Majboori Hein Meri Episode 3


Guys this is Gayathri back with Majboori Hein meri.
Here many of you taunted me Saying I copied Ek hazaroon me on meri behena Hein cancer track right… Guys I clearly mentioned in episode 1 and intro that at a time the storyline will be same as EHMMBH track. Not for whole but for 1 or 2 episodes. I didnt copy anything when i thought this story that begining was necessary. Many of u accused me. Called me copycat and all. But I am not at fault. Sorry for being rude but I have not forced anyone to read. If u like my as then read it. If no then don’t read it. There are many Gud authors here like authors of Anything for you Sanskar or authors of Ruhaniyaat. U can read that ffs. And don’t waste ur precious time reading my ss. Sorry once again for being rude. But I can’t be such a Gud author like Dolly or Anjali or pavani or irfan or any others. Sorry for not mentioning others….


Sw – Bhai, bhabhi is really angry with me. But what I have done was necessary.

Ri – Swara, I understand. But u did wrong.

Sw – I am sorry bhai.

Ri – no choti , I have forgave you. But U must go and Ask sorry to Tanu. Ok

Sw – ok

Swara hugs Rishi…

On otherside.

Ragini gained consciousness .
Laksh is with ragini.

La – Mera bacha. ARE U FINE?

Ra – ha laksh I am fine. Swara Kahn Hein

La – pata Nahi

Ra – pata nahi matlab. Kaha Hein humari behen.

La- Ragu, she is not ur sister.

Ra – what

La – yes she is not ur sister. If she was ur sister then she would have given u blood.

Ra – What r u saying?

La- truth. She refused to give her blood to u. If she was ur sister she would have not done that.

Ra – Laksh, there must be some reason behind it. Anyways I want to meet her,

La – no ragini, I will not allow her to meet you.

Just then Sumi enters the room.

Ra – Ma, swara kaha hein?

Su – vo vo vo

Ra – tell me Ma, where’s swara?

Su – she left the house.

Ragini and Laksh was shocked..

Just then they hear another sound.


It was Sanskar.

Sa – Kaha gayi Swara

Su – I don’t know beta.

Ra – Aise kaise chali gayi vo. Apne use roka kyun Nahi?

Su – Beta I tried but she didn’t listen. And she gave me her swear.

Ra – (Crying) Kaha ho tum Swara. Laksh kyun aapne swara ko vo sab kahan. Humari behen pata nahi kahan hein?

La – I am sorry Raagu. Par I didn’t know swara would do something like this.

Sa – I am going to search her.

Su – Sanskar beta, she said if we search her she would go away from us forever.
And one day she would come back. I’m sure.

Ra – Ur saying right. She would come back. Swaragini can’t be away from each other for long time..

On other side

Swara is now going to start her treatment. She got a room there in hospital. She is now taking rest in her room. Just then tanu and rishi enter.

Ta – What do u think of yourself ha?
You will come from home like this. Bua ji will be worried for u. And u didn’t tell about u to anyone. Why? Mahaan banna chahti ho?

Sw – bhabhi, relax I am fine and I did this for my family. Itne vakt tak I hided it from everyone. I can’t tell this to anyone? Pls forgive me? Plus

Ta – hugs her. Swara I was worried for u. Sorry

Sw – it’s ok.

Ri – Choti ur treatment will start this week so. Are u ready?

Sw – yeah Bhai. I want to recover. I want to meet my maa. But only after recovering.

Ta – but let me tell u. There are only few chances for ur recovery. Just because u r careless an out ur health.

Sw – I don’t care bhabhi. Because Now I have world’s best bhabhi to take care of me. (Smiles)

Tanu smiles. They both hug.

Screen freezes..

Guys I seriously have no idea about cancer and all. So I would write something which may be wrong and I am extremely sorry for that and pls forgive me for what all I said in first para if u felt bad. And my exams are gonna start so I would not be available on the site may be for a month so. Hope u Understand. And in my vacations i would give u regular updates so pls. Try to understand. And bye. Luv u all. Do comment

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