Majboori Hein Meri Episode 2


Hi guys, sorry for the delay. Nobody is waiting for this that’s why I was too lazy.. And thank u 4 all the comments. And I know the storyline is really boring. But I write it for my happiness. And I may stop writing if u people say.

❤❤❤❤❤❤Majboori hein meri❤❤❤❤❤❤

Sumi – shona Kahan ja rahi ho? Beta mat jao. Pls(where r u going?don’t go dear)

Sw – maa I must go away from u all. I am a curse to u. Maa I am going for my treatment and will not come back. And promise me that u will not come to meet me. Or say to anybody anything about me.

Su – (shocked??) Beta u can’t do that. It’s not goosd. I would die without u bacha.. pls
Sw – (in tears) Maa jaane dijiye mujhe.. she bends and takes blessing from sumi.

Su – Beta, kya karne wali ho tum?

Sw – says nothing

Swara looks around the house. She walks out of the house…
Sumi burst out in tears seeing her piece of heart walking away..

Swara goes to Railway station and book ticket for Mumbai..

She sits in train. She thinks:

I am sorry. I am sorry. But I can’t do anything. That’s why I am going. Away. From all of u.

After many hours, she reaches Mumbai.
She goes to xyz cancer research center..

She goes to reception and asks – Hello, I am Swara Gadodia. Can I meet Dr…. (her voice is cut in between by another voice )

Voice – Swaraa……..

Sw – turns and looks happy- Bhai..

Voice – When Dr. Rishi Singh Bedi is here no fear(yes, it’s our rishi from kasam tere pyaar ki)

Sw – bhai.. and hugs hims

Ri- kaise ho shonu , tho tum meri baat maan gayi

Sw – ha bhai I have decided that I would start my treatment.

Ri – tho tune Ragu ko bataya.

Sw – Nahi bhai.. Mein ghar se nikalkar aa gayi

Voice – Kya?

Both of them turns.

Sw – Bhabhi

Ri – Tanu (yes it’s tanu of kasam tere pyaar ki)

Sw – Bhabhi

Ta – Swara tum ye (but she is cut by a nurse)

Nu – Dr. Tanushree aapke appointment Hein ok..

Screen Freezes on Angry face of Tanu , Shocked face of Rishi and Sad face of Swara…

To be continued..

Sorry for not showing Sanskar and Laksh in this one. But next episode pakka.

Till then bye luv u all. Do comment…

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  1. Nice one n plz continue

    1. Gayathri

      Thank you Vidhi di

  2. its really nice story.. please update regularly… dont do this much waiting .. update soon..

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      Thank u anu

  3. Awesome dear..loved it..waitng fr nxt

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      Thank you Mahjabeen

  4. Drishya

    I was waiting for this amazing…. Update soon

    1. Gayathri

      Thank you Drishya

  5. Rabia

    nice 🙂

  6. Its awsome

  7. Borrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnngggg…you copied ehmmbh track
    u copycat

  8. I really dont like that track in ehmmbh..N you bring that track in ur ff

  9. Dear…Plzz create something by ur own imagination..dont copy any serials track

  10. Yes there was same track in ek hazarome meri bahana hai..Manavi was suffering frm cancer n Jeevika knows it later..manavi also refused to give blood to jeevika

  11. Bring some new..Pls dont copy amy serial

  12. Hi…I same track in ehmmbh…But plzz dont copy all track make some changes

  13. Hi…plzz dont copy that cancer track of ehmmbh. I left that show after manvis cancer track

  14. U copycat…What u think we didnt know u copied ehmmbh track…plz dont waste our time try some new

  15. Hellooo its nice.but plzz dont copy any serial here r many good writers n they write by their own imagination.Learn something frm them

  16. Soujanya


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