MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-2)


Sorry for making you all for very long.. There were some personal issues & I was very disturbed couldn’t concentrate on writing anything.. Even I tried writing a epi which turned disastrously bad so thought of sorting out everything & then continue my stories… sorry again..

Recap : arshi separated..

Raizada mansion

Arshi are running all over the house.. There’s no one except them..

Arnav : kushi you cannot escape today.. I’ll catch you..

Kushi : let’s see.. ( she run downstairs arnav too follow her )

Arnav : kushi careful there’s a mice..

Kushi : what!! Where

she come & hug arnav out of fear..

Arnav give a winning smile kushi understand is prank & try to move away but but he pull her & pin her to the wall..

Arnav : My gift

Kushi : I’m not giving leave me..

Arnav : cheater.. You promised me..

Kushi : well I’m breaking it now..

Arnav : I won’t let you do so.. I’ll take my gift myself..

He lean towards her but their dream is broken as arnav’s phone ring & anshu enter kushi’s room knocking the door

Kushi is sitting on sofa holding her head in US & arnav is in Raizada mansion..

Arshi : damn I didn’t sleep whole night due to these dreams & I’m getting these even daytime now..


Anshu : di I need to talk.. If you’re fine

Kushi : hmm..

Anshu : Next Monday we’ve to leave for Delhi ( he say hesitantly)

Kushi : don’t worry I’ll be fine

Anshu : you need not do this for me.. I mean I’ll handle..

Kushi : what do you mean you’ll handle.. Why am I here for then..

Anshu : di but Delhi..

Kushi : dont worry I’ll.. ,( interrupt by call )

Kushi : what..!!?? I’ll be there doctor.. Thank you.. ( cut the call ) anshu we’re leaving for Delhi today book the tickets..

Anshu : what’s the matter di..

Kushi : Anjali di is out of coma..


Arnav : ( on call ) yes doctor.. ( big smile appear on his face.. The smile which had vanished years back everyone is surprised to see him smile )

Bubbly : someone look very happy..

Arnav : di is out of coma..


All Raizadas are desperately waiting.. Doctor come out..

Arnav & shy : can we meet her..

Doctor : she hasn’t gained conscious yet.. We will have to wait..

Arnav : she’s fine right..

Doctor : Absolutely fine.. Nothing to worry.. But just dont stress her a lot.. Better you hide all those bad incidents from her for few months.. Even a slightest shock may get her back to coma

The smile on everyone’s face turns pale… There are huge shocks awaiting for Anjali..

Mami : what will we do if she ask for kushi…

Nani : ask him to search her & bring back.. She’ll definitely come for anjali bitiya’s sake..

US Airport

Anshu : di why are you so restless everything will be fine..

Kushi : doctor said di should not get any shocks.. If she doesn’t find me there & what if someone tell her the truth.. You can never trust that sheetal..

Aarav : will anyone tell me what’s happening.. ( he scream )


Aashi : Whom should papa search.. ?

Nani : aapki maa ( your mother )

Aashi : Maa..!!

Nani : whom your father lost because of his ego & ..

Arnav : nani please… ( to aman ) Use all our contacts I need kushi here at any cost..

Aashi : ( to kavya ) chachi.. As papa lost mumma.. So nani was not talking to him all these years ..?

Kavya nod weakly

Aashi : why is mumma not with us

Kavya couldn’t utter a word remembering that dark day which snatched the happiness of this house.. She just hugged aashi…


Anshu : we are going to meet my girlfriend..

Aarav : really.. ( he doubt )

Kushi : we better tell him the truth anshu.. I don’t want di to doubt on us.. ( to aarav ) look aarav we’re going to meet our family..

Aarav : family..!?

Anshu : yes champ.. Family..
He explain about Anjali’s condition

Aarav : but why were we here away from them

Kushi : don’t ask anything now..

Next morning

Anjali still hasn’t gained conscious.. Arnav & shyam stayed all night at hospital.. They’re still asleep outside the ICU its early morning 6..

Kushi step into the hospital… her heart beat start rising.. She can feel his presence hesitantly she walk towards the ICU… there she find her soul sleeping on a chair.. It was evident from his face he slept very late.. His face had lost its charm.. .. She moved his hair strands on his face.. She felt like taking him into a hug forgetting everything.. She saw doctor coming towards her..

Doc : Mrs ASR

Kushi is surprised hearing Mrs ASR.. But happy too.. After all that’s her identity.. Mrs ASR.. A tag every woman in Delhi wanted..

Kushi : How’s di doctor.. Mai meet her..

Doctor : she hasn’t gained conscious yet.. You may see her..

Kushi enter the ICU.. & sit beside Anjali holding her hand.. She couldn’t control her tears

Kushi : When will you wake up di.. I’m missing you badly.. See what your chote did with me in your absence.. I’m tired of being strong.. Being away from all of you..

A tear fall on Anjali’s hand… she slowly gain conscious…

Anjali : ( feebly ) Kushi…

Kushi : ( happily ) di.. You.. You got conscious.. Wait I’ll call doctor..

Doctor check her.. Kushi Anjali talk for a while

Anjali : 8 saal hogaye.. Toh humne bahut Kuch miss kiya phir.. ( its been 8years? Oh then I missed lot of things )

Kushi : koyi baat nahi.. Ab aap teek hogayi na.. ( now you’re fine that’s ok )

Anjali : Kushi.. I want to eat the jelebi made by you.. Will you bring it for me..

Kushi : sure di.. I’ll be back in an hour..

She leave..

After a while

All Raizadas arrive.. Arnav & shyam too wake up & doctor informs them about anjali gaining conscious.. They’re about rush in but nani stop

Nani : kushi bitiya mili ( did you find kushi)

Aman : woh.. No nani.. But I’ll find soon..

Nani : what will we answer Anjali bitiya

Arnav : I’ll handle..

Everyone go in…

Anjali is overwhelmed to see everyone.. She take arnav into hug first.. Caressing him.. Tears start flowing from there eyes…

Anjali : ( wiping his tears) why are you crying.. Look I’m fine now.. ( she kiss on his forehead)

Bubbly : oh saara pyaar sirf mamu ko ( oh all love to only him )

Anjali notice bubbly..

Anjali : Bubbly..!? ( shyam nod yes) they too hug..

½an hour later..

Everyone is busy talking with Anjali..

Anjali : Kushi kyun nahi aayi abhi tak ( why haven’t kushi reached yet )

Everyone get tensed what to answer now.. Arnav about make an excuse but..

Anjali : she said she’ll be back in an hour with jelebi.. ( now this is another shock )

Shyam : kushi was here..

Anjali : she was the one who was here when I got conscious we talked for hour.. ( she happily claim )

There wasn’t any limit for arnav’s happiness hearing this his kushi was here… but where is she now.. Did she return back.. Why isn’t she here yet.. All his thoughts are broken when Anjali exclaim..

Anjali : Kushi…

Everyone look at the door..

Precap :

Anjali : aashi se toh khoob baate hogayi.. Mere chote ka doosra baccha kaha hai ( I talked a lot with aashi where is second child of my arnav )

Everyone shocked : doosra baccha.. ( second child )

Everyone look at kushi..

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