swaragini..main tujhe kitna chahta hu tu soch na sake..episode 15


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Laksh : so Mr Hari today ur chapter will be over….
He goes to him.
Hari: o u come sit na
Laksh: vo I came to tell u something about Swara.
Hari: haan tell na…
Laksh: do u liked her…
Hari: I have started loving her.
Laksh in mind : have u seen ur face in mirror…..
Laksh: vo u know she is my girlfriend….
Hari: what….but she told she loves me.
Laksh: I’m not her single boyfriend…She has more than 20…
Hari: is she really that type girl.

Laksh: she tells everyone that she loves……
Hari: I don’t believe you…I’ll ask her…
Hari goes to Swara.
Laksh: yaar ye to piche hi pad gaya….ab kaise yakin dilau…
Hari: Swara do ú Love me.
Swara Góes close to him ..
Swara: yes baby…
Hari:ok ….
He leaves.
Laksh comes to Swara.
Swara: what happened..
Laksh: he trust you as if he is your husband…..
Swara: o don’t worry I’m not his wife……
Laksh: but now what to do..
Swara: we have to show him…that there is something between us.
Laksh: yes..
Swara: and in this u will not get jealous too.
Laksh: I was not jealous..
Swara: o really

Swara: see he is coming..
Hari is standing at door…
Laksh: u really love me na.
Swara: Ofcourse yaar.
Laksh hugs her….
Swara: Laksh he has came.
Hari: what were u doing..
Laksh: nothing…
Hari: ok…
Swara to Laksh: he is not at all getting affected by this..
Laksh: so we have to do something big….
At night.
Hari: Laksh bhai lets go out to sleep.
Laksh: coming just a sec..
Laksh: shona..
Swara: coming..
Laksh: I’m going to sleep if u need anything call me.
Swara nods.

They hug each other.
Hari: this I should do…
Laksh: let’s go…..
In midnight.
Laksh comes inside and sleeps with Swara on bed….Hari wakes up and finds Laksh missing..he goes in to check…
Hari: where has he gone:??
He goes inside and is shocked seeing them sleeping on a single bed.
Hari wakes them up..
Hari: Swara u pls leave ..I don’t want to marry u.
Swara: why baby…
Hari: just leave.
Swara: ok going..
Swalak laughs……
When they were about to leave Swara writes a letter and gives to Hari……
Swara: open it when we’ll leave.
Laksh: let’s go.

Swara nods…
They leaves ..
Hari opens it it is written.
Dear Hari…
I’m not that Swara whom your mother has selected….I’m Mrs.Swara maheshwari.
The boy with me Laksh was not my friend he is my husband…sorry if u r hurt…but it was only option left with us to leave this village…again sorry.
Swara Laksh maheshwari.
Hari reads and cries……
In car.
Swara: we have not done good…
Laksh: yes..let’s go back then u enjoy ur Hari and his company and I’ll select a village girl for me..nice idea na.
Swara : you.She hits him.

Laksh: so finally we r going home.
Swara: yes…
She puts her head on his shoulder…
Swara: Laksh I love you.
Laksh: I love u too……
They reach home.
Ragini: how was ur trip…
Swara : don’t ask.
San: what havev u done…
Laksh: Bhai long story..

They tell them everything…
Ragsan are laughing..
Ragini: omg I can’t control my self from laughing..
Sanskar: u both r mad..totally mad…
Swalak also laugh…….
Swara: ok now go and sleep we’ll talk in morning..
In swalak Room .
Laksh kisses Swara on her neck….
Swara what r u doing..
Laksh: loving my wife….
Swara blushes
He lifts her up and keeps on bed he holds her hand and kisses her passionately……….lights r off……………

Precap: leap….

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Credit to: shloka

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