Our creative team of sasural simar ka is hell-bent on making public idiots just like our politicians or actors.

The team copies the plots from all fiction movies around the world such as Hall of fame and Makhi and proudly calls its doings as creativity or trend setting(as per dipika kakkar……..i.e., simar)

Just like movie our makhi takes help from one of the family member (prerna) and executes her as usual stupid tasks.

The time slot is at pretty good and it is so sad to even have to glance at this serial while switching in between the channels during the most watchable time.

As wonder of the world this show gets a very good TRP thereby bringing headache to viewers and money to makers and cast.

I wonder if this serial is the main reason behind dipika kakkar’s divorce as well.
Pardon me for this comment although.

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  1. Agree with u….this is wrst serial fr ever….copying all tracks…n stupidity at h8s …they r considering it as trendsetting…its nt setting..they r butchering…plz guys…if still any body watches this crap
    ..stop watching….plz plz ….this tym ssk should go out top 10..and any rosid fans who r watching this to suprt sid..plz guys don’t watch it…this sid is nt our sid who luvd roli whole heartedly….plz STP supporting these idiotic crap show

  2. If the writers n producers are blamed then the actors should also be held responsible. They bring to life the scenario present to them. Plz don’t say they are just doing their job bcoz they agree to them. It clearly shows its not acting is speaking but money. Hope its trp comes to the lowest to end this crap.
    Coming to what is going on a makhi n love story. For the makhi i really hv no words to express my disgust. But for the love story i mean does it really fit in there? So much of supernatural since last yr zat a love story is unimaginable. All promises made to roli are now absolutely nothing. No loyalty at all from sid n all his promises n love for her is a mockery. After roli death sid was ze character fans would still continue to watch. But seeing ze way its going sid is gonna be hated badly by fans. Is there nothing else available for him except romance n marriage?

    1. totally agree with u…cvs r forcing luv stry in this supernatural crap….they r spoiling sid character…its too much….ya cant he live without mrg n romance…cvs lost their sense…sry i frgt…they have no sense at all…tq cvs fr giving rosid…n tq fr butchering sid char in every possible way

  3. 100% true. This serial has crossed the heights of stupidity. I wonder how it gets high trp. Who is watching these kind of serials.. following this trends and to achieve higher trp, Indian TV serials are going behind nagin, punar janam,dayan, and many more other myths.

  4. I think supernatural serials like nagin and punar janam or whatever that is aren’t to be blamed because as you can see those were supernatural from the start as the title goes by it. As they have promised in the promos they do deliver such stuff. Come on now the title with naagin in it should not have magical powers?!? But the magical powers they showed had bad and worse cinematography. It is still below average standard. The technicians should work hard on it. I especially did not like the character of nevla. He did very well in jodha Akbar. What had gone wrong with his expressions in naagin. Well putting that aside from . Story like SSK that is a typical serial gone from family drama to stupidity is highly wrong. They did it purely for getting trps. They dont think what is idiotic or fiction until and unless the trp is good. Other than that they don’t give a crap about viewers. Only popularity and trp matters here. I feel like people aren’t fools and they only watch it to laugh or rofl on the floor while looking at such scenes. By this the actors are becoming a mock and earning money by being fools on TV and also the directors.

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