Mamla Gadbad hai (Everything is messy) (IB) 2

so got good response over the first intro which was of Mr. Shivay shingh aka Mr. Kanjoos sigh oberoi where every single person was troubled from him because of his misery so now let us take a look on other two Oberoi brothers let’s see what is the twist in tale. Here we go

Mr Omkara Singh Oberoi a sweet simple decent person whose personality shows that he is the best son best brother in the world so let’s peak in and see what kind of person he is here we are moving towards his room and we can see everything messed up and sir is eating some melons shooting seeds on the wall just then his mother aka Mrs Janvi enters and the scenario becomes something like….
Jhanvi looking at the condition of room: Great my son great what a messy place
Om: Mo.. Mom i will clean it

Jhanvi: No No its perfectly fine it is looking beautiful… even I will suggest you to take dustbin of the whole mansion and then keep them here with messy condition then it will give you the effect of air purifier too
Om picking everything clearly: cleaned
Jhanvi: if you did it again believe I will shift your home to the dump yard
Om: I guess that will be great then I will feel free because I don’t have to get up for throwing anything I will just play a shot and everything will be sheww….
Jhanvi glared him folding her hands and he imagined a thought bubble is shown where Om is running and Jhanvi shot her chappal on him which hit him on the point) Om came back to reality and gulped his words saying “jaa raha hoon ye mai phek ke aata hoon (going just i will throw this and be back” and Jhanvi nodding her head says “Why shall I cry over miser Shivay when this idiot is also a lazy cat”

So this was him the the lazy cat more habits will be revealed further now lets move on to the second on i.e, Mr Rudra Singh Oberoi so lets move in to his room where the dumb bells and many more exercising stuffs are spread like flowers and he is shown singing in front of mirror making funny faces and hair style, then here Mr. Tej singh Oberoi enters and with the entrance he fell down as something came in contact with his leg and then he came in contact with mother earth shouting in pain he yelled at Rudra
Tej: Ohhh

Rudra came running: Dad.!!! why are you trying to swim without water and that also in my room!!!
Tej holding his back: yes beta actually govt. of India has decided to conduct swimming competition without water for savage of water and I am planning to participate in it that’s why thought to practice in your room
Rudra taking seat with him: Nah nah dad bad idea your back will get pain if you did that and then you won’t win the swimmer of the year award but will get Buddha of the year award for sure
Tej hitting Rudra’s head from back said: Baap ko buddha bolta hai nalayak kanjar ye itna sab phaila ke rakha hai nalayak kamre me ke raasta dhoondh dhoondh ke chalna padta hai ek kaam kyu nahi karta yaha rasta kyu nahi bana deta aur phir naam de diyo ke mujh tak aana hai to padke tej singh Maarg bed tak jana hai to pakde Jhanvi marg window tak jana hai to pakde Pinki marg drawer tak jana hai to pakde Shakti Marg aur agar mere kamre darwaze tak jana hai to Shivay Marg aur dustbin tak jana ho to Omkara marg (You are saying your father as an old man idiot everything you have spread here like flowers if someone have to go somewhere then have to search the way., why don’t you do one thing… why don’t you make here direction along with ways and name them like if you wish to come to me then catch Tej Singh Marg if you want to reach the bed then catch Janvi Marg and if you want to go to window then catch Pinki Marg and if you want to go to drawer then go to Shakti Marg if you want to go to my door catch shivay sing marg and if you wish to go to dustbin the go to Omkara singh marg)

Rudra: well not a bad idea dad I can do so and then I don’t have to clean this also
Tej : Dear son if you didn’t cleaned all this then believe me the share of money you are getting from me I will stop it and then you have to survive on your elder brother Shivay’s
Rudra: arey kaisi baatein karte ho aap kar raha hoon na dekho mai batata hoon kaisey hata te hai ye sab (arey what are you saying wait I will show you how to clean this mess)
Rudra cleaned the room in extra fast forward manner and then Tej said “Maa had called you” saying so he went and Rudy said “for saying that he made me to work to such an extent!!!! total savage”

So these were our O brothers now I will not waste time in detailing them but will move towards another screen somewhere far from there reach here are our next characters lets meet them so the camera is moving towards Mumbai lower court and there in the chamber of lawyers here are many chamber but one is most interesting…. why? because… here are bollywood stars hung everywhere… did I said hung!! lol its perfect word now let’s see how

so as we move in the chamber we are able to see at the back of the chair picture of Mr. Jolly LLB2 aka Akshay Kumar is there then with him Mr. Jolly LLB1 aka Mr. Arshad varsi is there then on the right wall MR. Raj Malhotra is there i.e, Govinda then beside him Priya saxena aka Kareen kapoor and on the left wall there is a photo of Govind aka Sunny deol and beside him Mr. Chaddha aka Amrish Puri and a girl is showing them incense sticks chanting something that was the time when her secretary Somya entered in the chamber saying ” Anika Mr chhibbar is here ” Anika asks her to get him in…. Mr.Chibbar enters and take seat
Mr Chhibbar: Anika I am here to thank you and here is your payment

Anika : But this is not full amount
Mr. Chhibber: Oh girl you just have started fighting cases so adjust with this think that you got you reward rather than treating it as your payment….

Anika stares him and then gestured something to Somya to bring that file and handled it to Mr. Chhibber folding her hands said “Jai Baba Akashay Kumar” Mr. Chhibber read the file and then said “What is this Anika you have applied for half bail of my son!!!! how is this possible??” Anika smiled and replied “Mr. Chhibber like your payment is half bail of your son is also half now its totally depends upon you that what half you want horizontal or vertical the kind you want tell it to cops and they will cut him accordingly and if you want complete bail then you have to make a complete payment and now as you have wasted my time it will have complete interest also that is 1000 rupees per minute”, “But….” Mr chhibber was about to say when Anika cuts off and said “you are just wasting your time and my time say if you are agreed else leave” Mr.chhibber made a full payment then Anika asked Somya to give original file to him he was about to leave when she stopped him and said “oh uncle…. profession of Lawer is just like con and if I accepted defeat from a person like you then my studies are waste..” Mr. Chhibber grinned his teeth and left the place then Anika again said joining her hands in air “Jay Baba Akshay kumar ki”

Somya: how you manage to do so and why always different baba
Anika: see concept is clear like water and my teeth when you have to fight a false case then worship baba govinda and fight like he fought in “Kyuki mai jhooth nahi bolta” and if you have fight from the side of culprit worship mr.Amrish puri like he fought in movie Damini if you want to get rid of dates then fight like sunny paa ji who fought in Damini if you want to correct some idiots then worship Jolly LLB1 and 2 as they are expert in managing money
Somya: and Kareena Kapoor!!
Anika: to fight honestly for truth
Somya: sometimes I wonder have you became lawyer by studies or watching these bollywood movies!!!!

Anika: both

so this was Anika…. you justify yourself how was it and few more characters to go wait and ready and do comment so that I can know whether it is worth of proceeding or no till then bye bye…

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  9. jst superb yaar ……….. bollywood aur IB duniya mein bhi itni humour rah sakti hain karke tumse hi pata chala …. epic yaar .. awsm .post next ASAP ….

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