MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-28)

I hv updated the summary so that you people can get hold of story


Kavya : you got nice sleep bhabhi ?

Kushi : raakshaso ke saath neend kahan aati hai ( how can anyone get sleep with monsters)

Arnav stare her kushi glare him & leave

Kavya : what did you do

Arnav : I just apologised nothing else

Aashi come there

Aashi : papa come down let’s have breakfast..

She drag him with her

Dining table

Anjali went to temple so there was no need to fake anything for her

Kushi was busy chatting with kids feeding them completely ignoring Arnav

Arnav : kushi pass the water

She stare him angrily & aashi pass it for him

Aashi : mumma you saw sultan movie you also like salmanji na.?

Aarav hold his head for bringing that topic

Aarav : di wasn’t there any other topic to ask now she will go on talking about the movie which she saw 8 times in a week dragging me and anshu bhaiyya too

Kushi hit him

Kushi : it was such a nice movie.. Have you watched it Aashi

Arnav : I took her

Kushi widen her eyes in surprise but soon hide it

He keep asking this that trying forcefully to talk to her but kushi doesn’t pay any heed. After sometime kushi go into kitchen and Arnav follow her

Arnav : kushi stop avoiding me.. We need to talk

Kushi : not me you want to talk ( angrily)

Arnav : ok fine I need to talk can we

Kushi : no

Arnav : kushi please.. How can we clear all this without talking

Kushi : I don’t want to clear anything I’m here for only di

Arnav : what about us?

Kushi : Us.!? We’re over 8 years back Mr. ASR now leave me alone

She move out

Aman come there..

Aman : did she talk

Arnav : no

Later in evening

Kushi was on terrace crying silent tears suddenly she feel someone holding her dupatta (veil). She immediately wipe her tears & turn to find little Atharv with eyes full of tears . she bend to his height getting concerned

Kushi : kya hua aapko Chot lagi hai kahi pe ( what happened are you hurt somewhere)

She start scanning him but he pull her into hug..

Kushi : oh baby what happened..? ( she pull back & wipe his tears both sit on stairs )

Kushi : we both didn’t talk only.. Are you angry for that..? ( he nod no) hmm.. Are you angry as I didn’t come to meet you these many years ( he again nod no) then.?

Atharv : I’m angry you came back to him

Kushi get shocked

Atharv : I don’t want you to get hurt again chutki

Kushi : chutki..!

Her babuji ( father) called her that. Realisation struck her mind. How can she forget that day she herself declared he was her father & named him atharv on shashi’s wish. Kushi’s eyes fill with tears & she hug him.. If her father was alive he would’ve never let all this happen.. She missed him badly & here she found him again

Kushi : I missed you sooo much…

Payal come there & get worried seeing them cry

Payal : kushi atharv are you fine..?

Kushi : ( wiping her tears) yes jiji don’t worry

Payal : atharv you skipped your lunch again.. You will come down right now & have something

He stare her angrily & walk down though payal follow him back he lock himself in room

Payal : god he will drive me crazy one day. ( banging door) its not the way to behave atharv open the door Atharv..

AR office

Aman : what are you thinking ASR do it

Arnav : I think I’m pushing her now. I don’t want to force her & make her more angry

Aman : man this will calm her anger. I can see love for you in her eyes its just that she isn’t accepting it

Arnav : I know that aman she do love me but I’m afraid her anger will overpower her love.. I know her too well she won’t forgive me this easily.. It’s all my fault

Aman : at least try once you’ve to start from some where right make every moment count ASR

Arnav : fine.. I’ll go home & see what can be done


Kushi : jiji I’ll feed him he’ll listen to me

Payal : no kushi he won’t sometimes he act like this.. I’ll ask aashi only she can make him eat now

Aashi come there

Aashi : he’s upset again?

Payal nod : he’s like this since a week

Aashi : ( take the plate) I’ll set him right today he just can’t spoil his health like this

She storm up followed by kushi & payal

Aashi : ( knocking the door) you better open the door before I break it Atharv

Atharv open the door but go back and sit on bed angrily

Aashi : what’s wrong now. You always do this without reason last month I clearly remember you did the same on 15th

Atharv glare Payal for telling Aashi about this

Aashi : don’t stare her have food now

Atharv start having as he never like his sweet sister angry & he finish his lunch

Aashi : this doesn’t end here you’re writing down the reason for your act & this time I won’t let go

Kushi : what’s the need to write it.. He’ll speak about his problems and we will find solution together right Atharv

Kushi pull him closer and ask him sweetly what’s wrong.. Payal Aashi’s eyes fill seeing it.

Payal : kushi.. He.. He

Before Payal could complete Atharv run out & these follow him & Aashi could finally stop him in living room

Aashi : won’t you answer your di here take the book & write it

She give him a book & pen

Kushi : let him speak na why are you asking him to write Aashi

Everyone in hall get sad hearing it

Arnav : kushi he.. ( kushi glare him and go to Atharv)

Kushi : won’t you tell your chutki what’s the problem

Atharv leave to his room

Kushi was about to stop him but Arnav hold her & she shove off his hand

Arnav : he doesn’t talk

Kushi : ( ignoring him) jiji we need know what’s his problem. He needs to tell his problem

Payal : he don’t talk kushi.. He never talk ( Payal break into tears)

Kushi : what are you saying..? Why won’t he talk?

Akash : he never spoke since birth.. He can’t talk

Kushi was confused he has just now spoke to her on terrace then.?

Payal : we’ve shown him to best doctors but they couldn’t diagnose what the problem is ( she pour some more tears)

Kavya : he’s just angry always only Aashi can calm him


No one was at home except kushi.. Everyone have on or other excuse & left. She was in room deeply thinking about Atharv

Kushi : He spoke to me on terrace then why don’t he talk to others.

She recall how she has always seen him angry least interested in talks, always disturbed ignoring others. She remember noticing him glaring Arnav at dining table

Kushi : Unke aakho mein woh gussa.. Woh kaalipan.. Kya mein Kuch zyada soch rahi hoon woh sirf 9 saal ka hai ( that anger in his eyes.. He seems so lost.. Am I thinking more now he’s just 9)

Kushi : jiji said he does this often but why..? Why didn’t he talk to anyone else but me

She remember Aashi telling he did the same last month on 15th too.. It was kushi’s birthday

Kushi : was he upset for that.. He’s like this since time I returned..

She remember Atharv’s talks on terrace

Atharv : I’m angry you came back to him

Atharv : I don’t want you to get hurt again chutki

Kushi : chutki..! He is babuji ( father) this means he remember everything he.. He.. ( before she could think more she hear a loss sons from hall & she rush down only to find it completely dark)

Kushi : Hari Prakashji.. ( she was bit scared now)

(Rabba ve playing in background)

She find a pair of hands wrapping around her waist from behind

Kushi hold her breath due to proximity

Placing head on her shoulder he whisper in her ears ” I’m sorry ”

Lights get on while hall was decorated with rises lights candles they were standing on rose petals & there was even a cutely decorated table but nothing impressed kushi she get out of his hold

Kushi : what’s all this ? Do you think I’ll fall for this never

Arnav : I just want to talk

Kushi : I don’t want

Arnav : I’m sorry please Kushi listen to me

Kushi : I don’t believe you & I will never believe you again

Arnav : what shall I do to make you believe.. Tell me once one last chance Kushi

Kushi : reverse the clock & bring back what once was mine

Arnav just stare her..

Kushi : its not possible na.. The same way believing you again is also not possible..

Arnav : Kushi.. ( interrupt)

Kushi : I no more recognise you.. You became a stranger the moment you broke my trust I don’t know you.. I hate you.. I hate to be with you.. I hate you… did you hear me I hate you Mr.ASR

she break into tears collapsing on floor muttering I hate you

Arnav : you do love me Kushi that’s why you’re crying ( she kneel down beside her & cup her face) I’m sorry.. I’m really sorry..

Kushi : ( coming out of his hold) nothing is same here you’ve moved on.. I’ve learnt living without my arnavji so. Stay away please.. Nothing is mine here neither your are nor this house is

Arnav : everything is still yours

Kushi : nothing is mine here.. I’m here for only di.. Do not expect more & don’t you dare try to come near me & when you apologise my blood boils so stop it Mr.Raizada

She try to leave but Arnav hold her hand.. She jerk it back..

Kushi : do not touch me.. ( she warn )

Precap : Kushi get up from sleep only to find Arnav smiling at her holding a coffee

Arnav : good morning Mrs.ASR your bed coffee

Kushi : I hate coffee..

Giving another cup

Arnav : here is tea then as you love it

Kushi : my taste has changed now

Arnav : then have this ( he move aside & there was a trolley full of different drinks )

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  1. Veronica

    The manaofying precap seems highly interesting.Atharv talks to Khushi and not others.. Why is it like that!? Was that Khushi’s illusion? I read the summary update, thanks for a detailed summary update. Loved the dining table scene. I can imagine Khushi being angry and Arnav trying to patch up with her. I kinda started loving this ff more.?????

    1. Anaya

      To vero, it’s not kushi’s illusion he did talk.. there is one secret behind his behavior I’ll reveal it in next episode. Arnav’s new patchup tricks coming. & It will be too much fun

  2. Nice update but too late yaar 🙁
    Anyways take care

    1. Anaya

      Sorry for delay .. how much ever I try one or the other thing comes & I end up getting late.. thank u for putting up with me

  3. Thank you soo much for full summary I love lots , I want know atharv is dumb but don’t understand wat u mean it’s OK plss update fast don’t make this much wait . the precap is soo funny

    1. Anaya

      All atharv secrets in next episode.. and I’ll surely update soon

  4. Akshaya.123

    wow awesome yaar anaya. u rocked it please update the next part soon

    1. Anaya

      Thank u akshaya

  5. interesting why atharv is like that?

    1. Anaya

      Thank u n .. I’ll reveal about atharv in next episode

  6. This is lovely story.

    I feel bad for Atharv for not speaking alot since Khushi left. I think that Atharv witness Arnav and Khushi fight and when Khushi left Raizada house Atharv ran and tried to stop Khushi to leave but someone stop Atharv to go to Khushi. That is why Atharv don’t want to speak to whole family expect Khushi. Atharv love Aashi and know that both of them love Khushi to the core and are much upset that Khushi left without taking them.

    As when Atharv goes to Khushi and noticed his tear and get concern then check if he get hurt but relieve that he has no snatch then hug him. Khushi confront Atharv for his silent and angry. Atharv spoke to only one that is Khushi. Atharv reply is so adorable and not want to accept Khushi back in Arnav’s life. Atharv want Khushi take him away from Payal and Aman. Khushi understood Atharv’s pain and want to cuddle him. Payal come in to take to Atharv and about to scold him but Atharv angily left and went away and lock himseld in his room. Atharv don’t want people to surround him because they don’t stop Khushi from leaving the house and nor letting him to go with Khushi.

    Aashi talk to Atharv and was about to scold him and say that he has stop talking since 15th but Khushi get confused then realised that it was her birthday then Atharv stop speaking to them since he need Khushi presented. Whole family don’t know that Atharv want to talk to Khushi only not them.

    Khushi tell others not to follow her until she get Atharv speak to her as more of all is that Atharv don’t want to speak to anyone. When Atharv speak to me then when he finish speaking to me then I will tell you the reason why he is behaving like this. Khushi goes to Atharv room to knock and tell him that it me chutki, please open the door while other follow and watch them. Atharv open the door that shocked family. Atharv see them and get angry that confused Khushi then she turn to see them then Khushi order them to go and not to come near the door to listen. Family leave sadly. Khushi enter Atharv room and sit on bed and ask him to come. Atharv run to her then Khushi hug him and make him sit on her lap. Khushi ask Atharv what happen and why are you angry on family. Atharv look on quiet. Khushi ask Atharv say it. He keep silent then Khushi get idea then tell Atharv if you won’t talk then I will tickle you and start tick Atharv. He start laughing and ask her chutki please stop it and continue laughing. Khushi smile see him laughing then now tell me what happen. Atharv tell narrate everything when Khushi left the house that Khushi get shock and tears start to flow then hug him. Khushi tell Atharv that I will not leave you again and I will promise you. Family wait for Khushi and Atharv and get worry then hear laughing but want to go and check if they are fine. Aashi come to door and see this then she get surprised to see Atharv speaking to Khushi then get tears. Aashi goes back to family while other get worry see Aashi cry and ask what happen. Aashi tell them that Atharv is not speaking to all of us but he only start his speaking to Khushi that shocked them. Family get emotional by hear this from Aashi. Khushi explain to Atharv then bring him to family. They look at Khushi and Atharv come then ask her what is happening. Khushi tell them that he is angry with you all and that is why he is stopping speaking to you. They get shock by Khushi reply for Atharv. Arnav ask Atharv for apologised and promised him that he will not hurt Khushi again. Atharv refused and hug Khushi. All get emotional see Khushi and Atharv bond. Family ask Atharv if he want anything then he ignore them then tell Khushi that he want to be with her. They get stunned by Atharv speaking to Khushi only not them. Khushi get emotional and hug him and agree that he can be with her. Payal get heartbroken by see Atharv speaking and Aman hug Payal. Payal want to hug Atharv but he jerk and hold Khushi. Aashi and Aarav then come and hug Khushi and Atharv then Khushi hug all children without adult. Arnav get emotional by seeing this.

    Can’t wait for next ff….

    1. Fanficoholic

      U wrote this kind of article previously also ryt? U like giving ur own ending to anaya di’s stories?

    2. Anaya

      Thank you so so much dear.. you’ve written it very lovely manner.. let’s see how much of it will come true in story.. thank you for this beautiful comment

  7. Fanficoholic

    Amazing di. Di i may nt be able to comment regilarly as college stared. Bt once i get hils i wll comment regularly. Hope u understanf. Loved this epi. Waiting fr atoot bandhan esp and the other ffs too

    1. Anaya

      It’s OK Vaishu.. here I’m not posting regularly only & your talking about commenting.. I completely understand it’s fine

  8. Kumud

    Awesome touching and funny precap

    1. Anaya

      Tq kumud.. more fun on the way

  9. Aryaa

    Hey Ani, finally here i am..

    1. Anaya

      Finally.. thank God.. you won’t hack into my account anymore.. ?.. make new friends ari..& don’t trouble anyone please only I can bear you

      1. Aryaa

        Ab yeh kuch zyada hua . Tu story pe concentrate kar.. zyada smart comment mat daalna warna phir tere account mein guss ke ulta seedha story daal doongi

  10. Anaya

    Thank you sooo much very, Vaishall, vavachi, akshaya.123, n, parichary, Vaishu, kumud

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