MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-35)

Kushi : I want stay away from him la.. I can’t get attached to him again.. I want to leave him, this house, this city.. Everything have just given me pain.. I can’t..

Lavanya ; you love him Kushi.. You love him madly you won’t be able to go away.. No matter how much you try..

Kushi : no.. I..

Lavanya : don’t lie to me.. If you could stay away.. Why did you visit Delhi every 6 months kushi.. Jijaji told me everything..

Kushi turn around only to find Anjali standing their with tears…

Kushi : Di..!!!

Anjali hug kushi.. La wink at Anjali & she show thumbs up..

Kushi pull back..

Kushi : di woh Arnav..

Anjali : Shyam told me everything

Kushi was shocked to know that..

Anjali : Kushi you don’t have to do bear all this for me.. You’ve sacrificed enough.. I can’t stay here anymore.. I can’t see his face anymore.. Take me away from here.. Let’s leave

Kushi : Di..!!!??

Anjali : he dont deserve you.. I know you can never forgive him.. Let’s leave.. You wanted to leave right.? I’m with you let’s go..

Kushi : jijaji? ( Shyam)

Anjali : he too will come taking kids.. Let him( Arnav) leave alone here..

Anjali drag kushi to arshi room.. Arnav was not there.. He & aman went to office for a meeting ( it was a plan)

Lavanya gave bag to kushi for packing.. Kushi slowly started taking her clothes.. Tears continuously flowing from her eyes.. It felt someone had set her heart on fire.. Leaving arnav alone.. Again? Every passing second was killing her with this thought.. Finally she stopped packing..

Anjali : why did you stop Kushi..?

Kushi : di.. He can’t.. I mean.. He will be broken if you leave…

Anjali : his mistake I won’t tolerate this time..

Kushi : di but.. Woh.. ( she struggle with words)

Anjali : why don’t you say you can’t stay away from him..

Kushi stood silently..

Anjali : you love him crazily.. You can’t do this right

Kushi : you are right di.. I love him. Madly & crazily. I love him so much that all the hurtful things he said & did to me doesn’t seem like a big deal.. I just can’t stay away from him.. I love him.. I can’t do this

Lavanya : does that mean you’re ready to forgive him..

Kushi : I don’t know

Lavanya : there is no don’t know here kushi.. If you want to stay then you must forgive him.. You can’t suffer your whole life by staying like this..

Anjali : ( cup her face) you love him I can see that in your eyes & I won’t force you to forgive him.. Take your time but don’t delay much Kushi.. It will hurt you more..

Kushi hug her.. Anjali comfort her & wipe her tears..

Kushi : I will talk to him tonight

Anjali : no more tears now.. Smile..

Kushi smile..

Kushi : but di.. Aren’t you angry on him I mean..

Anjali : I was but you know your jijaji.. He made me realise something..


Anjali sat crying hearing what all happened..

Anjali : how can he do this?

Shyam : please Anjali now don’t get angry on him.. He has repented enough.. You’re not punishing him now..

Anjali : but what he did with kushi.. How will I face her?.. Chote woh aisa kyun karte hai.. ( why does Arnav do all this) and you’re saying not to get angry on him.. How can I not?

Shyam : do you know what you should do with him..?

Anjali look on..

Shyam : you should hug him first.. & say ” Its okay Chote everything will be fine.. I know it hurts, but I’m here with you. Maybe we can’t do anything about what happened, but I’m here with you. And I love you ”

Shyam : Its easy to say love you when our children do everything perfectly & correctly but they need our love when they’re not perfect they need our support when they’re wrong & arnav is in miserable state now & you’re his only support agar aap gussa hogayi toh woh toot jaayenge.. Une aapki zaroorat hai.. Aapki saath ki zaroorat hai.. Aapiko sambhalna hai une.. ( if you get angry he will break down.. He needs you.. He need your support.. You should only console him )

Flashback ends..

Anjali : agar woh nahi hote meri zindagi meina pata nahi mera kya hota ( if he was didn’t walk in my life God knows what I would’ve done)

Shyam who enter the room hear it..

Shyam : agar mein nahi hota toh aap dono bhai been milkar poori duniya ko pagal kar dete ( if I was not in your life you & your brother would’ve )

Anjali fake a frown while Kushi & la smile


Kushi : why isn’t he back yet

Anjali : you shouldn’t have let him go aman

Aman : di you think he will listen to me

Lavanya : what now?

Anjali : where did he go?

Kushi : he will be sitting somewhere drinking.. I’m sure..

Shyam : then he won’t come back till midnight..

Kushi : I know what to do with him today.. He won’t learn the easy way

Midnight – 1’o clock

Arnav call HP & tell him to open the door

HP : Kushi bhabhi has refused

Arnav : what? I’ll talk to her open the door now

HP : she said not open if you’re drunk..

Arnav : fine don’t.. ( he was fully drunk)

Arnav sit outside the door & his eyes were shutting that’s when he see door opening & his beautiful wife.. Ex wife walking out in not so good mood. He get up.. He couldn’t even stand properly

Arnav : let me in.. Punish me in the morning please..

She drag him to poolside. Anjali shyam were present there..

Arnav : di..!!!

He tried to fix his clothes & stand properly.. Anjali somehow controlled her tears & poured bucket full of water on him followed by kushi..

Arnav stood there slowly coming back to senses.. He glanced those 3 who were shooting daggers at him. Kushi passed him lime which completely brought him to senses..

Shyam : are you back in your senses now

Arnav don’t answer. These 3 too doesn’t question anything & stand with him

Arnav cursed himself for landing in this situation what will he answer his di now.. God she looks so angry.. And why aren’t they talking..

After 10 minutes..

Arnav : Sorry..

Anjali : Not accepted

Shyam : you’re standing here whole night that’s your punishment

Arnav nod

Shyam : we 3 too will stand here with you

Arnav : what ? Its my mistake &..

Kushi : (interrupt) don’t argue stand quietly

Arnav : kushi.. Its cold here.. Di ki tabiyat.. (di’s health..)

Anjali : (interrupt) you don’t worry about my health.. You should’ve thought that before drinking

Arnav look at kushi for help.. She glare him & look away..

Arnav : jijaji.. ( he stop looking at Shyam’s glares..)

After 10 minutes

Arnav : I’m sorry this won’t repeat

Kushi : what’s the guarantee ah? I won’t believe you

Arnav : I won’t

Anjali : go change your clothes

He change & come sneezing Anjali start wiping his head.. kushi bring kaadha for him

Arnav : di actually.. Huh

Anjali : sleep now we will talk in morning.

Anjali Shyam leave.. Kushi ignore him & start arranging bed

Arnav : kushi I.. ( interrupt)

Kushi : I don’t want to talk

He move towards trying hold her hand.

Kushi : don’t touch..

She move to other side..

Arnav : at least listen to me..

He go near her & she warn

Kushi : sleep now..

Arnav : I’m sorry I know you’re angry but kushi i..

She pounce on him..

Kushi : you what? Nothing justifies your drinking.. I wanted to talk to you but here you’re all drunk now sleep before I do something..

Aashi room

Atharv : how can you get angry on kushi maasi

Aashi : she said they’re divorced & she will leave once bus gets fine so

Atharv : so what’s wrong in it..?

Aarav come there & hear Atharv talking

Aarav : Atharv !! You talk!! ?

Aashi : aarav woh actually..

Atharv : that’s not important now you two can’t force kushi maasi to stay with him

Aashi : what!!??

Atharv : he don’t deserve her

Aarav : what the..! Atharv you’re crossing your limits

Atharv : your father has crossed all limits

Aarav : you know what just shut up..

Aashi : stop it both of you.. Stop fighting Atharv what are you saying ?

Atharv : do you know what he has done to her.. Why she’s so angry on him..? Have you ever thought why nani never speaks with him..? Do you know why she left Delhi 8 years back?

Aashi & aarav were curious now..

Atharv tell them everything that happened..

How will they both react?

Precap : Kushi : I was blackmailing you..

Arnav : blackmail!! But you.. I’m not getting anything what’s happening here..

Kushi : I love you dammit that’s what’s happening..

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  1. Veronica

    Awww…..i cant take this anymore. I want to see Sarun back. Damn! Why cant Gul just bring them back. Now we must call that Shivani a chudail. Arshi be the besttt……I dont watch the serial also. I am crying right now. ???.i dont want anybody to see ipk without Khushi. Please guys dont watch ipk without Arshi.

    And coming to the update. Just amazing. The Arshi scenes were making me sad about the fact but i was so happy reading the update. And the precap be awwww(blush )???????

    1. Anaya

      Thank u vero.. you will love next epi.. there is lot of Arshi scenes & different Anjali Arnav scene..

      I haven’t watched single epi of that.. I’ve cried seeing promos only.. it’s impossible to hear rabba ve for anyone else.. upon that they’re copying scenes.. I just hate that Gul Khan.. she will pay for this..

  2. superb epi

    1. Anaya

      Thank u somya

  3. When will you post next part?

    1. Anaya

      Today.. thanks for reading

  4. Love your writing
    Too happie
    That show will face low trps soon
    Can’t watch that Huh
    Take care keep rocking

    1. Anaya

      Thank u Vaishali..
      I know no one can watch that.. anyway leave it I will update 2 parts today check out

  5. Hai Anaya
    Did you posted next part
    Actually I didn’t find it
    Please share the link

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