Making memories of US by Lasya (Episode 3)


My chappals! My Chappals! Cried out NAKSH
Your chappals are damn safe with us…. Don’t worry! Replied Koushik!
Bhai! They are lying your chappals are with us only! I’ll just bring them! Said naira!
Really naira? they are with you? Okay, then go and bring ! challenged Karthik..
All the elders keep OMG expression!
Where as NAIRA goes and check for NAKSH’s chappals but she don’t find them!
She comes out and ask gayu whether she changed the place or not but gayu says NO!
What happened bhabi? You lost your bhai’s chappals? Ayyo! Now jiju should sit on toli bare feet ah? Soo…bad! I pity you jiju!
Koushik… nakre bandh kar! And give my chappals back to me!
Jiju! never in free! You have to pay!
Koushik…I’m your one and only jiju right? Give them back to me!
Naksh! Stop stop! How did you do in our marriage? Did you forget? Questioned karthik and mishkat
That was different Karthik! Now give them back!
By the way! How and where did you find them?
I gave them MUMMA!
Kanya? You gave them? But why?
Mumma! Papa gave me a bigggggg ICECREAM! Koushik chachu gave me a big chocolate and mishkat tauji gave me biggggg cake!
So you gave them?
No..mumma listen na….
No need to tell to your mumma now kanya leave it! We got them and you have to pay that’s all! ( koushik,Karthik and mishkat trio shout to stop kanya telling the truth)

All you three why are you stopping my daughter from saying? KANYA BETA… tell me!!
No mumma .. PAPA said not to say..i’ll not say!
Yeah! Shouts all three brothers!
Kanya! You will not say?
No mumma I’ll not!
Mumma wait! I’m there for you I’ll say what happened! Shouts NIRAL
Naira,gayu and mishti gets over joyed!
Tell niru!
Mumma! Actually papa said kanya that you said to give them Mama’s chappals and papa also said that in return to that you have sent that cake,icecream and chocolate for helping! And hence kanya gave them!
Goenka brothers keep we are dead now expression where are singhania sisters keep we will kill now expression!
This is cheating BFF! Shouts out mishti!
What is cheating! Nothing is cheating! Now PAY for us Naksh!
Yes! You have to pay! You have to! You have to! All goenka’s shout out!
Accha fine… I’ll…tell me… how much?
Karthik,mishkat and koushik look at each other with a cunning smile!
Now! Stop and tell me how much!
Okay! Listen jiju! we three will demand and you have to choose from them ! okay?
Hm…okay so you are giving me offers as well!? Great! Come on proceed!
Okay then.. jiju…. till this day of next year where ever parties I go.. parties I give… shopping I do…and whatever you sister mishti demand me.. you should be the sponser! Demands koushik!
Everybody keep what expression!

Where as Naksh stands like an idle!
Koushik shakes him!
What? Do you think that I robbed the whole reserve bank? No way! Next option fast!
Okay then my turn! Naksh! I’ll give you all the bills of shopping you sister(naira) did for your marriage and simply you pay off them back to me! Demands Karthik..
Oh.. next option very fast!
Okay then for me! Not more..naksh! let my sister stay here only forever! Demands mishkat..
Ey..ey.. what are you talking? Did I marry her to leave here?
Everyone gets shocked listening this!
Answer fast! jiju… which one do you want to choose?
Wait I should discuss with my sisters!
Okay! But faster ha!

Naksh discusses with naira,gayu and mishti and finalizes a decision!
Okay! Koushik, mishkat and Karthik! I came up with the decision but I will reveal it later! First we will complete bidaai and then see all this okay?
Okay done!
So now! It’s bidaai time!
Keerthi…. Listen! I know its very hard to leave maayka and go to a new house and adjust there but you have to ..infact every girl have to see this day!
I know ma! I’m not crying now! Because I know there akshara aunty will surely adopt me as her daughter and replace you!
Look keerthi… you have to manage all the should be ready to face any challenge and you have to solve all them with the help of your new family there!
Yes! Ma! From today! Both maayka’s happiness and sasural’s happiness will be my happiness…
She hugs suwarna and cry!
She goes to Manish!
Beta! So from tomorrow! You will not be there to give me my morning tea! And evening green tea…. I will miss you!
Ha papa! I’ll have to give to Naithik uncle! I’m sure he will also like it as you!
Take care beta! Don’t hesitate to call me if you have any problem!
Okay papa!
She hugs manish! And dadi AS well!
She goes to naira and gayu!
Keerthi di! We both now will neither cry nor ask you to stop crying! But we just can tell you all the best to your new beginning oflife! Because we know our maayka people will never make any thing that will hurt their bahu and that too such a sweet bahU!
Thankyou naira and gayu! I know that! And I’ll miss you both!
We too di!
They trio share a adorable hug!
Where is Karthik,koushik and mishkat!?!?
Naira and gayu blindfold her and take her to some place
And then unfolds!
Keerthi sees Karthik,mishkat and koushik..standing with teary eyes and catching three boards!
Karthik catching WE Board…. Koushik catching MISS board and mishkat catching YOU board!
They turn her back and show the big screen and switches on!
And there she see some cute moments as follows!
Koushik,Karthik,mishkat and keerthi’s childhood pic…
And then the moment where keerthi feeds rice to all three!
Keerthi’s 5th birthday and their cake fight!
Keerthi’s 10th birthday and their gifts fight!
Keerthi’s 15th birthday and their video game fight!
Keerthi’s 25th birthday in which they cut the cake in the absence of keerthi!
Keerthi re-entering into goenka’s villa after breaking ties with ADITYA!
Keerthi and naksh’s marriage pic!
All the atmosphere there turns emotional and keerthi looks at Karthik,koushik and mishkat!
They now turn the boards where Karthik with ALL board , koushik with THE board and mishkat with BEST board!
She hugs them and cry!
Naira and gayu gets emotional as well seeing their bond!
Okay..keerthi di! Now no more crying! We have to now go and take our payment from jiju! and give him his chappals!
Okay koushik! Lets go!
They all wipe their tears…and when they were about to leave…
As usual kanya and niral come there saying!
Keerthi smiles and lifts them and kisses their fore head and say them that she will miss them!
They all leave from there and come to the place where singhania’s and goenka’s are present!
Okay now jiju! if you say us now what you decided in return to get your chappals then we can go to next ritual fast!
Okay koushik! I decided to…..!
Precap: Keerthi’s grihpravesh in singhania sadan

I’m sorry guys! I did not upload all these days because I was busy ! SORRY! I’ll now try to upload now!

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