MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-18 and 19)

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Recap : Misunderstanding & a fight between Arshi

Arshi room

Arnav was checking some mails when Anjali enter with aashi.. He look up she ignore. She make aashi sleep on her lap & start patting her. Little aashi was not in mood to sleep.. She start rolling in her lap playing with Anjali’s hand..

Anjali : baby its late already.. Let’s sleep we will play tomorrow..

She try to pat her but no aashi resist & start playing with Anjali’s hairs.. She start laughing with ticklish touch of anjali’s hairs

Anjali : aashi won’t you listen to me.. My princess..

Arnav : everyone are not obedient like me

Anjali : you & obedience.. !?

Arnav : you’re getting really bad image of mine through kushi..

Anjali : why are you bringing her in middle.. & I know you very well stop blaming her..

Arnav : ok sorry.. But kushi has really told you things exaggerating them..

Anjali : she told me nothing chote.. What’s wrong with you.

Arnav : then how you got to know

Anjali : oh.. So kushi too knew about this then.. & she hid it from me.. I’ll take her class later.

Arnav : di wait.. You mean kushi didn’t tell you about my drinking..

Anjali : no..

Arnav : then how you go to know?

Anjali : I heard sheetal talking to doctor…

Arnav : damn..

Anjali : don’t tell me you yelled at her now..

Arnav made a sad face.. She hit him with a pillow

Anjali : ek tho khud galati ki aur upar se unpe hi gussa nikala.. ( first you commit mistake & then yell at her )

Arnav : di. I..

Anjali : I don’t wanna hear anything.. You’ve this one night chote make it up for your mistake.. If I don’t find her smiling at you tomorrow then you’re gone samjhe.. I’m taking aashi with me

30mins later..

Kushi enter & find the room dark

Kushi : God. Why lights are switched off aashi will get scared..

She go near a cradle but doesn’t find aashi in it.. She feel two strong arms wrapping smoothly around her waist.. She knew who it was.. But due to that ticklish touch, warm breath she forgot what he had done.. She was just hearing their heart beating in sync.. He leaned towards her ears & whispered in husky voice..

Arnav : I love you & I’m sorry

Kushi blushed at that first phrase but sorry.. That bought her back to reality. She tried pushing him away but his hold was way too strong.. He pulled her even more closer & kissed on her cheeks..

Arnav : Sorry..

Kushi was not ready to give in so easily.. So she hit him with her elbow which made him tremble back.. & she got out of his grip

Arnav : ouch.. Ku.. ( seeing her turning away he start acting holding his stomach ) ahh.. Haa.

Kushi ; ( concerned) zor se lagi.. ( did you get hurt )

Arnav nod yes & kushi start scanning over his stomach..

Kushi : kahan.. ( where..)

Arnav hold her hand & move it up to his chest (heart)

Arnav : yahan.. ( here..)

Kushi frown & hit him there.. Arnav wince aww.. She turn away & about to go but he hold her hand..

Kushi : chodiye hume.. Mujhe koyi baat nahi karni aapse ( leave me.. I don’t want to talk to you)

Arnav : let’s go out

Kushi : ( giving him some serious glares) leave my hand.. ( she try withdraw her hand but arnav tighten his grip)

Arnav : ( giving her naughty smile) chodne ke liye nahi pakada hai ( I’ve not held it to leave)

Kushi : haan chodne ke liye nahi chillane ke liye, ladne ke liye, gussa karne ke liye pakada haina.. Aur muskura kyun rahe ho aap ( still smiling) yeh mat sochiye hum isse pigal jayenge.. ( yes.. Not to leave but to scream, fight & yell at ne you’ve held my hand right.. & why are you smiling..( still smiling) dont think it will melt me

He pull her making her crash on his chest. Kushi gasp..

Arnav : toh kya karna hoga tume manane ke liye.. ( before kushi could speak.. He say huskily) pyaar.. ( before she could react ) teek hai mein pyaar karunga tume chalo.. ( he’s about to pick her up in his arms but she move back ) ( then what should I do to pacify you.. ( before kushi could speak.. He say huskily) love.. ( before she could react ) ok I’ll love you.. Come.. ( he’s about to pick her up in his arms but she move back )

Kushi : baato mein uljaake bewakoof banana koyi aapse seekhe..

Arnav : oh come on sweetheart I’m sorry

Kushi : why should I listen to you now.. Did you listen to me then ah..?

Arnav : I’m duffer so I didn’t listen to you.. Even if you’re duffer then don’t listen to me

Kushi open her mouth to confront but stop.. She knew it’s useless to argue with him..

Kushi : I’m listening.. Won’t you speak now

Arnav : I’m really sorry.. I shouldn’t have reacted that way.. So to make up I’m taking you out now..

Kushi : I’m not coming

Arnav : I’ll pick you up & will dump you in a car

Kushi lips formed O.. Instead of convincing he’s blackmailing..

Kushi : I hate you ( she throw a pillow)

Arnav : I love you too sweetheart.. Ab chale..

10 mins later

Kushi was troubling him all the way with too many questions. Finally car stop infront of helipad..

Kushi : chopper..!? Can’t we go by car..? Where are you taking me..? ( Arnav close Kushi’s mouth)

Arnav : how many questions you will ask..? Stop acting like a typical wife

Kushi : when I’m your wife.. I’ll act like your wife only na..?

Arnav put Kushi’s mangalsutra inside her top & hide her vermilion by her hair strands.. & turn away from her & walk a little distance.. He mess his hairs a bit & takes out his blazer & walk back towards her.. Kushi is confused as what is he upto..

Kushi : Ar.. ( interrupt)

Arnav : Hey Juliet..

Kushi : ji..

Arnav : don’t you remember me.. Your one night boyfriend Romeo

Kushi remember how aman had given them new names & sent them to a pub to enjoy forgetting everything..

Kushi : hello.. How can I forget you..

Arnav : what are you doing here alone

Kushi : my duffer husband left me alone here

Arnav : may be because of your wife tantrums

Kushi frown.. He knew how to hit back.. She cannot get away calling him duffer but he cannot even let his wife get angry all over again

Arnav : forget him.. Will you come for a dinner with me

Kushi : hmm.. I’m coming with you leaving my husband & you will take me only for a dinner not fair..

Arnav : oh you still think I mean dinner.. I’m asking for a date.. You never learn.. ( kushi remember the first time arnav asked for dinner & later he said its a date.. Its in 7th part of majbooriyaan season 1
Link : )

Kushi smile & agree both sit in a chopper..

30mins later.. Chopper finally land & arnav tie blindfold to kushi..

Kushi : what’s the need of it.. We aren’t newly wed couple..

Arnav : what are you saying Juliet its just our second date.. You might have went many times with your husband not Romeo remember

Kushi : Aww.. Ok now open it fast..

He take her bit forward.. & open her blindfold.. She’s awestruck seeing the sight beside her.. Its the same river bank in Lucknow where they went on first date same place.. same decorations.. Same love for each other..

Kushi hug arnav..

Kushi : love you love you love you ( she peck on his cheeks)

Arnav : love you too.. But what’s this you’re kissing me..

Kushi : why..? Won’t girls kiss their boyfriends

Arnav : they do. But only on cheek ? I want a gift.. ( he smirk)

Kushi : That’s only for my husband..

Arnav : oh come on Kushi..

Kushi : who kushi I’m Juliet.. ( she smirk back)

Arnav : I know how to take it but for now let’s have dinner..

He take her to the table & both settle

Kushi : ( exclaim) Chinese.. That too same dishes.. Impressive ah.. You’ve very good memory Romeo..

Arnav : how can I forget anything related my Juliet..

They start having dinner after a while a song start playing.. Tu hi tu har jagah..

Kushi look at him.. He get up & ask her hand to dance she happily agree & move to a dance floor arranged..

While dancing..

Kushi : agar aap itna cutely manoge tho mein har roz aapse root jaavongi ( if you pacify me this cutely then I’ll get angry everyday to get pacified)

Arnav : I’m ready if I get some beautiful gifts in return..

Kushi nod no.. Arnav make face & look away.. Kushi kiss him on his lips leaving him surprised

Kushi : you still give same amused look whenever I kiss..

Arnav : I still think my kushi is shy so..

Kushi : remember I’m your gf not wife..

Arnav : won’t your husband mind you kissing other guy huh..

Kushi : who will tell him..?

Arnav : what if someone tell

Kushi : do you think he will doubt on me then.. ( she ask curiously )

Arnav : no.. Never.. Not even if God come & tell that his wife cheated..

Kushi smile & hug him..

Kushi : I love you.. And by the way won’t your wife mind you taking other girl on a date..

Arnav : She’s very possessive.. But no harm to me the girl should be bothered.. What do you think she’ll do

Kushi : hmm.. Give her a tight slap & bring her back to reality & then will kick her out my husband’s life..

Arnav : uff.. Jungli billi..

Kushi : I love you & you’re only mine..

Arnav : of course I’m only yours.. & I want to love you now..

Kushi get his intentions & pull back..

Kushi : remember Mr. Romeo We’re on a date.. Only for one night..

Arnav : so..?

Kushi : only my husband is allowed to love me not Romeo sorry..

Arnav : cheater you know how to twist the situation according to you ah.?

Kushi : after all I’m Mrs.ASR

Arnav : oh fine then.. I’ll drop you back to your husband so that he can love you

Kushi : no wait.. ( before she could speak further he pick her up & take her to chopper..)

Chopper landed back to Delhi.. & both got down. Arnav again walked bit away.. Set his hair put on blazer & walked back to Kushi.. She was staring him all the while

Arnav ; toh chale Mrs ASR( shall we leave then Mrs ASR)

Kushi : kahan..? ( where)

Arnav : to love each other..

Kushi : huh..!

Arnav : our sweet bedroom.. Of course

Once they enter shantivan he pick her in arms & start walking towards their room..

Kushi : Arnav leave me.. Someone might see

Arnav : who will be awake at this hour it’s 3 am

Kushi : phir bhi.. ( still)

Arnav : I don’t care.. I’m carrying my wife not gf

A pair of eyes watch this scene with anger & other pair of eyes with happiness..

Precap :

Anjali : chote I said she should smile.. Is blushing bonus with that ah..?

Arnav : yes di.. ( looking at his laptop)

Kushi widen her eyes & everyone control their giggle

Anjali : so looking at the speed you two are going can we expect a prince soon..

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