MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-20)


Arnav place kushi on bed

Kushi : ( frown )what if someone saw us..

Arnav : I don’t care..

Kushi : you will care when they tease us..

Arnav : stop changing topic kushi.. You’re making me forget why I took you back here..

Kushi : oh bechare.. I’m sleepy.. Nothing more for today..

She’s about to lay down but Arnav pull her closer..

Arnav : cheater.. This how you payback for such a beautiful date.. Ah. ?

Kushi : it was compensation for accusing me.. So no payback..

Arnav : then I’ll take it myself ( he lean to kiss her but kushi’s phone start ringing.. )

Arnav : what the..! Whose calling at this hour

Kushi : (exclaim) kiran..! Hey devi maiyya I almost forgot..

Arnav : kiran.!?

Kushi pick the call..

Kiran : I’ll kill you if you come infront of me..

Kushi : sorry..sorry I’ll cm right now to pick you..

Kiran : no need madam I’ve managed to get a cab.. My flight landed 3 hours back & you expect me to stay in airport only till now..

Kushi : you could have called me once..

Kiran : once..? Idiot I’ve called 20-30 times but you didn’t pick..

Kushi : sorry na..

Kiran : stop spoiling sleep now.. I’ll take your class tomorrow..

Kushi : Good night.. ( she cur the call)

Arnav : who is he..?

Kushi : kiran my friend.. Sh.. He..? ( kushi get idea to trouble Arnav..) He’s my childhood buddy..

Arnav see a file beside recliner..

Arnav : damn.. I almost forgot.. ( he pick the file)

Kushi : kya hua.. ( what happened)

Arnav : I’ve meeting tomorrow & presentation is not ready.. I was working on it & then di came & you..

Kushi : you came to know the truth so you stated consoling me right..

Arnav : I’ll complete it now you sleep..

Kushi : no.. You too sleep.. Complete it in morning.. If it isn’t ready no one will dare to ask the ASR


Arnav was busy on laptop.. He had to complete the presentation.. On middle of it anjali start disturbing him..

Anjali : chote I said she should smile.. Is blushing bonus with that ah..?

Arnav : yes di.. ( looking at his laptop)

Kushi widen her eyes & everyone control their giggle

Anjali : so looking at the speed you two are going can we expect a prince soon..

Arnav : hmm ( still not concentrating )

Kavya : bhaiyya I need 1 dozen if your kids not just 2.. You will fulfill my wish na..

Arnav : ok.. Now let me wor.. ( he stop realising what she said & look at her)

Everyone start laughing & kushi glare him.. Looking at anger he smirk at her..

Kavya : see di.. Now also they’re romancing with eyes.. ( they break the eyelock)

Kushi : kavya.. I think I saw a pink mark on NK’s shirt.. May be lipstick mark you know..

Kavya : uh.. Huh.. It’s not mine..

Anjali : ( joining kushi) oh then he’s cheating on you kavya.. Let me take his class..

Kavya : di.. No.. Its mi.. ( she stop)

Kushi : its what Kavya.. Its yours ah..!? ( she tease)

Kavya : I won’t leave you two.. ( she run upstairs)

Anjali : all if you have become so naughty..

Arnav : waise di.. Don’t you need another kid.. Only bubbly enough ah.?

Anjali ; I already have 2 kids na chote what’s need of another shaitan.. These 2 are enough to trouble me..

Kushi understand

Arnav : 2 kids.? Who? Jijaji..? Oh come on di he’s not a kid..

Anjali : not him chote you.. Are you less than kid.. Haan I agree not when you’re with kushi but

Kushi : di.. Stop teasing me now..

Arnav : and I’m not a kid..

Anjali : yea.. I saw yesterday night.. How grown up this kid is.. ( she pull his cheeks & leave)

Arnav : see how excited everyone is for a prince & you’re running away from me.. ( he’s pull her on his lap..)

Kushi : arnav.. Leave.. If anyone see us like this.. All of them will start again..

Arnav : I don’t care.. ( he lean to kiss her but..)

Kushi’s phone start ringing.. Kushi get up & answer the call..

Kushi : hello kiran.. Haan bolo.. No not at all busy.. ( she move away while arnav frown..)


Arshi room

Kushi is still talking on phone..

Arnav : Kushi.. Keep that chopra file in my bag..

Kushi : jii.. ( ok..)

Nk Kavya room

Kavya scanning NK’s all shirts..

Nk : what happened Kavya..

Kavya : I’m seeing if there’s any marks on anyother shirt..

Nk : marks. ? What marks..

Kavya : lipstick marks ..thank God they are no where..

Kavya get up & nk come near her at a time & they collide.. Making Kavya kiss on NK’s chest..

Kavya try to pull back but her hair got struck in his shirt button.. Making her collide again..

Kavya : ouch..

Nk : arre wait.. I’ll remove it.. ( he starts freeing them.. ) kavya you’re perfume is seducing me..

Kavya : I’ve not put on any perfume nando..

Nk : barbie doll you’ve forgot to romance I think.. ( he free her hair & pull her closer.. )

Kavya : I forgot to romance.. Ah? Don’t forget I’m your teacher in it

Nk : really then prove it..

Kavya : accha..

She move closer to kiss him but..

Kushi : Maine Kuch nahi dekha.. ( I didn’t see anything..)

Nk Kavya pull back embarrassed..

Kushi : NK ji.. Arnavji gave this file to you..

Nk : thanks bhabhi..

Kushi notice a lipstick mark near his chest.. & smile looking at her nk hide it with file..

Kushi : Kavya.. The first rule of romance is to lock the door but you two have not even closed it.. See how wide open it is no one can even knock..

Kavya : bha.. Bhabhi we were just.. My hair got struck that’s it..

Kushi : oh.. How.. While kissing ah..?

Nk make excuse & walk out..

Kushi : arre nk wait..

Nk : ji bhabhi. ( yes bhabhi)

Kushi : ( move to the door) complete your kiss.. I’m going after all we all need your prince & princesses too.. But lock the door ok..

Meanwhile in arshi room…

Someone enter the room & remove file from arnav’s bag & place other file & move out..


Kushi : ( on call) ok I’ll be there.. 5 pm right fine..

Arnav : kushi..

She gesture him she’s talking on phone..

Arnav : talk later.. Come here first.. Give me my morning kiss..

Kushi : ok I’ll talk later bye kiran.. ( intentionally she say kiran.. )

Arnav : ( frown) how much you will talk to him

Kushi : ( kiss on his Cheeks) why jealous ah.?

Arnav : ( smirk) no one can make Arnav Singh Raizada jealous..

Kushi : accha.. Toh phir suniye ( well then listen) I’m going for coffee with him today evening..

Arnav : what the..!

Kushi : Kuch chuba ( something pricked..)

She tried to tease him but he backfired..

Arnav : enjoy your evening with him.. But night is all mine..

her jaw drop he smirk at her & whisper

Arnav : wear red saree..


Aman : ASR its a wrong file.. Its Cisodia’s file not Chopra’s..

Arnav recall kushi talking on phone..

Arnav : damn she misplaced it

He call her & get a busy tone.. He get frustrated..

Precap : kushi : love you bye.. ( cut the call)

Arnav look at her shocked

Kushi : what..? Can’t we love our friends too.. They too are like family right..

Flashback will end in next 4 parts guys..

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  1. Kumud

    Awesome really funny

  2. Veronica

    Aww flashback itni jaldi khatam! Awesome epi….. Loved khushi trying to make Arnav jealous and he backfiring at her????

  3. Awesome. Who took that file? Is it sheetal? Waiting for next choppy.

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