tej : then you must have tried jio
Jhanvi: no no doesn’t have good network you must have tried Voda they have good package
Rudy: Nah maa this time airtel is best
Shakti: Idea is also not bad..
Pinki: OH my mata will any one trouble themselves to get back to the topic or you are going to open a recharge store here
Shivay: actually not a bad idea mom less investment and more money
Om yelled “shut up” silence prevailed everywhere and then he said
Om: rudra Slap me and Punch me as hard as you can
Rudy: but why?
Om: do as I say
Rudy: okay
he hit him hard as he said and every one shown expression like “ooooooo…. lagta hai aaj mara (guess he will die today)”
Om: okay fine… Mr. Shivay watch this video please
Shivay watched that and started laughing “how smart am I looking see… Dadi did you noticed”
Om:yeah but we noticed something else too…
Shivay: what??
Om: your high class girlfriend
Shivay being lost in video: haha ye to wo Nagini hai…. is red dress me bilkul bandariya lag rahi hai (ha-ha she…. she is that Nagini its clear and see in red dress she is looking an ape perfectly)
everyone kept hand on their mouth as she was just at his back and feeling the silence he asked
Shivay: did I said something wrong??
Everyone just nodded in no with an awkward smile and then he again looked into video and said
Shivay: wait… wait… wait…. is she wearing curtain holders in her ears!!! Now I got it why all the curtain holders gone missing from house this idiot stole them for her fashion you know it cost about 10,000 just to change them (ek min… ek min…. ek min… ye isne pardon ko bandhne waley holdings kaat ke pehen rakhey hai na tabhi mai sochu poore ghar ke pardo ke holdings kaha gaye ye hi kaat ke le gayi nikammi aurat apne fashion ke liye ruko zara isko mai batata hoon)
Ragini: you just called me an ape and now you are blaming me for no reason
Shivay: NO reason!!! feel some shame you have to show your face to god!!!! you are stealing our household things and thinking that I will respect you!!! never now pay 20,000 rupees now at this moment itself
Ragini: 20,000 but why??
Shivay: because these holdings were most expensive and to save money i didn’t preferred them but when i know now that who stole them i won’t leave it so easily just give me 20,000 rupees
Ragini: but….
Shivay: I said give me…..
looking him fighting like that everyone looked at each other and said “Video is fake let’s go back to our work” when they were going a voice came from door saying “If is it to then Give me my payment too please….” Rudra and Om turned to see and wide smile formed on their faces

To be continued……

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    Superb update

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  4. Oh my God Surbhi dear, it is sooooo funny….Sso comment on nagini…. ….?????…..but where is annika?????..

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    Thoughts ki acidity ??????????????????????????? Alsi Om ?????????????????4G speed??????????????????????????kanjoos Shivaay??????curtain holdings yeh IB valoon ke kapde masa masa thik hote hain fir yeh log koi naya raita phela deta hain?????????????????????Nagini iski toh been hi baj gayi???????????????bandariya lag rahi hai laal dress me yeh sabhi dresses me aisi hi lagti hai ???????????????????????????????.
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