MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-8)


Recap : kiran in raizada mansion.. Anjali know kiran

Kushi pulling back from hug..

Kushi : imbso happy to see you..

Kiran : me too.. First introduce me to others..

Kushi take her in..

Kushi : She’s Mrs Kiran best friend..

Kavya : where is Mr Kiran Raheja

Anjali & kiran laugh..

Kiran : there is no Mr Kiran Raheja.. My name is kiran.. Mrs Kiran Ram Raheja

This shocks everyone now.. Especially arnav..

Anjali : so kiran meet my Chote who’s super jealous of you.. & chote here is your surprise I mean shock.. Kushi you troubled my Chote a lot I suppose by keeping this secret..

Kiran : hello Mr Raizada..

Her voice brings him back to senses.. He immediately look at kushi who was standing a bit away busy talking with kiran’s daughter Serah ( Aarav’s gf)

Anjali : ( shaking him) chote where are you lost..

Arnav : huh.. Nothing di.. Hello Mes Raheja..

He excuse himself & move towards kushi who completely ignore him.. Even after his repeated attempts he couldn’t get anytime alone with her..

Evening 5

Kushi come to kitchen to get some cookies for children.. Arnav pull her from there..

Arnav : what are you doing kushi.. I need to talk .

Kushi : there is nothing left to talk now

Arnav : what the hell Kushi.. First you hid about kiran’s identity.. & now .. ( he shout)

Kushi : ( with equal rage) I hid.. I hid.. Did you allow me to explain.. We were pranking & you..

Arnav : ( interrupt) pranking..!!? Your prank destroyed our life kushi.. ( he scream at the peak of his voice)

Kushi : my prank spoiled everything.. Even now you’re blaming arnav.. You will never change..

Arnav : ( mellow down) I.. I didn’t mean it

Aarav : ( from outside) mumma.. Bring cookies

Kushi push arnav & move out taking cookies.. Arnav sign..

Arshi room – Night..

Arnav was smoking near poolside.. Ashtray was already full.. There was even a half empty wine bottle lying on table.. Kushi was enraged seeing this when she entered the room.. She thought not get bothered & ignore him but however strong she try to be.. No matter how much she deny her love for him.. She couldn’t control seeongvhis state.. She snatched the cigar & dumped everything in dustbin.. She was about to move but arnav hold her hand..

Arnav : ab achanak itni fikar ho rahi hai.. ( now suddenly you are worried for me )

Kushi : achanak ka kya Matlab ( what do you mean suddenly )

Arnav : mujhe aur Aashi ko chod ke jaate waqt toh socha nahi.. ( you never thought before leaving me & aashi )

This statement enrages Kushi & she clutch arnav’s collar..

Kushi : mein chod ke gayi..? Aapne majboor kiya.. Aapke baato ne mujhe majboor kiya.. Aapki fikar thi iss liye aashi ko chod ke gayi.. Taaki aap jii sake.. ( I left ? You left me no choice.. Your words made me leave.. I cared for you so left aashi.. So that you can live )

Arnav : tume lagta hai mein jii raha hoon ( you think I’m leaving)

Kushi : why didn’t your sheetal teach you.. Your so called best friend..

Arnav : now why are you bringing her in between

Kushi : because she came between us.

Arnav : tume aaj bhi aisa lagta hai.. ( still today you feel so..)

Kushi : haan.. Kyunki yehi sach hai ( yes because this is the truth)

Arnav : was our relationship our love so vulnerable.. Some 3rd person came & spoiled it..

Kushi : your love was vulnerable not mine..

Arnav clutch kushi’s shoulders pinning her to wall in rage..

Arnav : my love was vulnerable..!!? ( he shout)

Kushi : shaq kisne kiya tha.. ( who doubted then )

Arnav : shaq kabhi nahi kiya tha.. Meine sirf poocha tha.. (Never doubted.. I just asked )

Kushi push him behind..

Kushi : woh poochne ka tareekha hai.. Jhoot mat boliye.. Aapne shaq kiya tha.. Woh bhi uss sheetal ke baato mein aakar.. Galati aapki thi.. Tab bhi aaj bhi.. Aapne mera dil tod diya arnav.. Dil tod di aapne ( was that a way to ask.. Dont lie.. You doubted.. That too because of that Sheetal.. It was your mistake.. Even then & even today.. You broke my heart arnav.. Broke my heart.. )

She start crying.. Sitting on bed.. Arnav extend his hand to wipe them but kushi move back..

Kushi : 8 saal mein aadat hogayi hai apne aasu khud pochane ki.. ( I have learnt to wipe my tears on my own in these 8 years)

Arnav feel very bad seeing her cry.. He sit beside her make her turn towards him..

Kushi : aapko pata hai.. Jab mera pehli raat guzar ke subah aayi US mein.. neend se uthne ke baad mujhe laga.. Yeh sab ek boora sapna hai Kuch galat nahi huwa hai.. Mere arnav mere saath kabhi aisa nahi kar sakta hai.. Lekin sacchayi badali nahi.. ( you know when I first woke up in US.. I felt everything was just a bad dream.. Nothing bad has happened.. My arnav can never do this to me.. But truth didn’t change)

Arnav : galati hogayi kushi maaf kardo.. ( I’m sorry )

Kushi : itna aasaan lag raha hai yeh sab aapko today you got to know truth, your doubt got cleared so.. Asking sorry na..

Arnav : i agree I doubted you & everything got cleared today but I shouldn’t have behaved that way with you… I had realised it the day you left me.. Meri galathi thi.. Mujhe tum pe haath nahi uthana chachiye tha.. Sab meri galathi.. ( it was my mistake.. I shouldn’t have raised my hand on you.. Its a my mistake.. )

Kushi : I don’t believe you.. ( she turn her face )

Arnav : kushi..

Kushi : Remember Arnav 10 years back everything was so perfect.. You ruined everything.. Even devi maiyya whom I worshipped so much betrayed me.. May be that was my fate.. I dont believe in anyone now.. Sleep & let me sleep..

Both rest on bed but sleep was very far from them tonight.. Their past & future both haunted them..

Flashback 10 years back..

Whole Raizada mansion was decorated like a bride.. It was naming ceremony of our little princess.. Everyone were all busy making everything perfect..

Arnav : I asked for roses here.. What the hell are these flowers doing ( he scream)

Worker : sir those are button roses..

Arnav : I asked for red roses dammit change them before I fire you..

Kushi : ( from room) arnav.. Stop shouting & come here..

Arnav : I’ve work why you want ne now..

Kushi : help me in dressing up..

Kavya & la : what. !!??

she realise what she said so to cover up

Kushi : to dress up Aashi..

Anj : chote go.. Dress up both your princesses..

Precap : Naming ceremony

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  1. Dat was super amazing

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    Arshi were sooo sooo soooo awesome…I mean the rahe the love for eachother and the fact that Arnav was wrong which he came to know himself….Was so visible through the dialogues…Last part was soooooooooo funny.. FOR DRESSING ME UP ??

  4. Amazing?love it❤️waiting for next one…

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    superb amazing episode

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