MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-11 & 12)

Recap : Arshi strong bond & life full of romance

Kushi is running all over Raizada mansion.. It is being decorated as bride today..

Kushi : kavya did you give juice to jiji ( payal)

Kavya : yes bhabhi

Kushi : and those laddos

Kavya : I gave it long back

Kushi : make sure she has eaten them.. Check once..

Kavya : I will but you stop for a minute

Kushi stop

Kavya : take a deep breath

Kushi do that..

Kavya : now relax no need take this much tension.. We have bunch of workers here.. I’ll see if payal bhabhi had those laddos or not..

Kavya turn to leave..

Kushi : arre bhaisaab.. Not like that.. Circle it around pillar & you what a mess you should arrange lights in zigzag manner…

She go on talking.. Kavya sign..

Kavya : kabhi nahi sudhroge aap.. Aane dijiye bhai ko ( you will never listen na.. Let bhai come)

Kushi : you’re not telling him anything..

Kavya : I’ll only say you skipped your lunch

Kushi : you’re not doing anything like that..

Kavya : ok I won’t but Lavanya will do that for me ( to la who just came) won’t you?

La : I would love to..

Kavya : bhabhi ( kushi) is angry on bhai.. Bechare kal se koshish kar rahe hai manane ke liye ( he’s trying since yesterday to pacify her)

La : now the tables will turn..

Anjali : oh stop troubling her.. She had a juice..

An hour later

Arshi room

Arnav storm in..

Arnav : Kushi.. ( he scream)

Kushi who was taking a dress out gasp & look at him who just entered.. He looked angry but wasn’t he suppose to apologise.. May be he got to know she skipped her lunch.. But I won’t let him take over she thought.

Arnav : you skipped your lunch

Kushi : I’m not deaf don’t scream

She turn away to take out a dress pissing him more.. He turn her towards him holding her hand pulling her closer..

Kushi : ( struggling) leave me.. We’re getting late godh bharayi will start in half an hour

Arnav : still ½an hour.. First eat something then I’ll let you go..

Kushi : I had juice & I need time to get into the dress which is heavier than me so leave..

Arnav : what the.. You asked for it..

Kushi : whatever

Arnav : No need stay annoyed now.. I skipped my medicines & you skipped your lunch its equal

Kushi : I Skipped because I had loads of work it was my sisters godh bharayi but still I drank juice & took care of myself..

Arnav : I too was in a important meeting it just slipped out of my mind.. I didn’t do it deliberately

Kushi : both are not same.. Now let me get ready

Arnav : Kushi..

He leave her as Anjali enter..

Anjali : chote what’s this.. You skipped your lunch even today

He look at kushi who was spitting fire at him

Arnav : I had di.. ( lie)

Anjali : dont lie now.. I’ll take your class later.. Kushi where is shagun’s thali

Kushi give it to her..

Anjali : you get ready fast we are getting late

While moving out Anjali bump into shyam.. She keep the thali ( plate) aside

Anjali : ouch.. ( rubbing her forehead)

Shyam : sorry did it hurt.

Anjali nod yes.. He kiss on her forehead

Anjali : ( frown) its hurting more now

Shyam : ouch ( holding his chest as if his heart ached)

Anjali smile seeing it..

Shyam : sorry..

She frown & turn to leave but shyam hold her pallu..

Shyam : rani sahiba you’re looking gorgeous

Anjali : ( freeing her pallu ) I know that.. But these words won’t work this time

She leave..

Shyam : I’m sorry..

He see arnav being thrown out of room

Arnav : what the..

Thud… door shut on his face

Arnav : sorry

Both look at each other

Shyam : they’re horrible when angry aren’t they?

Arnav : di still angry

Shyam nod yes

Arnav : they’ll never understand our work pressure

Shyam c: all they care about is fiid, medicine sleep..

Arnav : not even romance

They find door getting opened.. And aashi’s toy come flying like jet & hit arnav hard on his head

Arnav : ouch kushi..

Shyam tend to him.. He see Anjali behind.. She pick that toy..

Shyam : see rani sahiba arnav is hit by..

She throwvat him & it hits his chest..

Shyam : oh.. You heard us..

She leave taking that shagun thali

30 mins later

Kushi is getting down with other ladies.. She’s looking stunning in navy blue saree with golden work on it.. ( just like the one maduri dixit wear in him aapke hai koun during godh bharayi)

All 5 men look at the lovely ladies getting down.. Akash go & help payal

Akash : ( whisper) I fell all over again in love with you today..

Payal blush..

Anjali : ( ignoring arnav shyam) Nk aman men are not allowed so all of you to your room now

NK : di but you’re allowing Akash.. Why not us

Kushi : because its his wife’s godh bharayi

Nk : but I want to see allow me too please

La : ( teasing) then you must ask Kavya for it

Nk : why. ?

Kavya ; nk shut up

Kushi : come on Kavya give us the good news soon

Nk : what good news..? What’s the connection

Kavya : dumbo will you please shut up

Kushi : not his mistake it’s in blood I suppose ( she say glaring arnav)

La : now you two stop increasing temperature

Anjali : nk you get your wife pregnant then you can watch this function

Nk : oh that’s it I’ll do.. ( not realising )

Everyone give teasing look to kavya

Kavya : Nando.. I’ll kill you.. ( she drag him from there)

Aman : ( shout) Nk don’t worry I’ll do something

La drag him to other side.. & pin him to wall

La : what are you up to..

Aman : fulfilling your challenge

La : you’re gonna loose

Aman : let’s see

La : remember what you have to do if you loose

Aman : I would love to that

La : so you’ve decided to loose

Aman : I didn’t say tha

La : accept it you can’t sneak into the function its impossible Mr Mathur

Aman : let’s see Mrs Mathur


Kushi : di some people dont even have a tinge of regret in their eyes

Anjali : they need some special treatment we are being very nice to them

Shyam : giving silent treatment since a week & thus is called being nice

Kushi : jaab yaad aajatha hai toh laate hai romance karne ke liye ( when they remember they’ll come to romance)

Arnav : its been 2days gift toh door smile tak nahi diya tumne ( since 2days you haven’t given a smile)

Kushi widen her eyes in anger fir talking about gift so openly.. Arnav shut his moth realising it angered her more

Kushi : di..

Arnav ( interrupt ) : Kushi no please

Kushi : he was feeling dizzy a week ago when we got him checked his sugar was imbalanced & even after warning he’s skipping his medicines & lunched due to some stupid deal & was asking to hide this from you

Shyam : in work pressure

He shut seeing Anjali’s glares..

Shyam : I’ll see the preparations ( he leave)

Arnav see both ladies spitting fire on him

Arnav’ : sorry..

Anjali hold his ear.. Arnav expected this he just hoped she dont shout at him here.. As there were many workers & they were seeing at them amused..

Anjali : chote tum..

She leave him as Gupta’s arrive..

Anjali : I want you in my room soon after dinner

Arnav nod..


All rituals of godh bharayi are completed

One lady : why function is so pale.. Koyi gaana bhajaav..

Let’s go off.. & spot light get on two ladies.. & they come to payal… & start dancing singing the song..

Lavanya :

Lallala.. Lai lai la..Lala
Lallala.. Lai lai la..Lala

Didi tera devar deewana
Ho didi tera devar deewana
Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana (Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana)
Dhandha hai yeh uska puraana
Arrey dhandha hai yeh uska puraana
Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana (Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana)

Lallala.. (lai lai la..Lala)
Lallala.. (lai lai la..Lala)

Seeing this one lady’s eyes were left open & mouth was hung to floor.. It was aman who had entered stealthily in saree to complete the challenge next was nk’s turn to get amused who had accompanied Aman..

Kavya :

Main boli ke laana
Tu imli ka daana
Magar woh chuaare le aaya deewana
Main boli ke machle
Hai dil mera haye
Woh kharbuja laaya
Jo neembu mangaaya

Pagla hai koi usko bataana
Arrey pagla hai koi usko bataana
Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana (Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana)
Didi tera devar deewana
Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana

Lallala.. (Lai lai la..Lala)
Lallala.. (Lai lai la..Lala)

Main boli ke laana
Tu mitti pahaadi
Magar woh bataashe le aaya anaadi

Main boli thi la de
Mujhe tu khataayi
Woh baazar se le ke aaya mithaai

La & kavya : ( together )

Hun mushkil hai yuh mujhko phasaana
Ye mushkil hai yuh mujhko phasaana
Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana (Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana)
Oyi maa didi tera devar deewana
Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana

These two couldn’t control anymore seeing their lovely wives & they got up & went near them holding their hands..

Hoyi hoyi hoyi haye re haye
Hoyi hoyi hoyi haye re haye

Bhabhi teri behna ko maana
Ho bhabhi teri behna ko maana
Haye Ram, kudiyon ka hai zamaana
Haye Ram, kudiyon ka hai zamaana

Their saree falls down as they dance.. & all ladies stare them angrily

Aman :

Rabba mere mujhko bachaana
Ho rabba mere mujhko bachaana
Haye Ram, kudiyon ka hai zamaana (Heyy..)
Haye Ram, kudiyon ka hai zamaana (Heyy heyy..)

Both are kicked out by their wives..

Everyone laugh..

Anjali : crazy boys..

Akash : only bhai is mature. He’ll never do this

Payal : kushi you won’t dance ah..?

Here arnav get alerted who was seeing everything on laptop ( cheater)

Kushi : who said .. I’ll give the dhamakedar performance…

Arshi room..

Nk & Aman : cheater… !!??

Arnav turn to find them..

Arnav: stop screaming..

Nk : this is not fair you’re cheating

Arnav : what do you expect me to do.. Go there & get kicked like you..

Aman : let us watch too please..

Arnav agree & all 3 sit

Precap : Kushi’s performance & arnav’s unique apology..

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