MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-29 & 30)

Aman : she didn’t even listen to you? I thought she might at least consider once

Arnav : nothing worked she won’t forgive me.. Nothing’s gonna work I’ve lost everything man

La : stop it ASR. Stop sounding like world came to an end now.. It was all your fault this was ought to happen & you ( aman) you thought she would forget all that pain of 8years by seeing flowers candles & one sorry seriously aman..

Aman : I thought.. She might.. ( interrupt)

La : she might what ? ( to arnav) I can’t believe you listened to him & tried it out she isn’t gonna budge that easily

Arnav : what to do now

Aman : apologise.. Regret.. Repent.. Give her long sad speech on how much sorry you’re

La : shut up aman ( to Arnav) make her feel special.. take care of her.. & do as I say.. Most importantly never listen to this idiot.. So here’s plan..

She tell the plan

Next morning

Kushi get up from sleep only to find Arnav smiling at her holding a coffee

Arnav : good morning Mrs.ASR your bed coffee

Kushi : I hate coffee..

Giving another cup

Arnav : here is tea then as you love it

Kushi : my taste has changed now

Arnav : then have this ( he move aside & there was a trolley full of different drinks )

Kushi : what’s this new drama ah? You think I’ll melt for all this ah.. You Mr.. ( interrupt)

Arnav : what are you saying mam I was just serving you so you could start morning on positive note..

Kushi : mam!!?? Now what’s this drama..

He take off his chef cap

Arnav : I’ve work.. I’ll see you down love

Kushi : love..!!? You.. ( he rush out) dammit

Later she find even her clothes placed in bathroom which irritates her more..


Kushi go to prepare aloo paratha ( potato stuffed bread) which was favourite of shashi for atharv but she find arnav in the kitchen with cook

Kushi : what are you doing..

She ask pointing at some half burnt weird looking dish

Arnav : your breakfast pasta specially made by your husband ( he say with a smile)

Kushi : I don’t want to die this early ( his smile vanish )

Arnav : ( to cook) prepare something else & dump this

He leave..

Dining table

HP was about to serve sandwiches to atharv but kushi stop..

Kushi : HP ji serve paratha to him too

Payal : he don’t like them kushi..

Before anyone could speak atharv take paratha & start having them kushi slowly understand what’s wrong with him


Arnav : kushi..

Kushi : look I’m already enough irritated by your acts from morning so please stop

Arnav : I was just giving you this envelope mam

Kushi : ( angrily) stop calling mam

Arnav : ok sorry lov.. ( interrupt)

Kushi : don’t you dare call me love

Arnav : ok Mrs ASR is that fine now

Kushi : ( irritated) Arnav. !

Arnav : envelope ( he gesture to open it)

She open & find movie tickets that too of sultan movie but it isn’t in theatre oh so he has arranged it by booking whole theatre to pacify her

Kushi : I’m not.. ( she stop as Anjali come there)

Arnav : di I have booked tickets let’s go for a movie

As Anjali agreed kushi couldn’t refuse..


Everyone sat with their respective spouses at decent distance from other couples as whole theatre was booked.. Invetibly kushi sat with arnav..

Kushi : I won’t leave you for this trick..

Arnav : its fine kushi I don’t want return gift..

Kushi : I’ll kill you..

Arnav : apna pati what’s that ah.. Parmeshwar right.. Ko marogi.. Paap lagega kushi.. Apni devi maiyya ko kya bologi.. ( you will kill your husband. it’s a sin kushi what will you tell your goddess

Kushi : you… ( she stop as film start)

Everyone’s eyes were glued to screen but arshi couldn’t watch it. All the while arnav was admiring kushi & she couldn’t concentrate on film

Kushi 🙁 irritated) screen aage hai ( screen is ahead)

Arnav ; I’m watching want I want & you watch what you want

She glare him

Arnav : what ? Now don’t tell me you want to watch me Mrs ASR

Kushi : I’m leaving.. Mujhe aana hi nahi chahiye tha ( I shouldn’t have come only)

She get up he hold her hand

Arnav : sorry I won’t disturb sit

She so wanted to shrug off his hand & walk out.. But his face those sad eyes didn’t let her do that she sat..

He got up to leave

Kushi : where are you going now..

Arnav : I’ll come in a minute

He leave giving her the much needed space But she couldn’t watch the film.. Because his eyes weren’t letting her.. Even though he was no longer here.. The look he gave a while back made her weak.. He was no longer playing with her hands.. He was no longer admiring her.. His eyes no longer had that happiness his lips no longer had that mischievous smirk

Kushi : ( to herself) what are you thinking Kushi. Stop thinking of him & concentrate on film..

But no she couldn’t..

May be this what they call

” Nafrat paas aane na de, mohabbat door jaane na de”

( hatred won’t let them get close & love won’t let them part ways)

This was exactly their situation

Film was so relatable to them thought kushi..

They too became friends first then broke up & then all misunderstanding got cleared they were happy together & storm cane in their life & everything was scattered now again after 8 years here they’re together him asking her forgiveness

Kushi came out of her thoughts as film ended & lights got on she looked at him & he was not seeing her.. He was looking something in his phone standing bit far from her..

Everyone got up to leave.. Kavya played a trick.. There were 2cars & both were already loaded..

Kavya : bhai.. You & bhabhi wait for a while driver will be coming any minute now..

Kushi knew they did intentionally she invetibly agreed arnav just nodded.. All left & they were sitting there alone & arnav was silent..

Kushi : ( to herself) why isn’t he talking now.. Its already midnight.. He could easily take advantage of it.. No no.. Kushi what are you thinking its better he’s away.. But is he ignoring me now.. His dare he..

Before she could talk to him he gets a call.. He get up & move bit far from her

Arnav : aman where is the car dammit send soon.. ( he cut the call & turn to find Kushi glaring him)

Kushi : where did you go during film..

He avoid meeting her eyes..

Arnav : work..

She narrow her eyes in suspicion observing him carefully he turn around..

Arnav : car will arrive soon..

Kushi hold his elbow & turn him around..

Kushi : you’re drunk.. You went out for this..!?

Car come soon he didn’t answer her & sat in kushi too follow him..

Kushi : why did you drink? ( she couldn’t stop herself from asking it)

Arnav : I’m not drunk

Kushi : all this won’t change anything between us

Arnav : you will never forgive me?

Kushi couldn’t answer it because she herself didn’t know the answer

Arnav : even in movie anushka forgave your salman khan

Kushi : life is not movie

Arnav : I’m really sorry

Next few days

Kushi thought Arnav would be gloomy & bit serious but no he was again pampering her & irritating her addressing her as mam,love & Mrs.ASR in the day & at night he used to show up drunk get inside room silently not speaking just giving her sad glances..

Dinner was done & everyone were in their room Kushi was looking through some file when arnav enter..

Arnav : its late already sleep

Kushi : so that you can sneak out

Arnav : ( rising his eyebrow) I sneak out..! You know I go out then how’s it called sneaking out ah.?

Kushi : then what’s it called shamelessness

Arnav just smile & was about to go kushi block his way

Kushi : you’re not going out Mr.ASR

Arnav : kushi I can wait you want me here..

Kushi : I want you to sleep.. Now.. ( she order)

Arnav : looks like Mrs.ASR is into action ah!

Kushi glare him..

Arnav : fine fine don’t burn me with your glares

He lie down on bed

Arnav : happy mam

kushi glare him & sleep switching off the lights..

Later around 1 at night kushi hear a noise near poolside. She walk there to find arnav sitting there fully drunk.. Before he could gulp more she snatch the bottle & throw it on floor

Arnav : what the..

Kushi : how dare you

Arnav ; itni jaldi subah hogayi ( already its morning?)

Kushi : get up & sleep ( she say controlling her anger)

Arnav : you broke my glass bad manners

Kushi : I’ll break your head too if you don’t sleep now..

Arnav : I’m telling to di tomorrow how much you bully me

Kushi fold her hands & glare him..

Arnav : what.? Are you blackmailing me that you’ll tell this to di

Kushi : your brain works pretty fine even when you’re drunk not bad Mr.ASR now sleep

He turn to go in but finding her picking up broken pieces he too join her.. In that process a glass piece prick his palm

Kushi : Arnav..

She does his first aid scolding him a bit & he go on admiring her concern for him

Kushi : stop staring me

Arnav : you look extra cute in anger

Kushi : I’ll show you my anger in the morning when you come to your senses let’s see how cute you will find it then

Next morning – it was already 11am

Arnav get up holding his head

Arnav : damn.. How did I sleep soo long..

He look for his secret hidden alarm & found it broken so kushi found it damn.. Everyday he used to get up early before anyone could wake up. Make himself lime juice to remove his hangover then bring kushi’s bed coffee & his pampering would start..

He message Kavya to bring kavya his lime juice & go to fresh up..

Atharv’s room

He was reading some novel. Kushi come & sit beside him

Kushi : are you planning to spend all your vacation with books in this room

Atharv doesn’t answer

Kushi : come on Atharv no one’s here you can speak to me. Won’t to you join others to play

Atharv : I don’t like to people in this house..

Kushi : atharv.. They’re family.. Why do you behave like this with them ah?

Atharv : you should know the reason better..

Kushi : what are you talking ? Why are you like this

Atharv : because I remember everything kushi.. I know what they’ve done to you.. I hate people here..

Kushi was stunned hearing it.. He was too small when she left this house he cannot remember anything. It means he remember from his last birth. Is it possible?

Before she could talk more aashi come in there

Aashi : I’ll burn all your books one day

Atharv give her look

Aashi : come out atharv.. I want to play

He concentrate back on his book she snatch it..

Aashi : I’m warning you don’t take my threats lightly..

Atharv give up & gesture he’ll come in 5 mins..

Kushi : aashi I’ll take you two out in evening be ready ok

Atharv look at her as if questioning where

Kushi : its a surprise..

Aashi : maa aarav.

Kushi : oh please not him he won’t like my surprise.. Only you two

Arshi room

Arnav : thank you so much kavya you brought it

He was about to take line juice from Kavya but kushi snatch it..

Arnav : what the..

Kushi : you’re not getting it

Kavya : but bhabhi he’s having headache

Kushi : hangover is the right word Kavya..

Kavya : yes.. So..

Kushi : so ? He won’t get any line juice

Arnav : kushi.. My head is blasting here

Kushi : who said you to drink ah? How dare you drink at home

Arnav : I’m sorry ok.. You scold me later now give me that..

Kushi : a clear no

Kavya : bhabhi..

Kushi : if he can’t stop drinking he should learn to deal with this hangover too.. He’s getting nothing

Arnav : punishment ah? Fine mam as you say I’ll accept it


Kushi had noticed how arnav struggling with his headache since he woke up & she couldn’t see at any more.. So she reach room with line juice. Arnav was working on his laptop

Kushi : drink it

Arnav : I guess you gave me punishment in the morning mam how can I drink this

Kushi : don’t act smart drink it..

He drink the lime juice.

Arnav : thanks & sorry

Kushi : sorry should be said when you won’t repeat the mistake not when you’re determined to do same thing again tonight

Arnav doesn’t talk just concentrate on his laptop

Kushi : I won’t let you drink today

Arnav : ok mam

Kushi : don’t take me lightly Arnav I mean it

Arnav : heard you’re going out with aashi & Atharv.. Shall I take you 3

Kushi : no need we will manage

Arnav : ok

Precap : Arnav wake up in midnight & was about to open French doors to go to poolside but he sense someone pulling him.. He look down

Arnav : what the..

Kushi wake up..

Kushi : well done jelebi..

Arnav : jelebi? What’s this doing here.. Who brought it

Kushi : I brought it yo keep eye on him now shut the door & sleep what you thought Mr Raizada only you’re smart here?

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