MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-10)

Arshi room

Kushi is adjusting Arnav’s tie.. He’s holding her close by her waist..

Arnav : look at me sweet heart

Kushi : I’ve work ( she struggle to free herself but he pull her closer making her land on his chest

Arnav : this trip is really important kushi I’ve to go.. Have I been anywhere from 8 months (since Aashi’s birth) this deal is really important dear

Kushi : ok.. ( she say making sad face)

Arnav : if you make this face how will I go to office..

Kushi : aaj office jaana zaroori hai ( is it necessary to go to office today)

Arnav : unfortunately yes.. But I’ll be back soon may be by 3 or 4 ok.. Let’s go out today happy

Kushi : very much


Anjali is preparing badam halwa.. Shyam come & hug from behind..

Anj : kya kar rahe ho aap koyi dekhlega ( what are you doing someone may see)

Shy : kya ban raha hai.. Oh badam halwa for me right..

He’s about take one spoon but anjali tap on his hand.. Move to dining table taking the halwa

Anj : its not for you it’s for payal..

Shy : toh kya hua hum bhi toda chak lete hai ( so what.. I’ll also taste a bit )

Anj : no..
( she go & sit on sofa where others are there shyam come & sit infront of her )

Shyam : aapko humari fikar hi nahi 2 hafte baad laute hai aur aap ( you dont get bothered for me.. I’m back after 2 weeks & you..)

Anj : aapko kisne kaha tha jaane ke liye ( who said you to go then)

Akash : di I think it was important work

Shyam : so you’re angry for that

Anjali : you didn’t even call since last 2 days

Shyam : I wanted give surprise

Anjali frown

Arnav : uff all ladies are the same.. ( he leave )

Shyam : ( holding her hand) next 6 months no trip happy..

Anjali doesn’t respond. Shyam take out a box & give it to her with contains beautiful ring..

Anjali : you think I’ll get convinced by this ( she ask angrily)

Shyam nod no & call Hari Prakash.. HP bring a Bouquet.. Which shyam give it to anjali


Arshi sitting on river bank.. Kushi is resting her head on arnav’s shoulders…
Evening arnav spent time with aashi & now after having a romantic candle light dinner here they are..

Arnav : what’s bothering you kushi

Kushi : dont know.. I feel something is gonna happen.. I’m not getting good feeling

Arnav : yea many things are gonna happen ( kushi look at him questioning) tonight.. I won’t let you sleep so surely you won’t feel good tomorrow.. ( he said with naughty smile kushi understood his intentions )

Kushi : Arnav I’m serious

Arnav : ( wrapping kushi from his right hand ) nothing bad will happen sweet heart.. When you’re husband is here do you need to worry for anything.. Just relax & enjoy our life

Kushi cling closer to him feeling safe in his arms

After an hour

They’re back to their room aashi is with kavya so these two are alone.. Kushi was about to go to change her saree but arnav pull her..

Arnav : don’t change you’re looking beautiful in this saree

Kushi : but I can’t sleep in it na..

Arnav : who said we are sleeping.. I just wanna love you today..

Kushi blush understanding his intentions & try to get up but arnav pull her back & opens her dori & slowly start undressing her.. & lights go off

Next day afternoon..

Arnav has already left for US..

Kushi sleeping on dining table.. Payal & kavya try to wake her up..

Kushi : ( in sleep) Arnav I will throw you out of room if you dont allow me to sleep.. Then keep romancing with ghosts..

both start laughing which brings kushi out of her dreams

Kavya : oh payal bhabhi we disturbed her dreams

Payal : sorry kushi you continue with your romance.. ( they giggle)

Kushi : jiji please.. I’m already tired now stop teasing..

Payal : go get some sleep

Kavya : waise bhi bhai ke lautne ke baad woh aapko sone nahi denge ( anyway bhai is not gonna let you sleep after he return ) she tease & run away & kushi behind her..

A week later

Kushi talking on phone with arnav..

Kushi : when are you coming back

Arnav : 3 – 4 days more kushi

Kushi : still 3-4 days..!!

Kavya : bhabhi.. God you’re still talking with him its been 2hours..

Kushi : wait for 2 mins

Kavya : Aashi is crying there.

Kushi : ok arnav I’ll call you later bye..

Arnav : arre wait.. Where’s my goodbye kiss

Kushi : ( whisper) kavya is seeing

Arnav : oh ignore her.. Anyway she will tease I want my kiss..

Kushi : bye.. ( cut the call without kiss)

Arnav : what the..

He message her..

“I’ll take this back with interest once I return”

Kushi blush reading it & go to aashi

Few days later

Living room

Kushi : Arnav I think there’s some error in this mobile bill It’s showing 3 lakhs

Arnav : Give it to HP he will pay..

Kushi : its showing 3 lakhs..!!!

Kavya : I wonder how its so less..

La : its only kushi’s bill na so.. Arnav too must have called..

Kushi : I’m not getting anything..

Anjali : if you both talk soo much then what will happen

Kavya : and bhabhi if you had given gifts as soon as he asked instead of denying there is someone around.. It could’ve been 20-30 thousand less

Precap : Arshi marriage anniversary

Arnav : why are you all gloomy now its time for celebration..

Kushi : always something bad happens after our anniversary..

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  1. Veronica

    Wowww so cute……Aaj ka epi toh zabardast tha bohat zaara teasing and romance…too funny dea

  2. This was a rocking episode
    But first I need to say u have become punctual thank you ananya
    Njoyed it
    Keep updating

    1. Anaya

      I thought you got really very angry.. Thank God you commented I was waiting.. Really sorry for delay.. My name is Anaya not ananya

  3. Anaya

    Thank u veronica & vaishali..

  4. Kumud

    Wow lovely anaya next one pls

  5. Sravs

    nice episode……………waiting to know further about arshi…………anaya post all your ff’s as soon as possible…………

  6. Wow ? interesting can’t wait Pls update next part soon

  7. Anaya

    Thank you so much kumud sravs & vavachi.. I’m uploading yeh Dosti hum Nahi Todenge & AJNABHII today

  8. Sorry fr the mistake anaya
    I love yr writing skills
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    1. Anaya

      Thank u vaishali.. & dont be sorry.. Many people mistake my name as ananya

  9. Fanficoholic

    Hey anaya. Loved the episode yaar. And i am really happy to see the old arshi after these many days. And is sheetal really negative? R khushi is misundertstanding her? I loved the arshi romance in all of the epsidoe. And like seriousllyyyyy a bill of 3 lakhs? Give me the nems of all ur ffs. I wll read them. And haa i am posting my ff with swaragini characters also with the name the miracle of my life. Read the one which u r interested.

    Loved the story. Great goinggggggg

    1. Anaya

      Thank u fanficoholic.. I read ur locked ff & have commented too.. Will read this one today or tmrw..

    2. Anaya

      My ffs
      Atoot bandhan
      Yeh Dosti hum Nahi Todenge
      Swaragini ek atoot bandhan

  10. Oye wen are u updating next?

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