MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-15)


Recap : Mr & Mrs Gupta are no more.. Payal give birth to baby boy Atharv whom kushi believe to be her father..

4 months later

News flash.. Harish malik & Garima malik sentenced to jail for life. Justice to Mr & Mrs Gupta.. Lawyer Shyam Jha successfully proves Mr & Mrs Malik had planned this accident which they personally executed to avenge the loss occurred to their company due to shashi Gupta’s intervention..


Everyone were in hall cursing Harish & Garima.. Kavya & Arnav come there..

Arnav : huh.. Everyone.. Kavya want to say something..

Kavya : whatever papa I mean Harish malik did.. I.. I do hate him.. Babuji ( shashi Gupta ) was like my father.. He showed me true love.. I..

Payal : we know that Kavya why are you talking all this now..

Kushi : now our father is also with us just in different form. ( she say looking at atharv ) and I’m sure Aasha aunty will also be somewhere playing in cradle..

Kavya : yea.. I know.. Actually.. Woh..

Arnav : Kavya I’ll tell.. She want Sheetal to move in with us.. She’s alone there in Lucknow & in shock too

Kavya : only if you two dont have a problem.. Actually sheetal di is very disturbed even anshu is in boarding school.. &..

Kushi & payal look at each other.. Even nani didn’t say anything.. It was left kushi & payal to decide..

Kushi : we don’t have a problem..

Payal : its not her mistake.. Why to blame her

Kushi : in fact she’s the one who saved me & aashi..

Kavya : thank you so much.. I was very worried for her.. I’ve got the best bhabhis.. She kiss both of them..

Arnav : all love to only them. What about me..

Kavya : she kiss him too

A week later..

Kavya bring Sheetal to Raizada mansion.. Sheetal was all gloomy & disturbed.. She had lost that charm on her face & Kavya was very worried for her..

Kushi : I think Sheetal is very upset

Anjali : we’ve to do something to lift her mood

payal : yes di.. She need to move on.. There’s no point in wasting her life on them ( Harish garima)

Kavya : its her birthday 2 days later.. We can plan something.. She used to love her birthdays.. Celebration & all

Kushi : perfect.. We will make it special

Night – Arshi room

Arnav : is Sheetal alright now..

Kushi : No.. She’s still all gloomy

Arnav : she need a distraction. She better concentrate on work & all

Kushi : everything is not so easy.. Anyway we will pull her out of this..

Arnav : hmm.. Then why you called so many times today

Kushi : I was missing you.. Why are you so late today..

Arnav : I had a meeting so..

Aashi get up from sleep & start crying.. Arnav pick her up & she cry more.. Kushi take her from him & she start calming down

Arnav : what the .

Aashi make a angry sound

Kushi : she’s angry on you for not spending enough time with her..

Arnav : she’s saying it or you..

Kushi : both..

Arnav : oh.. Ok I promise to take you both tomorrow out.. I’m all yours from evening

Next day evening..

Film theatre

Kushi was crying & aashi had little tears in her eyes & arnav was sitting like what the hell.. It was bhajarangi bhaijaan film.. ( we are in flashback 1½ year back so ) He had booked entire theatre to avoid any disturbance from outsider but here these two were treating him only like an outsider.. From the time film started kushi didn’t let arnav speak.. & he couldn’t even hold her hand as aashi was in middle.. Finally the film ends..

Arnav looked angry kushi understood it..

Kushi : Arnav.. ( she take his name in a very sweet voice..)

Aashi : ( when ge doesn’t turn she start pulling his shirt..)

Arnav turn towards them..

Kushi : shall we go for a dinner..

Arnav : Why..? So that you two can ignore me all over again by talking with food

Kushi : who talks with food

Arnav : who talks to character in film..

Kushi : oh.. Look aashi papa is angry for not giving him time.. But we too become crazy for salmanji..

Arnav : how can anyone watch the same film for 5th time with such interest..

Kushi : sorry na..


Arnav is angry..

Kushi : look baby.. How cute papa is looking in anger..

Aashi nod yes..

Kushi : Arnav sorry na.. Please..

She hold her ears & aashi give her million dollar smile exposing her two front teeth which is looking too cute.. Arnav melt seeing their innocent faces & smile..

Arnav : you’ve to make it up for me at home..

He wink kushi blush..

RM – All decorations are done.. Sheetal is in her room

Kavya : hope di will like it

Nk ; she will love it..

Anjali : yea after all her little sister have put up so many efforts..

Arshi room

Aashi is fast asleep in cradle..

Kushi : Arnav please.. We’ve to go down

Arnav : still 10 mins there for 12

Kushi : only 10 mins… Leave me..

Arnav nod no..

Kushi : you’re acting like a kid now..

Arnav : really do kids do all this ah..?

Kushi : ok stop.. & stop that gaze on me.. ( he smirk).. I’m going down

She turn to go but he pull her & she land on his chest..

Arnav : not before you give the gift..

Kushi smile & give him..

12 am..

Kavya : Happy Birthday di..

Everyone wish sheetal.. Cake is cut gifts are given.. All enjoy the dance to light music too..

Arnav : Sheetal.. When are you planning to start work again..

Sheetal : tomorrow..

Arnav : that’s good.. You better get over it fast they’re ( harish & garima) not worth your tears

Sheetal nod.. Kavya come & pull them both to dance..

Arnav is trying to trouble kushi while dancing & she is making sure he doesn’t come near.. Arnav gets frustrated & Kushi giggle at his condition.. Sheetal notice them..

Arnav : ( turning of music) What the hell kushi..

Everyone look at him & then kushi..

Kushi : what are you doing..

Arnav : what are you doing.. Ah.. I’m trying to come near you & you’re playing with me..

Everyone burst out laughing embarrassing kushi

Kushi : hey devi maiyya..

Anjali : Kushi this is not fair.. Dont trouble him so much..

Kavya : haan bhabhi.. Bechare bhai..

La : if you do like this how will you get your prince kushi..

Arnav : come let’s go kushi.. We’ve lot of work left ( he tease)

Kushi : I’m not coming anywhere..

Arnav : whose asking..

He lift her in arms & take to room first Kushi resist but then hearing the teases she bury her head in his chest..

Precap : Arshi fight

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