MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-6 & 7)


Saturday.. Night

All have assembled in hall for night out on Anjali’s insistence ( except Arnav)

There is a pin drop silence everyone are seeing each others face.. While Anjali is all confused.. Arnav enter..

Arnav : sorry di.. It was important call.. ( looking at everyone ) what’s wrong.. Why are you staring like this..

Anjali : I wanted to know what all happened in these 8 years.. I mean all your romances.. Our children’s cute childhood.. But no one is telling anything..

Shyam : what will we all enjoy without you rani sahiba. There’s nothing to tell..

Anjali : arre aise kaise.. Kuch toh hoga.. Kahi aisa toh nahi aap log mujhse Kuch chupa rahe ho (how come there’s nothing.. Are you people hiding something )

Everyone get tensed..

Kushi : no di.. What will we hide

Anjali : your jijaji’s girlfriends.. ( she start laughing cracking that joke everyone take a sign of relieve)

Shyam : got two.. ( anjali open her mouth ) not girlfriends but Hitlers..

Arnav : yes di they tortured us a lot..

Aashi & bubbly : papa.. ( they glare their respective fathers while others laugh )

Shyam : I must say you’ve given good training to bubbly rani sahiba..

Arnav ; Poor soul her future husband..

Anshu look at bubbly while she throw pillow on arnav..

Arnav : see di she even throws pillow like you..

Anjali : see there’s soo much to tell me.. & you people are telling we didn’t enjoy.. Now everyone sit & start..

Invetibly everyone sit.. & Start telling their part of story.. Nk kavya, akash payal & aman la tell their story now shyam..

Anjali : now what all my husband did in my absence ah..? ( she ask curiously)

Shy : Well rani sahiba.. I registered myself into famous dating site.. Went for coffee date everyday with young girls.. Enjoyed nights in club.. Everyone asked why I got married so early.. & you know no one even believed bubbly is my daughter.. She looks more like my sister you know..

Anjali : ( irritated) stop it shyam..

Bubbly : papa are you planning a 3rd world war today..

Anjali : stop your stories & tell me the truth.. I really want to re live those moments..

Shyam come & sit infront of her holding her hand looking into her eyes he start..

Shya : That accident took away my breath.. I couldn’t imagine a second without you.. You’re my support system & all of sudden that support system is lost.. I was devastated but I had to compose myself for bubbly & you know your chote he had almost turned the world upside down knowing that you slipped into coma.. I was broken my mind had stopped working & you took my heart with you what to do now..

Everyone were engrossed in listening to him very curious what he did next..

Shyam : Next day I went to that hilltop temple & sat on bench where we used to spend time.. I was very angry on you, your God.. I was questioning how could this happen.. I closed my eyes to get some peace after a while I felt hand on my shoulder.. When I opened my eyes I saw a a angel like girl.. She smiled at me.. Guided me through this.. I proposed her for a marriage a day before you were out of coma..

Everyone were shocked knowing about this girl thing except Anjali.. She had little tears in her eyes & a wide smile on her face.. She was lost in her husband’s eyes..

Shyam : won’t you ask why I didn’t marry her or what she said.. You know she even vanished after that encounter..

Anjali : She said.. ” Is it our age to get married again.. Find groom for bubbly.. I’ll be back soon”

Shyam smile at her while others are confused..

Arnav : how do you know this di..

Shyam : because that girl was no one other than rani sahiba..

All : what..!!!?

Shyam : she has invaded my heart & mind so much that.. I could feel her voice & presence even in her absence..

Everyone smile at the cute couple..

Anjali : enough of our romance now.. Let’s hear the most romantic story now then.. Start chote what all you did. ?

Arnav : I worked till late night no one disturbed me by snatching my phone & laptops & I skipped all poojas no one punished me or gave silent treatments for that & have not been to temple ever after that.. I enjoyed my full freedom di..

( Everything was true except that last statement.. Everyone look at him sadly while Anjali think it’s joke )

Anjali : very funny stop joking & tell me the truth.. Tum rehne do.. Kushi will tell.. Tell me kushi how much he troubled you

Everyone was tensed what now.. Arnav about to give excuse but kushi start..

Kushi : like jijaji.. I too was very angry on you di.. Your sudden absence shook whole shantivan ( Raizada mansion) All our lives changed drastically.. But..

Anjali : but news of your pregnancy lightned the situation right..?

Kushi nod with fake smile..

Anjali : chote must have not allowed you two step down just like he did during aashi’s time right?

Kushi : ( staring arnav ) yes di.. He didn’t even allow me to speak much & took care of me so well that..

Arnav : leave it di..

Anjali : I suppose chote was all the while around you so aarav has become just like him…

Kushi : ( sarcastically ) yes di he didn’t even leave me alone for a second.. He was all the while around me..

Anjali : now tell me one thing.. Where are other 11 princesses then..?

Arshi : 11 princess?

Anjali : haan.. Chote wanted 12 daughters to name them after his 12 girlfriends right..

Kushi : di.. ( kushi fake blush )

She makeup some false stories of their romance

Kushi : and even today he trouble me for gifts..

Anj : waise galati aapki hi hai.. ( its your mistake only )

Kushi look confused..

Anj : why do you allow him to trouble.. It would be better you give him gifts before he ask..

Kushi : di you’re such a tease..

Everyone laugh.. But Arnav fume..

Kushi : I’ll bring something to eat.. ( she get up to leave.. Arnav to get up saying..)

Arnav : I need some water..

Anj : water or gift..


Kushi is putting some snacks arnav pull her towards him in rage..

Arnav : what were you telling outside ah.. I demand too many gifts.. My foot..

Kushi : leave me Arnav.. ( she struggle to free herself but arnav pull her even closer.. )

Arnav : look at me dammit

Kushi looked into his eyes which were burning with rage kushi looked at him with equal anger.. & pushed him

Kushi : stay away.. & dont you dare impose your force on me again..

Arnav : kyun kya karlogi.. ( why.. what will you do )

Kushi turn to leave but arnav block her way..

Arnav : How good you’re at making up stories or I must say all that all that was true..

Kushi look at him confused..

Arnav : kyun samajh nahi aaya.. Mere saath woh sab nahi karpayi toh kya hua woh kiran toh.. ( what happened.. You didn’t get what I meant.. You couldn’t romance with me that kiran was.. )

Kushi : ( interrupt with rage raising her hand ) Arnav…

Arnav : ( stopping her hand midway) not again kushi.. Don’t you dare raise your hand on me again.. Ek baar woh galati kar chuki ho aur nateeja bhi dekh chuki ho( you did that mistake once & have seen consequences too)

Kushi try to withdraw her hand but arnav tightens his grip..

Arnav : What’s so hurry..

Anjali : ( from outside) chote kushi.. Hold your romance for a while & come out we are waiting

Arnav leave kushi’s hand..

Kushi : you will repent for your every single word Arnav.. Remember every single word..

She had little tears in eyes which Arnav noticed.. Kushi leave..

Arnav : ( to himself) Why.. Why.. her tears always make me weak.. Her eyes they can’t lie to me.. I know my kushi wait.. What am I thinking she no longer is my Kushi.. My kushi is lost 8 years back..


Anjali : let’s go on picnic tomorrow..

Arnav : as you wish di

Kushi : No.. I mean di someone’s coming tomorrow..

Anjali ; who..?

Kushi : kiran..

Everyone is shocked to hear that name.. That too Kushi is declaring his arrival so openly he was the same person because of him Arshi were separated.. Another shock was awaiting them.. When anjali spoke..

Anjali : wow.. Kiran is coming.. I couldn’t meet last time but this time I’ll surely meet h..

Kushi : ( interrupt) di.. No one has met kiran yet.. After your accident & all I just couldn’t make them meet kiran..

Arnav : you know him di..?

Anjali : him..!!!? Kushi doesn’t he know anything about kiran yet..

Kushi nod no..

Anjali : you mean he still thinks..

Kushi nod yes.. & both start laughing hard..

Anjali : you’re just 1day away from shock of your life.. ( she laugh)..

Arshi room..

Arnav : how do di know him..

Kushi : you ask di only..

Arnav ; ( pining kushi to wall ) don’t act smart answer me dammit..

Kushi : As you said or you pre assumed 8 years back that di knows about my affair with him & she have informed you about that.. So you believed I cheated right.. So its obvious di know kiran..

Arnav : why is she not angry on him or you then.. She knew about your affair..

Kushi : correction Mr. Raizada.. She knew about our friendship.. You named it affair..

Arnav : will you talk clearly ( frustrated)

Kushi : I owe you no explanation you lost that right 8 years back.. Then you didn’t wanted to hear anything now I don’t want to tell anything..

He leave her & move to poolside..

Arnav : ( to himself ) dammit Maine kushi ko galati toh nahi samajh liya.. ( did I misunderstood kushi..)

Next day..

Everyone were eagerly waiting for kiran who was about to arrive at 10 & its already 10:05.. Arnav was restless & after hearing Anjali’s talks yesterday he was all more restless & something was pricking him from inside..

Door bell rang & hari prakash escorted in the most awaited guest of Raizada mansion.. Kushi ran up to kiran & they hugged each other.. Everyone were rooted to their place seeing this actually seeing that person.. As Anjali said.. Arnav got the shock of his life

Precap : Anjali : so kiran meet my Chote who’s super jealous of you.. & chote here is your surprise I mean shock.. Kushi you troubled my Chote a lot I suppose by keeping this secret..

Why everyone is so shocked seeing kiran..?? How does Anjali know kiran..?? Why is Anjali saying its shock of your life to arnav.. ??Who is kiran any guesses guys..???

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