MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 – Kahani ab tak ( Summary)

Season 1

A story starts with kushi’s griha pravesh. Though they’re married 3years back kushi is now permanently shifting to raizada mansion completing her studies. She’s waiting in a bridal attire outside Raizada mansion along with whole family but Arnav isn’t back yet.. On the other aside arnav is avoiding to go hone only to miss the ritual however later he performs it & even bare everyone’s anger for delay

And arshi’s nok jhok ( banter) starts. They hate each other they love each other they love the proximity they hate the proximity.. They don’t even want to share a bed yet lost in each others thoughts..

Their first fight starts for sharing a bed & their adamant to share it calling each other rakshas ( demon) & chudail( witch) but aman intervene & ask them to remember how they were 3years back so much in love & convince them to share bed.. Finally they agree & recall their life 3 years back..

So from here starts the flashback

Shashi Gupta & nani were hospitalised. Doctor said they cannot save them.. Then Anjali & buaji enquired the priest for solution & the solution was Arshi marriage & then some Pooja for 3 months.. For their loved ones they got married & soon after this nani shashi Gupta came out of danger but were still critical. Now arshi, Akash Payal, aman & Lavanya go to Lucknow to perform Pooja..

And Arshi’s ” tum teek ho, aap teek ho” ( are you fine) starts.. Both start caring for each other soon there was another attack on shashi Gupta which upsets Kushi. The real culprit frames someone else & culprit escapes.. Shashi Gupta too recovers.. All was well.. Arnav finally ask out for a dinner/ date & kushi readily agree

Arnav take her to a beautifully decorated river bank where kushi’s favourite Chinese is served her favourite music is played & they both dance on tu hi tu gar jagah song too.. Which is secretly seen by Akash Payal, aman la.. Later they tease arshi a lot & then everyone get a news that shashi & nani got conscious so everyone decide to go to Delhi to visit them as Pooja was completed here..

While returning back to Delhi the car breaks down in a jungle but wait it’s not by mistake someone as planned it. There aman find or pretend to find a big palace like house & after lot of arguments everyone move in.. It was beautifully decorated house & flowers petals fall on Arshi.. Later it is known that everything was planned by aman & Anjali for Arshi.. However everyone enjoy a lot & reach Delhi next day

Arshi convince shashi & nani that they’re happy with this marriage & it wasn’t imposed one. But wait everyone aren’t that sweet later garima secretly try to break kushi’s marriage however kushi doesn’t pay any heed & now it’s time for arshi’s wedding night . kushi was highly uncomfortable she request Arnav that she want to take this step after her graduation & Arnav readily agrees & both decide to be best buddies..

Meanwhile aman la discuss about garima’s extra martial affair & even la expresses her urge to kill her for troubling Kushi. Later in room arshi’s cute fight continue praising each other & Arnav arrange a special date with a couch on poolside. They talk to stars addressing them as Kushi’s dead parents( shashi & garima are her chacha chachi- uncle aunt)

Gupta’s return to Lucknow. Meanwhile Arshi were constantly in touch on phone their bond had grew even more stronger just saying those 3 magical words was left. During this Akash had proposed Payal & she has agreed to that. Now they’re couple.

4 months later it’s a night before valentine Arnav arrive at midnight in Lucknow & take Kushi out first valentine celebration on cruise later they fly in sky on air balloon & Arshi say those 3 magical words I love you then Arnav take kushi to Mumbai & there make her meet salman khan

Meanwhile aman ka are busy finding about garima’s boyfriend named harish Malik with whom she had planned to kill shashi Gupta

And now it’s garima shashi’s anniversary where Sheetal enter who is secret daughter of garima with harish. It’s revealed Raj ( arnav’s dad ) had cast his evil eye on garima who was his brother’s lover but however garima eloped after giving birth to Sheetal to save herself there she end up in shashi Gupta’s marriage venue where bride as eloped so she get married to him to Dave from goons later Raj die in a accident

However Sheetal was here with a motive to get Arnav but seeing Arshi’s love she return back. Harish Malik who’s also chacha of Arnav Anjali call Anjali home & try to butter get by Arnav doesn’t allow that & asks Anjali to stay away. But harish garima are hello bent to create differences between Arshi. Finally Arshi’s 1st anniversary arrive which is celebrated in a grand way & Kushi ask for honeymoon for which Arnav readily agree & they’ve lip lock.

But happy times doesn’t stay longer garima successfully creates misunderstanding between arshi & Arnav return to Delhi & now they both hate each other. Flash back ends here.

Kushi plans to trouble Arnav right from seeing each other’s face first to mailing love guru. Later Kushi find out Arnav has started smoking due to some tension and blames herself for troubling him. However Arnav refuses and take her to night club where they get drunk and get to know it was just a misunderstanding that separated us unfortunately they doesn’t remember anything next day but it is recorded by old couple.

Now Akash Payal’s marriage preps start. Aman la who are separated due to Arshi start getting close by efforts of Arshi & finally both couple fall for each other deciding to start a fresh

Later it is revealed Arnav had broke the marriage of harish’s daughter Kavya ( Arnav sister) and she have attempted suicide that’s he’s tensed however Kavya turns out to be NK’s friend & they get married in Lucknow & all Raizadas accept it but Kavya shocked to know Arnav is cousin of NK though Arnav try to men’s relations with her doesn’t pay any heed later all 3 couples fly to Simla for honeymoon where Kushi gets to know what Arnav had done to first she gets angry but later forgives him & both consummate their marriage. Meanwhile in Lucknow la’s marriage is fixed with NRI. so she elope & marry aman

Looking at the good side of Arnav Kavya forgives him. Now it is revealed Kavya is daughter of harish garima.. Aasha is just a name sake mom for society who is also shashi’s eloped bride. However later Arshi unite shashi Aasha & harish garima too get married.

Later Kushi Lavanya get pregnant & Kushi is kidnapped during her baby shower by harish garima for revenge but Sheetal stops it & Kushi give birth to a baby girl “Aashi”

Season 1 ends here

Season 2 – 10 years later

Kushi is in USA with her 7 year old son Aarav & Kavya’s brother anshuman. Anjali is in coma & Arshi are separated & hate each other now

But Kushi returns to India on knowing Anjali is out of coma & Everyone pretend all is well between arshi & family infront of Anjali as doctor has advised not to stress her. Arnav is angry on kushi as he suspects she had an affair with a guy named kiran later it is revealed kiran is a girl from here flashback starts..

10 years back after Aashi’s birth everything was just perfect in arshi’s life, romance was full on, they were happy in their life. Payal is pregnant. Shashi & Aasha leave a for holy trip but accident occurs & they die. Before death shashi convince Kushi that he will take birth has Payal’s child & he’s going no where. Son after his death Payal give birth to baby boy whom Kushi name Atharv as per shashi’s least wish

Later it revealed harish garima planned the accident so they’re sentenced jail & Kavya bring Sheetal home as she was alone from here starts the problems in arshi’s life. They start having a small misunderstanding.. Whatever issues they have they’re still very much in love with each other.. Now Kiran enter their life.. Just to trouble Arnav Kushi two kiran is a boy & start making Arnav jealous

Now everything was fine suddenly everything starts going wrong. Kushi is portrayed to be irresponsible & is too much involved in phone little fights occur due to this. One day Kushi leave Aashi in Benny care centre of mall but Arnav find her on road & get raged & ballast on Kushi & take Aashi too to nuances trip soon he realise his mistake but he get struck in Brazil due to climate changes.

Meanwhile in India Kushi aman la find out it’s Sheetal behind all the misunderstandings created & Kushi confront her but she refuse. Later Arshi celebrate their anniversary & kushi go to Lucknow to do some Pooja & Sheetal provide some fake recordings to Arnav & force him to believe Kushi is having an affair with kiran.. However Arnav doesn’t beleive it.

Later Kushi gets to know she’s pregnant & she informs that too Anjali. Anjali call Arnav & tell him that some 3rd person is present between arshi.. Arnav misunderstands it & completely believe kushi is having an affair after knowing Kushi is with kiran in Lucknow. Anjali meet with an accident while returning home & slip to come. Later Arnav accuse Kushi for affair & kushi slaps him & leave house without telling him about pregnancy.. Flashback ends here…

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