MAJBOORIYAAN – Season 2 (episode-36 & 37)

Next morning

Arnav wake up & find kushi getting ready she looked adorable in that dress.. He admired her from back & she found him staring at her from mirror. Kushi frown & get up to leave but Arnav hold her

Arnav : Still angry..

Kushi : hell angry

Arnav : I’m ready for punishment

That makes Kushi more angry..

Kushi : then listen Mr. Raizada I’m leaving forever..

She barge out followed by Arnav..

Arnav : kushi.. Kushi stop..

Finally he manage to stop her in the living room..

Kushi : leave me arnav .

Payash, nk kavya & nani witness this

Arnav : how can you leave kushi..

Atharv : why can’t she? So that you can give her some more pain..!?

Now everyone look at Atharv shocked hearing him speak

Payash : Atharv!!!

Payal hug him.. & cup his face..

Payal : atharv you spoke.. I’m so happy..

Kushi : jiji he can speak its just he doesn’t speak with anyone in home

Atharv : that’s not important now.. ( to arnav ) you can’t hurt her again..

Aarav : mom we are leaving right now.. I won’t let you tolerate all this..

Everyone were shocked hearing children’s talks.. And aashi who was silently standing in tears dropped another bomb now..

Aashi : why will you two leave aarav.. Its not your mistake.. Mumma didn’t hurt anyone..

Arnav looked at his little princess who turn away..

Aashi : its not you who should leave

Everyone were shocked to hear it especially arshi.. Did she mean arnav have to move out.. She loved his father with all his flaws but today..This broke Arnav into million pieces.. He walked out of there.. Kushi go behind him but he drive off.. Returning back to hall

Kushi : ( angrily) how dare you three talk to him like that & you aashi you want him to leave this house..

Aashi : mumma he.. He treated you so badly

Kushi : whatever he does.. Its between me & him.. You’ve no right to talk between us

Atharv : but 8 years back.. ( interrupt)

Kushi : I said no one have a right to talk about it.. No one..

Atharv : he has hurt you & he don’t deserve you.

Kushi : he is my husband & I won’t tolerate word against him.. Samjhe aap..

Aarav : mom you’re divorced

Kushi : shut up aarav.. Relations don’t break by a piece of paper..

Aashi : mumma.. You still love him.. ?

Anjali Shyam return from temple & see Kushi in tears..

Anjali :what happened

Kushi explain everything.. Shyam tell everyone Anjali knows it all..

Shyam : we should find him immediately

Anjali receive a message..

Anjali : its chote’s message..

She open & read..

Kushi : What has he sent di..

Anjali : he has confessed everything..

Shyam : you 3 shouldn’t have behaved that way

Aashi feel guilty while aarav & atharv are still angry..

Anjali : he’s not picking any calls

Kushi : let’s search him first.. He’s scaring me now…

Search for Arnav begin…

Night – 11pm Arnav had parked his car outside the city & was sitting on ground leaning to car fully drunk that’s when he see jelebi getting out of car

Arnav : what are you doing here?

He exclaimed looking at jelebi.. It bites his pant & start dragging him towards car

Arnav : what? You want to go home?

It barks indicating yes..

He make it leave his pant & gulp some more wine.. jelebi goes infront of him starts barking indicating him to get up..

Arnav : sshh.. Now you too want to shout at me.. Come here.. ( he pick it up & make it sit beside him)

Kushi who reached there stopped seeing him doing that didn’t he hate jelebi then what’s he doing here

Arnav : ( to jelebi) No home.. I’m not going back everyone hate me there..

Jelebi snuggle to him as if understanding his pain..

Arnav : wait are you sad for me?

He was heavily drunk & completely out of his senses & kushi realised it the moment she saw him sitting on ground that too with a jelebi (puppy) least bothered about his status & reputation

He lowered his face resting them on his knees & spoke in shaking voice

Arnav : Don’t be sad for me.. I deserve this.. I think its good No home.. No happiness.. No wife.. No kids.. No relations.. Nothing.. Only loneliness.. Only pain.. That’s what a monster like me deserve.. And you hate me right why are you feeling bad for me

Kushi knew tears were flowing from his eyes & to hide them he was burying his face.. But from a jelebi. ? He don’t want even it to see the weaker side of ASR

Arnav lifted his head his eyes all red he started speaking with a smile ( a sarcastic one which was hiding all his pain or you can say which was expressing his pain more than his tears were)

Arnav : but after some days you start enjoying this freedom.. ( jelebi cutely barked as if disagreeing to his words) what? You don’t enjoy? But monsters like me do enjoy so see here I’m enjoying, partying for my freedom ( he gulp the remaining wine from bottle but before he could drink more bottles falls as jelebi jump on him feeling cold)

Arnav wrap it with his coat & it licks his hand..

Arnav : you’ve started liking me ? No no don’t.. I’m a monster rakshas.. Pehle sab ko pasand aata hoon par baad mein rakshas ban jaata hoon.. Sab ko rulata hoon.. Mein tume wapas ghar chodunga.. ( everyone like me at first later I become monster & make everyone cry.. I’ll drop you back home)( tears drip from his eyes)

Jelebi start rubbing against his chest as if trying to comfort him.. & Arnav break down

Arnav : I’m sorry I’m really sorry.. Tell her I’m sorry.. Tell her not push me away.. She will lisyen to you.. She loves you a lot na.. I can’t live without them.. My family.. Its my life.. Tume pata hai aaj meri beti ne bhi kaha mein rakshas hoon.. She was last one left who loved me.. Now she too don’t want to see my face.. And di.. I’ve confessed everything to her.. I can’t face her.. she must have already started hating me.. And my kushi.. She threw me out of her life long back.. She will never forgive me.. I’ve nothing left.. ( screaming ) the great Arnav Singh Raizada is left with nothing.. Nothing.. ( he break down again.. )

Arnav ; ( in tears) please tell them I’m not a monster.. Tell them I’m sorry.. Tell them to forgive me one last time.. I’m sorry.. Sorry…

Kushi come & hug him hard.. He wasn’t in his senses to realise much..

Kushi : I’m sorry

Arnav : kushi..! ( he pass out)


The next day when Arnav woke up he found himself in his room.. Who took him here..? Suddenly he remember kushi hugging him last night.. She brought him home? But why?

He remember what Aashi said.. Recall kushi’s hateful.. No not hateful she can never hate him angry eyes.. And his di.. God he can’t face her.. He can’t see her crying & blaming herself for his deeds he better get off from here soon..

He got up holding his blasting head & called his secretary..

Arnav : are my tickets ready?

Secretary : yes sir.. I’ve sent them home

He cut the call & go to door to open it but it was locked..

Arnav : What? Locked..? Who did that now.. ? Kushi? No why will she? She don’t want to stay with me.. Then? Aashi..? No she hate me..? Then who else..? Di..? God what will I answer her now.. I can’t face her..! Damn .!


Slap… loud & sharp that’s the first slap he received from his di… before he could recover.. he received another one.. She clutched him

He expected her to blast on him for doing all that to kushi but no.. She’s into something else

Anjali : how dare you leave us.. You wanted go away Chote.. Ah.? You thought we could live without you..?

He was starring the ground

Anjali : look at me.. Chote.. ?

Na.. He’s isn’t going to meet her eyes now

Anjali : don’t you have anything to say.. Speak up Chote

Arnav : there is no explanation for what I did.. I don’t belong here let me leave di I’m a monster

Anjali : kushi.. Give me that stick

Everyone look confused at her

Anjali : pass me that stick I need it to put some brains in him Now..

Kushi passed it & Anjali hit arnav with it ( very lightly as if patting)… Neither he reacted nor he looked up but others were shocked

Anjali : are you ready to speak now

No response.. She hit him once more

Shyam : Anjali..!

Anjali : he’s getting them until he’s ready to speak.. Giving silent treatment is my right not his.. ( bit loudly) Chote.. Speak..

Arnav didn’t utter a word

Anjali : Chote.. Hum sach mein maarenge aapko agar baat nahi ki toh.. Sacchi wala pitayi hogi aapki ( Arnav I’m really going to punish you if you don’t speak)

Arnav : I deserve it di

She throw the stick & sit on bed

Anjali : ( crying) why do you do this.. You always have one or the other thing ready to trouble me na..

Arnav : that’s why I’m leaving

Anjali : say that again if you want to be locked in your room chained to bed ( arnav look at her now) yes I’m going to do that

Arnav : di its all my mistake.. No one wants me here & I know you’re also disappointed so let me leave you all in peace

Anjali : I’ll die without you..

Arnav : di..! Aap.. ( interrupt)

Anjali : shut up

Kushi : who said no one wants you.. Kal se pagalo ki tarah doond rahe hai hum.. Kyun karte ho aap aise (we are searching you like maniacs since yesterday.. Why do you do this..)

( Anjali drag him to her)

Anjali : Chote listen.. Koyi Kuch bhi kahe.. Aur aap Kuch bhi Kare.. Hume aur kushi ko aap chahiye.. ( Arnav whatever others may say & what ever you do but still me & Kushi need you)

Kushi : if anyone have a problem with you & want you to leave.. Then me & di are also coming with you..

Arnav was shocked & looked at kushi..

Arnav : kushi.. You wanted to leave.. & you..

Kushi : I was blackmailing you..

Arnav : blackmail!! But you.. I’m not getting anything.. Di aren’t you angry on me.. what’s happening here..

Kushi : I love you dammit that’s what’s happening..

Arnav : Kushi..!

Kushi lean to kiss him Anjali turn away but Arnav move back..

Arnav : How can you love me? I’m a..

Before he could complete Anjali throw a pillow on him..

Shyam : love has reasons which mind cannot understand

Kushi : and I love you samjhe aap ( get it in your head)

She hug him & he too wrap his hands pulling her even closer..

Anjali was about to go out but Kushi call her..

Kushi : di.. Jijaji.. Thank you so much..

All 4 hug..

Later Anjali make Arnav sit & cup his face..

Anjali : Chote what you did was totally wrong but that doesn’t mean we will let you go away.. We love you.. No matter what we love you..

Kushi : its not your mistake alone.. I should’ve cleared a misunderstanding I’m sorry too

Arnav : its not your mistake kushi I shouldn’t have believed her

Kushi : Those recordings made you believe & upon that Anjali di’s prank..

Anjali : we were playing & all this happened

Kushi : let’s forget it di..

Arnav : you two forgave me soo easily ?

Both : easily!!?

Kushi : jiji, Lavanya & kavya told me how you suffered these 8 years

Anjali : and shyam explained your devdas mode perfectly to us

Shyam : live show was even more scarier

Kushi : you barely ate anything always work.. And upon that drinking

Anjali : I’m really angry on you for that Chote.. Aapko Kuch hojata toh…

Arnav : I’m sorry

Kushi : no more sorrys now I hate that word from your mouth

Shyam : let’s forget everything..

Anjali : I want my Romeo Juliet back..

Kushi : that’s not possible di.. He’s old , boring & unromantic now.. Didn’t you see how he backed off when I wanted to kiss..

Arnav was shocked hearing her.. Was she his Kushi!!??

Anjali hit on his head..

Anjali : useless you’re.. even after so many hints you’re doing nothing..

They go out..

Arnav : Kushi.. ( she kiss him..)

When they pull back he was looking at her surprised..

Kushi : goor kya rahe hai mujhe return gift chahiye ( what are you staring I need return gift)

Arnav : (still serious) Kushi whatever happened.. I know you’ve suffered a lot & not need to forgive me in a hurry. I deserve all your anger &.. (Interrupt)

Kushi : I can’t do this anymore.. I’ve always loved you & you’ve no idea how hard it was for me to leave you the time was in US I was always thinking about you. I have come here many times watched you secretly jijaji helped me, it was just I wanted you to realise.. I wanted you to apologise & come to me.. & I felt like was going crazy without being able to talk to you, hug you , love you.. But I can’t do it anymore. Staying away from you is impossible I love you a lot Arnav

Pulling her into tight hug he muttered

Arnav : I love you too kushi..

They stayed like that for little longer..

Arnav : I never believed sheetal but when di said someone is between us.. I just lost my mind & ended up doing this blunder.. And later I came to airport to stop you.. My heart still felt you can’t do this & their I saw your tickets booked with Kiran Raheja & that’s it.. Even I was going crazy without you kushi… I wanted you back.. But I thought you were happy without me with kiran &.. I’m sorry.. I’m sorry for those tears.. I’m sorry for that pain you had to bear really sorry for everything..

Kushi : Let’s forget everything.. We’re together now.. That’s what matters..

Arnav : and no one can break this togetherness now..

Kushi : I love you & I want my romantic husband back..

Arnav : accha ( is it?) He raise his eyebrow

Kushi nod cutely.. & he pull her into kiss a long passionate one..

No more sorrys.. No more tears.. No more bitterness.. No more distance.. Everything was washed away in their unconditional love

Precap : Sheetal return from business trip..

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