Mamla Gadbad hai (Everything is messy) (IB) 1

Uff so much mess up these serials are every serial has something unique in it, well well well wait am not saying about unique story but am talking about unique problems some are irritating to hell some are just made for dragging some are slow bloomers and some get vanish in the air and when they came and got lost do not know so like those serials which get lost without getting any attention am also here to blabber my thoughts here after so much of thinking and planning process i decided to be back here and it will be a surprise for few people if they are here otherwise you all enjoy something new….

enough of my blabbering so just get on to the point as we all know that some character are enough to piss you off in IB and some you want to be remain in their character so let me do an experiment here the same character will be seen in a different way want to see?? come I will show you

IN a big mansion the camera zooms on the intro plate i.e, Oberoi Mansion as we enter inside we are able to see some faces who are much troubled as if they are losing their shares in share market so here we take a view
Member1: He is my grand son but doesn’t have even a single sign of that I am doubted if he is really our son??

She is Dadi the senior most member and about whom she is talking let see”

Member 2: dont you think Maa you have same doubt for us

Dadi slaps their head and said “tum par shak nahi tum to itne nikamme ho ke mujhe poora yakeen hai ke gandi auladein meri nahi hai kanjar kahike (i dont have doubt on you!! you are so much useless that i have full faith that you are not my kids worst kids ever even that neighbor Ramdas has better servant than you)

the second member turned out to be Tej singh oberoi and his brother Shakti Oberoi who are the most known sorry sorry well known face of business world but in front of their mother!! lol you have seen it already okay just not waste time and move ahead)

The third member is busy in crying with the same tag line “OH my mata maine kya paap kiye they (OH my mata what sin did I have committed)

Dadi replied “Tu to paap ka chalta phirta stock market hai logon ka paap ka ghada bharta hai par iska bharta hai to ye khali karke phir se start kar deti hai (just shut up dont ask about you sins because you are that person who use to start their activities from point zero on being caught)

everyone chuckled as this was none other than Pinki who got dose from Dadi

“Leave all this but I want to know that if he is earning a lot then why this all… I mean what is the point in that”
Dadi replied “Jhanvi tu to rehne hi de sara time tera banjaro ki tarah ghoomne me nikalta hai bete ke baal aaj tak na katwaye gaye tujhse aur ek nikamma to aisa jissey ladki pat ti nahi hai par fekta zaroor hai ke I am the hunk arey chal Hunk nahi Skunk hai Skunk ( shut up Jhanvi better you dont speak all day you use to wander here and there like tribal people, you didnt got succeeded in giving a hair cut to your son then another one is such an antiq piece I mean he can’t even flirt with a girl but never denies from giving a buzz that he is a hunk believe me son you are a skunk not a hunk”

and here Rudra and Om was mocked by Dadi who were now just looking at each other with an expression “we are nothing more than jhand fakeer (the person who gets insulted everytime)”

Om: leave all that Dadi but the question is why Shivaay is like this I mean why?
Rudra: you know what he did My phone’s screen was broken and then
Rudra: Bhaiya listen
Shivay: yes please
Rudra: Bhaiya my phone’s screen has been broken please give me some money i want a new one!!
Shivay who was drinking his tea said : phone!!!!! you broken I phone!!! last month I purchased it for you no no no not another expense how careless Rudy well not new one do one thing go to a repair shop and get it repaired but remember go to the road side shops they are more cheaper than service center
Shivay went handling him some money and Rudy was left there with an irked expression
Flash back ends

Rudy: he handled me 1000 Rs and asked to get it repair

Om: that’s nothing I asked him to get a new furnishing to house he said “No need of that everytime you and badi maa use to break things it will be a great loss its better to recycle things like my tea bag see I have used it in morning but still it has same taste in evening”

Pinki: this was nothing I asked him to get a new suit for me being a son as my suit was little bit unstitched and torn he called our maid and asked “if you know sewing then do it now with it” and then he asked me “see it is perfectly fine now why to waste money and material be a saver mom”

Shakti: while walking my show sole was broken I asked him to come with me for shopping we will get the new brand he said “dad no need of that cobbler will repair it in lesser cost”

Jhanvi: I asked that whether the ornaments of amrpali will be best of Priyanka or zaveri he said “why to buy costly ornaments when there are duplicates available they have much better style than original” I mean why ?

Tez: he seized my account saying that I can survive in 50000 per month if he is surviving in 20000 per month

Dadi pats her head saying “ye billu Humare dushmano ki maangi hui wo dua hai jo kabool ho gayi hai bachpan se iski ye kanjoosi se kaam karne ki aadat nahi gayi (This Billu is that wish of our those enemies which has completed since childhood this misery is in his nerver) but now enough I will find a way to end this either he will end this or someone will control this miser man)

Hope you understand this trial here Shivay Singh Oberoi is a miser lol many more character are yet to be introduced so tell me if you want me to continue this random stuff

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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is funny dear

  2. Manya99

    deadly funny
    seriously !!!!

  3. Really funny, Shivaay in kanjus avatar will rock

  4. Interesting.Keep writing dear.?????
    I loved it.?????Too funny.??
    Om and Rudra as jhand fakeer.

  5. Oh my god….i cant believe k koi esa plot bhi soch skta h…..its amazing
    Plz update d next part soon…
    Bye t.c

  6. Aarti32

    Hilarious ??
    Btw, aur kaun kaunse characters h is mein

  7. Hahaha….. It’s tooo Funny….. Plzzz post nxt soon..,.

  8. Surely we all are mental ????????you made me laugh like anything. All are looking at me as if I have gone mad????waiting for next bro

  9. Shivika22kapoor

    Khuda ka khoof karo di Marne ke baad thobda use hi dikhana hai. Itna hasa kar jauge toh kahan jaoge ???????????.
    Shock no.1 you r back can’t believe this and secondly I will take ur return as ur return gift of ur birthday.
    This was completely rofl ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? especially dadi ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? chak te phatte dadi ji ne ” kanjar”? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. Sahi shak hai dadi ko mujhe bhi doubt hota hai itni shareef ma ke bacche itne bhada nikamme aur nas pita kaise Ho sakte hain ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  10. Samm

    ???can’t stop laughing ??? next one soon please

  11. Aashi26

    Seriously it was damn funny……lol sso being kso hehe…..kanjoos Singh oberoi …….waiting for the next one di post next one soon……but seriously sso ko kso bana dala…..?? ? ? ? ?

  12. Sagithya

    Awesome yaar… It’s so funny n interesting …. loved it

  13. Kehkasha

    Yeh ho kya raha hai…?
    I mean role reversal aisi feeling aa rahi hai..
    Par shivaay ka character kisse badla….

    Woh janne ke liye stay tuned with NONE OTHER THAN SURBHI DI?

    Jaldi se next part post karo di…
    Shuru ho jao kaam par….
    We r waiting…

  14. Arni

    Amazing intro loved it pls update asap

  15. its so funny…keep writing with translations..

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