MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-34)

Recap : aashi get panick attack.. Arshi pacify her & later a all 4 sleep together like a family..


Arshi & children were cozily sleeping on bed like a perfect family.. Kushi’s sleep broke first.. Looking at smiling faces of her children she smiled & moved her gaze to arnav.. He had carefully wrapped his one hand cross both children & his face had contention it looked he slept peacefully after many years..

Finding him waking up she immediately closed her eyes. Arnav to admired his little family for a while later kissed the kids & got out of bed & came to kushi’s side.. Kushi became restless when he leaned to her.. Was he going to kiss her too now.. ?

He leaned to her cheeks but later turned towards her ears.. In this process his hairs brushed her cheeks making her restless by this proximity..

Arnav : ( whisper) Good morning

Kushi shut open her eyes & sit up

Kushi : you knew I’m awake..?

Arnav : I can sense it..

Kushi : I think you learnt it from jelebi..

Arnav : that dog seriously kushi..

Kushi : not dog Arnav it’s jelebi..

Before she could complete aarav move & in that process kushi gets a slight push & end up loosing balance.. In a attempt to save her from falling Arnav too fall on ground & Kushi on him

Rabba ve plays…. They have a eyelock but it’s soon disturbed by kids..

Aarav : mom.!

Aashi : papa.!

Kushi try to get up but her mangal sutra was struck in Arnav’s shirt which pulls her again close to him & her lips end up kissing his

Both kids look at each other smiling & sleep on bed pulling quilt over their face.. Seeing that arshi get embarrassed & Kushi try to get up but end up kissing again… Arnav smile…

Kushi : aap.. Huh.. Do something..

Arnav : why will I do anything if you kiss..? Oh you want return gift..

He pull her & peck on her lips

Kushi blush then stare him angrily arnav smirk & get up picking her in arms. Kushi remove the struck mangal sutra from his shirt & arnav put her down smiling..

Kushi avoid his gaze & start pulling quilt

Kushi : get up both of you now there’s nothing going on here..

Both pull quilt till their eyes

Aarav : its ok mom we will wait.. ( kushi hit him)

Aashi : papa continue we won’t mind

Arnav pretend as if he’s checking his phone

Kushi : it was an accident & all because of you aarav

Aashi : very cute accident

Aarav : thanks for credit mom

Later –

Arshi aman la discussing about divorce issue.. Kushi show them divorce papers & arnav refuse & argue ge haven’t sent any

Kushi : then who talked to me on phone your bhoot( ghost) it was your voice same cold & heartless voice you asked me to sign those papers don’t you dare lie now ( she shout pointing at him)

Arnav : what the..! I didn’t I’m telling you this for 100th time

Aman : correction ASR 93rd time still not 100

Arshi & Lavanya glare him

Lavanya : shut up I think I know who did this

All 3 : who?

La : Sheetal

Aman ; I knew it remember ASR you were in devdas mode when bhabhi left & I too was angry on you then sheetal only was here na

Arnav : she might have only got those signed

Kushi : stop blaming everything on her

Arnav : tum uski side kyun le rahi ho ( why are you taking her side)

Kushi : aap uski side kyun nahi le rahe ho ( why aren’t you taking her side)

Arnav : tum chahati kya ho kushi mein jaake sheetal ke saath kada ho jaav ( what do you want kushi ? You want me to go & stand with sheetal)

Kushi : kadhe hoke toh dekhiye uss chudail ke saath.. Agar taange na tod di aapki toh mera naam Kushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada nahi ( I’ll break your leg if you stand with that witch & if I don’t then I’m not Kushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada only)

Arnav : what the..!

Aman : but kushi according to these papers you two are divorced your name is not kushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada even now.. How can you change it

Lavanya hold her head & Arnav roll his eyes.. While kushi glare him

Lavanya : shut up now or else I’ll kill you three

Aman : oh Lavanya if you go to jail then what will Sonia do..

Lavanya : bhagwan kin paglo ke saath phasa diya mujhe ( god where am I struck with these idiots)

Arnav : fine fine.. Stop this drama and come to the point

Kushi : there is only one point you asked me to sign divorce papers & I have signed them & we’re divorced

Arnav : Kushi I didn’t..

Aman : 94th time

Arnav get all irritated.. & he start feeling dizzy

A little later..

Kushi : you didn’t have anything since yesterday !! Have you gone mad

Arnav : I was worried for aashi & upon that this divorce matter

Kushi : hey devi maiyya hum kya kare aapka.. ( god what shall I do with you)

Kavya enter with food

Kavya : Kuch nahi bhabhi bas kila dijiye ( nothing much bhabhi just feed him)

Surprising everyone kushi take a plate & was about to feed arnav when aman interrupt

Aman : arre wait.. First let us confirm they’re divorced or not

La : aman he’s tired he need to eat now.. Will you shut up..

Aman : but how can bhabhi feed paraya mard ( other man) bhabhi paap lagega ( kushi you will be sinned)

Arshi : AMAN…!!!!!! ( angrily)

Kushi : he’s not paraya mard (other man)

Arnav : and she is my wife get out now before I kill you..

Lavanya drag aman out..

Kushi start feeding him while Arnav admire her…

Kushi : will you stop staring me like that

Arnav : I’m admiring my wife

Kushi : Ex-wife

Arnav : We’re not divorced for 95th time

Kushi : we are

Arnav : then why you said I’m not other man if you think we are divorced..

Kushi : because you’re my sister’s brother in law.. That’s it don’t get any other ideas.. Samjhe aap ab chup chaap kaahiye ( now eat)

Arnav : aise daatke kilogi toh kaise kaahonga kushi toda hass ke ( if you scold & feed how will I eat at least smile a bit)

Kushi : you’re acting like kid now.. Eat..

2 hours later

Aman : Guys bad news.. You two are legally divorced these are original papers with original signs nothing forged

Arnav : No way this can’t be

Lavanya : Unfortunately it is..

Arnav : but I didn’t do it trust me kushi..

He sounded very disappointed..

Aman : its all a plot.. ASR these are your signs.. You’ve signed unknowingly someone might have tricked you

Lavanya : and that someone is sheetal. That phone call you got was fake Kushi.. Listen these .

La play the audio recordings which sheetal made Arnav hear.. In which dubbing artist was talking as Kushi to other man which shook Arnav’s trust remember guys.. Kushi was shocked hearing her voice like that…

Kushi : that’s.. That’s not me (tears form in her eyes)

Aman : this made Arnav distrust you kushi. The same trick sheetal used on you too..

Kushi run out of there .. The disgusting words spoke in her voice were disturbing her.. Her tears no more had control & she cannot break down infront of arnav..


Kushi was crying her heart out lavanya come there & engulf her into a hug…

Kushi : how can he ? How can he believe those words Lavanya..?

Lavanya ; you too believed his call on divorce na kushi

Kushi : but.. He can’t believe that I can have an affair? How can he..? Those words!?

She breakdown crying more..

Lavanya : kushi you can’t fall weak now we’ve to teach that sheetal a lesson. My kushi can’t breakdown like weak people

Kushi : people are not broken because they’re weak la they are broken because their love was strong & I loved him madly & even today I can’t stop loving him..

Lavanya : Kushi please stop crying..

Kushi : I want stay away from him la.. I can’t get attached to him again.. I want to leave him, this house, this city.. Everything have just given me pain.. I can’t..

Kushi turn around only to find Anjali standing their with tears…

Kushi : Di..!!!

Precap : Anjali : Kushi you don’t have to do bear all this for me.. You’ve sacrificed enough.. I can’t stay here anymore.. I can’t see his face anymore.. Take me away from here.. Let’s leave

Kushi : Di..!!!??

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  1. Veronica

    Woooh! The precap seems scaryyy…. But i kinda enjoyed the whole update. Lovely Arshi scenes…. Ipkknd 3 will never be a success without Arshi.

    1. Anaya

      It’s totally out of place.. god costumes are yuck.. and that girl Shivani don’t know acting.. feeling bad for barun

      1. I second you anaya
        Unko dkh k aise lgta h jaise pura market hi pehen lia ho
        Waise m happy u are updating regularly
        Love your works
        Keep rocking
        Stay blessed

      2. Veronica

        Yah i just saw the first episode and it was a total mess. And i agree that Shivani doesnt know acting, i too feel bad for barun.

    2. Anaya

      Thank u vaishali.. I’ve updated one more part today check out

    3. Anaya

      I hv not watched any epi..those promos are only awfull.. & my fb news feed is filled with its criticism.. Gul is destroying the ipk name that’s it nothing more

  2. awesome as always

  3. Fantastic as always….

  4. Anaya

    Thank u vero, Sophie & swetharaja

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