MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-16)


Recap : Sheetal in raizada mansion. Arshi romance

A month later

Kushi : ( on call) connect me to Arnav

Secretary : Mam sir is in meeting & he said.. ( interrupt)

Kushi : tell him he better pick the phone now or the next call will be from di..

Secretary look at arnav whose hearing conversation as phone is on speaker

Aman : bhabhi.. He will call you back in 5 mins

Kushi : 5 mins aman.. Not a second more..

She cut the call in anger..

Kushi : hadh hai yeh.. ( this is the limit)

Arnav’s cabin

Aman ; you’re a duffer..

Arnav : excuse me..

Aman : jab sambhalta nahi toh piya kyun ( when you can’t handle why did you drink)

Arnav : everyone were drinking even sheetal.. Now what to do when she offered me a drink..

Aman : kaisi friend hai yaar use pata nahi tum pite nahi ho ( what kind of friend she is dont she known you dont drink)

Arnav : I used to drink

Aman : what..!!??

Arnav : shut up dont do dramas.. Who don’t drink man.. In parties.. I knew my limit.. I’ve never lost my senses..

Aman : then yesterday

Arnav : after a long time na.. & God knows how it got over dozed..

Aman : 5 mins over..

Arnav : what the..! Stop scaring me now

Phone start ringing.. Arnav look at aman..

Aman : I’m not picking.. Marwayega kya..

Sheetal enter..

Sheetal : Arnav this file..

She stop looking at their faces..

Sheetal : what..? You’re phone’s ringing.. Its kushi..

Aman : you only answer..

Sheetal : me..!?

She pick the phone & put it on speaker & about to talk but kushi burst out

Kushi : how dare you.. You got drunk & now escaping from he..ah..? First you gave phone that secretary & now taking ages to pick phone..? First smoking & now drinking.. How dare you Arnav..

Sheetal look at arnav..

Kushi : will you speak something now.. Kal toh bahut baat kar rahe the..

Sheetal : Kushi..

Kushi look at her phone.. I’ve called Arnav only then..

Kushi : Sheetalji.. Woh.. Arnav kaha hai..( Sheetal.. Huh.. Where is Arnav )

Sheetal : actually kushi.. I’m sorry I gave him a drink its not his mistake.. I insisted & he.. I’m really sorry..

Kushi : arre it’s okay don’t be sorry..

Sheetal : hope you are not angry on him now

Kushi : No.. Not at all.. Can you pass him the phone

Sheetal : she’s not angry now.. You can talk..

Arnav : Kushi..

Kushi : ( shout) you again passed the phone.. I’m not leaving you today.. I’ll eat you alive if you dont come home now.. How dare you arnavji

Arnav : phone is on speaker

Kushi : uh.. Sheetalji..

Sheetal : yes Kushi

Kushi ; sheetalji you dont be sorry its not your mistake.. I’m not angry on you.. ( to arnav) sweetly) Di mandir se aane se pehle aap ghar aajayiye arnav ( before di comes from temple you come home arnav)

Raizadas mansion

Payal : Kushi.. Don’t you think you’re overreacting.. I mean its first time

Kushi : you dont know him.. He should be controlled at first time only

La : you’re right.. Don’t you remember what happened when we forgave them for smoking

Kavya : but bhabhi.. In parties its common to have some drinks

La : you’re also right.. Even I too used to have sometimes..

Kavya : me too

Payal : I don’t like parties..

Everyone look at kushi now..

Kushi : hum devi maiyya ke bhakt hai humara dharam brasht hojayega ( I’m devotee of goddess durga.. My sanity will be spoiled)

La & Kavya : Seriously…!!

Kushi : even I too would have not said anything if ge stayed in his limits.. But he was not even in his senses.

La : first time aisa hi hota hai

Kushi : its 3rd time this month.. First 2 times I was quite because he was in his limit..

Evening Arshi room

Kushi : see its this easy..

Bubbly : mami you’re genius.. Since so long I was trying to solve this..

Kushi : ok now see next problem.. Its similar..

Arnav come in.. Kushi glare him he give one innocent smile & go to washroom..

After 15 mins..

Bubbly : ok mami.. I’ll go

Kushi : arre why you still have some problems left na. We shall solve those too.. Tomorrow you should submit this I suppose

Bubbly : yes but mamu came na.. ( she tease)

Kushi : bubbly.. You too.. God..But dont worry I’m in no mood of romance.. We’ve to take his class join me

Arnav come changing.. & see both lovely ladies glaring him..

Arnav : you told her too..

Kushi : you’ve no right to question

Bubbly : you don’t talk to me

Arnav : bubbly please don’t act like di now..

Kushi : yea.. We won’t say anything.. Di will only talk to you now..

Arnav : you’re not telling her anything kushi..

Kushi : are you challenging..

Arnav : no requesting

Bubbly : tone se toh aise nahi laga..

Arnav : bubbly..

Bubbly : ok now promise you won’t touch it again..

Arnav : never… I promise..

Kushi : ok do sit ups now

Arnav : what..!!!???

Kushi : uthak baitak.. ( sit-ups)

Arnav : Kushi I’m sorry..

Kushi : I’ve seen many such sorrys of yours.. You will get punishment..

Arnav : Sorry..

Kushi : ok you tell sorry to di also then.. ( she take the phone)

Arnav : wait.. I’ll do..

Arnav hold his ears & start doing sit-ups.. Sheetal knock the door & get in.. Arnav stop.. But she had already seen what he was doing

Sheetal : oh sorry.. I’ll come later..

Kushi : its ok.. Anything urgent sheetalji

Sheetal : I needed his sign on this.. I’ll keep the file here..

Arnav : I’ll return it later..

Sheetal nod

Sheetal : Kushi.. It was really my mistake.. I insisted him to drink..

She leave..

Arnav : see not my mistake..

Kushi : start now..

Arnav : but..

She glare & he start again..

Bubbly : if she insist you will drink ah..? Are you kid mamu..

Precap :
Kushi : aaj kyun ( why today..)

Arnav : I’m in mood so..

Kushi : but I’m not

Arnav : how rude..

Kushi waits for Arnav in mall but he doesn’t show up..

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