MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-3)


Recap : Anjali out of coma.. Kushi back to India

Anjali : Kushi…

Everyone look at the door..

There they find kushi in a red salwar holding a box.. She looked very weak.. There was no longer that charm left on her face.. Arshi’s eyes were stuck on each other.. No one could take their eyes off.. Arnav was yearning for this day..

Anjali : Kushi give me the jelebi fast.. I can’t wait

They break their stance.. Arnav is still looking at her but kushi move & give jelebi to anjali

Aman : bhabhi even I want one..

NK : me too

Kavya : I need two..

Mami : mujhe 10 ( for me 10 )

Kushi start giving everyone.. In fact she feed them.. There she find a cute little girl standing beside kavya.. Kushi look at kavya

Kavya : ( whisper ) aapki Aashi.. ( your Aashi)

Kushi’s eyes well up seeing her.. She move out making an excuse.. Payal nani kavya & aashi too come out..

Kushi hug nani & payal crying.. & nani caress her

Nani : where were you bitiya.. Aapke bin yeh ghar.. ghar nahi raha ( this home no longer remained same without you )

Kushi : I too missed you all nani.. Par kya kare mein majboor thi.. ( but I had no other option)

Payal : you won’t go back now right ?

Kushi nod no..

Kavya : bhabhi yeh lijiye aapki hamanath.. Aapki carbon copy..

Kushi see little aashi standing beside kavya.. She immediately take her into hug..

Aashi : why you left us mumma..

Kushi : now I’m back na.. I’ll never leave you again..

Arnav who heard this was very happy..

1 hour later..

Anjali : saara bacche se toh khoob baate hogayi.. Mere chote ka doosra baccha kaha hai ( I talked a lot with all children but where is second child of my arnav )

Everyone shocked : doosra baccha.. ( second child )

Everyone look at kushi..

Anjali : is it prince or princess chote..

Kushi : di woh..

Aarav enter with Anshu…

Kushi : here he is..

Everyone are overwhelmed seeing him arnav couldn’t take his eyes off.. He looked at kushi but she shifted her gaze

Anjali : So you’re 7½ year old I suppose..

Arnav : how do you know di..

Anjali : actually that day before that accident didn’t I say there’s someone else coming in between you both now.. Doctor had confirmed her pregnancy so I knew..

Everyone look at Arnav angrily.. He misunderstood kushi & all this happened.. He had realised it very earlier..

Arnav : ( monologue ) damn.. She was pregnant & I..

Anjali : aapka naam kya hai ( what’s your name )

Aarav : Aarav Singh Raizada

Anjali : cute name.. Seeing him he look like carbon copy of chote.. Is his behaviour also same..

Now everyone again look at Kushi for answer..

Kushi : 100% same di.. There is nothing different..

Anjali : then I’ll call him chotu ( she pull his cheeks )

Aashi : me too ( she too pull his cheeks )

Aarav : what the..
Everyone laugh hearing it..

Arnav : aarav let’s bring some coffee for everyone..

Aarav looks at kushi she gesture him to go..


Anjali is all set to get discharged.. Everyone are waiting for formalities to get over.. But one thing Anjali had noticed from morning is Arshi are not talking to each other & neither are they together..

Anjali : what’s wrong with you both..

Nani : what happened bitiya.

Anjali : why our Romeo & Juliet are so far from each other..

Aashi & aarav are confused..

Arnav : nothing di..

Anjali : dont lie..

Kushi : actually di.. I’m angry on him.. Ask him what he did ?

Everyone get tensed..

Anjali : what did you do chote..

Aashi : who’s chote now ?..

NK : your papa..

Aarav : who is Romeo & Juliet ?

Aman : your parents..

Aashi & Aarav : Impossible..

Mami : everything possible in love & war

Kavya : & they do both together..

Anjali : I’m asking something..

Shyam : rani sahiba we can talk at home na..

Arnav : yes di.. Leave it now..

Anjali look at them suspiciously ; what you did again.. Ah?

Kushi : di.. He.. (Everyone tensed) he didn’t allow me to sleep here yesterday with you..

Everyone get releived Aman takes this chane to tease Arshi..

Aman : he even forcefully took a gift from bhabhi di.. Even I saw it..

Arshi give him some serious looks & look at each other..

Anjali : chote how can you take gifts from her.. Enough of taking now give her back..

Kushi : di…

La : di is right Kushi.. Its unfair na..

Aman : come on ASR return the gift now

Anjali : everyone close your eyes.. Look we are not seeing anything..

Kushi fake blush while arnav look at her..
Everyone comeback to reality when..

Aarav : what gift ? Mumma you never gave me..

Aashi : papa you too didn’t give me..

Arshi look at their children in disbelief..

Aarav : I need it now..

Anjali : no.. Its special gift only they give each other..

Aashi : not fair..

Arnav : ( to avoid further teases) di I’ll check if we can leave..

Anjali : but gift chote.. ( he leave.. )

1 hour later..

Shyam & Arnav are holding Anjali on either side.. Mami do the aarthi & let anj shy in & ask arnav to stand out.. Anjali didn’t notice & she move in..

Kavya push kushi beside Arnav they collide arnav hold her.. They’re having an eyelock…

Rabba ve.. Plays….

Mami : hello hi bye bye.. You both hold your romance for a while..

She do their aarthi along with Aashi & Aarav & let them in.. Kushi move to kitchen with payal avoiding arnav.. While aashi busy with Aarav..


Kavya twisting anshu’s ears..

Anshu : di.. Sorry sorry leave me now..

Kavya : sorry my foot all the while bhabhi was with you & you lied to me idiot ( she take the big wooden spoon & start hitting him.. )

Anshu : ouch di.. Kushi di bachaav ( help me )

He run behind Kushi..

Kavya : niklo baahar naalayak jhoote.. ( come front idiot.. Liar )

Kushi : kavya forgive him now.. He did it as I told him bechara.. Jiji you only tell her now..

Payal turn her face..

Kavya : she’s angry on you..

Kushi : jiji.. Sorry..

Payal : sorry ? Kushi.. After doing all this all you need to say is only sorry.. Do you know what we gone through..

Kushi : ( with tears) I’m sorry jiji even I too missed you all lot but i had no choice sorry ( she hold her wars which melts payal & they both have a hug)

Anshu : di.. Sorry..

He too forcefully hug Kavya…

Night.. 11pm..

Kushi enter their bedroom after 8long years..
Arnav is near poolside smoking.. Seeing it kushi’s anger reach peak but she control herself

Kushi : ( monologue) what’s wrong with him.. Huh.. I should think what’s right in him..

She move towards poolside arnav sense her presence & immediately hide the cigar..

Kushi : ab kiski shaadi tod di aapne Jo isse phir shuru kardiya ( now who’s marriage did you beak that you started smoking again )

Arnav : khudki ( mine )

Both their eyes well up.. They’re lost in each other’s eyes..

Precap : Sheetal back from business trip.. Why is kushi angry seeing her..??

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  1. Nice Story.
    Cute Aarav use Arnav word “What the…”
    Kushi returned made everyone happy but expect Arnav remain silent and don’t want to make scense in front of Anjali.
    Anjali knew about Khushi pregnant and did not know that Arnav and other kick Khushi out.
    Everyone get tensed of why Arnav and Khushi are not together.
    Anjali will come to know about what is happening in 8 years ago.

  2. Veronica

    Awesome epi year Aarav and Aashi are tooo cute….last scene was too emotional plz explain what happened soon dear ???

  3. Super

  4. Kumud

    awesome episode love it

  5. Cheryl11

    Episode was good . Loved it.. wiring for tmrw episode

  6. Cheryl11

    So it’s waiting .. #myautocorrect

  7. Awesome

  8. I was abt to comment on ur second episode but reading that u have already updated the next one i was damn happie
    Loved it
    Loved it
    Loved it

  9. If she updates the next one plz do comment here

    1. Anaya

      I’ve submitted next epi vaishali.. It may be posted early morning tmrw.. I’ve also submitted yeh Dosti.. Check it out too

  10. Anaya

    Thank u so much Parichary, vavachi, kumud, cheryl11, niha , vaishali

  11. Anaya

    Thanks a lot Parichary, vavachi, kumud, cheryl11, niha , vaishali

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