What makes Star Plus’ Dehleez more watchable?

Star Plus’ Dehleez has won many hearts soon after its start. The show seems to have struck the right chord with the viewers. Harshad and Tridha’s chemistry is the USP of the show. There are noteworthy supporting cast that work in favor of the show’s success. The show started off as a love story set in the political and law background. Soon the story got adorable by its lead’s chemistry. There has been no dragging till now. Harshad as the sophisticated lover boy really makes the show watchable. The leads presence work wonders in their romantic and music background scenes.

Adarsh and Swadheenta are currently on a secret work to solve Banwarilal’s identity crisis case. They both are staying as a couple in disguise. Taking the risk of their lives, Adarsh brings light moments by his witty ways. Suhasini has fixed Adarsh’s proposal with his school friend Vanshika. Suhasini does not want Adarsh to follow Abhay’s steps. The story has cute scenes between the leads. There are other couples in the show as well, Asad-Radhika, Abhay-Simmi, Jaya-Jaidev and the elderly Manohar-Suhasini, Haider-Zubeda. There is much sweetness in the characters. Dehleez surely got much for everything. There is humor, romance, drama, suspense and more things to make it a good family entertainer. What makes Star Plus’ Dehleez more watchable? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


  1. Manvi

    It’s obliviously concept this is very fresh and new concept seen in the television and then now ek duje ke vaaste is also making rounds for the best concept and the main leads and the supporting cast what ever is put in the serial has made it more beautiful and perfect the way they show the leads chemistry and how people generally behave and the way they show Suhasini and Manohar chemistry is also awesome and how simmi reacts to the situation everything is so perfect the only thing which saddens me is swadheenta parents are not staying with her I expected some good Tamilian background but they are showing in an other way I wish they show swadheenta living with there parents asad and family are cute but at certain or particular points and the half of the time they show asad and his love track though it’s adorable but at the same time it’s annoying too and other all parts and tracks and perfect ✌?️?

  2. sweety

    ohhhhh myyyyyy goddddd…………….. who’s this amazing person who’s created this poll??????????????? thank you sooo much………….. 😛

  3. dia

    Everything…..everything about dehleez is awesome….i seriously could not choose any one thing….

  4. Nitya

    Nice concept with wonderful characters and dere acting. Writers plz don’t make it like other serials…. Adarsh marrying to dat new gal. Let Adarsh and swadheenta be together… Not like swadheenta becoming second wife type Divorce and fir shadi jaisa. Serial is different so let it be different.

  5. Myra

    Really fresh concept….Leads r portraying really nice love chemistry…. Suhasni character is also very strong….it’s the real mixture of emotion romance & drama….just started to watch this show on hot star…. After a long time watching good daily soap…

  6. I don’t like the show as it is love at first sight for Adarsh. He fell for Swadheenta just by her looks. I just hate such concept. But I like the court scenes.

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