You Make Me Perfect (sdch) Os

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Let’s start

One fine morning Sanchi ,Isha and pragya went to mall. Sanchi chose a beautiful dress. Isha asked her to go wear it and check if it’s fit u or not. U became fat. Sanchi pouts. She was going near changing room. Otherside a man was cuming holding a shirt. They bumped eachother his shirt fell down and Sanchi was about to fall. He holds her. They have a eye lock.

He makes her stand up. Sanchi saw his shirt on the ground. Both was about to pick up and their head meets. They look at the eachother . Boy holds his ears. Sanchi smiles at him. Boy went left sanchi thinking.

Sanchi went home and thinks about the boy and slept. Few days later sanchi saw him again. She followed him and saw him walking with a girl. She was sad and about to leave when she heard girl saying thank you Kabir bhaiya. She smiles listening to her and she got to knw the boy name is Kabir. She didn’t knw y she is attracted to him. Girl left and Kabir sits near beach. Sanchi went near him and sat down beside him. Kabir saw her and smiles. Sanchi smiles in return. Kabir gets sad and went. He didn’t say a word.

Many days passed sanchi always saw him sitting near beach and she always sits beside him. They always smiles at eachother and Kabir thinks something and always went. Sanchi fell in love with him.She didn’t understand y he is not talking to her.

Sanchi always go home and writes diary. She always writes about him. She always didn’t get sleep. She always thinks about him y he is ignoring her.

Another day sanchi decided to propose him. She takes a rose and went near the beach waits for Kabir. She waited till afternoon. He didn’t came. Sanchi threw rose on ground and went crying. Someone came from behind picked rose from ground kissed it and put in his pocket and went wiping his tears.

Day after sanchi again cums and waits for him. Again till afternoon he didn’t came. Sanchi has made up her mind that she will wait for him here until he cums. She didn’t eat anything. She faints and someone from behind picked her up and carried her to her home. He left sanchi on the stairs and ring the bell and hides . Jaya opens the door and get shocked to see sanchi unconcious. She calls ashok and he picked sanchi up and took her to her room. Myterious person gets relieaved and went.

After sometime Sanchi gets concious and ask them how she came here. Jaya told her everything how she saw sanchi on floor. Sanchi gets thinking .

After week sanchi still waits for Kabir. As usual he didn’t came. Sanchi knew he will not come ever so she was going and she saw Kabir .She smiles and thanks to God. She runs to Kabir and stands infront of him. He gets shocked to see her. Sanchi asked him y he is ignoring her and not cuming here. Sanchi shouts at him and he quietly seeing her.

Just then sanchi kneels down and gives him rose and a letter which was written I love you. She holds his hands and he jerks her hand. Sanchi stood up and looks at him Kabir gets angry and tears the letter and throws on her face and left. Sanchi sits crying. Kabir turns back and saw sanchi crying. He feels sad and wipes his tears.

Sanchi went home weeping jaya saw her and calls her. Sanchi straightly goes to her room and locks the door. Jaya keeps knocking on the door. She gets restless and asked ashok to break door.

Ashok broke door and they entered the room and gets shocked to see sanchi lying on her bed and blood flows from her wrist. She cut her wrist. Jaya cries and took immediately took sanchi to hospital. After sometime dr cums out and asked Jaya who is Kabir. Jaya replied she doesn’t know. She asked dr how is sanchi. Dr said she is ok thank God u brought her here on time . She is depressed. Call kabir she is taking his name on unconcious. Dr went .

Jaya gets thinking who is Kabir. She went home and saw sanchi diary. She gets to knw sanchi loves Kabir. Kabir pics and his address was written on her diary. So Jaya directly went to kappor Mantion.

She shouts Kabir name. Kabir cums downstairs and jaya slapped him .kusum gets shocked. Jaya told kabir about sanchi. She asked Kabir to cum to hospital to see sanchi.

Kabir went to his room. Kusum asked jaya to forgive him. He doesn’t want to go and I can’t force him. Jaya went to hospital and saw sanchi still unconcious. She cries. Nurse asked her to go out and bring some medicines. Jaya went to get the medicine.

A doctor entered sanchi ward. He went near sanchi and sat besides her. He caresses her face. He kisses on her forehead. Sanchi slowly moves her fingers. He was leaving when sanchi holds his hands. She saw him wearing mask. She felt something. Slowly she stood up and takes out his mask and gets shocked to see kabir. She smiles at him.

In fb it shows the one who took and dropped sanchi home was none other than Kabir. End of flash back .Kabir was leaving when sanchi cums infront of him

Sanchi -u cant go like this. U have to answer all my questions. Y u came here if you dnt love me. Y u r ignoring me, y u r not talking to me.

Kabir looks here and there .he is finding something. He found a paper and pen. He writes something. Sanchi gets confused. When he finished writing he gave letter to sanchi. She reads it and gets shocked. Letter flows from her hand. She again picked the letter and again reads it.

Letter reads- I’m sorry sanchi I can’t talk. I dnt want to spoil ur life. How can u stay with a mute person all life. I love u but I can’t ruin ur happiness. That’s why I was staying away from u. I love u.when u were waiting for i always was near u looking at u from distance. U r brightness and I’m darkness. I’m sorry. We never become one

Sanchi quickly hugged him.

Sanchi -kabir i love u. I need u. You make me perfect. I dnt care u will talk to me or not. I want to become ur words. I will always love you. How can u think u will go away from me for silly reason. I dnt give a damn. Pliz accept me. Pliz marry me. I promise I never leave ur side. I can’t stay away from u. I will die if you leave me.

Kabir gets teary eyed and responded the hugg. Jaya was listening to all this. Sanchi gets shocked to see her and broke hugg. Jaya slowly cums near Kabir. Kabir folds his hands. Sanchi asked jaya I love him and can’t leave without him. Jaya puts her hand on Kabir head and blesses him. Jaya went to sanchi and told her I’m proud of you. U proved that u r my daughter sanchi world is
nthing if true love is not there. I’m happy that you found ur true love. Ur happiness is mine.

Jaya hugged kanchi. Kanchi smiles at eachother.

The End

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  1. Ashnita456

    Oops many grammatical errors, sorry I was writing this in hurry. Dnt knw wat i wrote. I dnt decide wat to write i just write wat cums on my mind. Sorry for mistakes.

  2. Shining

    Fabulous dear

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    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee os………

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    Hey.. Hi… Don’t be sorry.. It was fantastic and fabulous.. Post asap…

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  6. RuCh23

    It was so……………….. I don’t know what to say dear. You made me cry with your words ???. This os was so emotional yet so beautiful ??? font have words ro describe how amazing it is ???

    1. Ashnita456

      Thank you so so so much ruwani. Sorry for making u cry. And again thank you it really really means a lot.

  7. Dhruti

    super duper os i don’t know what to say dear……………….it was beautiful and emotional too……………i have no words to explain……………….i just love it……………….
    keep writing like this…………….love you……………………………see you soon……………………..

    1. Ashnita456

      Awww thank you so so much dhruti it really really means a lot. Love you loads

  8. Riyarocks

    Ashu dear………u just left me speechless with this beautiful, magical, out of the world OS of yours….tum aisi hi likhti raho………tumhe shayad pata na ho, but yaar, tum hum sabki, iss TU ki lifeline ho…..tumhare articles post na hone par, aisa lagta hai, jaise koi emptiness, koi khalipann hai yahaan……..aise hi amazing updates post karti raho, hamesha……..luv u loads shona……..bye…….tc…….

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  9. Its so emotional…… Loved it

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  10. Premamohan

    Awesome awesome awesome… Yes yaar true love is important…
    Love u dear…

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      Thank you prema yeah true love is like that. Love you too

  11. So so beautiful and amazing love story yaar…… is called the real love………it is different from others os ………I love it so so much yaar ……….love u ashu dear

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      OMG thank you so much anu it really really means a lot. Love you loads

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    Ashu dear Amazing one as usual…u are great….luv you Swettie

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    This is so beautiful sadbut an amaz os.. or kya kahu kuch nhi bachcha h kahne k liye… post ur other ff too… bye lovv u .. tc gud ni8

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      OMG OMG thank you so much Niyaa. I was desperately waiting for ur comments. Everytime I get restless when I didn’t see ur and riya comments. I saw ur comment. Jaan mein jaan aayi love you loads

  14. Abhilasha

    Ashu it was soooo muchhhh gooddd!!!! Yr itti emotional air sachchi story!!!! Wow!!! Just loved the message!!! So beautiful story!!

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