MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-14)


Recap : Payal’s godh bharayi.. Mr & Mrs Gupta leave for a holy trip.. Something’s bothering kushi..

All day was full of celebration.. Kushi thought not to spoil this day by sharing her worries.. Finally this day had come to an end.. It was 11 pm

Payash room

Kushi : are you fine now..

Payal : yes Kushi stop worrying too much now..

Kushi : dont you dare lift anything now

Akash : don’t worry saali sahiba.. I’ll keep check on her

Kushi : you scared me take care di..

Payal : how many times you will say that kushi.. Now go before Arnav come here complaining

Arshi room

Arnav was waiting for kushi.. She come & start arranging the bed.. Aashi is asleep.. Arnav hug her from behind..

Arnav : kushi.. Tum teek ho.. ( are you fine)

Kushi : ( coming out of his hold ) yea I’m fine let’s sleep

Arnav : but you..

Kushi : I’m tired.. You too have to leave tomorrow right.. Let’s sleep..

A week later..

Doctor check kushi.. All Raizadas are worried as kushi collapsed today..

Arnav : is everything ok doctor

Doc : is she keeping any fast or something

Arnav look at kushi..

Kushi : no nothing like that..

Kavya : don’t lie bhabhi.. You’re not eating properly since a week

Doctor : how can I help you if you lie Mrs Raizada

La come there..

Anjali : you visited temple last week & since then you’re going everyday.. What’s the matter

La : she’s fasting since a week.. She’s eating only once in a day since week.. Priest told me today

Arnav : what..!? ( he glare Kushi but she turn away)

Doc prescribe the medicine & leave asking her stop fasting

Arnav : What the hell is wrong with you ah..? ( he shout)

Anjali : let her have something first later you take her class..

Anjali bring food..

Kushi : di.. I can’t have it.. My vrat..

Arnav : don’t test my patience now

Kushi : but..

Arnav : enough this is the limit now.. ( he scream at the peak of his voice scaring everyone & tears form in kushi’s eyes which mellows him down)

Arnav : give it to me di I’ll feed her..

He take from anjali & everyone leave giving them privacy..

Arnav : what’s wrong.. Why are you acting like this since a week..

Kushi : something is not right.. I’m not getting good feeling Arnav.. So..

Flashback A week before

Kushi at temple..

Priest : your instincts are right beti.. There is a huge storm awaiting in your life..

Kushi : what’s the solution for it..

Priest ask her to performe some vrat for 15 days..

Flashback ends..

Arnav anger triggers again hearing it

Arnav : are you insane.. You were about to keep this stupid fast for another week.. How many times I’ve told you not to believe in all this kushi.. Have food now..

Kushi : but.. If something..

Arnav : nothing’s gonna happen .. Keep hold on your stupid thoughts & have food.. I’m here to take care of the rest..

Kushi : but..

Arnav : just because I’m talking calmly doesn’t mean my anger won’t trigger up.. It surely will reach its peak if you refuse having anything

He feed her & she eat invetibly

A week later..

Anjali : chote where are you both.. They’ve taken payal into the labour ward.. Since yesterday you both are missing

Arnav : di.. You come to 3rd floor in hospital

Anjali : you’re in hospital? Then..

Arnav : di.. Please come up I’ll explain

Anjali shyam reach third floor.. There they see Arnav standing outside ICU all devastated.. He’s still in his yesterday’s clothes.. Anjali run to him..

Anjali : chote what are you doing here.. You’re fine na.. Where is Kushi.. What happened..

Arnav : Shashi uncle & Aasha aunty met with an accident yesterday.. Aasha aunty is no more

Anjali gasped..

Shyam : shashi uncle ?

Arnav : I’ve arranged the best doctors but they’re saying he won’t be able to pull it out.. He don’t have much time di..

Anjali move back in shock shyam hold her..

Shyam : Kushi..?

Arnav : she’s inside..

Anjali get in.. Kushi is holding shashi’s hand.. She’s crying continuously yelling the same thing

Kushi : you can’t leave us..

Anjali place her hand on Kushi..

Kushi : see di.. What those doctors are saying.. Tell them nothing can happen to my babuji..

Anjali take her into embrace..

Kushi : why are you crying.. Di.. Arnav makes everything right always.. Everything will be fine right..?

Shashi held kushi’s hand..

Kushi : babuji.. Put on oxygen mask..

She try to pull it back but shashi stop..

Shashi : listen.. Come on stop crying now.. You’re my strong baby right..

Kushi nod..

Shashi : wipe your tears first..

Kushi does that..

Shashi : now listen I’m not going anywhere kushi.. Remember I told you about the life cycle..

Kushi nod yes..

Shashi : so if I die.. ( Kushi interrupt)

Kushi : ( again crying) no.. You’re not dying I’m not letting you do that..

Shashi : will you listen chutki.. Please.. ( Kushi compose herself ) I’m tired of this life dear.. Look my body is so old & ugly..

Kushi : no you’re not.. My babuji is the mist handsome man

Shashi : more than Arnav..

Kushi : yes..

Shashi : hope he didn’t hear it.. Ok listen.. I want to be young all over gain.. Anyway I’m not much interested in childhood but I need my teenage & youth days back.. ( he wink) I just wanna fall in love with my Aasha again & this time no one can steal her.. I can’t spend half my life with that kareli again.. You know..

Tears had vanished from Kushi’s eyes already.. Shashi had successfully pulled her out now the final task..

Shashi : so to relive all this I should be born again as a baby right.. ( Kushi nod) or my chutki has some magic spell which can make me young again.. ( kushi smile & nod no) so to be born again I’ve to die first..

Kushi’s expression change her smile vanish.. She was about to cry but Shashi interrupt

Shashi : now dont make that face & dont cry.. & make me feel like I’m selfish for leaving all of you to enjoy my days..

Kushi : you’re selfish.. How will we live without you…

Shashi : who said I’m leaving.. I’ll be reborn.. Guess as who’s baby… think..

Kushi think for a while.. & suddenly she remember payal is in labour ward..

Kushi : payal jiji..

Shashi : now that’s like my smart girl.. You two can take all the revenge on me.. Ah..? And please don’t name me shashi.. Get me some modern name.. Hmm like Atharv

Kushi : ok.. Nice name..

Shashi : now promise me you won’t cry..

She dies that.. & hug him & when she pull back.. There’s no movement in him.. Doctor check him & he was no more.. Shashi Gupta was no more.. Doctor looked at arnav.. Arnav was about to tend to kushi but she move back & run away.. Arnav too follow her asking to stop… but she stopped only outside the labour ward.. Just then nurse came out with a cute little baby & she handed it to kushi..

Nurse : congratulations its.. ( Kushi interrupt)

Kushi : its a boy.. Its my babuji.. Its Atharv

Precap : Sheetal’s entry in Raizada mansion

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  1. Nice it a emotional one

  2. Super dear pls update next part soon waiting

  3. Veronica

    Superb awesome mind blowing…..the best epi till date.And I am not joking.Loved it very very very much.Shashi’s lines were tooo good.The best thing any father can say to a daughter before his death….And the last part Atharv was sooooo awesome

  4. Kumud

    Nice been waiting for this since

  5. Fanficoholic

    Amazing anaya di. Its an amazing epi. I loved this. This is really good. I am nt finding wrds to praise you. And yah i ma very much waiting for swaragini atoot bandhan. Plz do pist it. I have read yeh dost also. I loved the scene where arnav makes khushi break her fast. Its jst fab di. And yah i am eager to knw abt anjali’s fear in arshi atoot bandhan. Very curious to knw abt wats stopping her frm meeting her chote. I feel its connected to shashi. And in manzil i loved arnav. The way he helplessly blurts our the truth. It was jst fab.

    Love u loadsss❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Anaya

      Thank you fanficoholic.. I have decided to keep swaragini ek atoot bandhan on hold for few days.. I’m thinking whether to continue or not.. Will tell u later..

  6. amazing

  7. Anaya

    Thank you so much lucky, vavachi, veronica, kumud, fanficoholic & sowmy

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