MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-1)

10 years later…

Arshi room..

Arnav is sleeping & kushi trying to wake him up standing bit far from him..

Kushi : Arnav.. Get up its late already..

Arnav : then wake me up yourself ( he say pulling quilt over him )

Kushi ; no I’m not coming near you.. You will pull me too to bed..

Arnav : then let me sleep..

Kushi : yeh kya zabardasti hai arnav.. ( what’s this compulsion arnav )

Arnav : First come here & give me a gift then I’ll wake up..

Kushi : Noo.. Its late already.. Mujhe MAJBOOR mat kijiye aap pe paani daalne ke liye utiye.. ( Don’t force me to pour water on you get up)

Arnav : if you pour water on me then.. Mein tume mere saath nahaane ke liye MAJBOOR karunga.. Soch lo jagana hai yaa nahana hai.. ( I’ll make you bath with me.. Think what you want to do wake me up or bath with me )

Kushi : hey devi maiyya yeh kaisi “MAJBOORIYAAN” hai..

An idea strike her mind…

After 5 mins…

Arnav feel someone pulling his quilt..

Arnav : Finally you agreed he pull down the quilt & find 6 cute pies surrounding him ready to attack..

He look at kushi who’s giving him a winning smile..

Kushi : So Aashi, aarav ( Arshi’s son ), Sonia ( aman & lavanya’s daughter), Atharv Anisha ( Akash payal’s son & daughter ) & Namik ( Nk kavya’s son ) ATTACK..

Arnav: No. No..

All of them start tickling him..

Kushi start laughing..

Arnav : baccha party time for plan B..

He wink at kushi…

Everyone leave him & pull kushi.. & push her towards arnav.. She fall in his arms.. They all rush out closing the door..

Arnav : finally..

Kushi : mujhe kaam hai chodiye.. ( I’ve work leave me )

Arnav : mujhe bhi kaam hai ( even I’ve work)

Kushi : kya kaam ( what work huh?)

Arnav lean towards her both are having an intense eyelock.. Finally he land his lips on hers..

Arshii wake up from sleep in a jerk.. Both look around to find no one in their respective rooms they are alone… They’re alone since 8 years..Yes it was a dream…


Kushi : sapna tha.. Daraawna sapna tha.. ( dream.. Ah.. Horrible dream.. )


Arnav : it was a dream… Nightmare…

Curtains are unveiled making sunrays hit Arnav..

Arnav : what the.. Di… I want to.. ( he stop realising its not his di.. She can’t come to him)

A girl in her early 20s come & stand infront of him with her hands crossed over her chest..

Arnav : Good morning..


Kushi is doing aarthi chanting some mantras.. A man in mid 20’s come & stand beside her.. Kushi finish her pooja..

Kushi : firse late.. ( again late )

Man : Sorry..

Kushi smile & give him prasad..

Aarav : Mumma.. I’m getting late.. ( he shout standing at door )

Kushi go to him & about to apply tilak but he move back..

Aarav: mumma you know I don’t believe in this.. I’m getting late bye..

Kushi : but breakfast.. ( he leave )

Kushi stand their lost in thoughts..

Man : kaha kho gayi aap ( where are you lost )

Kushi : Wahi attitude, wahi personality, utna hi gussa, utna hi akad.. ( same attitude, same personality, same anger )

Man : after all he is ASR.. Aarav Singh Raizada

Kushi : Dar lagta hai.. Kahi yeh bhi unki tarah.. ( I get scared.. Thinking if he too become like him)

Man : kyun aisa soch rahi hai.. Aapki parwarish par bharosa hai mujhe ( why are you thinking so.. I believe in your upbringing )

Kushi : parwarish toh unki bhi Anjali di ne kiya tha.. ( he too was brought up by Anjali di.. )

He too had no answer for that..

Kushi : we’re getting late to office.. Come let’s have break fast..

Kushi go to dining table but he’s still standing there..

Kushi : Anshu.. ( He is Anshu kavya’s younger brother Anshuman Malik )

Anshu : coming di..


Raizada mansion – Dining table

Arnav see his plate & find only salad..

Arnav : Hari Prakash.. What’s this.. ?

Payal : Bubbly told to serve you this..

Arnav : damn.. Aaradhya ( Bubbly’s real name ) Aaradhya..

Kavya : she went to office

Arnav : what’s this.. ?

Nk : your breakfast..

Arnav : this ? But why ?

Arnav gets a video message

Bubbly : what do you think mamu.. I don’t know what you’re doing. ? To maintain your sugar balance you have to eat this..

Arnav : where’s my little princess..

Akash : in school its 11 already

Arnav : both went without meeting me ?

Kavya : they’re angry on you..

Akash : Aashi found cigar in your pocket yesterday..

Evening – US

Kushi enter Anshu’s room to keep his clothes in closet..

Anshu : why you do all this di..

Kushi : After office what shall i do then.. ? Aarav is also busy with his girlfriend (his classmate Tia)

She keep clothes & while closing his coat fall down she pick it but Anshi snatch it..

Anshu : I’ll keep it di..

Kushi : what are you hiding in it..

Anshu : Nothing.. What shall I hide.. ?

Kushi : give me the coat ..

Delhi – Aashi’s room.

Aashi & Bubbly are sitting on bed while Arnav is standing infront of them..

Arnav : will you both speak up something..

Bubbly : Aashi… Tell him there’s nothing to speak

Aashi : di.. You ask him to go out of here

Arnav : what the.. Why are you both over reacting..

Both : over reacting..!!! ( angrily )

Arnav : we spoke about it earlier.. I’m not hiding anything here.. Yes I smoke & I can’t leave it

Aashi : you promised us only one pack per week..

Bubbly : Maa aur mami nahi hai poochne ke liye toh aap.. ( mom & kushi isn’t here to ask so you will.. )

Arnav : enough Aaradhya.. Yes no one’s here for me.. So leave me on my state.. I’m alone leave me alone.. ( he storm out of the room )


Anshu hesitatingly give coat to kushi.. As soon as she insert her hand in pocket he close his eyes.. He hear a sound of coat falling down he see kushi standing with tears in eyes & cigar pack in hand..

Anshu : Di. Sor.. ( she storm out )

He follow her but she reach her room & locks it.. He keep knocking asking sorry but no use..

Both Arshi are lost in past memories.. How she found cigar pack in his coat.. How he was trying to hide it snatching coat.. She did such a circus hiding in his closet to find it.. That love guru prank.. At last when she found out.. How she started crying blaming herself.. & that hug near poolside.. Arnav asking ” Tum teek ho ”

They come out of thoughts..


Aashi & Bubbly enter the room & find arnav sitting on bed.. He smile at them..

Arnav : I.. I shouldn’t have shouted..

Both hug him tight..& start crying..

Arnav : stop it both of you.. I can’t see my proncesses crying.. Bubbly you’re 23 & acting like kid..

Bubbly : sorry we hurted you..

Aashi : never feel alone papa.. We’re always there for you

Arnav : I know.. Now give me my gifts fast..

Both kiss on his cheeks..


Kushi : kya..!?? ( what..!??)

Aarav : yes mom he didn’t smoke I only insisted him to try ..

Kushi look at him in disbelief..

Aarav : its cool mom now a days its trending among businessman you know.. Why are you overreacting..

Kushi : overreacting !!? Shukar karo mein behosh nahi huyi yeh sunke.. ( thank God I didn’t get unconscious hearing this )

Aarav : Good night mom..

Precap :

Anshu : Next Monday we’ve to leave for Delhi

Kushi : don’t worry I’ll be fine

Guys this is sequel of MAJBOORIYAAN season 1. As you all know I ended it on 57th part.. Many requested to continue it & I too couldn’t just forget it as its my first ff.. So I’ve come up with this idea.. Hope you all like this.. Do comment & tell your views..

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  1. Amanigatta

    Ohhh so MAJBORIYAN ff is back?love it❤️arshi got seprated ohhh?

  2. Veronica

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!Lovely….wanna know what happened between Arshi update soon…..

  3. Its season 2 am very exited BUT
    U seperated arshi nooooooooo
    This is bot fare
    Previous was too nice
    But lets see

  4. Anaya

    thank u amanigatta & veronica.. I’m really curious on everyone”s reaction as arshi are separated..

    1. Superbbbb…………plz update regularly……hi anaya r u the one who is updating manzil

      1. Yep its me.. I’ll upload it tomorrow

  5. Superbbbb…………plz update regularly

    1. Thank u lekha.. I’ll try to my best to be regular.. I’m writing 6 ffs.. So you can imagine what my situation is..

      1. Yeah I understand….but still plz update manzil at least once a week……of all ur ffs I like manzil a lot… am waiting for it since long……good day dear

  6. Hey, Anu, hello!! Soo much happy by seeing u ???.
    U know it was a shocking update…
    1st part was AWESOME. It was like the last part of season 1… But after that it seems that it was only a dream… Arshi r separated now… How?? Bubly is 23 years old….. That means Arshi r old now ?..
    But seriously while reading I was sooo much hurted for my Arshi ?. What’s happened to them?

    1. Thank u kushi..
      I had no plans of season 2 but.. I couldn’t get over it.. I was Majboor to write season 2.. As I ended season 1 with leap.. I had to take it forward from there.. But don’t worry arshi are not that old also & their romance will be ever young ?

    2. Anu,it’s me Khushi, don’t know how the pro pic colour got changed … That’s why I have written again that it’s me khushui.. But I wrote it in the comment box. And u thought there r two Khushis, right? No, not two Khushi, it’s me the only one Arshi lover.

      1. Oh I got confused..

  7. Hey, it’s me Khushi.. Die heart fan of Arshi. U remember me nah??

    1. Ofcourse I remember you kushi.. You too are one of the reasons I’m writing season 2.. What do you think how is this track ?

    2. Yeah! So nice I have told that on my 1st comment. Check that, u have misunderstood that there r two khushis 🙂
      Old Arshi fact… But I am very happy to know that their romance will be ever young.

  8. Fanficoholic

    Hello anaya. I am here again. Thanks yaar fr restarting tis. Loved the first epi. Shuruvaad hi sad? Thn i am waiting fr sme happiee moments also. And does aarav nt care abt his mom? R is he caring towards khushi jst like arnav? And who is tat man? Anshu……. Y is he here? So manyyyyyyyy questions. So fr me to get my answers soon u need to post episodes soon. Hope u wll post nct one asap.


    1. Anshu is kavya’s younger brother, harish Malik’s son.. why he is with kushi you will know as story proceeds. Aarav care for kushi just like arnav.. he is his carbon copy so arrogance & attitude should also be there naa

  9. I love it ananya
    Plz be quick in updating
    Sorry but I checked fr ur updates aftr so long Coz if I check n don’t find ny I feel too miserable m so mad for them
    A humble request plz update quickly

  10. Hey ananya u aren’t uploading any of ur ffs or if u have plz post their links plz
    By any I mean d arshi ffs nly

    1. Arshi

      She was feeling from fever… she will update once she gets fine…

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