MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-4)


Kushi : ab kiski shaadi tod di aapne Jo isse phir shuru kardiya ( now who’s marriage did you beak that you started smoking again )

Arnav : khudki ( mine )

Both their eyes well up.. They’re lost in each other’s eyes..

Kyun kwaabo mein tere saaye hai..

Dil kyun hai tanha mera..

Kyun khaamosh hai zubaan meri..

Ashko se keha paavu na..

Kyun dard hai itna.. Mere ishq mein..

Rabba ve Rabba ve Rabba ve Rabba ve

Their stance is broken when aman enter..

Aman : how come this room is so silent..

Arshi look at him confused..

Aman : after all its rakhshas & chudail’s room.. ( demon & witch )

They remember the last 2 times they fought for sleeping & how aman intervened..

Aman : so.. My dear rakshas & chudial.. ( demon & witch ) How can I help you both..

Arnav : aman you better leave before I break your head..

Aman : I thought you need my help..

Arnav : no need.. Now get out..

Aman leave while kushi sleep on bed avoiding further arguments.. Arnav too sleep later..

Next morning

Kushi was down in kitchen.. Anjali was busy talking with all children..

Anjali : kushi.. Where is chote

Kushi : he is getting ready di..

Anjali : ok..

They see a lady walking in with smile..

Lady : hello everyone..

All children wave hands..

Sheetal : how are you di..

Anjali : fine..

Sheetal stayed in raizada mansion since harish & garima were prisoned.. She work in AR too..

Kushi come out with breakfast & find sheetal.. Sheetal formally hug kushi.. Kushi unwillingly reciprocate it..

Little later

Kushi : she still stay here..

Aman : yes

Kushi : I can’t bear her for a second more..

La : let’s plan something then..

Sheetal come there..

Sheetal : hey everyone.. Long time Kushi how are you..

Kushi : I’m good.. How are you..

Sheetal : I’m great.. Then what’s up in life..

Kushi : nothing much.. You have to say.. Why haven’t you got married yet..

Sheetal : huh.. Didn’t find anyone..

Kushi : surprising.. Arnav was all the while around you & you’re saying you didn’t find anyone… Why didn’t your plan 2 work..? You succeeded in separating us but why didn’t you marry him..

Sheetal was shocked to hear such direct allegations from kushi.. Even though this wasn’t the first time but she expected to kushi to be mellowed down in these 8 years.. Arnav who was passing by heard this.. Before kushi could further talk he dragged her from there..


Kushi : what the hell is this

Arnav : what were you asking her..?

Kushi : I asked why didn’t she get married when you were around..

This enrages arnav even more & ge pin her to wall..

Arnav : before accusing others.. Look at yourself kushi.. Tell me why didn’t you marry your so called friend. Did he dump you knowing you carried my child.. Or you dumped him finding someone better than him..

Kushi push him back..

Kushi : you haven’t changed.. You’re demon.. I hate you..

Arnav : not more than I do..

A week later..

Anjali has almost recovered.. Everyone were happy with it.. Arshi pretended everything to be fine infront of her but they were complete strangers in her absence.. Shyam has taken anjali out today..

Living room..

Kushi us highly disturbed & is waiting for aarav

Aarav get in..

Aarav : what happened Mom..

Kushi : what am I hearing aarav.. You shouted at Serah & broke up with her..?

Aarav : can we talk something else mom..

Kushi : I’m asking you something.. Dont tell me what she said was true..

Aarav : oh.. Now she’s complaining about it to you.. Shameless girl..

Kushi : aarav.. ( she scream.. )

Kavya : bhabhi.. We can talk calmly na..

Arnav who’s getting down hears her..

Aarav : mom please..She’s roaming with that Alex while I’m here in India..

Kushi : he might be her friend aarav you cannot judge her on assumptions..

Aarav : its not my assumption mom.. tia ( his friend) had confirmed me about this.. That serah is a cheater.. Cheap girl.. I..

Kushi : aarav

She raise her hand to slap him but arnav pull aarav back..

Arnav : what are you doing.. ? You were about to..

Kushi : ( interrupt ) stay away its between us.

She pull aarav & make him stand infront of her..

Kushi : you accused serah believing that tia.. You know serah since 3yrears the one who always supported you .. You accused her for the girl who came 3 months back.. How dare you aarav ( she scream )

Arnav : you better listen to him once..

Akash ; yes Kushi let him explain..

Payal : have this water.. ( kushi refuse )

Nk : ok aarav what’s the matter..

Aarav : mom.. There’s no misunderstanding she’s cheating on me.. So its over.. End this topic here..

Kushi : what’s the proof she cheated on you.. I know her better she’s not that type of girl.. You’ll call her now & apologise..

Aarav ; never mom.. This topic ends here..

Kushi : enough.. ( she scream ) Nothing ends here..

Arnav : Kushi stop screaming at him..

Kavya : we shall talk later..

Kushi : I dont need another ASR here.. Aarav better you apologise now or else don’t show me your face..

Aarav : mom you are overreacting now..

Kushi walk out of house.. While everyone stand stunned at what just happened..

Aarav & arnav both together push a vase.. Saying ” damn “..


Payal : kushi is not picking her phone

Kavya : she’s very angry..

Akash: I wonder.. Aarav has a girlfriend I mean he’s hardly 8..

Aman : not to forget who’s son he is junior ASR..

NK : that’s US it’s all common there I suppose..

Arshi room

Arnav is working on laptop while aarav get in..

Arnav : Hello

Aarav : Hi.. I want to talk if you’re free

Arnav : yea sure..

Aarav : mom has not returned yet & she’s not even picking the phone..

Arnav : So..

Aarav : So if you could help me in searching her.. You dont know she’s too stubborn..

Arnav readily agree as he too was worried for kushi.. Arnav & Aarav start searching Kushi

Aarav : damn.. She’s nowhere.. I’ve no idea where she is. Its almost dark.. What now..

Arnav : I know where she’ll be..

They stop near devi maiyya temple & aarav rush in.. There he find kushi sitting..

Aarav : Mom.. You scared me.. I’ve searched everywhere for you..

Kushi : did you apologise to serah..

Aarav : No..

Kushi : then leave me alone..

Arnav : Kushi dont act like a kid…

Kushi : I think you’ve only taught him all this..

Arnav : what the hell kushi stop pointing at me.. I’ve taught nothing.

Kushi : what’s the need of teaching.. Its in his blood I suppose.. It’s my mistake I wished for a kid like you..

Arnav : you’re crossing your limits

Meanwhile these 2 are fighting.. Aarav called serah & apologised & returned..

Aarav : mom.. I’m sorry.. I’ve apologised to her too.. Now let’s go home.. Please..

Kushi gets a call.. Arnav sees it.. Screen flashes.. “Kiran calling…”

Its the same number.. Same person.. Arnav fist his fingers in rage.. While Kushi pick the call ignoring these two..

Kushi : you remembered me now..?


Kushi : Wow you are coming to Delhi.. So let’s meet then..

Hearing this Arnav anger reach peak.. He snatch the phone but the call has already ended..

Kushi : Why so desperate.. You shall meet my friend next week… My best friend is also excited & eager to see you

Precap :

Arnav : don’t you dare mess with me Kushi

Kushi : if Mrs.ASR doesn’t dare to mess with Mr.ASR then who will..

Arnav pin Kushi to wall..

Arnav : stop playing these tricks..

I’m myself not satsified with this part guys.. Sorry if its boring.. I promise next part will be more interesting & exciting

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