MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-27)


Kiran’s husband had an accident in the outskirts of Lucknow but kiran got panicked & called kushi too as she was near..

Doc : everything is fine there’s nothing to worry

Ram : ( kiran’s husband) sweetheart at least smile now

Kiran smile

Kushi : ab kush madam.. God.. You almost killed everyone in hospital.. Lo yeh rahe tumhare Ram.. Sahi salamat

Kiran hit her gently but kushi fell unconscious

Kiran & Ram : kushi..!


Arnav : what the hell Sheetal..

Sheetal : ASR I know its difficult to believe but I’ve verified this is the fact..

Arnav : do the hell with your facts kushi can never do this he’s just her friend

Sheetal : I knew you’ll say this.. Here is the proof

Audio recording

Kushi : I miss you so much baby

Man : I miss you too but what to do

Kushi : let’s go out na.. On a trip

Man : but Arnav

Kushi : leave it on me..

Man ; done I’ll plan a trip & we shall enjoy

Recording ends..


Another Audio recording

Kushi : I can’t live any more like this.. I can’t stay away from you

Man : I know sweetheart.. Even I’m yearning to get you.. I need time

Kushi ; is your problem that Arnav Singh Raizada.? I’ll handle him in fact I’ll directly ask him divorce..

Man : he will ruin your life.. We’ve to be careful

Kushi : no.. He loves me too much to ruin me.. Don’t worry

Man : I love you

Kushi : love you too

Recording ends..


Ram : what’s wrong doctor

Kushi : may be due to fasting

Doc : No Mrs ASR.. Its not because of fasting

Kushi : then..?

Kiran : nothing serious na

Doc : ( smile) you’re Pregnant congratulations

Kushi’s happiness had no boundaries.. She had everything in her life.. She just wanted another child & that too got fulfilled.. Her life felt complete little did she knew she’s gonna loose everything she had today



Sheetal : here are some resort booking details in name of Mr.Raheja

She give some more fake proofs..

Arnav : leave me alone..

Sheetal : but ASR.. ( interrupt)

Arnav : leave.. ( he say bit loudly)

Sheetal : ok.. One last thing.. She’s not in any temple as she said… You call & check once..

She leave.. Arnav call her but her phony was busy.


Kushi : ( on call) don’t tell Arnav di.. I’ll tell once I return..

Anjali : I’m so happy for both of you.. Finally you got your prince..

Kushi just blush

Anjali : kushi comeback right now I can’t wait & you shouldn’t stay there alone..

Kushi : I’ll leave in an hour di..

Anjali : ok bye take care..

Anjali cut the call & call Arnav

Arnav : di I’ll call later.. ( interrupt)

Anjali : arre listen.. It’s important

Arnav : anything serious di

Anjali : ( on call) : Chote there is some one coming between you & kushi.. She won’t be same here after

Arnav : what are you saying di

Anjali : There is someone more important in her life now

Arnav fist his hand.. Till now he was confused but his di’s words had cleared him everything

While Anjali continued her prank holding the laugh

Anjali : Chote I’ll tell you the details coming home I’m on the way

Arnav cut the call & call kushi..

Kushi : Arn.. ( interrupt)

Arnav : where are you?

Kushi : arre.. Why are..( interrupt)

Arnav cut the call & check her phone location it was outside Lucknow..

Evening – Hospital – Delhi

All Raizadas were standing devasted outside the ICU.. Their beloved Anjali had slipped to coma due to the unfortunate accident that took place when she was returning home from temple

Kushi walked hurriedly into hospital who had just returned from Lucknow.. She started consoling bubbly who was crying.. Then she went to Arnav who was standing numb.. Kushi placed hand on his shoulder & he looked at her with rage.. His eyes all red.. She shrugged her off & went out. Kushi felt something wrong.. But she didn’t give it a thought


Shyam & Nani stayed in hospital.. Arnav returned home to confront kushi.. Kushi’s whole world shook hearing his allegations.. Even aman Lavanya were out of town.. Kushi had no one to support her..

Kushi : Arnav yeh jhoot bol rahi hai.. (to Sheetal) aur tume kya laga woh tumpe yakeen karenge (Arnav she’s lying.. ( to Sheetal ) and what you thought he will believe you ah.? )

Arnav : enough..

Kushi : Arnav..

Arnav : I know everything about you & that kiran & your God damn affair

Kavya : bhai.. What are you saying ? Bhabhi.. ( interrupt)

Kushi : you think I’ve affair with kiran.. How can you assume all this

Arnav : Arnav Singh Raizada doesn’t conclude on assumptions stop your drama right now

Kushi : you don’t trust me ( she ask sadly)

Arnav : ( he clutch her shoulders) There is nothing left now you better answer my questions dammit ( he scream)

Kushi : I’ve no answers.. ( she notice sheetal)

Kushi go & slap sheetal shocking everyone

Kushi ; you did this ? Why are you ruining my family

Arnav : ( pulling kushi towards him) stop it kushi…

Kushi : how can you believe her over me.. She’s a third person &..

Arnav : ( interrupt) I never believed her.. Di broke my illusion she showed me your real face I hate myself for loving a characterless.. ( slap…)

Kushi slapped Arnav raging him more & shocking everyone

Kushi : accha hua di yaha nahi hai warna aapke itni ghatiya baate sunkar woh marjaati ( its good di isn’t here or else after hearing these cheap words from you mouth she would’ve died)

Arnav : kushi… ( he raise his hand to slap her but stop midway )

Arnav : Get out..

Everyone look at him shocked while Sheetal smirk

Arnav : I said get out.. ( she shout)

Tears roll down Kushi’s eyes.. But her eyes had no helplessness they were filled with rage

Kavya : bhai.. Its a misunderstanding.. Bhabhi can never do this

Arnav : ( ignoring Kavya) aashi will stay with me..

Kushi : I hate you

Arnav : I hate myself too for loving you..

HP keep kushi’s luggage near her..

Kushi take it & turn to go.. But payal hold her.. & kavya talk to Arnav..

Payal : kushi.. Kuch toh bol.. Koun hai kiran ( kushi at least say something.. Who’s kiran)

Kushi : jiji aapko bhi lagta hai..( di even you feel I..) ( interrupt)

Payal : no kushi I trust you that’s why I’m telling you to speak to take stand.. Mein jaanti hoon tu kabhi aisa nahi kar sakti ( I know you can never do this)

Kushi : after hearing these words from him.. I’ve nothing to justify jiji.. He has lost that right.. There’s nothing left in this relationship.. Please don’t stop me..

Kushi walk towards the door tears continuously flowing from her eyes..

Kavya : bhai do something.. Please you can’t let her go.. Bhai.. How can you live without her..

Arnav : she has already killed me

Arnav walk back to room wiping off the small tear at the corner of his eyes..

Flashback ends…

Precap :

Arnav : what shall I do to make you believe..

Kushi : reverse the clock & bring back what once was mine

Arnav just stare her..

Kushi : its not possible na.. The same way believing you again is also not possible..

Guys i went on industrial trip from college last week & I fell sick due to water there. So I had to go to my hometown & couldn’t update any sorry

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