MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-9)

I know all of you are waiting eagerly with lethal weapons to attack me for this delay.. I’m really sorry & this delay is for last time.. I promise From today I will be regular.. But I can’t post all my 6 ffs in one day.. So I’ll post two everyday.. Hope you all are okay with it.. Sorry..

Recap : Naming ceremony preparations..

Anj : chote go.. Dress up both your princesses..

Everyone laugh while arnav hurriedly move in escaping from their teases..

Arshi room..

Some 10 dresses are lying on bed.. Kushi is standing confused infront of them.. Little 6 month old aashi is smiling at her mom’s state from cradle.. Arnav come & hug her from behind..

Arnav : what’s taking you so long.. I’m eager to see you in my creation..

Kushi : who told you to design soo many dresses.. All are so nice.. Now I’m confused to pick one..

Arnav : you look good in everything.. Pick anything.. ( he lean to kiss on her cheeks)

Aashi start crying to get their attention otherwise these two will forget everyone in their romance.. Kushi take aashi in her arms..

Kushi : see she got angry as we didn’t give her attention..

Kavya : ( getting in) I think she’s saying its my naming ceremony instead of dressing me up you two are romancing.. Right aashi..

Baby nod as if agreeing to her.. The trio laugh at its antics..

Arnav : let’s see.. Hmm.. (He pick a red frock.. ) this one..

Kavya & Kushi : No..

Kavya : not again..

Kushi : come on Arnav I’m here to wear red.. Now dont make her too wear it..

Kavya : at least spare her..

Kushi : she will wear this pink one..

Kavya & Arnav : No..

Arnav : you like pink so you always want her to wear it not again kushi please..

Kavya : you two are too much.. She will wear this white one.. She look like princess in it..

Arshi nod & aashi is dressed up in a cute little white frock with beautiful diamond bracelet & star shaped diamond earrings.. Cute designer anklets.. She’s looking like snow white & her white dress is complementing her pink complexion..

Kavya : perfect.. Isn’t she.. Ok bow I’ll take her to my room.. Bhai please dress up bhabhi fast holding your romance function is today itself..

Before arshi could confront her Kavya run away with aashi. Going bit far she turn back & say..

Kavya : dont forget to close the door there are many guests..

Kushi : kavya..

Arnav close the door..

Arnav : come on kushi select the dress now.. Function starts in an hour..

After lot of argument both select a silver netted saree..

Kushi : ok now you go I’ll get ready..

Arnav : what the.. This is not fair Kushi..

Kushi : what..? What not fair..

Arnav : you called me to dress up right now you’re pushing me out not fair kushi..

Arnav move forward & Kushi start moving backward & collide with wardrobe..

Arnav : its high time kushi you stop going back when I step towards you..

Arnav lean at her ears & whisper in husky voice..

Arnav : so shall we start dressing you..

Kushi blush hard..

An hour later

Everyone is awestruck seeing Arshi & aashi descending the steps.. Arnav is in black suit looking stunning as usual.. Kushi is looking like a angel in that silver saree with her hairs left loose not to forget our little aashi whose smiling in arnav’s arms..

Everyone bless the child naming ceremony is completed & now all guests are having lunch & busy praising the beauty of mother daughter duo..

Akash : why isn’t aman here..

Arnav : he’s in Lucknow.. Lavanya’s father not well..

Nk : damn we are missing them..

Arnav give confused look..

Kavya : without aman & la there is no fun in teasing you both.. They always give good ideas..

Kushi : kavya.. Leave all that tell me how was your 2nd honeymoon last week.. Nk bhai I heard you two didn’t even get out of the room for a second.. What kept you two so busy.. Ah..

Nk kavya shut now..

Payal : oh come on Kushi.. Dont you know what they might have done you’ve experience with such romantic husband..

Arnav : payal dont forget your time will also come

Payal : let’s see it then..

Kushi : jiji atleast think of babies inside you what will they think you’re spoiling them ( payal is 3 months pregnant with twins)

Payal : anyway they’ll be spoilt after seeing your romance.. Let me give them info now itself..

Anjali : ( coming there) why are you all troubling my Chote & bhabhi..

Kushi : see di they’re not even leaving us for a second..

Kavya : still how much time you need alone bhabhi..

Anjali : ( fake anger) stop all of you don’t trouble them

Kushi relax as at least Anjali is understanding but arnav who know his di very well try to escape before his di start her teases but..

Anjali : both ( Kushi & aashi) of you are looking very pretty today..

Kushi smile.. Arnav who was about to go stop hearing Anjali

Anjali : chote.. If these two look so good then you should dress them daily.. We won’t mind giving you time.. ( she wink at him) is it ok kushi..

Kushi : hey devi maiyya.. Save me..

Everyone laugh..

After a week..

Everyone watching the video of naming ceremony..

Lavanya : Wow Kushi & aashi are looking like princesses.. Such a beautiful dress..

Kushi : ( to herself) devi maiyya please no discussions on dress again…

Aman : after all its designed by ASR they had to look good..

Kavya : and dressed up by bhai..

Aman & la : what..!!!

Anjali : chote with utmost care dressed up kushi for one hour..

Aman & la : really..!! ( they give teasing look to arshi)

Arnav : if you people again start this topic then I’m going..

Everyone : Sit..

Kavya : we won’t tease sit bhai..

But how can Anjali keep quiet..

Anjali : I know why chote is getting angry

Akash : as we are teasing them..

Anjali nod no..

Anjali : no one is praising his kushi so..

La : we are praising kushi’s look only na

Anjali : not her looks.. You’re not praising her ability of dressing up.. Didn’t she dress up chote in that black suit.. Every girl’s eye was on him only.. Right Chote ( she try holding her laugh)

Arnav : you guys are impossible..

Precap ; Kushi sleeping on dining table.. Payal & kavya try to wake her up..

Kushi : ( in sleep) Arnav I will throw you out of room if you dont allow me to sleep.. Then keep romancing with ghosts..

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  1. Veronica

    Lol the precap seems funny….And the epi was marvelous I was waiting for it since a loong time and finally reading the title I felt really good

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    after so long time………your writings are awesome………..waiting for next one…………

  3. Fanficoholic

    Aww pooooor arshi. None r leaving any oppurtunity in teasing them. And aashi looks like a princess? She is one. After all she is arnav singh raizada’s daughter. She is no less than a princess. Its okay dear. I knw u r nt i tetionally delayong it. So dnt be soo srry. And yah i hav started a new ff named locked. Have a look at it.

  4. Lol Super dear missing u

  5. Anaya

    Thanks you so much Sravs, Veronica, fanficoholic & vavachi

  6. I loved the episode
    But m still a bit upset

  7. Kumud

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