MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-23 & 24)

Arnav listened to no one & went to US along with aashi.. Kushi was very sad but what was bothering her was the recent events.. Something was definitely wrong..

Kushi : you don’t know di.. He gets angry for every silly reason these days.. He don’t love me ( she sob like a kid)

Anjali cup her face..

Anjali : Baat baat pe gussa karne waale wahi log hote hai jine khudse zyada doosro ka fikar hota hai ( the people who get angry often are the ones who care for others more than themselves)

Kushi : but di..

Anjali : He love you kushi you’re his life.. He’s just angry you know him na.. But I’m not defending his this act.. Whatever it is he shouldn’t have behaved this way.. But trust me he will realise soon. & come back apologising.. Then we will give him tough time

Kushi smile..

Anjali : ok now give me a hug.. ( they hug)

Kushi : why is he so khadoos in spite of having such lovely sister

Anjali : and sweet wife too.. Hum Kuch nahi kar sakte manufacturing defect hai.. Laad governor kahika ( we can’t do anything its manufacturing defect laad governor)

Both burst into laughter


Sheetal : ( on call) What!? Kiran Raheja is a woman.. Are you sure about this.. Ok

She cut the call

Sheetal : kushi is fooling ASR damn.. How will my plan work now..

Kavya enter with coffee..

Kavya : di.. Coffee..

Sheetal : thanks.. How’s kushi

Kavya : she’s fine.. Anjali di somehow consoled her..

Sheetal : they’re fighting way too much these days hope they don’t end up in divo.. ( interrupt)

Kavya : No di.. Bhai loves bhabhi.. See how he will come running to her..

Kavya leave.. Sheetal give a evil smirk

2days later

Kushi was watering Arnav’s plants near poolside that’s when she see a bracelet.. It wasn’t hers but no one come here except Arshi & HP. Then.. ?

Kushi : where did this come from

She pull drawer to keep it.. There she find a earring she found that day..

Kushi : what are all these..

She remember Sheetal’s one earring missing that day but what is it doing here.. ?


Arnav : what do you mean by there are no tickets available.. I need them dammit at any cost

Man : but sir all flights are booked you’ve to wait till tomorrow evening..

Arnav : I don’t care what you do but I need to reach India throw them money but I need tickets


Hotel – Delhi

Aman : its a serious issue.. ASR was thinking you’re at fault..

Kushi : someone is doing this intentionally aman..

Lavanya : no outsider can sneak in it must be any of her workers only

Aman : why will they spoil arshi relationship

Kushi : I’ve a doubt on someone..


Audio recording

Kushi : I can’t live any more like this.. I can’t stay away from you

Man : I know sweetheart.. Even I’m yearning to get you.. I need time

Kushi ; is your problem that Arnav Singh Raizada.? I’ll handle him in fact I’ll directly ask him divorce..

Man : he will ruin your life.. We’ve to be careful

Kushi : no.. He loves me too much to ruin me.. Don’t worry

Man : I love you

Kushi : love you too

Recording ends..

Man ; how is it mam?

Sheetal : perfect.. Good work

Man : after all I’m the best dubbing artist in town..


Man : there’s one solution sir..

Arnav : what?

Man : there’s a flight to San Paulo ( Brazil) you can go there.. ( interrupt)

Arnav : when my wife is in Delhi what will I do going there idiot

Man : sir flight to San Paulo is free &.. ( interrupt)

Arnav’s secretary : agar Pakistan ki flight free hai toh kya sir Pakistan chale jaav ( if Pakistan flight is free will sir go to Pakistan)

Man : Sir.. You can take flight to Delhi from San Paulo.. We’ve vacancy there.. You will reach India by night..

Arnav : ok book the tickets then..


Aman – La : Sheetal..!?

Kushi : I don’t know.. I found her bracelet near pool.. Near the pot which broke

La : it was Arnav’s favourite plant wasn’t it

Kushi nod..

Kushi : remember that day I misplaced cisodia file instead of chopra’s

Aman : yes..

Kushi ; I had put chopra’s file.. I’m sure.. I found this earring in our room that day

La : even Sheetal’s earring was missing na that day..

Kushi : I find her manipulating situations sometimes.. But then why will she do this.. I don’t know I’m confused

Aman : I’ve to confess something

Kushi- La : what?

Aman : remember Arnav got drunk in a party last week & you got angry

Kushi nod..

Aman : Actually Arnav took only a glass that day but it was spiked.. I saw Sheetal doing it..

La : why the hell didn’t you stop her

Aman : she said it was a prank.. They did it during college time too

La : definitely she’s up to something

Kushi : we can’t judge her by only assumptions but one thing is sure someone is playing with us..

Aman : I’ll find out give me some time..


San Paulo – Brazil Airport

Secretary : Sir we’ve flight in 2 hours.. We can have lunch

They move to restaurant

Arnav : why is baby not having anything

Aashi : paa. You.. Eet..

Arnav : ( to himself) Kushi must’ve eaten or not dammit how can I act like this..

Flashback – 2 days back

Kushi : Arnav please what are you doing

Arnav take aashi in arms & move out of room & kushi too follow him..

Kushi : you can’t do this..

Arnav : HP load the bags in car..

Kavya : bhaiyya take bhabhi too with you at least

Arnav : I don’t want any argument on this.. I can take care of my daughter

Kavya : you go after di & nani come from temple

Arnav : I’ll be late for flight..

He move out.. Kushi start weeping..

Flashback ends..

Aashi : Paa.. Papa..

Arnav : haan bachha ( yes baby)

Aashi : eat..

Arnav : papa will eat first you finish your milk.. Papa will come making a call

Arnav go asking his secretary & bodyguards to look after aashi

Arnav call kushi but she doesn’t pick as she has left it at home

Arnav : pick up the phone kushi.. I’m sorry.. Pick the phone…

Arnav call on landline & HP pick the phone

Arnav : pass it to kushi

HP : She’s out with Lavanya mam

Arnav call on Lavanya’s phone

Lavanya : international call that too from Brazil

she pick it

Lavanya : hello Lavanya Mathur speaking

Arnav : la its ASR pass the phone to kushi..

Kushi : who’s it..

Lavanya : don’t know I can’t hear anything.. I think it got disconnected

Arnav : hello hello.. Dammit what’s wrong with this phone now..

Aman : it must be wrong number

La : but I felt its ah.. Leave it.. ( to herself) was it ASR naa.. What will he do in Brazil


Arnav return to table only to find it empty.. He look around to find his 6 bodyguards & secretary running here & there & then he notice his naughty little daughter running all over hotel.. All giggling troubling them..

Arnav : Aashi..!

With lot efforts he catch her & bring back to table.. bodyguards & secretary are panting

Arnav : what was that..?

Aashi : mush.. ti ( masti – fun)

She say showing cute little teeth

Arnav ; baby.. You can’t run like that.. You will get lost.. You will always hold my hand when out ok.. No masti here

Aashi : ( frown) mumma also du.. You tuu.. Me.. An..g..ri.. ( mumma also do this.. You too.. I’m angry)

Arnav was surprised at her antics he never saw her tantrums.. Yea she was stubborn in some matters but he never knew to this extent.. She might have done the say in mall when kushi left her in baby care centre & they lost her.. Damn he didn’t believe kushi..

Arnav come out of his thoughts & look at his angry daughter.. Her nose was red just like kushi’s.. He tap on it & aashi frown more..

Arnav : princess won’t talk to papa..

Aashi turn her face.. He take her in his lap

Arnav : princess angry.. ( aashi nod) ok we will do masti when we go home not here baby please..

Aashi : ( extending her palm) pro…mi..shh ( promise)

Arnav : promise.. Now drink milk


Kushi return home & HP about to tell her about Arnav’s call but..

HP : kushi bhabhi.. Arn.. ( interrupt)

Sheetal : kushi.. Nani is calling you..

Kushi leave..

HP : bhabhi..

Sheetal : what’s so important

HP : Arnav bhaiyya called in afternoon for bhabhi..

Sheetal : I’ll inform her..

HP nod & leave..

Sheetal : ( to herself) ASR called? His anger calmed this early?

She move to arshi room & find some 5 missed calls from Brazil on kushi’s phone.. She delete the call history..

Kushi : Sheetal..

Sheetal turn & get nervous but immediately hides it..

Kushi : what are you doing here & my phone..

Sheetal : I was passing by & heard it ring so thought to check.. It was just a customer care call..

She fake a smile & move out..


Arnav : what do you mean by we’re trapped here

Secretary : sir due to hurricane all flights have been cancelled

Arnav : dammit find a way I need to reach India

Secretary : no one can move out of Brazil sir.. Its impossible all routes are blocked

Arnav : what the. How long..

Secretary : may be a week..

Arnav : ask aman send my private jet

Secretary : sir.. Actually.. No international calls can be done.. Practically all are trapped here..

Night – Hotel room

Arnav was walking too & fro all irritated aashi was sitting on couch with a lollipop seeing him..

Aashi ; paa.. Stop..

Arnav : aapko kuch chahiye ( you need something)

Aashi : aap tii.. ho ( aap teek ho – are you fine)

Arnav remember kushi asking him same question.. he smile at her & pick her in arms

Arnav ; no baby.. papa is guilty

Aashi ; why?

Arnav ; papa made mumma sad.. we left her alone in India na

Aashi : we go mumma back

His secretary get in..

Secretary : sir.. I’ve checked all possible way.. We can do nothing

Arnav ; damn.. you’re useless..

Secretary ; if we waited in US by morning we would have been in delhi

Arnav ; shut up & get lost


Sheetal : ( on call) what ASR went to Brazil..?

Man : yes mam.. all direct flights to Delhi were booked so he took a connecting flight through San Paulo ( Brazil)

Sheetal : at what time they’ll reach India then

Man : they won’t for at least week mam there is hurricane in Brazil.. everyone are trapped there no flights out.. and no phones too.. Everything is jammed there

Arshi room

Kushi was trying to call Arnav but couldn’t reach.. Anjali come in with food..

Anjali : kushi.. What am I hearing you didn’t eat anything since morning ah?

Kushi : di his calls are not getting connected.

Anjali : no need to call him.. In fact no one will talk to him..

Kushi ; di..

Anjali : if he doesn’t want to talk to you then let it be.. No one is gonna talk to him then.. This is too much now.. Is it a way to behave ah? Let him come I’ll teach him to behave with you..

Kushi make a sad face..

Anjali : I’m taking you to trip..

Kushi : trip?

Anjali : yep.. You me & kiran.. We will enjoy.. And after he comes back we will tell him loads of stories about kiran..

Kushi : but aashi..

Anjali : Let him handle her .. don’t you know how naughty she is..
kushi : she does all that with us only di.. she never trouble him..

Anjali ; just like you na.. see how much you’re troubling me to have dinner but if Chote was here you would’ve eaten immediately

Kushi ; I’m missing them both di..

Anjali : first have dinner.. come here.. No more arguments ..

Anjali start feeding her..

Kushi : why does he act like this di laad governor..

Next day kushi Anjali kiran go on a girl’s trip

Brazil – Hotel

Arnav place aashi in a small half filled tub to bathe her as soon as he turn to take soap.. She start screaming patting her hands & legs in water..

Aashi : paa. Paa.. Me drown.. Papa..

Arnav panick & immediately lift her & look at the tub..

Arnav : aashi you won’t drown in it.. Water is less see.. It’s a small tub..

Aashi start giggling..

Aashi : papa musti ( masti – fun)

Arnav : accha princess.. Aapki masti ne papa ko daraa diya ( well princess.. Your fun scared papa)

Aashi : Aa.. Sh.. R scared..!? ( ASR scared.!? )

She giggle more & arnav look at her spell bound.. She really was like her mother..

A week later..

Kushi was wearing arnav’s shirt & admiring their pic together.. That’s when she heard a sound near poolside..

Kushi : koun hai waha..? ( who’s it..?)

She slowly move towards poolside only to get pulled by someone from behind & they immediately cover her mouth. She try to get free but no use they forcefully drag her out & put her in car & leave her in some lonely dark place..

Next update will be tomorrow..

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      Thank u vero.. I’ll update next part by evening.. Have updated pyarr hai ya sazaa check out

  3. Nice but funny part with Aashi naughty.
    Arnav feel guilty for leaving Khushi because he knows that Khushi will not eat anything when he leave or goes somewhere. Aashi did the same as Khushi.
    someone had to murder Sheetal for doing evil way. HP should not tell Sheetal about Arnav calling so that Khushi will see the missed call.
    Nice Anjali advice to Khushi that she will punished Arnav for disrespect Khushi and hurt her. Arnav will tell Khushi that he had called her many times and she did not pick up. Khushi get confused then check her phone and tell Arnav his number is not on my listed and what number you used. Arnav tell Brazil number. Khushi checked again and show Arnav. Arnav get confused and what is going on. Khushi get memory that Sheetal was in her room doing something to her phone but get shock and Arnav look on and ask what happen. Khushi tell Arnav that Sheetal did this. Arnav get angry and want to scold her but Khushi tell him to come to room and show the missing and ask whose jewellery is this. Arnav get shocked and say this belong to Sheetal. Aman and La called Khushi and tell her to come and want to tell her about Sheetal. Khushi agreed and tell Arnav that Aman and La have some information regard about Sheetal. Arnav goes with Khushi to meet Aman and La and they tell about Sheetal plan and revenge. Arshi get shock. Arnav get angry and apologised to Khushi for not believing her. Arnav will kick Sheetal out of his company and his house.

    1. Anaya

      Thank u parichary.. But this is not gonna happen.. Remember arshi are separated.. But don’t worry sheetal will surely shown her true place later

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    1. Anaya

      I’m fine.. how are you.. all the best for your exams dear.. thank u for taking time out of ur busy schedule.. next epi will be full on arshi romance but later 2 epis will be sad one & fb ends.. im posting next update today by evening along with ajnabhii

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