Making memories of US by Lasya (Episode 2)

Keerthi, can we come in? Asked Karthik along with his brothers!
Paagal ho kya? You three of you don’t need to ask me any permission you can order me! Replied keerthi
That’s what we did since our childhood right keerthi di? Said one of her brothers!
Koushik, I love that and then why asking permission today? What are you expecting?
We are expecting you to cut this cake keerthi! Said her another brother
Cake? Now! But why mishkat?
Keerthi! To bid you a farewell !

Trust me, only a lucky girl like me will get brothers like you!
and only lucky boys like us will have a sister like you keerthi di! Confessed koushik!
Arey yaar! My devar also know emotional dialogues ha? Entered Naira along with her cousins Mishti, Gayu and daughter KANYA!
Papa! I came ! kanya ran towards Karthik

And he lifted her up kissing her forehead!
Now! Tell me koushik why are you getting emotional? Asked Naira
Bhabhi my keerthi di is leaving to her sasural and she will not stay with me anymore! Replied koushik
Accha now did you understand why I cried in nairadi and gayu di’s bidaai…said MISHTI
Hm…. Okay I understood!
Waise koushik! You have one way where you can stay with Keerthi for life long (said Karthik)

What’s that bhai? (questioned koushik)
If you marry MISHTI and go to singhania sadan as GHAR JAMAI you can stay with keerthi!(answered Karthik)
WHAT? ( everyone gets exclaimed)
Take it easy buddies I was just joking! Btw Kanya beta where is you brother niral?
Papa! Bhai is with MAMA!

Okay now shall we go down NAIRA,MISHTI (asks gayu)
Gayu di! We did not come here to go down again! We came here to stay with keerthi di!
Naira, I know but we have lots of work to do!
Gayu, I understand why are you saying this…. I don’t have any problem if you three stay here it doesnot at all effect our privacy infact you are even included in this! (MISHKAT CONFESSES)

Bhayya! I did not understand what you said!
Naira! actually you can see a cake out here right? When keerthi is about to cut the cake and we are talking to her you three came here right? So, gayu is now thinking to take you both down so that we could continue this! And she is thinking that if you three are here it may spoil our lovely time! I’M I RIGHT GAYU?
Gayu nods yes, where as Karthik,koushik and keerthi smile at her innocence.
Gayu, why did you think like that? In fact I used to call you while cutting the cake! You are not just my brother’s wife you are also like my sister…

Shut up keerthi… if gayu is your sister then for mishu bhai also she will be sister….so keerthifor mishu bhai’s sake please don’t change the relations!
Karthik…. Stop it! (keerthi)
Where as mishkat keeps you are dead look to karthik and everyone there laugh!
Waise na BFF if gayu di is sister to jiju Naira di also will be sister and if naira di is sister to JIJU she will be sister to you too!
Very funny Mishti! In that case you will also be a sister to koushik too… is that okay to you?
BFF…. You are ….
Everyone laugh!
Please stop this everyone! Cut the cake na I’m hungry… I did not eat anything since morning!
Really! Kanya? You did not eat anything since morning?
No! papa! I just ate 2 mars chocolates; one large cup of chocolate ice cream; one packet chips and one bowl poha! (saying this kanya giggles)
You are becoming more notorious now a days kanya!
Noo… mumma I’m not becoming notorious…I’m becoming KUMBKARN! (kanya pouts)
Everyone laugh!
Koushik used to be the same in the childhood..
Haa keerthi! I remember him!
They laugh out and koushik lifts up kanya in his hands!
So now BUA cut the cake please! Cake looks very yummy!
Haha! Wait kanya beta Niral should also come right?
SO…bua NIRAL came na! see back!
They turn back and see niral and a cupcake in his hands and candle on that!
What’s that niru beta!
Mumma! This is cupcake to BUA! Gift from my side! Bua will cut the cake and cupcake as well now!
Everyone get pleased to his words and keerthi hugs him!
Keerthi cuts the cake and feeds kanya and niral first and then everybody ! she now takes a small knife to cut the cupcake but stops seeing “I will miss you BUA” written on that.
Keerthi becomes emotional but cuts the cupcake and feeds everyone!
Everyone come down except keerthi and take part in all the rituals…
Swarna does all the rituals and asks to call KEERTHI down!
Naira and gayu goes up and brings KEERTHI down!
Naksh gets mesmerized seeing her! They have an eyelock!
Mama! Why are seeing BUA as if you are going to eat her?
Everybody gets shocked listening to these words!
Ha! Kanya! What to do! From today your mama Will see bua like this only! He will not be able to find us too from tomorrow!
Why nani(akshara)?
Kanya! Stop now!

Mumma! What did I say now?
Stop kanya!
Kanya pouts and go to koushik!
Kanya! Don’t worry we are young ones in this house! We should not talk like this…we will not understand all these…leave it na!
Really? Koushik chacha! If that so! I’ll leave it! Sorry mumma! Sorry mama!
Everybody smile at her!
It’s time to exchange varmala!
Naksh and keerthi exchange varmala and come inside and sit on the mandap!
Swarna and manish gets emotional seeing her like that….
Manishji, I can understand your feeling rightnow! But trust us! We will look after as NAIRA,GAYU and MISHTI.
I know naithikji,I know you will take keerthi from here as DAUGHTER than BAHU but still… I’m her father right!

I know swarna ji, manishji…whenever you want to see her nd whenever you are missing her…then our doors will always be open waiting for you! Like how your doors did at our time!
Aksharaji, our bahus jo hain na! they will not give the chance of missing keerthi because they will fulfill her place saying “papaji, yeh karo na!”;” papaji, we will play something na!”;”mummyji,we will prepare some snacks”;”mummyji we will go to shopping”……
They laugh….
Panditji, muhurat nilkal rahi hai! Lets start the rituals now!
Ji, suhasiniji, we will do it…
Everyone does KEESH marriage rituals!
Naksh fills sindoor!
Keesh does 7 pheras…
Everyone showers flowers as well as their blessings on them
Precap: joothe dedo aur paise lelo!! And BIDAAI
Hope you liked the episode! Actually sorry for the late because I’ll not be able to update on EVERY SUNDAY AND MONDAY!
This is lasya!
◊ Stay tuned ◊

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