You Make My Heart Flutter (SwaSan OS)

U Make My Heart Flutter :-

Hello Gyz!!! Okk so today I am here with my first full length OS… Okk so lets start the journey of my first ever OS, hope you all will like it! If not , jootein chappal most welcome, kha loongi, I am ever hungry bhukkad!

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[Rajasthan , India]

“Na photo dkhne mein ke burai hai chhode? Main kahan keh rahi hoon avi mandap pe chalang laga! (Whats the problem to have a look at the photo? I am not telling you to jump to the mandap !) ” – a lady whined. She was resting her back on an armchair, her fingers were impatiently fidgeting the edge of her shawl. Grace and Radiance were evident in her actions, Her expressions showed that she was terribly upset from the young man who was standing facing his back towards her. He was busy in searching a book from one of the numerous book filled with bookshelves present there.

“You know my answer mom! A NO means a simple NO!” – the young man did not bother to turn even once.

The lady shrugged and gave up. Sujata Ramprasad Maheshwari, the royal empress of the Rajgarh, one of the most ancient estate of Bikaner just couldn’t win from her son. Though monarchy was no more prevalent in the country, but still royalty was something that this family had maintained for years. The entire Rajgarh and Bikaner still loved to refer them with their royal designations. And the entire country, or rather the entire world knew them as the family of the two most successful businessmen in the world. One was her husband, Ramprasad Maheshwari , the designated king of this estate and the owner of the largest Iron merchandise chain in India and the third largest in the world.

And the second one was the young man standing right there in front of her, her only son Sanskar Ramprasad Maheshwari, who had just joined the family business 4 years back but his achievements reached soaring heights and the result was that their company was on the verge of winning the world’s largest Iron merchandise manufacturing unit title. No wonder, he was right now an usual face on the cover of various magazines, one of the most strongest contenders of the famous ‘Eligible Bachelor’ tag. And that was the thing Sujata was worried of the most.

She knew that this tag will bring thousands of sharks who are ready to pounce on her beloved son for his wealth and status. And being a mother it was her duty to save him and guide him through the right path and she yet again was doing a vain try like the other days. But Sanskar being Sanskar was as usual zero interested in marriage stuffs. Her eyes fell on one of the magazines kept on the rack, as usual it had the cover pic of two of the most important person of her life, father-son duo. She smiled and looked back at Sanskar who was still busy in his work… She decided to make the atmosphere a bit light, coz she knew her son was a bit pissed off by her…

“Waise Sanskar, mhaare ko ek baat bata chhode! Tujhe kisi ladki se hi shaadi karni haina? Kahin tu ladke wadke…” – she stopped hearing soft giggles from him as he nodded her head in an impossible no and climbed down the ladder and turned around with a soft lovely smile playing on his lips.

“Mom!! You are impossible!” – he giggled and went to her and sat on the floor reading the book as Sujata began massaging his forehead to release his work stress. This was their usual habit and Sanskar didn’t miss this anytime when he was at home.

[A/N : I didn’t intend to disrespect any person or any community gyz, its entirely for entertainment purpose]

Sanskar (looking into the book) – I wonder mom, you don’t get tired shuffling through the pics of dozens of those all beauty no brains princesses you want me to hook up with! (He chuckled)

Sujata (complaining) – I only choose the best for my son, bas he doesn’t seem to see… Ab tu Rajkumar hai, toh Rajkumariyan hi dhoondoongi na!

Sanskar – Rajkumariyan! Oh plz mom! These so called princesses of yours just boast about their identities that they have inherited from their ancestors! For heavens sake Mom, Royalty is the part of our identity, it is not our sole reason to be into existence! And Ya mom the best, the girls who only know to discuss the different shades of Red nail enamels and the designer brands of the handbags they carry, sorry to say Mom they are anything but the best! (He sighed)

Sujata (irritated) – Toh tu hi bata de kaisi chodi chahea tanne??

Sanskar thought something and smirked…

“Well Mom, the girl who can read this entire library of our palace in two days! Aisi koi Rajkumari hai apke ladkion ki list mein?” – he laughed naughtily as Sujata slapped him lightly on his back…

“Bas Mazaak karta rahe! Pata nahin who will handle this impossible guy!” – she whined but later joined her son’s laughter. She could only now pray to the Divine Lord to send an angel to his son’s life who could love him the way he was… She knew her son had a heart of gold and he deserved nothing but the best!

[A week later]

[Delhi , India]

Sanskar had reached Delhi yesterday night with his entire team. The 25th Annual Conference of The Steel Association Of India (oh my my am so so fictional??!) was to be held in three days here. And he was one of the pioneer delegates invited specially to attend and give his outlook towards the present state of the export strategies. (What did I actually write? Khud soch rahi hoon… Me and business? is like Swara and Kavita!?????)

Right now, he was sitting in the commissioner’s office. His father had ordered to tighten securities more around him much to his dismay. As a result an irritated him was sitting here having a talk with the CP.

“But Sir, I don’t see any reason for an additional Officer, I already have an expert security unit who are there to protect me in case I am unable to protect myself!” – Sanskar’s frustrated voice rang.

“I understand that but I am afraid that its Mr.Maheshwari strict orders, we cant deny, I have orders from higher authorities too…” – he was interrupted by a knock. “Come In” – he looked up.

“Oh, so here comes our One Man Army! ” – his bright voice made Sanskar turn around and he was beyond shock. His mouth opened wide as he blinked trying to register what he actually saw.

His heart fluttered….

“Well I would prefer One Woman Army Sir! Jai Hind!” – a firm yet soft voice came from the owner as she saluted firmly and gave a glance to Sanskar. “Jai Hind Officer!” – CP returned the salute and looked back at Sanskar.

CP – So Mr.Maheshwari, meet Officer Swara Raizaada. Our bravest and the most talented member and your special security force officer for the next 7 days until you stay here for the conference.

Sanskar was still looking at the petite 5feet 4 inches frame clad in crisp IPS uniform, her hair was tied in a strong tight bun and she had an expressionless face. One thing that he didn’t fail to notice was her large hazel doe eyes that did not show any expressions. She gave a small nod acknowledging Sanskar and looked back at CP. Sanskar gave a low laugh making both the officers frown…

“Well sir, I think you are highly mistaken… Don’t keep any misconception that Swara cant protect you coz she is a girl or any other thoughts as such… Mind it, we are sending our bestest of the best with you!” – CP said taunting a bit at his small laugh.

Sanskar was at loss of words for a second and looked at Swara who was smirking now.

“Okk Officer, Hope you make us proud… You are assigned on duty from right now! You will be there with him at every public appearances he makes now! You know very well what to do… All the best officer… And Mr.Maheshwari hope you have a nice and safe stay.” – The CP smiled at both of them…

Sanskar was shooting daggers at her as he stomped angrily out of the office, she seemed nonchalant.

[Maheshwari Villa, Delhi]

[Drawing Room]

“Listen Officer, I am not the hang interested in your so called security stuffs. Look at them, they are my security team…” – Sanskar referred to Swara who was looking blankly at the group of Black Cat team standing in a row throwing judgmental glances at her. Both were sitting in the plush drawing room of the e exquisite villa that the Maheshwari’s owned in this city.

Sanskar (proudly) – Each one of them are trained in all possible form of Martial arts and are avid shooters and have been selected after a series of tests and interviews, what do you think, a fragile soft girl like you can actually serve better than them… God knows Dad ko ho kya gaya hai? Why is he so crazy about my security… arrgh!

Swara arched her eyebrow and got up… She cleared her throat and looked straight into his eyes. 

“Well Mr.Maheshwari, first of all I am least interested in your description of the qualities your men have, get one thing straight, I am in service of Nation, and protecting you is a part of my job so I am and will do this until you I am signed off from my duty! So I don’t care whether you like it or not but I have to stay here, coz your life is in danger as per information given to me… So don’t try to create ruckus as I am not budging off!” – her confident firm voice rang in the large drawing area as she picked up her bag and decided to proceed…

Sanskar was awestruck, this was the second time in one day that he was at loss of words all because of this new nuisance in his life…

“By the way do you or any of your these men (she pointed at the men) care to tell me where I should keep my luggage, coz I don’t have the whole day as I will be leaving with you for the inauguration ceremony!” – Swara added with attitude…

“Hunn, Kya.. I mean you , what did you say?” – Sanskar was caught offguard. His eyes were studying her each expressions of attitude so intently, her large eyes so deep yet so so focused, her rosy lips moving in such a perfect sync that words seemed to effortlessly slip from them, the small hair lock falling on her little forehead disturbing her continuously making her irked more, he forgot to hear anything! “Oh my my, she is something…” – he muttered under breath.

Swara was fed up. She decided to ask the house help and followed him… Sanskar was still standing. “Impossible!” – she hissed looking back at him who still did not get over the trance…

[2 days later]

It had been two days since Swara was with Sanskar like his shadow. Sanskar was pissed off by her actions, but she seemed nonchalant. Be it business meeting, home, any party, car and even in gym. He even tried to get rid of her by making a thousand of lame excuses , but nothing worked. He tried to find any inefficiency in her duty so that he could complain and get rid of her but of no use.

But as its said where there is a will there is a way…


Sanskar’s eyes fell on the the wall clock as his lips rolled into a small smirk. It was exactly 7:03PM. Swara was still nowhere to be seen, he had to reach a business dinner by 8 and Swara had to report here at sharp 7:00. But now being 7:03 Sanskar had a childish winning smirk on his face. He heard footsteps and looked at Swara who was approaching from her room and the devilish smirk just increased.

Sanskar (eyeing Swara) – David! What’s the time now ???

David, his security chief just glanced at his watch. “Its 7:03PM Sir!” – he replied!

Sanskar (a bit louder) – 7:03 PM! Ahaan! Someone is exactly 3 minutes late today…

Swara who had by now reached them was a bit taken aback . “Sorry Mr.Maheshwari , Woh… That…” – she signed towards her room but Sanskar shoved her off. “Tch!Tch the great Swara Raizaada and excuses! Pity!!!” – Sanskar teased in a funny tone. Swara arched her eyebrows and looked at him sarcastically.

Sanskar (proudly) – See all my 7 men are so punctual , koi ek second vi late nahin hota… Everyone fears the Sanskar Maheshwari! Who? (he raised his eyebrows looking at Swara and pointed at his chest) The Sanskar Maheshwari!!!!

“Sir, I am so so sorry!!! I was in a phone call… Really!” – Roger’s voice came as he ran into the hall. Roger was third-in-chief of the security unit of Maheshwari’s. All heads turned towards him as he came and stood in his position. Sanskar was totally embarrassed. He shot death glares who gulped in fear as other bodyguards were equally giving him you-are-gone looks. He turned at Swara who was trying hard to hid her chuckle.

Sanskar (sharply) – What?? What are you laughing at?

Swara hid her laugh and nodded in an immediate no! “Chalo then…” – Sanskar was highly pissed off at the dangerous wrong timing of Roger and was still shooting daggers at him . Just then a laugh rang through the hall of Maheshwari Villa. Sanskar was stunned suddenly. His eyes fell on Swara who was laughing seeing the way Sanskar was glaring at Roger. She just couldn’t hid her laugh into mild chuckles anymore.

Sanskar didn’t know what to say. His feet froze as her soft laugh rang through his ears which was nothing less than a melody to him. He was looking amazed and looking at her with his eyes widened, he never knew behind these rough and tough exterior was such a beautiful young maiden whose beauty was just enhanced by her laugh. Unknowingly a large smile found its way through his lips as he was dazed by her.

Swara looked at Roger once and her laughs increased, Roger was looking sharply at her but to his surprise all others were now laughing softly at first, later joined Swara who was now laughing full-heartedly. She looked at Sanskar still laughing and was amazed to see him smile. Her breath hitched a bit seeing the most charming man whom she had ever seen in her life :smiling at her. Their eyes were finally meeting each other in a special way, this had not happened in the past 3 days and Swara was unsure why suddenly his gaze was giving her sensations that she never felt in her life. She immediately looked down, it was really strange.

Her eyes fell on the clock, it was already 7:10. She cleared her throat. “We should proceed Mr.Maheshwari!” – her voice changed as she gestured Sanskar towards the door. Sanskar nodded still looking at her as he approached out followed by her who was now looking anywhere but him.

Something had happened…. A magic maybe!

[Night 12:30PM]

[Swara’s Room]

“No! Mom How many times I have said you I am here for work!!! No means no… Its my duty and you know I don’t mess with my work…” – Swara passed fingers through her hair frustrated… She was damn angry on her mother who was yet again playing her own recorder of marriage and she was at present least interested about it. Her mom said something and her expressions changed. Little tears pricked at the corner of her eyes as she quickly wiped it.

Swara (in a hard voice) – Some things can never be past Mom! Plz Mom I am busy right now… Talk to you later…

Tears were still persistent in her beautiful hazel eyes as she threw the phone on the bed and came out. It was already late. Sanskar had already slept and she was to have her dinner. Whole evening she was zealously doing her duty and as usual she missed her dinner. She approached the kitchen and switched on the lights. Next moment a scream was heard out!

“Chipkaliiiiiii! Mommmmm save me!!!!”- Swara shouted at the top of her voice terribly frightened looking at the creature on the floor who was looking at her as if smiling at her frightened face. She immediately turned around to run and no prizes for guessing, she bumped into his strong chest. She grabbed his arms tightly hiding her face in his chest refusing to look up. “Plzz shoo it away!” – she pointed at the creature still not looking back. His palms gripped her arms as a reflex, Sanskar felt a jolt of terrible electric shock as her frame touched his, he closed his eyes for a second and focused back.

His laugh made her look up at him slowly. “Mr.Maheshwari!” – she gasped in surprise as he saw him holding the lizard swinging it up in the air in front of her eyes. She immediately stepped back frowning as her eyes fell on Roger who was also standing there laughing.

“So the grt Swara is afraid of lizards! See Roger I told you, girls no matter how much brave cannot stand lizards and cockroaches!” – Sanskar said amidst fits of laughter as he held his stomach.

Swara didn’t know what to say. She was already disturbed by her Mom’s talks and now this. She suddenly felt a sense of disgust seeing this man who suddenly appeared so insensitive to her. After all, she was also a human, she also had pain, tears, sadness, hunger but this man seemed to be nonchalant. Neither once did he want to know why she was here, that she did not have a morsel of food after breakfast, that she was feeling dizzy due to a cold bath that so why she was late this evening all because of his safety, his protection. She felt a deep pain in her heart and at this moment, all she wanted was to cry badly. For a few moments, she wanted to forget her duty and wanted to be the soft hearted soul she was. And she did right that…

“That was not at all funny Mr.Maheshwari!” – she just said blankly moved away shoving both the men as she still heard there laughter. She closed her eyes and opened wiping the tears, she saw David who had come out hearing the commotion, she just went and slammed the door of her room behind her back.

Few moments later, the room echoed with soft sounds of weeping as she hid her face in the duvet.


Sanskar was standing in front of the mirror in his room. A deep sense of guilt was rushing through his nerves as his head hung in shame. He sensed the terrible mistake he had done today, his knuckles turned white as he fisted his palms tightly. No, these were not the values he was taught off and this was not the upbringing him. How could he be so insensitive that just because she was a girl , he didn’t want her to be in charge of his security, just because she was a lady , he was refusing to succumb to the protection and was trying all means to tease her and humiliate her so that she backs off. Today, he had crossed all limits…

“Sir, sorry to say but what you did was terribly wrong… She was here to have her dinner after being hungry for the whole day! I know its wrong for me to say but you are being insensitive to her… I know its strange for you to feel protected by a girl, but sir Girls are more stronger than the men, I think I don’t need to explain you how, just have a look at your Mother you will get your answers… Swara is just doing her duty and doing it most perfectly than I have ever seen… I am afraid sir you hurt her, she is a soft soul , people who try to be hard outside are the most sensitive, I donno whether she will stay here anymore!” – David’s voice echoed in his voice who had shown him his mistake.

“No I wont let her go, ever…” – Sanskar murmured.

Flashes of the past three days reflected in his eyes. She had been like his shadow, every moment, her eyes and ears were alert of any danger that could approach him, she even held the collar of a passer by last morning thinking him to be a fishy intruder, that poor boy was drooling over his brand new Lamborghini , he chuckled softly thinking of her expressions and actions, her sincerity had impressed him continuously but he was adamant to accept it. Then he saw her laughing like a teenage girl and he could easily bet on the fact that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen! She was very very different from the ladies he had known in his circle. So focused, hardworking, sincere, career-oriented, strong, beautiful and feminine, all at the same time.

But now it was time to mend his mistakes…

[Next Morning]


“Where is Swara?” – this was the first question Sanskar bombarded at the house help as he came with his morning coffee! Entire night her thoughts didn’t let him sleep properly. All he wanted was to apologize to her. He had a lots to say to her and his throat dried up at the thought that how would she react…

He rushed out and knocked at her room. No reply, finally he entered, room was vacant. Thousands of thought rushed his minds, and David’s words rang in his ears. “I am afraid she will leave Sir!” – he had warned her. Tears flooded his vision as he ran out with trembling steps. No, she just couldn’t leave like this, his heart ached with an unknown pain and filled with fear. He checked the entire villa, She was no where, hall, rooms, kitchen, terrace, study, living room! Nowhere.

He ran madly to the garden, she was not there. It was still dark outside as it was winter. She has fever – his mind screamed as he on the verge of breaking down… He fell on the ground, soft dewy grass touched his knees as tears now knew no barriers.

“Swaraaaaaaa!!!!” – he shouted his heart out. It was aching somewhere fiercely.

Where was she?

He looked up at the sky and prayed the divine almighty to bring her back. He slowly got up and turned to return when suddenly his eyes fell on the gym area which was located away from the main residential area, on the other side of the garden. To his surprise the lights were on. He remembered he had not checked in there and his lips curled into a smile. He was sure now and ran at his highest speed and barged in.

She was in there…

Before she could say anything Sanskar ran and without any prior notice or hesitation engulfed her into a bone crushing hug. Swara who was here for her morning duty was shocked beyond core. She did not know why she felt terrific shivers all around her body at his touch. On the other hand , Sanskar was so so relieved, it seemed as if he got his life back. He dug his face in her shoulder making her flinch a bit as she closed her eyes not being able to take the sensations he was creating in her.

“Where did you go without informing? I was so so worried about you!!! Aisa koi karta hai kya?” – he whispered in a broken voice.

Swara who was speechless by his sudden actions now gently pushed him clearing her throat. Sanskar realized their position and was a bit embarrassed, his cheeks were red as he slightly blushed.

“Mr.Maheshwari, you are 10 minutes late for your gym session today! I was on time and I know you wont believe me… So kindly don’t waste any further time and start your day…” – Swara’s cold voice brought him to senses.

Sanskar (taking a step forward) – See Swara! I know I was wrong, what I did last night was…

Before he could complete, Swara raised her hand stopping him…

Swara – Listen Mr.Maheshwari, first of all am Officer Raizaada for you… Secondly , I am here strictly on professional purpose so kindly stay in the professional arena and don’t try to come near me. And most importantly, I know you don’t want me to protect you as I am girl, I know its hurting your male ego! What else can be expected from a male chauvinist ! Isnt it? But I just want you to know, your father Mr.Ramprasad Maheshwari had strictly ordered that you should be under tight security as Minister Khurana is a threat to you. So I am just doing my job here and I would never run away from my duties no matter how much you try…

Sanskar’s face was pale as he could feel she was deeply hurt by his actions, and this time he decided to apologize and mend his mistakes through his actions rather than words…

“Officer I am not in a mood to train now, I am going to sleep! You can also retire to bed for another 3 hours as I will start a late day today maybe at 8!” – Sanskar answered nonchalantly as if her words did not reach him. Swara was taken aback by his carefree behavior. “blo*dy insensitive!” – she thought to herself.

[Sanskar’s room]

Sanskar retired to bed with a large grin on his face and pulled the duvet over…

Sanskar – I know Swara, you still have fever. If I would have said you to rest, the adamant you I know would have never agreed, so now begin’s Prince Sanskar Maheshwari’s style!! My actions had hurt you and now I will make sure my actions will help me win over you… (To himself) Oh God! Seriously Sanskar, ‘Win Over’! Man!!! You are so filmy… Hopelessly in love rather to be said! Haha! Swara get ready to be wooed by this Prince…

Start of a new story…

[Afternoon 3PM]

[4th day of Conference]

[Conference Hall]

Sanskar had just completed his speech and a huge round of applause rang in the auditorium. Swara who was standing near the dais was the first one to applaud. She was so enchanted by his charisma, his speech delivery and his apt knowledge about this subject that she just forgot about her anger on him. Moreover, his white Gucci suit was just adding more to his aura and suave nature.

Swara only knew how her heart was fluttering now….

“Truly, no wonder he is Prince Sanskar Maheshwari!” – Swara gushed unknowingly.

Sanskar gave a wide smile to her making her embarrassed. Heat rushed up to her cheeks as she hopelessly tried to get back on forte. First time he was so so happy in his life, this was all together a different kind of happiness.

“I never knew my knees would turn out into jellies seeing someone blush so profusely!” – he whispered flirting as he got down from the dais, Swara’s mouth was slightly opened into a small O shape as she saw him giving one of his most charming smirks and a smooth pick-up line accompanied by a wink. Any girl there would have been gone ga-ga right there… Her cheeks flushed red.

Point to be noted, she was also a girl…

“Just look at him, a true Prince! His each and every gesture is so so royal! And looks, yaar I would die for one of his smiles, I wish he was with me…” – Swara heard two young ladies giggling looking at Sanskar as he smirked looking at her glaring at them. Seeing him catching her sight, she immediately looked forward with a no-nonsense expression earning a small laugh from him when he suddenly stopped at his tracks as his expressions hardened looking at the man at his front .

“And what I heard is exactly correct! The great business tycoon Sanskar Maheshwari finally needs a young lady for his protection…. Well I thought you to be a way more stronger Sanskar!” – the man gave a sarcastic small laugh.

Sanskar’s knuckles turned white as he gave a small glance at Swara who was frowning at the man. He turned back at him and suddenly gave a huge laugh making both Swara and the man surprised.

Sanskar (patting the man’s arm gently) – Arre Minister Sahab, why are you taking pressure at this age Ha?? Well before you say anything further, just one thing … Your mother, wife and daughter are all ladies…. Isnt it?? Well I hope I don’t have to say anything futhur, you are smart enough! If not… Then I have my own style… And I bet it wont be good for you!!!

Minister Khurana gulped a bit as Sanskar glanced back. His breath hitched…

She was smiling… Smiling at him… First time without any hesitation, she was smiling genuinely at him… His happiness knew no bounds!

Just then, within a fraction of seconds a storm whirled in the large conference area, before Sanskar could understand Swara pushed him vigorously as he fell on the floor right on chin, there was a huge commotion as got around , his entire team rushed in, as he was still on the carpeted floor and looked at Swara with shocked eyes.

All he could see was his Lady Love effortlessly arching through expert moves of judo as the attacker was trying to take control over her, but her timing and bends were so perfect that in a matter of few seconds the man was on the floor by her final kick and was writhing in pain. Swara was panting slightly as she wiped her forehead looking mercilessly at the man. And the thing at Sanskar didn’t fail to notice was her long black hair (which was always tied in a bun) that had cascaded down her shoulder reaching her waist covering her entire back, she was just creating an enchanted spell on him as he could see her a way more beautiful than the previous ones.

She was something he could not even think of! She was a spark, a magical spark that was lighting his life.

“Sir you are okay?” – David’s voice brought him back to reality as he got up without any support and moved a bit of dust from his clothes.

Swara (coming near him concernedly) – Hope that you are okay Mr.Maheshwari…

Sanskar looked up at her still drinking her through his eyes. His voice was as usual dried up.

Swara (intentionally avoiding his gaze) – Well Mr.Maheshwari, I have to reach headquarters for interrogation of this man… Hope you be safe! I will return by evening…

She marched out followed by a force of policemen leaving him in daze…

[Maheshwari Villa]

[Night 10:00PM]

Swara entered the Villa after long 6 hours of interrogation, she was damn sure the minister had done this but the man didn’t spill the beans. But she had her own way, and next day she would make sure he confesses everything. She quickly changed into her night gown and came out.

“Maybe everyone slept.” – she murmured to herself and decided to check on the security system once again as they had to be extra alert. She immediately wrapped her shawl and came out in the garden area where the guards were present, she went to them…

Sanskar who was pacing up and down in his room waiting for her looked through the large glass door that lead to the balcony over viewing the garden. He could hear her mild and confident voice and all of a sudden became excited like a love-struck teenage boy.

There she was standing in a light pink elegant night gown with a white shawl wrapped around her and was talking to the guards instructing them something. He smiled seeing her dedication, the day from which she was here, she had only one focus – His Safety. He saw her approaching back to the entrance but she stopped suddenly on tracks making him a bit surprised.

She took small steps towards the roses present in the other corner. Sanskar was observing her every gesture. There was something in her style and manners that were very different, very feminine . Sanskar knew it very well, her soft hands lightly caressed the velvety pink petals of the beautiful blossom she inhaled the scented fragrance, a lovely smile occupied on her lips.

Sanskar felt a sudden urge to kiss her smiling rosy lips urgently, he was getting mad… “Stop it ! For heaven’s sake Mr. you are a Prince, so much impatience doesn’t suit you! Stop behaving like a college student!” – he scolded himself concentrating back on Swara who had now reached the entrance of the villa again.

“So dinner time Officer Swara! And today I wont let you skip your food!” – Sanskar giggled to himself. He had already kept dinner prepared for her and he knew she wouldn’t have it if he was present.


[Half an hour later]

Sanskar peeked in to find the most beautiful sight. There , his Swara was sitting on the kitchen counter folding her legs and digging into the dinner plate like a child, specs of food were giving glimpses from the corner of her lips. Sanskar giggled as she jumped down from the counter completing the meal . She went on to wash her plates. Sanskar knew she preferred doing her own work so unlike him, who had thousands of house help.

“Thanks for the dinner Mr.Maheshwari! I was really hungry…” – Sanskar jumped up at her voice as she still had her back faced towards him washing her plate. He was caught off-guard for a second but then composed himself. He could sense she was smiling and thought something , in a few small strides he reached behind her smirking… Needless to say, she bumped onto him while turning.

Swara looked up into his eyes startled as he smirked lightly moving the hair tress that disturbed falling on her forehead. Oh how much, he wanted to do this! “Well I would prefer thanks in a slight different way Swara…” – he whispered huskily grabbing her suddenly by her waist, she gasped in surprise.

Swara (angrily) – What are you doing Mr.Maheshwari? Stop it! You know that I can throw you on the ground right at this instance, it will be a matter of few seconds for me… So its better, that that…

Her eyes suddenly closed before she could complete her warning , he lightly kissed on her little exposed area of the shoulder. She unknowingly grasped his collar making him smile. He very well knew that the fire was burning both sided and this was the only way he could melt her.

“Kya hua? Continue! Tell what do you wanna do… Rather I say plzz kick me, punch me or slap me… Ofcourse I wont mind, am all yours!” – he grinned lightly as he reached her cheeks lingering wet kisses over there. “Mr.Maheshwari…” – she moaned that turned him on more and next second he brushed his lips against hers that turned out to be a fierce passionate both sided kiss in a matter of moments. They were tasting each others mouth moving their lips in a perfect sync, no hesitation was prevalent for few minutes as their tongues danced to the same tune of brewing new found love, Sanskar’s hand went shameless on her waist seeing her respond, her shawl was now on the floor and he could see feel her against him which was maddening him more, she laced her long fingers through his black velvety hair bringing him closer. Both were getting impatient…

Suddenly, Swara jerked him angrily realizing their position. He was surprised to see tears in her eyes , suddenly he felt guilty! Did he hurt her? He immediately held her hands in his and pleaded…

“See see Swara, I really didn’t want to… I mean I am…” – he helplessly said.

Swara pushed him violently and ran out but before she reached the door, he pulled her wrist tightly and she was pinned to the adjacent wall to the door with he hovering over her. Swara was frightened as she looked up to find him glaring at her. There was anger, irritation and a deep unknown pain in his eyes, the pain she knew well! The pain that had burnt her. Pain of REJECTION.

Sanskar (hissed) – Whats your goddamn problem Swara? Its evident from your eyes that you want me as much as I want you!!! What is the problem then!!!! Look at me, am I not worth you? I know I have been insensitive and cruel for the past few days, but I was stupid! Cant you see it…

Swara was taken aback at his outburst! She just pushed him and was again going as he looked the other side disgusted and angry. Suddenly she turned…

“The problem is that Mr.Maheshwari, I will fall in love with you all over again…” – her hurt voice made him shocked. He immediately turned around and saw him sitting on knees burying her face in her hands. He was a stunned. ‘All over again’ – what did that mean?? He had seen her for the first time last week and she was saying something he was clueless of. He ran to her, her tears were piercing his heart. He slowly moved her hand from her face and cupped her cheeks making her look up. First time, he saw the vulnerable her… She was crying badly, her lips quivered as she tried to speak up…

Swara – You rejected me once, and you will do the same again I know…

Sanskar (confused) – What are you saying Swara? I can never dream of doing such a thing…

Swara (shaken) – I had loved you, loved you from when I was 15. Your one glance was enough for me to fall for you… And you? You just rejected me without even seeing my pic! I remember I was so happy when they said me Prince Sanskar’s Maheshwari’s alliance was fixed with me! But you just didn’t care before shattering my dream… You made me feel dejected!

Sanskar was at loss of words. “You! It was your pic Mom tried to show me last week… But it was some princess, you are a police officer…” – he pointed at her somehow blurting out somehow. Swara gave a helpless laugh!

Swara (sighing) – And that was my fault that I am Princess of Devpur estate (see again fictional me!) and by fate your security officer too right? Who said you a princess cant make establish own identity? It was my fault that I saw you once helping your palace’s cook in her works inspite of being a prince ,I fell head over heels for you! Its entirely my fault that you didn’t spare even a single notice to me still I am madly in love with you, its my fault that I dreamt of our life together without even knowing how insensitive you are! Its my fault that I felt dejected for the last 4 days each time I came in front of you… I didn’t want to come here but CP sir wanted me and I couldn’t back off from my duty! So I was here to protect you, I tried to be strong but see here I am vulnerable and broken… All because of you, just you who is now claiming me as if I am yours!

Swara couldn’t speak anymore as suddenly she felt her lips sealed with Sanskar’s who couldn’t withstand her pain anymore, and this was the only way he got to quiet her. Tears incessantly flowed through her eyes as she finally broke down in his arms responding him slowly.

Suddenly there was a huge scream and blackout.


Bright sunlight flashed through the window as Swara slowly opened her eyes. There was a heavy piercing pain on her head as she slowly tried to look around. It was a room, wait she was on a bed! Her head ached as she slightly rubbed her temple. Slowly events of last night registered in her mind as panic took over her expressions.

There was Minister Khurana aiming shoot at Sanskar, the whole security unit were blo*dy betrayers , a few lakhs could buy them from their duty! Swara clenched her teeth, she could remember David aiming a gun at her temple as Sanskar was tied to a chair. Khurana was laughing devilishly and telling him that how he wanted another businessman to take over the first position in Iron Market of the world so that he helps him in winning the election. And with Sanskar on path, it was not possible… She wanted to rip off his head at that instance but David had strong grip over her… She saw Sanskar unconscious, with blood dripping from the corner of his lips. Then suddenly there was a gunshot and after that she did not remember anything.

She looked around the room and she could register – It was a hospital ward… Slowly she drifted to sleep again.

[2hours later]

“Okk Mr.Maheshwari, she is safe and fine now… There is no more need to worry, just take good care of her! I will see you round…”- Swara opened her eyes slowly and these were the first words she heard. She looked around to find the doctor smiling at her. Sanskar was standing beside him giving a weird glaring expression. She frowned confusingly and rubbed her temple again.

Doctor (smiling) – So welcome back Miss Raizaada, you slept quite long Miss Braveheart…

Swara smiled a bit looking back at Sanskar who was still giving looks.

Doctor (continued) – I must say Swara, you need guts to face a bullet that was not for you. Mr.Maheshwari, (he looked at Sanskar) you have a very dedicated security officer I must say. Thank god the bullet did not touch her too… So Swara, its just that you are able to save him but while doing this you got hit by a rod, so we are here! But there is nothing to worry! You are safe and sound…

The doctor gave a few more instructions to the nurse who had to fetch a medicine, and both left leaving the lovebirds alone. Sanskar sat down beside the bed and started cutting fruits. Swara was a bit confused at his behavior. She tried to get up a bit…

Swara (in a weak voice) – Mr.Maheshwari, I think you should… Aahh! Ouch…

Sanskar immediately rushed and made her lie down holding her shoulders.

“Don’t you dare again to get up! Samjhi… What do you think of yourself ha?? You are very brave? May I know the reason why you took the rod that was meant for me! Tumhe pata vi hai kya haalat ho gayi thi meri when I saw you there in that pool of blood (his voice broke as Swara could see tears in his eyes)… Saansein rukk gayi thi meri Goddamit!” – he broke down weeping looking down…

Swara (with difficulty) – But Mr.Maheshwari…

Sanskar looked up at her and held her bandaged hand. “I know Officer, its your duty and now I want you to fulfill your duty for life time… I want you to be my shadow forever and ever, no not a shadow I want you to stand with me at every turning point of our life! Bolo manzoor hai?” – he looked intensely into her eyes.

Swara immediately nodded in a no with hardened expressions. Sanskar knew she was hurt. He squeezed her hand gently coming closer. “Plzz Swara I know I hurt you, plzz one chance…” – the prince was being helpless in front of his princess.

Swara (coldly) – What will change now Mr.Maheshwari?? Nothing… (sighing) You will again repeat old ways…

Sanskar (whining) – No never…

Swara – What no never? Again I have to wake up daily at 4:30AM for your so called gym sessions which are actually nothing but my checking out sessions, anyways I don’t mind that after the visual treat I get, but yet again you will again shout at me when I am even 3 minutes late for any business dinner(she pouted)… What will change??

Sanskar (hurriedly) – No everything will change…

He suddenly stops registering her words. “Wait what? What did you just say?” – he frowned a bit looking at her who was now smiling slightly, he broke into a large grin as she was giggling now fully! Without wasting further time he sealed his lips with hers inviting a sweet gentle lip lock, he could sense her smiling! Finally he broke the kiss and touched his forehead with hers. Both were panting slightly…

“I love you Swara!! I cant live without you…” – he murmured as she smiled…

“Are you that big idiot that you still need to know how much I love you Mr.Maheshwari!” – she replied chuckling as her cheeks reddened as Sanskar smiled.

Sanskar (naughtily) – Waise I never knew that I was that much hot that the great Officer Swara Raizaada aka would be Your Highness Swara Sanskar Maheshwari , Future Queen of Rajgarh checked me out daily… Waise I can provide you a better view if you allow… (He winked) provided you call me Sanskar…

Swara was by now blushing profusely. She immediately hugged him hiding her face making him laugh lightly. “ I love you Sanskar, I have had always loved you and always will..” – she whispered making him smile as he supported her back as she had raised a little to reach him. He was caressing her long hair as she felt so contented in his arms.

“By the way I have one question Officer Raizaada” – Sanskar cleared his throat still remaining in hug.

Swara broke the hug and looked back at him as he still held her near his chest. Her eyes met his as he gave a mischievous smile….

“What??” – Swara asked…

Sanskar – How do U Make My Heart Flutter each time I see you???????  Remember the first day I saw u at the Police headquarters, it’s started from then my heart is dancing in a whole rhythm and am sure it will continue the rest of my life??…. (Hae? No wonder I love this guy???? Ab sab jootein marenge mujhe sautanein ??)

Swara was out of words listenin to him….  A beautiful smile lingered on her lips as she brought his face nearer to his ears whispered…

“Just the same way as U Make My Heart Flutter at one sight of yours ??? This is bcoz I madly love u and will always do???….” – came her reply as she again hugged him tightly as she was shy??. Sanskar gave a low laugh and hugged her with more fervor gently caressing her hair….

“Ahmm Ahmm…” – their trance broke as both saw their parents. “Mom Dad!” – both shouted in unison as parents entered the ward.

“Waise I think we are not very wanted here… Isnt it??” – Sujata teased them as Swara was blushing yet again. Sanskar grinned and looked at Shekhar and Sharmishtha who were now cajoling their only child as she was smiling seeing her mom and dad.

“Ha Sujata Ji, even I feel our Swara now needs someone else… Kyun Swara?” – Sharmishtha looked at SwaSan teasing. Sanskar was laughing still embarrassed as Swara whined – “Mom!”.

“Toh chode ab toh mandap mein chhalang lagaega na?” – Sujata teased her son making him grin shyly.

Swara smiled at him and murmured – “I love you…”. He smiled and kissed her forehead.

A happy beginning.

[A years later]

“Mom scold him na, he is pulling my hair arrghh????!” – Swara shouted complaining to Sujata as Sanskar was pulling her hair playfully on the name of massaging. He intentionally did this as he knew it irked her a lot???. Sujata was smiling looking at both of her children. Both were truly prankster and totally child. Ever evening, both of them did the same drama shouting and squealing like children sitting in the palace library as usual…

Sanskar (giggling) – Oh Officer, Itne se darr gayi…

Swara looked around scowling and tried to beat him playfully but he moved back making her more irritated. Sujata laughed seeing their antiques. “Bache hi rahoge tum dono!” – she laughed.

Suddenly he held her hands and pulled her closer whispering something secretly as she blushed profusely giggling. A small playful slap on his chest was her award.

Sujata smiled at them and looked at the magazine rack. There were new editions present there with a new cover story. She took the magazine and opened the article.

“Royal Enigma ‘Mr. and Mrs.Sanskar Maheshwari’ – Soon To Be Parents…” – a beautiful smile occupied her lips. Finally, her family was complete…

It’s truly said – ‘Destiny playes its own games at the right time at the right place…. ‘

*********Just The Beginning*******

So finally done with my first ever OS, I can’t believe I actually wrote it which I thought to be quite impossible for me as I write history papers in ffs??? okk so hope u all had a good read…  plzz do cmmnt as its my first try, I would love to get a feedback from u? Jootein Chappal, Ande Tamatar (no no Tamatar, I hate Tamatar???)  most welcome???? Okk see u all in comment box…  Signing off, Tata????

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