You make my heart skip a beat (swasan) one shot

Sanskar POVs

‘Beep beep beep ‘ the hospital monitor went on as i entered the closed ward. She was not facing the door and so could not see me enter.I quietly placed the bouquet of lilies i had bought for her in the vase and moved towards her. She heard me approach and turned towards me . Ah , The smile on her face made my heart skip a beat .I’ve known swara my entire life. Truly, she was one of god’s own creation .We’ve been best friends since kindergarten and have never been apart. She has become so close to me that one who saw us would say that we were 2 bodies but one soul.
‘What have u brought for me today’ she asked with her feeble voice.
‘ The lilies that u love from my garden’, I said putting on a brave face but inside yearning for God’s mercy and faith on her.

‘Sanskar, y do u do this ? y do u come to meet me everyday leaving all your work? Won’t Ragini feel bad ? she is doing all the preparations for the wedding alone.She must really hate me. Please don’t drop all your work on my account. I am going to die in few days anyway.What would be the use of u spending more time with me when my days are numbered ?’ she asked.
‘Shhh,…. stop talking , all right? u need all the energy. And look ,I want to get one thing straight . Ragini may be the girl of my dreams but u r the reason for my existence . I’ve known u all my life but Ragini is a girl who I’ve known only for few months. She will understand. So, enough about me , what about u ? have the doctors proclaimed how long I’m going to suffer because of your disease ?’ I asked her on a funny note.

‘Yes, they told me that I have a little less than a week . Is that enough?’ she asked gravely.
I did not know y this came as a shock but it was certainly not what what i had expected… This girl, Swara , had come like a shooting star when my life was full of darkness and now she is leaving me with nothing to do but just yearn for her when she is not there anymore.She was the girl who had offered her peanut -butter sandwich to me when i had forgotten my lunch on my first day to school.Our friendship had blossomed from then .She was the one who I went to when I had anything to ask .She was the one who stood by me when my father died. She was the one who lent me a shoulder to cry on , during the most hard times of my life. And now,she is going to leave me forever .

‘Ah… Um ‘, I could not tell anything to her.I turned away from her bed and faced the door. I felt something cold sliding down my face and sure enough traitor tears were there. I was a person who could actually control emotions . But I could not understand this and I simply stood crying.
‘Sanskar ,look here . Sanky please look at me ‘, she begged me. I just went through the door leaving her behind crying.
I instructed the driver to take me home . I simply cried on the way .I made my way to my room and shut the door .My whole world was crashing down before me and I was helpless .No one was there for me expect swara and she was going to desert me too. I knew that I would not resurface from this tragedy.

‘Sanskar ,…….sanky ? please come down .Dinners ready ‘, mom called after a while . I went down and sat in the chair while she served me .
She waited till I was halfway through the dinner and then started the subject of my marriage with ragini ,who is best friend of me and swara . There was nothing left for me in this world and my mother was talking about listless things like marriage . I simply nodded to whatever she said and then made my way back to my room .
I had made my swara sad. I had upset her when I left her this morning when she needed me the most .’ I will go tomorrow and apologies to her and spend what little time she has with her’, I promised myself with this thought , I drifted off to sleep with swara starring in my dreams as usual .

Next morning , I dressed up self-consciously.I wore the blue shirt which was her favorite and the cologne she loved.Brought white roses she loved so much from flower shop and went to the hospital.
There was a flurry of activity outside her room. Nurses and doctors running around with medicines.They were all huddled around her bed and were trying to save her life .My world was spinning around me . I sank to the ground.The girl I loved was dying right in front of my eyes and I could do nothing about it .I wanted to shout out to the world that life is not fair but not a single word escaped my lips.

I stood there trembling, praying to god that he would show some mercy on her. Ages passed.Each second seemed like a decade.The doctor then finally came out.’I’m sorry Mr.Maheshwari .But we could not save her’, he said in a tone that barely indicated that he was sorry. My heart stopped.There it was those few words which I had dreaded in the past few months were finally here.She’s gone and I could not save her.

I went into the the ward and saw her lying on the bed . I stood there just watching her. The body which was full of hope and Zeal , now lay there listlessly. The eyes which always used to sparkle lay closed. The lips with which she had promised that we would both go together under the Bridge of signs in Paris did not have anything else to say. The hands which took promises from me to move on in life.I came away from the ward. I could not see my swara like that .

On the day of the funeral I saw towards the coffin. Swara’s face came into my mind,her laughter,her naughtiness, her breath,everthing overpowered me.
” She knows how much I love her”.
‘Bye,my beloved. I will always love u . YOU MADE MY HEART SKIP A BEAT THE FIRST DAY I SAW U AND U STILL DO’

Thanku … i hope u all like it

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    1. a story has only one type of ending ….its lovely ending …and it depends on the way u look dear… sorry if hurted ..and thanx for commenting

  15. Hii rajaan…..ur story resembles my story…..i lost my love one month back cz of cancer….
    Ur stry is good….it reminded all my memories….?

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