MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-21)

Coffee shop

Kiran : what. ? Bechare..

Kushi : every time you call na.. You’ve to see his face..

Kiran : don’t trouble him more.. Aisa na ho prank ulta pad jaaye ( what if prank turn back it you)

Kushi : don’t worry he will never doubt on me..

Kiran : itna bharosa ( so much trust)

Kushi : khudse zyada.. ( more than I trust myself)


Kushi see her phone & see some 10 miss calls from arnav, Aman.. But her phone was not on silent why didn’t it ring.

Arnav come home he looked bit angry..

Arshi room

Kushi : how was your day..

He look at her angrily & go into washroom

Kushi: ab ine kya hua.. ( what happened to him now )

Arnav come out..

Kushi : you know coffee was very nice.. And weather too I enjoyed a lot.. ( she try to tease but he doesn’t respond)

Arnav was not talking as he would scream at her if he talked..

Kushi : what happened.. Did something go wrong in office

Arnav : you kept wrong file in my bag kushi.. You were so engrossed in phone that when I called you I got only busy tone..

Kushi ; I kept Chopra’s file.. & I don’t know why I didn’t get your calls.. My phone didn’t ring.. See..

Arnav : You kept Cisodia’s file ( Arnav take the phone )

Kushi : Cisodia’s. !? But I kept Chopra’s..

Arnav : ( interrupt) you blocked me kushi..

Kushi : what..!? ( he show her his contact in block list )

Kushi : I didn’t do that.. I don’t know..

Arnav : Now a days you’re not concentrating on me.. Only aashi or kiran.. See you haven’t even done what I said in morning..

Arnav go down for dinner..

Kushi : I clearly remember I kept right file how it got misplaced & how he got blocked in my contact list!??

Kavya : ( from down) Bhabhi.. Come down..

Kushi ‘ coming.. ( she move forward & something prick her feet..) Ouch..!

She take it in her hand.. It was a earring but wasn’t hers..

Kavya ; bhabhi…

Kushi keep it aside & rush down..

Dining table

Arnav kept ignoring kushi… She was all frustrated now.. Kushi was about to sit beside kushi but Arnav pull sheetal..

Arnav : Sheetal why are you standing ? Come sit..

Kushi sit opposite to Arnav..

Late Arnav cough before kushi could pass water Sheetal give him.. Arnav was talking bit more with sheetal..

Everyone notice the cold war going on..

Kavya notice Sheetal’s one earring missing

Kavya : di where’s your other earring

Sheetal check it & kushi notice her earring it was the same one which she got in her room

Sheetal : don’t know.. May be it slipped somewhere..

Before kushi could say Arnav talk..

Arnav : its trend to wear single earring nowadays

Kushi : she said she lost it..

Arnav : Still I think she look better with one earring.. Sheetal why don’t you let some hair strands near your ear.. It would look perfect..

He himself does that

Anjali : Chote..

Everyone look at him like what’s going on..

Arnav : what..? Can’t we praise our friends too.. They too are like family right..

Kushi fume in anger.. Arnav gets kavya’s message

” Don’t try to make bhabhi jealous.. It will surely backfire badly ”

Arnav message back – ” she deserve it for ignoring me ”

Kavya message – ” I’ve warned you if you continue I’ll ask HP to keep guest room ready ”

Arnav : what the..

Kavya giggle..

After a while Arnav enter the bedroom hoping kushi would try to pacify him but she was busy on phone..

Arnav : what the..

Kushi notice him & start speaking bit loudly..

Kushi : yes.. I’m also missing you..

Kiran : my husband too is missing me keep the phone

Kushi : We had a great time..

Kiran : don’t tell me you’re doing this to make Arnav jealous

Kushi : yes.. We shall meet tomorrow don’t worry..

Kiran : paagal ( mad)

Kushi : No.. He won’t mind he’s bit busy with his frnds ( she say glaring him)

Arnav just smirk.. Kushi frown as he stand unaffected

kushi : love you bye.. ( cut the call)

Arnav look at her shocked

Kushi : what..? Can’t we love our friends too.. They too are like family right.. ( she say the same way Arnav said on dining table)

Arnav move towards her

Kushi : why do I feel something is burning..

Arnav : ( leaning to her ears) you..

Kushi look at him

Arnav : what you thought I’ll be jealous gearing your talks.. Come on kushi I’m not a kid like you..

Kushi : I’m a kid.. How dare.. ( Arnav keep his finger on her mouth)

Arnav : SShh.. Stop all this.. Let’s go out..

Kushi : No.. I’m not coming I’m angry

Arnav : then why are you wearing this red saree then ah..? Oh now I get you.. You wanna romance here only.. So desperate.. Ah..

He hold her wrist..

Kushi : Arnav leave.. ( she struggle.. He pull closer..) Why have you come to me now.. Go give trendy tips to Sheetal.. ( he hold her waist ) aap..(You.. )( he lock her lips with his.. )

Next day..

Arnav getting ready for office.. Kushi is dressing aashi.. He was trying to get close to her but aashi was not allowing him.. So he try other tricks .

Arnav : kushi my wallet..

Kushi : on table

Arnav : my file.. Chopra’s file..

Kushi : I’ve kept it in your bag .

He go on asking & kushi keep answering without coming to him..

Kushi : what’s wrong Arnavji.. You’re troubling me for every single thing.. What else you need

Arnav : Gift..

Kushi widen her eyes gesturing towards aashi .

Arnav : oh come on she’s kid..

Kushi : kids these days are too sharp.. I’m not giving you..

Arnav : ok fine then..

He come to her & kiss infront of aashi.. Excited by this new gesture Aashi start clapping happily..

Aashi : paa.. Maa..

Later in evening

Everyone were having evening coffee & aashi Sonia atharv were playing.. Arnav & aman return from office.. Arnav kiss all 3 kids on forehead.. But aashi isn’t satisfied she start pulling Arnav’s shirt.. Arnav take her in arms..

Arnav : princess missed papa..

Aashi nod.. Arnav kiss on her cheeks.. But she frown.. & start wriggling..

Anjali : what happened to her.. Chote give her to kushi.. She’ll start crying now..

Kushi try to take aashi but she resist & tears form in her eyes..

Aashi : papa.. Ki..ssi..

Arnav : aww my princess needs a kiss ( he peck on her cheeks & aashi get more angry & start crying anjali take her & start calming her )

Anjali : what happened to mera baccha.. Papa gave kissi na why baby is crying..

Aashi : Papa kissi ma here.. ( innocent baby peck on anjali’s lips ) papa kissi me here.. ( she peck on anjali’s cheeks )

Everyone are shocked & then a teasing smile play on everyone’s lips.. Arshi stand embarrassed.. Arnav about to move up.. But aashi start crying..

Anjali : don’t cry baby.. I’ll give kissi to princess

she peck on Baby’s lips.. & wipe her tears.. Aashi angrily see it Arnav..

Aashi : ( pointing at Arnav) papa.. An.. gry..

Anjali : Chote what’s all this..

Arnav : di.. Me.. Kushi kushi did this..

Kushi : don’t lie.. Didn’t I refuse you only forcefully kissed me infront of her..

Everyone : oooh hooo..

Kushi run to kitchen looking at their teasing looks kushi run to room..

Anjali hold Arnav’s ears..

Anjali : Chote have some shame..

Arnav : di.. I.. I didn’t do anything..

Anjali : yes not you Romeo inside you did this..

Anjali leave him & he too rush up..

Sheetal : ASR was so angry on kushi yesterday & now..

Kavya : di.. You know whenever they fight na.. They romance more.. Anyway their fight won’t last more than a day.. So cute they are.. Right?

Sheetal nod with fake smike

Sheetal : ( to herself) their isn’t a small sign of trouble between them.. I’ve to do something big..

Precap : Arshi big fight.. Arnav leave for US for business trip alone..

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  1. Veronica

    Oh god kya hua hai in dono ke beech… Jaldi update kijiye humse aur intezaar nahin ho raha.

  2. Kumud

    Interesting love their romance

  3. Arshi are so cute.

    Sheetal don’t want Arnav and Khushi to get closed so that she can break the marriage between Arnav and Khushi. Sheetal created misunderstanding between Arnav and Khushi.

    So cute Aashi! Witness the romancy drama btwn Arshi. Arnav kiss Aashi on cheek but Aashi dislike it and get angry and cried on Arnav that confused whole family. Aashi show what Arnav did between Khushi and Aashi. Aashi tell Anjali that Arnav kiss Khushi on her lips so Aashi say papa and ma then show this then Arnav kiss Aashi on her cheek then say papa and me show this to them. Then Anjali understand this and start scolding Arnav. Whole family get shocked by Aashi behave and drama. Arnav tried to save himself and put a blame on Khushi. Khushi defend and left.

    It is so priceless and very funny. I love this.

  4. U aren’t even updating once a week.. I know pressure h but still story ka track aur essence chla jta h
    Keeping that aside u are fabulous
    Plz try krna ap thda aur jldi kr skte like once a week atleast

    1. Anaya

      I understand.. I’m really sorry.. I don’t want to give any excuses.. But one last time able me.. I’ll be regular

    2. Anaya

      Believe me*

  5. Anaya

    Tysm vero, kumud, parichary & vaishali

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