Majboori Hein Meri Episode 2

Hi guys. I am very much happy. Seriously! I got 13 comments. I didn’t even expect one comment. And as I said earlier, most of u guys have guessed right. Anyways I would like to Continue. And thank you so much for your comments.

N.b. guys I would be using short names for conversation like the first two letters of the character would be mentioned.


Dr. goes from there after passing us the message.

La- Swara, u heard what doctor said. He said that Ragini wants blood. U both r sisters na. Go and donate ur blood to her. Pls
Sw- jiju how can I? I can’t.. No pls..
Sa- what r u saying swara? Bhabhi needs blood. Go and give ur blood to her.
Sw- No Sanskar! I can’t . I won’t donate my blood.

After so much pleading also Swara didn’t agree to give her blood to Ragini.

La- swara, if u won’t give ur blood to her, u can’t meet her.
Sw – (shocked) What r u saying Jiju?
La – I said it right. U don’t come near Ragini
Sw – Jiju, I want to meet my di and she goes towards the door but Laksh pushes her away

Sw – Sanskar, u say to Jiju, to allow me to meet di.
Sa – Go away Swara

Sw – (shocked) Sanskar
Sa – I said go away.
Sw- (runs away with tears in her)
Sumi follows her.

Both reach Gadodia Manshion

Swara starts to cry aloud. Sumi consoles her.

Sw – Maa,how can Jiju say like this. I would like to give my blood to di but I can’t. I just can’t. Majboori Hein meri!

Su – beta pls don’t cry. I will talk to laksh. He would surely allow u to meet ragini.

Sw – no maa, I have decided. U won’t do anything
Su – what’s ur decision?

Sw – Maa, I am a curse. So I have decided that I would go away from u.

Su- beta what are u saying
Sw – truth maa.

Su – no I won’t allow u to do this.

Sw – aapko meri kasam maa. Aur maa mein apna treatment start karoongi. I would fight with my disease.

Su – beta u have blood cancer and if raging gets to know about it then she would be heart broken.

Sw – Maa I am going to cancer center..

And swara heads towards her room.

After an hour Swara comes down with a suit case in her hand.

Sumi is shocked

Precap : Swara and Sumi Conversation

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