MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-5)


Kushi is not talking with aarav..


Aarav : what’s wrong with you mom.. Why aren’t you talking to me now..

Kushi doesn’t respond & move towards dining table but Aarav come & stand in her way.. Kushi give him one angry stare..

Kushi : ask him to move kavya I have loads of work

Aarav & arnav together : you’re overreacting

She ignore them..

Anjali : she’s right.. Aarav this is not the way to behave with girls.. You shouldn’t have behaved so.. Aapki galati ( your mistake )

Aarav : but I’m apologising now..


Anshu talking on phone..

Anshu : I’m missing you soo much..

Girl : why dont you meet me then..

Anshu : what if we get caught..

Aarav who come there hears this..

Aarav : dont be a coward.. Be a man & declare your love..

Aarav leave from there but now he hear another conversation from other side of corridor..

Bubbly : see aarav is more braver than you.. You’re a coward..

Anshu : have you seen arnav bhai..

Bubbly : he won’t eat you up anshu..

Aarav : what..!!?

He move back & see.. Anshu & bubbly are staring each other from distance.. He then realise by the blush on their faces & talks he heard that they’re talking to each other..

Aarav : ( himself ) so she is his girlfriend.. Not bad.. At least he used some brain in this matter..

He go to anshu..

Aarav : stop wasting currency..

Anshu look at him confused..

Aarav : when she is in opposite room why are you wasting currency..

Anshu : ( shocked ) ah. What.. Champ. You..

Aarav : I got to know.. Bubbly di is your gf right.. Nice choice.. ( he wink )

Anshu : shaitaan.. Leave mine.. But you made a very bad choice by trusting tia & doubting serah..

Aarav : I know.. Now mom is not talking to me.. What to do..?

Anshu : you’re left with only one choice now..

Aarav : but here. Infront of everyone..!!??

Lunch time..

Anjali : chote what’s this.. Only two Rotis.. Look how weak you’ve become..

Arnav : I’m full di..

Anjali : kushi serve him one more & tell me why has he become so weak..?

Kushi give wicked smile to arnav.. He understand she’s blackmailing him regarding smoking..

Arnav : I’m fine di.. I’ll have one more roti happy

Anjali look on suspiciously

Kushi : take his class di.. He never listens to me.. You’re here that’s why eating so he’s eating otherwise he would have had only 1.. He skipped his breakfast too..

Arnav : liar.. I had toast..

Anjali : is that called breakfast ? If you continue this I’ll ask kavya to prepare diet chart for you then..

Kavya : I’m ready di.. We shall add karela ( bittergourd) too in it.. What say bhabhi.. ( she wink at kushi. Kushi show thumbs up )

Anjali : lagta aapne bahut parishaan kiya sabko chote dekho sab kaise peeche padhe hai aapke.. ( I think you’ve troubled everyone a lot arnav. See how everyone is behind you now )

La : especially kushi.. He troubled her a lot di..

Everyone look at Lavanya

Aman : he always asks for gifts.. How many will she give in one day..

Arshi glare aman la while others suppress their laugh..

Anjali : very bad chote. Why always asking you should also give her some na. ( she tease)

Kushi’s phone start ringing.. It shows ” karan calling.. ” she excuse herself while look on angrily

After a while..
Arshi room

Arnav enter

Arnav : why is he calling you now..

Kushi : its none of your business

Arnav : dont enrage me kushi.. Why is he still in your life..

Kushi : I can ask you the same question.. Why is Sheetal still in this house..

Arnav : she’s my friend..

Kushi: karan too is my friend

Arnav : whom are you fooling

Kushi : whom are you fooling then ? Me ? Di ? Yourself ? Joke of the decade.. Sheetal is your friend

Arnav : don’t you dare mess with me Kushi

Kushi : if Mrs.ASR doesn’t dare to mess with Mr.ASR then who will..

Arnav pin Kushi to wall..

Arnav : stop playing these tricks..

Kushi struggle to free herself but arnav tightens his grip..

Kushi : you’re hurting me now..

Arnav : not more than you do..

She free herself & is about to push him back but stop seeing Anjali.. Kushi wrap her hands around arnav’s neck confusing him..

Arnav : what.. ( he’s about to shrug her hand but kushi pull him closer & whisper di is here )

Kushi : how many gifts you want arnav.. Have some shame..

Anjali about to go but stop hearing Arnav’s rude voice..

Arnav : enough of your gifts i can’t take it more..

Kushi 🙁 whisper ) what are you doing di is watching

Arnav : ( romantic voice ) I’ll teach you how to give gifts.

Saying so he move closer to her lips.. Kushi see Anjali going..

Kushi : di went chodiye mujhe ( leave me..)

Arnav : chodne ke liye nahi pakda hai ( I haven’t held you to leave.. )

Kushi look on confused.. While arnav end her confusion pecking her lips.. Her mind asked her to push him.. But her heart gave in.. Finally they pull back when they’re out breath.. They look at each other with lots of love & pain in their eyes.. They wanted to engulf each other in a bone crushing hug.. But the big fat egos of Mr & Mrs ASR came in between..

Sheetal witness this scene..


Arshi are avoiding each other after that incident.. Aarav return from school..

Living room..

Everyone ( except arnav ) is sitting there discussing about some havan preparation.. Aarav come directly to kushi & stand infront of her..

Aarav : mom I’m asking you for last time.. Are you talking to me or not..

Kushi turn her face..

Arnav who return from office stop witnessing this..

Arnav : ( murmur) she has become too stubborn

Aman : ( hearing it ) Biwi kiski hai.. She is Mrs.ASR

Aarav : come on mom.. I’ve even promised you I won’t repeat it again..

Kushi : your promise breaking habit is not new to me ( she say looking at Arnav while he glare her )

Aarav : fine mom.. If you are so stubborn in punishing me then fine… ( he say irritatedly)

Kushi : what are you waiting for then.

Aarav : here..!!!??

Kushi : they’re family.. This attitude of yours is called ego which must be broken at this at age itself..

Aarav invetibly hold his ears. Everyone look on like what is he up to.. He start doing sit-ups.. Everyone is shocked especially Arnav..

Arnav : stop it kushi.. What are you doing..

Kushi : taming the cub ( lion’s child )

Arnav : what the..

Anjali : hume ab pata chal raha hai.. Humne kaha galati kardi chote ke saath bhi aisa hi karna chahiye tha.. ( now I’m getting where I went wrong.. I should have done the same with arnav )

She joke but everyone look on seriously..

Kushi : you always forgave him easily di.. That’s why he is like this.. But still there is time.. You can tame him ( kushi wink while Anjali laugh.. Arnav fume )

Precap : Kiran in Raizada mansion.. Arnav & kiran meet for the first time…

How will ASR react.. What will happen now.. ? Any guesses..?

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